Sadda Haq 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 16th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Joy says I am tying this cloth on my tummy. Kritika says what will we do? Sanaya says I have herd too if you tie a wet cloth to your stomach it kills hunger. She says better tie it on your heads. Kritika says we feel pain because the organ sends signal to pain, we can find any kind on pain this way. Sanyu says not a bad idea. Sanyu says lets play a game. Joy says I am so hugry. Sanyu says its called catching the bliss. We will show the happiest moment of our lives. Sanaya says we will get to know each other. Kritika says I am not playing. Sanaya says please, let me call Radnhir. Joy says let me call arjun.

Aryan is hacking a system. He says they think they can blackmail anyone.
Arjun says are we in school. sanyu says this will divert our mind. You wont regret. Radnhir says

i can bear hunger than this game. Joy says your bf doesn’t even listen to you. Sanaya says he is not my bf. Our relationship doesn’t need labels.

Aryan comes to a building.
Sanaya says the pricipal was my dad’s friend. They teamed up and decided punish for me. They sent me to orphanage for 60 hours. I was so happy that I will have so much fun in the orphanage for the kids. I enjoyed so much with the kids. They were so innocent. They didn’t have any luxries still they were so happy. Then I met the most difficult person in my life. This was the most beautiful moment of my life. Kritika says that was so sweet. Sanaya says now arjun. He tells when he joined airforce.
Joy says I scored highest in whole state and got a medal. My dad wasn’t there, I am sure he must be smiling somewhere. My dad was proud of me finally. That was the day.
Joy says Kritika. Kritika says I bet japenese team in Asian tech championship. Everyone cheered for me with a troophy. they all applauded for me. Nothing can make me feel so good. Sanaya says sanyu your turn. Sanyu says there is one I will never forget for my life.
I was very close to machines but my dad was against it. When I left engineering I had one person who supported me, it was papa. Its because of him I am here. I can’t believe that he supports me. When I was coming back he said so much to me. He says he was proud of me.
Everyone asks randhir. Sanaya says he wont say anything. I will on his behalf. It was this morning when I pulled him on my bed. randhir says what are you saying. sanaya says I will says something if you don’t.
Sanyu is talking to Agarwal Randhir recalls his moments with sanyu. Arjun is playing plane. Joy takes out his medal. The song urny do plays in background. Sanayaa comes and sits with randhir. Kirtika picks Arjun’s plane and returns it to him, she smiles and leaves.
Aryan is outside a building. He checks entire town’s internet transfers. He says what was this 70s uncle doing on his computer. Or someone else was using is computer?

Aryan says you need a good diet for a good physique. Lets take a ten minutes break. Lets go and eat something. Sanyu says thank God. He says if you reach food in ten minutes. Otherwise forget food here, eat it there. The shuttle can get lost anything is possible. I don’t want people who don’t bear hunger.

Precap-Kiritka says this computerized lock, we need code to break it. Randhir says lets connect this mother board externally. Sanaya says what are you doing? He says connecting with bluetooth. Sanyu bring graphite.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It was a nice epi…sandhir’s pain can be clearly see…they still love each other a lot…hope for their reunion soon…
    Again another epi without vidarth…missing them so much…hope they ll get back in the show together as a couple…

  2. Sandhir still love each other….u can see it in their eyes. I miss Vidarth a lot ๐Ÿ™

  3. today’s episode was good… sandhir’s love was totally visible I think they should stop behaving like strangers n share their pain n express themself.
    I am sure there will be a track where randhir n Aryan fight for sanyukta…
    BTW where has parth gone? he went in search of randhir r8? didn’t randhir contact him after knowing that he is out of coma n didn’t sanyukta tell parth that randhir is in ISRC….
    what is all this be a little realistic…. we knw its season 2 but how cannot they forget the bond these ppl had in SH1… atleast follow that legacy….

    1. Totally agree with u…

      1. thanku karina.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. welcome dear ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. Right

  4. Aryan n sanyu make a good couple I wish they will come together

  5. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Sorry to say..but vidarth will never be togethr…coz both ankit n nisha are leaving the show i guess…
    And its bttr for thm cvs nvr appreciated thr chemistry or story or promoted thm lyk aryan
    its thr chemistry whch workd n thr fans made thm popular
    and nisha’s tweets are clearly hinting towards it.
    She said to me in twitter tht thr z no clarity abt vidushi’s charctr

    1. Hey dear…i guess we dont have a lot of hopes for vidarth reunion ๐Ÿ™ the CVs just lost it…they give more importance to characters like Aryan & Shanaya and all those new entries when they should be giving screen space to the characters that made this show popular in the first place…such as sandhir & vidarth, yoyo and the gang, aggarwal and rd’s parents…

      1. Exactly .. Very true! They should be back. Atleast they shuld b given lil bit of priority also ?

    2. Yeah Prajval…they should be give screen space to them as well…but i guess the CVs dont think the same unfortunately ๐Ÿ™

  6. Aryan is perfect for sanyu he supports her understands her and wants her to exel unlike randhir who always ditches sanyu

  7. Guys can anyone say me whether we are going to see parth,vidushi,yoyo i.e. the
    “” DREAM TEAM”” in season 2 of sadda haq????
    Plz reply fast….

    1. I guess nobody know if they ll be in S2 or not…i hope the CVs will bring them in the show again ๐Ÿ™

    2. Yes they will… That’s for sure as Before the starting of season 2.. Yoyo, parth said that they will be seen here again but with smthng typical way

      1. Still there is some chance to take them back… I hv an idea!

  8. Love SanDhir & VidArth.

  9. I miss sandhir and vidarth scenes. I want them all back together.

  10. Im also a big sandhir fan.
    And i also like vidarth its such a pity that they arent shown now.

  11. I also want sandhir together coz i dont like aryan donno why but its something about him that makes me feel he isnt totally honest with sanyu.

  12. sandhir & vidarth all the way

  13. sandhir were…are…and will always be the best…and yeah i also like vidarth.

  14. i like todays epi… thy stil lve each othr..i cnt c thm in pain..especially randhr…whn sanyu spk rd stares at her and gettng annyd…dat means sanyu s in his heart smewhr..i hpe thy wl cme 2gthr.. nd mssing my vidarth

  15. guys i had read smewhre dat ankit gupta (parth) get an offr frm z tv,l upcming shw as a lead ..its nt cnfrmd.. if ankit rcievd dat..thn vidarth cmbck shld nt happend.. i wnt thm bck in seasn2 as a pair..

    1. I hope Ankit and Nisha wont leave the show ๐Ÿ™ i hope the CVs will get some senses in their heads and bring our vidarth on screen again.

  16. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Guys its confirmed tht ankit is leaving the show..
    And about nisha, she also as i have said earlier her tweets are indicative….
    So no vidarth….

  17. yes suranjana..i also heard d same… bt i like dream team in seasn1 more dan ths isrc team! and 1 mre thng s…i heard dat sandhir s divorcd!!! so…i pray dat wrterz dnt pair sanyukta wth aryan.. i dnt undrstnd y wrterz gve imp 2 sanaya,aryan & othr gang..thy dnt gve scrn spce 2 old gang..vdarth,yoyo…and also our sandhir.

  18. mujhe ye irritate ho raha hai jab dekho tab sanaya randhr k peeche h… its irritatng me!! agar sanyu h toh rd apna zaara guzza us par daalti hai aur usse bhagaa tha hai… sanaya ne jo jo stupdty bolega rd ko koi farak nahi padta! hamesha..sanaya se support karta hai! thn he y dnt support sanyu ??? agar wo uski saath hota toh yeh sabkuch nahi hoge na… writz plz gve sanaya to sanaya.. i dnt like dat she s always running behnd randhr. nd w wnt our sandhr bck as soon and also my vidarth. ankit ko waps bulao..plz

    1. ya shreya you are right . what the hell sanaya is doing with randhir ? its too irritating . i jst miss sandhir . they still love each other.

    2. This is the reality guys… But still the main couple will remain Sandhir for sure.. CVs making us impatient and exciting with this new entries!

  19. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    I know vidarth will not happen as thy r leaving..
    But one thing makes me happy tht there was still love and concern between vidarth..
    It proved tht though harsh circumstances, opposite priorities drifted thm apart..but their love didn’t decrease at all
    be it parth or vidushi, thy tried hard to control their feelings but their feelings was evident..
    Parth was right, he couldn’t love anyone except vidushi..and no-one could heal his broken heart except vidushi not even sanyukta.
    And vidushi though moved ahead but never moved on from him
    This is my Vidarth..

    1. Such beautiful word dear…u described our Vidarth so well…i will miss Ankit a lot and i hope Nisha wont leave too coz at least i can see my crazy Vids from time to time…dear where did u read the confirmation about Ankit leaving ? I couldnt find the link…

  20. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsuru you really love this couple vidharth dear

    yes vidushi and parth are superb couples no doubt they made safe place in our hearts and we always remember them .

    and guyz why are you sad what if they leave so what they are still in tv industry dear . and we just hope they found a new exciting character and have successful carrers .

    coz if the cv can’t give them scenes then there is no use of them not doing anything

    they live a real life and they willl have to work for that .

    so we so hope that they found a new exciting serial.

    love u suru

    and karu I love the pics and videos dear

    hey pri bollywood updates are awesome dear .

    well as shown in add first randhir will have to be harsh towards sanyu then aryan came protects sanyu and randhir affected then then sandhir will reunite

    I think so this is the reason of sananya and aryan came in the serial so they have to complete it .

    I like yesterday episode it is ok . but the one thing I love

    is sandhir confession about there 2 years its lovely. and I loved it .

    waiting for upcoming episodes and mostly sandhir talk to each other.

    love u suru, karu love u sd friends.

    1. Hey cutie…yeah dear ur ryt…i also hope Nisha and Ankit do well in their respective careears…love u too dear

  21. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Thnk u guys…I know thy deserve more…
    And now i will not watch SaddaHaq but will come here to meet u two…..sure

    1. Hey my lovely friend…im also sad about vidarth dear…but pls do come here dont leave us least we can chat with u ๐Ÿ™‚ love u…

  22. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    And guys today is the 2nd anniversary of vidarth meet

  23. karina i get dat link from fcebook…thr s a pge…i thnk its telly chakkar..frm whr i get d info abt ankit. sorry i cnt paste dat link telly chakr in fb

    1. Oh ok dear…thanks a lot for the info ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Hey guys. I miss my Sandhir a lot. U ryt Shreya dream team was much fun, I don’t connect with ISRC and whats with the task, are they in college
    What is wrong with Aryan? Is he ryt in the head #BlackShadow don’t like it!!!
    My poor Randhir, don’t understand why he has to be the one who always suffers!! He deserves some happines too

    I wish the writer should have kept the previous characters like Yoyo, Vidudhi and Parth, they really played an important role. How can u let go of such actors
    Can anybody explain to me why Aryan is being promoted too much?? Don’t like him will never do

    1. Oh dear i couldnt have said it better…u just took the words out of my mouth…i complitely agree with u…i hope the CVs wake up and bring the old cast in the show…i really miss vidarth and yoyo…

  25. just hope Aryan stays…he is d most important chrctr right now…โ™กโ™ก

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