Sadda Haq 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Host says first time participant has knocked out last time winner. PKC says i am proud of you. Host says your next task will also take place here.

The judge, ugc officer comes on the stage. He calls on stage 3 winning teams of first round. He says all teams will make a gun that will shoot 3 bullets. all of them should be shot with same speed and same target. On this table we have placed all the raw material you will need to make the gun. you have 2 hours to complete this task. Randhir says i know how to make guns, sanyu says i knew it. we have to make something unique. We should g for a portable gun Radhir says i don’t think so. sahil says we can’t go for a normal one. sanyu says we will compromise accuracy anyway they have way more knowledge than us. Defence ministry

will buy this gun and they need something innovative.

All the teams start working on the team. The time ends. First team comes to shoot and miss the bull’s eye. They score 10 points. second teams scores 100 points by shooting at the bull’s eyes. its dream star team. Sanyu comes first to shoot. Sanyu is confused, she shoots at the bull’s eye and falls backwards. UGC officer says this is what you have made? sanyu says this gun fires 4 bullets at one time. He says consistency and accuracy are parameters of this competition. sanyu says this gun will be better for the bullet especially for women’s safety. they can shoot without setting the target as the gun shoots target itself by 4 bullets.

The result announces, team number 2 morkari group wins it. yoyo says its all over nothing can save FITE now, they are all in tears. UGC officer says we have to make some announcements. We are really impressed with this new gun we appreciate the talent. What was name of your company? The office vidushi called comes in and says they are not company they are students of FITE. They are thugs they came to my house to threaten me. The other team says call cops. Randhir says we agree we are not from a company dream star is a fake company, we are not fake. sanyu says we are not fraud neither did we want to win this competition we just wanted to prove ourselves. students of FITE become success stories, whatever we are today is because of FITE. FITE is not just a college its our home. For girls like me its a shelter. sahil says try to understand we had no other option. Officer says we can’t let you ruin name of competition. Vidushi says we are not thugs, if you try you can recognize my voice. I called you my pals wanted to save FITE. I called you for my selfish motives. UGC officer unbelievable, there is no place for you people here. He leaves. You should be in your college, FITE. I think we have to reopen FITE now. They all are shocked. he says you guys are so innovative i can’t believe you are students. Randhir hugs sanyu and says we saved FITE. They all hugs each other and smile together.

Scene 2
Sanyu is looking for her clothes, she says to anju today is a special occasion. I want to go back to FITE. anju says who will take care of me? sanyu says there wont be any problems, i will handle it all. sanyu says i cant be late today. sanyu gets a text from avanti, best of luck. Anju gives her curd and sugar. She says best of luck to you and your dream team. Sanyu says we have to win the international competition.

The college gate opens and they all go in with smiles. sanyu comes to her room. randhir and parth hug each other. parth says it feels like first day of college and PKC is more excited than us. he ate all the sweets. PKC is in his cabin and says now i will retire from FITE. SAnyu roams around the corridors and is glad to see it like before. She goes to labs and touches all the machine. randhir watches her.she smells grease.

Precap-yoyo says lets party. they all pary in the college. Randhir unties sanyu’s hair. eklavia says we have lost all the trustees. PKC says we need to approach abhay.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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