Sadda Haq 16th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir is in canteen and this about harsh saying I need you to be there in court for me. He calls his mom then disconnects. Sanyu comes and sees that Randhir is so upset. A junior comes and asks Randhir to solve a question he says go I don’t wanna help anybody. Randhir sees sanyu she goes and helps those juniors. She explains them the question. They are grateful to her. Randhir comes and says what are you doing making them biased ? You wanna show you are better than me ? Sanyu says I am better than you. Someone will come to you and ask you to fix their machines you will shout at them like this. I will get the first position in third year and I have achieved much more than you in dream team. He shouts go take whateven you want and leave. I am not going to die without all this. She follows

him and asks whats wrong with you ? He says why do you bother ? Sanyu says did something happen at your house? He says don’t interfere in my personal life. She says what when you intruded in mine. You even came to my home. Randhir leaves.

Sanyu comes to vardhan and says Randhir is so mad at something. Vardhan says are you a ten year old kid ? I gave you this responsibility. She says I motivated him, I lied about my engagement. I tried to make him jealous. He says maybe that’s the solution. He doesn’t consider you a rival anymore maybe he considers you a friend. Sanyu says friends ? We have not even talked to each other better in these years. He says that means you have used most of the time with each other. You can’t trigger his ego, you can’t make him jealous just because you might be a pal to him. you both are like this magnet you attract each other. You are the only friend he has. He is nit jealous of you. Whenever one of you loses he doesn’t feel ashamed. Sanyu recalls when he hugged her and motivated her everytime. Vardhan says can I do my work now ? You may go now. Sanyu leaves.

Scene 2
Sanyu comes to class randhir is sitting alone while everyone is busy with someone. Sanyu recalls all that Vardhan said.

Yo yo’s men are asking about what happened at dargling. He is exxagerting things. He says weather was so good some thugs came. I fought with them. Then I left her home. At night I hopped in her house and she hugged me ? His friend asks didn’t she kiss ? He says don’t ask personal question and leaves. His friend says paji that’s not fair you have to finish the story. You never share all the things while we always share.

vardhan calls someone and asks why no funds have been transferred ? The latter says the dean denied the funds.

He goes to the dean office and says why haven’t you transferred the funds pkc ? The chair turns around, its maya on it. She says this is not a professor of LITS I am the new dean of FITE. Vardhan says wow this is interesting. if you are the dean now, you should be responsible than. Why haven’t you transferred the funds ? She says why should I spend on dream team when its not going to return a penny. maybe you just watch horse races. She says that horse race is better to watch than your dream team. Your dream team is just of some 7 to 8 students. That team gets fifty percent of funds. Go and help yourself. He says dream team is the pride of FITE. it has been on top i all these years. I don’t need you to help me I will get them sponsors. She says okay then go ahead. He says I will not let you take FITE down maya. maya says if you just keep focus on dream team you will take it down. I have to handle whole FITE while you just have to handle 7 to 8 students. So excuse me. He leaves. Maya says I will make all students of FITE progress not just a few.

Scene 3
Randhir is in his room and stares at his form. he recalls how his card was declined. He gets a text from jiggy who says I tried for your fees but baa said why you need tuition fees when you don’t even study. so sorry. He thinks about who else can he ask. He thinks about karan.

Sanyu asks Kaustuki am I a good friend ? She says you have all the qualities of a friend. Sanyu asks what are those qualities ? Kaustuki says f for fighting still caring. R for reliable, I for I after you. E for energizer who always motivates you, N for nesting type, who protects you. D for dedicated always there for you. Dedicated and always there for you.

Randhir calls Karan and says you are only good buddy of mine. I just need your little help. I was about to pay my fees but my card declined. So can you lend me some money. He says I will ask my dad it will take some time. He is abroad somewhere but I will talk to him. Randhir says yeah but let me know by tomorrow, so I can inform college authorities. he says okay I will call you tomorrow.

Randhir says in heart who else can be lonelier than me ? I don’t have friends I don’t have a family.

sanyu is thinking something she says f for fighting still caring. Yeah he fights yet he cares. R for reliable, she recalls when he helped her, she says he has been reliable always when we had to make the model he stayed up all night. I for I after you. She recalls when they both solved the question. E for energized who always motivates you. He always doesn. N for nesting type, who protects you. He always protects me. D for dedicated always there for you. He has always been. sanyu says I have got a new friend in FITE.


Precap- Vardhan tells his dream team that he has got five sponsors but they have to impress them they will come in five days. So they have to make a car.
Sanyu says to randhir please come we need you.
Vidushe says I forgot to tell you guys that the sponsors who ahd to come after five days are coming tomorrow

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Sanyukta – finally!!!! every moment she recalled was memorable, adorable….
    but she needed Vardhan sir to tell her this…..

    1. Sometimes Yes ,.. a sensible person like Vardhar Sir needs to jump in …when you are so focused and dont have importance to all other things which is completely acceptable because of ur upbringing ..
      I liked the way Maya answered to Vardhan Sir .. As I didn’t his approach towards other average students…and was only interested in bunch of 7-8 students …As a Dean.. whole college is your responsibility…Good .. Very Good… I like to hear this from long time as this whole storyline revolves around these 7-8 pupils losing the focus towards the FITE as a “WHOLE”…VERY GOOD MOVE…but still Maya…as a Dean….somewhat not acceptable long as she is not taking revenge of her defeat.. and do something meaningful for FITE.. I am happy

      1. yes, convo between Maya & Vardhan was good… I want Maya to show her loyalty towards FITE & not pull any tricks with DT as spoilers state…. & yes, I do not want Sanyu to pay Randhir’s fees… earlier, she had already done so for Vidushi..

      2. She paid for Vidhushi as she has the scholarship money …now she has no other source to pay on her own… and I don’t want the storyline to go in that direction where Randhir will
        be under her “EHESAAN” or whatever …. as per the precap.. the sponsors are coming .. Let’s see .. If that has some hidden clause which will get Randhir out of this situation

      3. Hope so….

  2. Amrutha Nidhisha

    no whoz dat who said dat randhir iz alone Sanyuktha iz dere alwayz available for him………….:)

    plz admin upload the pictures also along with the update i have told u dis many tyms dis is not only me but many fanz who r awaiting for the pictures frm u plzzzzz try 2 understand the heart of sandhirianzzz plzzz i hope u will upload pictures from d nxt update……:)

  3. any new spiolers

  4. Amrutha Nidhisha

    oh…………… now even sanyuktha is slowly caring about randhir osome…………….;)

    plz admin upload the pictures also along with the update i have told u dis many tyms dis is not only me but many fanz who r awaiting for the pictures frm u plzzzzz try 2 understand the heart of sandhirianzzz plzzz i hope u will upload pictures from d nxt update……:)

  5. Amrutha Nidhisha

    and admin plz do tell ud if dere r any spoilers of this show were eagerly waiting for dem………..;)

    plz admin upload the pictures also along with the update i have told u dis many tyms dis is not only me but many fanz who r awaiting for the pictures frm u plzzzzz try 2 understand the heart of sandhirianzzz plzzz i hope u will upload pictures from d nxt update……:)

  6. any one can post the new spoilers

    1. spoilers for next week????

  7. wow !!! randhir is sanyu’s new friend !!!!!

  8. Sooo…hapy…epi waz a total pakage 4 me…atleast sanyu startd remembrin moments wid randhir..

  9. y/day I said a new girl will entry but I ws wrong RANDHIR became a new friend of sanyu great isn’t it? btw epi ws great…. I think sanyu will pay the fees of randhir 😀

  10. Amrutha Nidhisha

    finally…!!!! randhir iz sanyuktha’z new frnd gr8……luved 2dayz epi…………isn’t it frndz wat say………????

    plz admin upload the pictures also along with the update i have told u dis many tyms dis is not only me but many fanz who r awaiting for the pictures frm u plzzzzz try 2 understand the heart of sandhirianzzz plzzz i hope u will upload pictures from d nxt update……:)

  11. Wow!!sanyu’s new frnd is RD,OMG!! friendship start then luv will start,,awsme

  12. I love today’s episode because now Sanyu realise that Randhir is also her friend and after that she also fall in love with randhir

  13. I am a dying fan of sadda haq

  14. Dosti hogayi…….kisi din pyaar bhi hojayega………

    1. u remember when once sanyu was giving an advice to randhir she referred to herself as a friend & randhir had stared at her wid surprise & anger……

  15. I love u vardhan sir!!! M so happy finally vd sir vil make relize to sanyu abt randhir care and concern…;)

  16. Fingers crossed for upcoming episodes
    Love u randhir

  17. Hope sandhir wil realise their luv for each other in the upcuming epis..m so xcited..

  18. Aaj mere ghar pe sandhir fan aka sonia aayi thi hist. Project ke liye. Shq ka time ho raha tha. Project voject kuch hia nahi , bus epi dekh ke paaaagal ho gaye.

    1. Han main tumara wait kar raha tha choti.
      U know exam ke pehale main apni mom dad se bahut chillakar bath karthi thi.
      Par exam ki baat – jo bhi mom aur dad kehate hai vo me chup chap sunletha hun. Jo bhi thane vo marte hai mai vo sirr neche karke sunletha hun.(mujhe bahut gussa aati hai in sabse. Are koi janbujkar exam me kam marks tho nahi lathi hai na)

      1. Don’t write dowm abt ur personal issues on public websites…Use ur personal emails for all these matters

      2. Achu,
        Aap kabhi kabhi male gender use kar rahe ho to kabhi female???????

  19. Kaustuki ka real name homring hai.

    1. Gachui homring

  20. Sandhir rocks.hey,randhir partially im also like u.

  21. Akshara i can undrstnd ur situation…….bt argument anger and silence is nt d solution of any problem……to solve ur problem u need to talk to ur parents properly make them undrstnd k tum jitna kr sakti ho tum kr rahi ho…………….aftr all they ur parents nt ur enemy they will undrstnd u………try to talk to them politely atleast once

  22. how old r u akshara?

    1. Just 14!
      @absent dis is not my personal matter, its a common thing.

  23. Dont wory akshara..u hav enough time 2 prove urself…never giv up…al d vry bzt dr..

  24. Good morning to the shq world!

    1. good morning saddahaqrox and the rest of members also

  25. Bade dino bad sunai diya…Don’t mess with me!!

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