Sadda Haq 16th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 16th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes to the factory and sees the women working. She hugs one. woman says where were you? we were waiting for you then we started the work. sanyu says i got stuck in a problem. I thought you might return home, A woman why would we return, we have taken this responsibility. They get back to work. sanyu sees kids, woman says they are our kids. sanyu says i know mother’s get worried for children.

Yoyo says ts aching so much. He says please give me one shot this hurts so much. The girl is with him, she says look at me and forget it. Yoyo sleeps.

Sanyu says this is enough work for today, you all must be tired go home. sanyu packs off.

Rana comes to yoyo’s room and shows him the packet. Rana says you can live without that girl but not without this.

you have to make her your customer, or i will stop providing you.

Scene 2
Next morning, sanyu asks vidushi why are you so upset? VIdushi says parht has broken up with. sanyu says what? Vidushi says he wants me to leave my dream of being rich, he doesn’t care about me at all.

Randhir is roped in the lab all the guys laugh at him. randhir says open me. One release him, he asks who roped you here? Randhir leaves.

SAnyu says vidushi stop crying, this is what gets them peace. Come on get up and take control of your life. Vidushi goes to parth and says i need to talk to you. This is such an small issue. parth says didn’t you know what you were doing? Vidushi says i want to be rich. H says you will do anything to be rich? Vidushi says i have been craving for everything since childhood i have to sacrifice everything, if you don’t understand my feelings then you are fake like varun. Parth says you are comparing me to him? Who left you, vidushi says yes all boys are same. Parth says oh you got me, he leaves.

A girl calls sanyu. sanyu says who you are? She says we are pals on friendsbook and you keep telling me about your work. SAnyu says avanti? she says yes. Avanti says i am coming to your college, i will come there for technical assistance, sanyu says i wont give any advice for free. you will have to give me treat in canteen. avanti says done i am coming all th way from banaras. .

A guy virat comes to vardhan’s office. He touches his feet. Virat says long time sir, how are you? vardhan says superb. He asks about his leg? Vardhan says its effect of some experiment. He says whatever i am is because of you. Vardhan says i always saw this spark in you. He says you always scolded at me. vardhan says this is what told you worth of discipline.

Virat sees avanti with sanyu in canteen. he says you came here as well. you are my headache. Randhir says my tumor is with her. avanti says you came here to spy me. He says you have nothing to spy on. sanyu says she is my pal. randhir says what a duo, sales girl and clerk. sanyu says mind your tongue. randhir throws water on sanyu and says should i throw more water? Avanti says i wont leave him. She tells her plan to sanyu, sanyyu says awesome.

Rana stops the girl and says i hope you know yoyo is drug addict? I am just warning you to stay awy from him. she says why are you saying this? he says i can’t tell you how much addicted he is. if you help me in finding evidence we can send him to jail. she says i have to go to my class. The girl comes to yoyo and says how you feel? yyoyo says good, she says you took drugs again? He says yes, i was unable to live, i felt like hitting my head. she hugs him and says i know you can leave this. just try to calm yourself. She says yes i know.

Randhir and virat are playing basketball. Avanti says sanyu go and distract them i will handle the rest. sanyu goes there and pretends like she has sprained her ankle. Virat says i think she is hurt. randhir says she is a drama. virat makes her sit and checks her foot. randhir says what drama is this sanyu says go and sleep. avanti places a handkerchief on gril;. sanyu says to virat i have to go now i feel better. you can go and continue your game, randhir says i told you its all drama. They start playing and talkiking. sanyu says have you mixed pills? She says in their drinks. they both drink water and fall on the ground, sanyu and avanti cheer. avanti says ready for part b? sanyu says yes, they drag them to the lab. PKC comes, sanyu places them both on bench like they are kissing, pkc says what is happening here, do you have any shame? I will send rana. SAnyu and avanti come and start dragging them again. They put makeup on them and make them wear caps. randhir wakes up whole college is laughing on him, randhir sees virat in same conidition. they get text, check your beauty in your phone. randhir says i will kill them both, virat says we have to think rationally aggression wont get you anything.

sanyu and avanti are laughing. Parth comes running in and says randhir and virat were feeling insulted they.. Sanyu says why there is blood in your hands? He syas i am going to call ambulance when they enter the room, randhir and virat are like their heads are on the bed.sanyu and avanti start cying, randir says see your performance in this video, it will go viral, sanyu says delete video. randhir says i wont. sanyu says you were with them parth? Parth says you started it, it was fair. they all laugh at them.

sanyu says they are so stupid. vidushi says i can’t believe parth pranked with you, all guys are same. their names should be right, they think they are always right. Avanti says lets party. vidushi says lets drink. avanti syas how will you get it here in college? VIdushi takes it, out they enjoy the drinks. avanti says i feel so good with you. Lets play a game, before one shot give one slang to our enemy boys. Avanti says lets me start, that virat is like shit on lizard. Randhir says to virat why they mess up with us when they can’t handle. avanti says you trun sanyu, sanyu says wait she calls randhir. SAnyu starts abusing him. They all come in back area. They are all drunk. Parth says you need money thats all. vidushi says you wanted a new gf. Avanti says whats wrong in wanting money, virat says you women alway chase money. go buy taj mehal if you can. avanti says you are losers. Randhir says you are height of selfishness, sanyu says i am not stupid like you, i don’t destroy everything for hatred. he says my hatred is for you only i wont let you smile ever. They all start fighting.

Scene 3
Next morning, avanti is leaving, sanyu says you are going? Avanti says yes otherwise my mom will come here. she syas thanks for your advices, sanyu says i will call you when i need saris. sanyu says let me come to see you off. avanti says no keep here, rest. you have to come to banaras. Virat says to parth and randhir, i had fun with you. you both are coming to banaras.

Precap-labors are protesting. agarwal says workers are not working and we wont be able to make new machine, we will need to close factory. sanyu says papa you wont need to close the factory, trust me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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