Sadda Haq 16th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tania come in randhir’s room and blows a whistle, randhir starts wearing shirt. Tania says why are you hiding your body its not that bad. He says what are you here for? She says you are pathetic as bf. you have made sanyu cry. He says i don’t need you to tell me what i am. She says come to store room at 11 tonight, sanyu wil wait for you there. If you don’t then someone else will come there. There are many guys after sanyu.
She collides with parth, he holds her. Tania says thanks chocolate cake.

Tania calls someone and says is the room ready? I want everything to be perfect. Tania says to sanyu what are you wearing, this is so boring. She gives her a sari to wear.Sanyu comes out in a pink sari, tania does her makeup. Sanyu says i have never done this before.

tania says you are boring, don’t be nervous do as i ask you. Randhir gets dressed, he asks parth will you come with me? Parth says where? randhir says on a bike ride. Parth says that late? randhir says i doesn’t have any time. Parth says some special place? Randhir says stop asking quetions or go back to room.
Tania sees them and asks parth where are you going? Parth says on a bike ride.She takes phone from him and says dont call randhir. Vid sees them and pretends to be faint. Parth runs to her and say i will take her to medical room. Vid winks at tania.

Sanyu sees randhir’s photo and says now you will know how important you are for me. Tania stops randhir. She says its emergency. Randhir says what? Tania says there? Randhir looks there, she takes his keys. tania says sanyu is waiting for you. Come with me. randhir says give me my keys back or.. tania says what? just follow me if you ever want your keys back.
Sanyu calls tania and says i am waiting here in room. tania decorates the store room. Tania comes back to room. sanyu says where were you? tania says how you tolerate him. He has so much attitude. True love. Now go to store room. She says to sanyu relax and make is the best date. I have placed a matterss there, you know in case. Sanyu says are you mad? Tania says i know what your desires are. sanyu says shut up.
Sanyu comes to store room and sees all the decorations. she says thank you tania for these arrangements. Randhri comes in and sees her. He comes close to sanyu and is about to kiss her. Tania comes in and says sorry, she says you are going too quick randhir. She says i just came here to give keys. Sanyu and randhit sit down. SAnyu wonders how will she show him the tattoo. Sanyu drinks the colddrink and finds it weird. Randhir says what happened? She says it taste weird. rAndhir says its not bad. They both drink. randhir says you were right. sanyu says i am always right. He says you look beautiful.

Vid comes in and says well try but hard luck. You hit on parth, i will win the bet. Tania is drinking and says have it, you won. vid says i dont want it. Tania says dont be shy. Vid says i drink when i want to. Sanyu says to randhir lets go out its raining. Tania says i am not going to enjoy with you in dark. You are hot melting cheese, who thinks about parth. We are made for each other. Vid says what the hell are you saying. Stay away from me. Vid runs out, tania laughs.

SAnyu whirls in ranin. She comes close to randhir.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. oh wow its posting!!! Hi guys! ! h r u al? n PN I juz nw saw it n I accepted chck it once.

    1. Boss check the other page i left a msg for u

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  5. Spoiler

    Mon : d stars of sh n swim team to celebrate d season of monsoon 2gether ( notice the epi has ‘#1’ written on it )

    Tue : sanyus fathers company servers r hacked and emptied

    Wed : sanyu meets with an accident while finding d culprit who reunined her company’s data

    Thus : sanyu cooks dinner for rd as a surprise

    Fri : rd secreately sleeps on sanyus lap to hide from his professor

  6. I think d spoilers is not correct but still I gave it bcoz I wanted to give

    1. Shen angel i replyed u on dtb check it dear….ok gotta go now sorry dear c u later muuaaahhh

      1. Hmm OK queen I will 🙂 u tc ok

  7. whch 1 Chief I didn’t get it if u don’t mind can u agn post it Chief n thr s no hurry,post it wen u ve free tym

    1. Boss the msg was that im really very sorry i cannt make the mail ID today coz im very busy so i ll try to make it next week sorry Boss 🙁

      1. Uff sry agn?u ll get punishment tis tym Chief! get ready fr the punishment!

  8. oh tats so swt of u Choco tat u postd spoilers!

    1. 🙂 🙂

  9. Vini wt should I say I got up at 11:30 as u know I captured 2 days sleep u all can call me kumkaran for sleeping sooooo much bcoz I also feel d same way 😉 so I don’t mind if u guys say so 🙂 n started cooking for noon n down completed my 1 assignment n den began to study now I’m bored so I came here to chat with u all

  10. Very soon will b a new entry of a girl in d show who will take revenge
    N d funniest part is dat I don’t know from whom 🙂

  11. Do any1 of u know from whom she will take revenge ??

    1. I think from ranawat coz i heard this new pentru will be a professor for DT just like ASR 🙂

      1. Ohk anda 🙂

  12. Hilw koi aa raha hai ya should I get back to my boring books 🙁

  13. But d question is when did ranawat hurt any1 now it means dey will agn take us in past 🙂

  14. OK bye I think deer is no1 on tu n I’m waisting my time here chalo bye will c u all at nyt now going to study tc guys

  15. Its always a big tk u to atiba di for her lovely sh updates ummmah di u r d best

    Final Bye guys I’m leaving now

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  17. Hello shenaz

    1. Oh hello rajan sry if first I would have seen ur 1st comment of only hlw shenaz tho I would have thought dat u r my friend n for ur safety u didn’t write more two word in ur name but I guess u r not d one bcoz she don’t watch sh thanks for clearing d doubt 🙂

  18. Can anyone tell me wat happened to 17th July episode …..wat nonsense….. Why not anyone posting this episode?

    1. Hi sry I donno abt it,I thnk u can c it on YouTube.thr s no written update till nw fr tat,I thnk so.

    2. D epi was somewt lyk dis
      Boys plan to ditch their gfs for 1day n enjoy d mansoon party leaving dem alone somehw d girls came to know about all dis n dey decided to reunion their plan dey went to d venue n paid d boys n made dem say dat its only couple entry’s d gang of boys saw d girls parting inside n rd called sanyu to make him somehw enter d party she said u cheat vivek u cheated on me rd said wt nonsense n who is dis vivek she said OK I think I’m confused I don’t know him n winks at rd n goes in back n say all d girl to irritate dem more dey all cum out n says dem to dance lyk gays n guess wt dey all were so desperate to go inside so dey did it too I enjoyed d full song haha 😉 den sanyu took out money from her pocket n gave to d boys standing out of d party hall n den d boys gang came to know dat dey had buyed d boys n says now v all will take revenge from girls n dey all also go in dey party was on den parth cums from somewhere n says peche chalo dere will b foreign girls behind in some time v should go n party with dem to make r gfs jealous 1girl from girls gang was secretly lesenting to boys whole conversation went n said all dis to dem dey said oh no kitna maza aa raha tha inhe tease karne mai now wt will v do 1of dem said v have to divert their attention so dat dey don’t go behind d party hall dey start with a girls vs boys song n dey girls finally r able to divert boys attention n den dey all dance on thagle song from ladies vs ricky bhal movie it was fun n den came d host of d show who said dat was amazing now let’s start with a compition every1 present dere got excited n decided to participate in it n d host said but u all will dance with ur choice partners whom u choose 2night so 1st ur partner choosing compition n den my fav dance compition in which a couple has to perform only for 5 min if dey exceed d time limit dey will b discolifide so let’s begin with 1st compition n 1st is rd he was blind folded n d girl were standing in a line so rd thought now hw will I find sanyukta he said girls ko in sab stupid things me maza aata haina sanyu was close to him n she replied softly but in anger blo*dy MCP he got from where d voice came n holded her hand n said tumne mujhe yaad kiya swthrt she also got to know now dat he did it purposely so she hit him lightly n smiled den came a guy from swim team he wanted a girl but by mistake he choosed d other 1 standing next to her n guess wt she was soooo fat next parth he was tho cheating he was looking down d sandle of girl to get vids sandle but to his bad luck d girl next to her was wearing d same Sandler he also got confused n choosed d wrong girl vids in anger said u were cheating ryt I saw u looking down to our sandles he said yes I was doing so but to only find out which 1 is u dats it den vids gave him kisi kaam ke nahi ho tum wala look den came jay from swim team he was about to catch riwas hand but d girl next to her dropped riwas ph down from her hand n she bent down to get her ph till den jay caught d other girls hand den came a guy who closed bids n den kabir came he choosed d girl left from swim team dats it now 2nd compition dance n along with dis dey have to say about their partner too its lyk comparivilty test for dem now starting with dance so ur 1st jodi is vids n d other guy vids n dat guy who choosed her plz cum on stage n vids was not ready to perform with him parth saw dat n went to d stage n took d mike n said I don’t know wheater v get discolifided or v r out of d compition but vids ke saath dance karne ka haq sirf mera hai hearing dis d guys who chooser vids came on stage n said tu hota kon hai bay parth said him to relax but d guy said varna n pushed him d host said wooh chill guys n u r discolifde for pushing d other consistent so u may leave now n now v announce r new jodi vidharth n seeing dem 2gether r sandhir amiled will perform now dey dance smoothly in romantic way d host came n said wow dat was awesome n v salute to u bcoz u had d courage to cum n say on stage dat u can only dance with ur gf without even thinking once dat u may b discolified n every1 chear for vidharth den I missed 1part n saw from next part dat riwaa n sanyu were sitting out n chit chating about their dreams n den a girl came n said d compition is agn starting cum in soon dey went in n den it came sandhirs dance a v romantic 1 on suraj hua makdum n I must say it was superb specially when it came to mai thaihri rahi jaami chalne lagi in dis sanyu was landing full on rds hand n he had to take her further d host agn on d stage n said its was mind blowing performance n d audience agreed to it den d girl who dropped riwas ph during d 1st compition decided dat if I don’t win d conpition den I won’t let u also win riwaa mathur she cum n says ye tumhari freind ko kya hua y she was looking so upset riwaa asked where did she go she said upstairs to dat room when riwaa went up she secretly locked d room with keys n switched off d light n came down riwaa was shouting who’s dis plz open till den sanyu cums from inside n says kya hua n y did d lights go off she says I don’t know wts wrong till den riwaas partner starts searching for her n meets rd n askes him dey start searching for her till den d host announces dat next is riwaa n her partner plz cum on stage now tho dey start finding hurriedly for riwaa n dat guy reaches on d room where riwaa n sanyu r locked in no time rd also reaches d girls r scared n shouting on top of their voice for help rd on’s d lights d other guys clims from d backside of d house through d bathroom window in d room n rd tries to break d door from where he could here d girls shoughtins sanyu says riwaa to back off bcoz rd is trying to break d door n riwaa does so n both d guys reach at d same time inside d room till den d count downs has began for riwaa n her partner to reach on stage rd n sanyu hurriedly wishes dem luck n says dem to go down fast n dey reached at 2 n stopped d count downs n den dey performed n it was OK OK type of dance for me n den d result time came n dere were 2winers sandhir n riwaa n her partner den dey said but it does not end here v need u guys to perform a group dance but not here u guys must perform it dere outside in d sun n den every1 dances.
      The end of my lecture

      1. OK I think I missed riwaa is chossed by d guy who lyks her 😉 n she thinks him as a freind only

        N compatibilities test
        D guys who choosed a fat girl
        Host to d guy : wt is ur partners fav hobby
        Guy : khana kana
        Evey1 starts laughing
        Host to d girl : ur partners I thing which u dislike ?
        Girl : his well built body

        Host to parth : wt u lyk about ur partner ??
        Parth : I love to c her smiling (wow dats so swt )
        Host to vids : 1 thing which u hate d most in ur partner ?
        Vids : his basket ball match for dis he can forget everything even our date
        Agn every1 starts laughing

        Riwaa n her partner
        Host to her partner : wts her dream ?
        Her partner : to b selected in swim team
        Host to riwaa : who’s photo does or partner keep in is wallet ?
        Riwaa : his family photo (awww)

        Rajan Tweety is ryt v don’t get any written update for merge episodes

        Spellings mistakes keep liye sry

        N I didn’t saw 1 part so I don’t know wt I missed

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