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Sadda Haq 15th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes in the class. PKC is mad at students being late. He takes the attendance. Sanyu calls randhir and says come pkc is mad. PKC says randhir? Randhir says on speaker yes sir. PKC says where is randhir? I will find out who has marked proxy attendance. They will get 0 in internal.
Sanyu meets randhir outside the class. She i have to attend the lecture. He says I can’t live without you. He kisses her hands. Ankit calls sanyu. Ankit says akash can’t take any administrative decision. He has to serve one month. sanyu says we can stop him in this month. Randhir stares at her.

Randhir comes to renuka’s office. He says can you sign these papers for me? She says of cours.e I am glad i can do something for you. she signs tha papers. Randhir says if you ever

feel i misuse your money come to college you will know what am I doing with your money.

Renuka comes to ranawat and says randhir will drive the car. Ranawat says I dont care about what you like and what you dislike. Whoever wins the competition will drive the car. She says I am sure that will be randhir. I am the mentor of this team. Everyone is equal for me. She says fair enough and gives him the check. Renuka sees sanyu with randhir.

Peon tells rishab that his dad is waiting for him. His dad says you took pills again. Rishab says i need them. He says you dont. He says I was ragged. His dad says its been 10 years. His dad slaps him and says go tell everyone in the college. I am ashamed to call you my son. randhir comes and meets his dad. He says I asked him to move on but he doesn’t listen. Rishab’s dad says if you take pills again don’t show me your face. Randhir says don’t take stress uncle i will drop you out. He takes him out.

Team comes to ranawat. Ranawat says these are the list of people who drove cars in dream team. You people will decide driver and co-driver. You will vote. You can’t vote for yourself. This is really important. I will be back.
Randhir says as i can see. Two main points, calm and extreme physical stress. I and parth will do this. Sanyu says you think girls can’t do this. Sanyu says let a girl be driver. Vid says i and parth can drive. Rishab says i and sanyu will drive. Vid says parth will vote for me. Sanyu says i want to be driver. Vid says sanyu you have done too much already. Randhir says dont talk about past. Parth says watch your tongue. They all start fighting. Ranawat come sin fighting. He says this is your dream team competition? Rishab has made the video. he says wow you are all kids. He says so you are kids so you better play like kids. There are toys in front of you.
Go buy them.
parth says to randhir can you drop me to market? Randhir says yes. sanyu comes and sits on the bike. They leave. Vid says to parth lets go. He says i know you think about me. Lets go buy cars. she says call it toy car. They leave.
Sanyu says randhir ride slow. She pinches him. He says what are you doing? Get down. She says i wont. I am not going to say sorry. I will be the driver.

Precap-Sanyu says is in lab. Randhir holds the car and says this is mine. sanyu says this is my car’s. He says i can’t focus because of you. Sanyu says if you lose competition you will say it is because of me? She says if you lose you wont ever say that a girl can’t drive.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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