Sadda Haq 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says to raghini karan can’t talk. Raghini says i want to talk to him. Randhir says go to your room and sleep i promise i will call him tomorrow. She sits there in distress. Randhir sits with her. She puts her head on his shoulder and cries. Sanyu is with anju.they take her to ICU. The doctor is having tea.

Sanyu calls doctor and says sanyu says attending my mom is more important my mom is in ICU and you are enjoying tea. Thruv comes and asks her what are you doing here? she tells him that anju is in ICU. He checks her and says i came from college and saw her on floor. He says you left her alone? I asked you to stay with her. He gives her injection, anju opens her eyes. thruv says how you feel now? The other doctor comes. Thruv takes him outside. He says where were you?

He says i wan is canteen. thruv says how can you ignore a patient like her. She has fatal tumor, i told you. Sanyu overhears it. Thruv says to sanyu she will be all right don’t worry.

Sayu goes and sits with anju. Anju says when something troubles you in college you never tell me. why should i tell you? you have many other problems as well. everything will be okay. Thruv said i will be fine. You wont tell anyone anything. sanyu says we should tell papa. Anju says no you wont tell them okay. And you should be in college, what are you doing here? you have a competition starting up, sanyu says i am not going anywhere. Anju says if you don’t go i wont feel good. sanyu says who will take care of you? anju says i will take care of myself. i will do as doctor says.

Ranawt is in cabin. Randhir comes in. Ranawat says look who is here. He says come in kamesh. randhir says you said no to mentor us and i want to thank you for that. Ranawat says don’t say about my good deeds. He is about to fall on glass randhir holds him and helps him to stand up. He says thanks that you saved me choti. randhir says i am randhir i am not choti. Ranawat says cant even be. Get out now. randhir leaves.

Sanyu comes to college and is still worried for anju. she sees randhir and hugs him. sanyu says why were you not picking the call. he says i was busy. Why are you crying? She says randhir maa.. Raghini calls him. Randhir says to sanyu i will be back in five minutes. raghini says i want to talk to karan. Randhir says okay he will call you in a while randhir calls as karan from voice modulation app. Raghini says i have been craving to talk to you. karan says sedators keep me asleep all day. Raghini says why are you not coming back. He says i dont know nothing is serious. Randhir says don’t worry take care and do as randhir asks you to do. She says sorry i was worried for you. He says i miss you too. take care of yourself I love you. SAnyu overhears it she leaves. sayu goes to canteen. Randhir comes there. Randhr says i have told ranawt that we dont need him and we can win without him. randhir says we shouldn’t depend on him. I told him that i will lead dream team. sanyu says how can you take that decision? Sanyu says its whole team. he says who will lead the team you? sanyu says i can do it better than you. parth says guy relax and vote. sanyu says okay make chits.

After voting parth counts all the votes.

Precap-raghini says i am glad to talk to karan. i am so happy. Randhir says if someone see me talking to you it wont be safe. Vidushi sees them. randhir says if someone gets to know about your fake admission they will spread it like wild fire.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. shenaz

    Congo Ravi for being first agn on sh tu n gud to see u back over here u luv rd n I luv sanyu difference between u n mine choice but v luv sh r8

  2. shenaz

    Akhil I got ur mail but if u r not dat much sleepy den plzzzzzzz cum here na I’m alone n feeling really sad bcoz no1 is here

  3. shenaz

    Everything is gud here except 1 my khala small1 is admitted in hospital n here delivery date is also in next month but now she is facing problems 2dy she went for chk up n doctor said dat ur child is not healthy anymore no water in ur stomach to reach till ur child child can died also if it continues really worried for her n child I waited for it from 8months n now dis all can’t happen I m praying for everything to get back to normal

  4. shenaz

    Nisha dats d main reason y u heard my terrible cry 2dy I m worried n trying to divert my mind from all dis hoping everything to b normal back agn in its original position where it should be

  5. shenaz

    Nisha r u gone u know my ph battery is showing 4%charge n I m in hospital with mom for aunt so can’t charge my ph also

  6. shenaz

    No not yet I will have something from out of hospital dr n will give to mom also aft 11:00

  7. shenaz

    Yes dr really lot of net work problem over here I m near staircases n mom is really far from here I even can’t see here from here

  8. shenaz

    I mean I didn’t talk to priyu aft 2nd day of her on tu I think she went from here thinking it is bad place n liya n Sara I talk regularly with dem on tu or on mails dr

  9. shenaz

    Now it is 3% can switch off at anytime take my gn tc n sweet dreams in advance dr bcoz I can vanish at any movement dr

  10. shenaz

    Guys it is showing 2% if it gets switch off den bye n gud n8 to all n I will have dinner den

  11. shenaz

    Wt is dis Sara change to my Piture perfect Sara now 1% I saved u with dis name in my contacts

  12. shenaz

    Nothing I m in hospital now n if u want full reason of it den read d previous comments aft i disapear ok my battery low now

  13. ??SaRa??

    oh I see I wish ur aunt & her child to be fyn evn my aunt sufrd child death twice evn I cried both were sons I dint see dem no1 allowed me to go to hospital bt evry1 ws sayng dey were so cute ??

  14. shenaz

    U know 2dy I gave wrong medicines to 2ppl both took dat medicines n returned back say kaam karna nahi aata hai tho kaam chod do only bcoz of u I got scoldings 2dy from my boss n 1said from my wife acc dey were in hurry n I was stressed so dis took place

  15. shenaz

    My fav is harshita guar sh ki female lead actress but most ppl luv pram singh bhatia lead male actor of sh but for me he is in second place as fav

  16. shenaz

    No dr I’m not got dis job bcoz I know well which medicine to b used in any situation

  17. shenaz

    Arre baba I worked in chemist for 2yrs n now dis is my 3rd yr going on so talking about giving medicines to customers aft asking d owner if it is suitable 1 for any illness or not I do it under his observation everyday

  18. shenaz

    Liya first see d comment n den go acc I exchanged boths medicines by mistake so it took place lyk u can say it was just an accident type something

  19. shenaz

    Liya reply me back did u got it or not or I need to explain more to u for u to understand it completely

  20. shenaz

    OK liya dat means u got it now cum to kyy tu dr but still I m 18 only n finished with 12th dis yr

  21. shenaz

    Ya r8 dr I’m also a human being can do mistakes tk u dr for lisnning to my rubbish now cum to kyy OK
    .ss where r u u also plz cum dr

  22. shenaz

    Nisha chk ur mail I have mailed u 2important mails 1 about priyu n 2nd 1 about my aunt n her child

  23. shenaz

    Its OK Nisha acc was bc 2dy in work na so didn’t mailed u back actually not only u I didn’t wish any1 gn also

  24. shenaz

    Varshini hi acc Nisha must have went she must have not seen ur comment so sry dr anyways a warm welcome to sh family dr

  25. shenaz

    Final bye n gn guys sweet dream tc all of u n b safe n far from any problems
    Yeppiiiii I did 140th comment on sh bye guys

  26. kajol

    Hey shenaz…
    hw r u yaar?? Sorry busy wid studies to reply nhi kiya fir jab dkha to bhul gayi. Noon me test h mera 3 baje free rahungi uske baad sabko mail karungi ok?
    Btw tumhri job?? Result?? Studies?? Family?? Sab kaisa chal rha h??
    Missed u yaar… kal pakka mail karungi
    bye gud night or gud morning 🙂

  27. shenaz

    Hey sana my everything is going perfect dr all d best for ur studies dr do well swthrt me also f9 n family members frndz etc etc r also gud n job is also going gud sry actualy I was gone from tu so didn’t reply u back all d best dr

  28. shenaz

    145done now final bye n song dedicated to all my lovely frndz as morning song
    Dil kabhi thanda
    Kabhi hai item bom sa
    Dil ka dhamaka kaise koi sahe (2)

    Dil ki yahi khata hai
    Dil ko nahi pata hai (2)

    Yeh chahta hai kya

    Nazreen milana nazreen chura na
    Kahi pe nigahe kahi par nishana (2)

  29. shenaz

    Me f9 sry kal mere stupid boss ne mujhe bills total karne ka aur money count karne ka kaam de diya at 8:30 so I was bc with it n gave him all dis ka detail in morning

  30. shenaz

    Now I m with my aunt in hospital so chating with u sweetie
    Wbu h r u n hw is everything over dere

  31. shenaz

    She is f9 dr acc now she called me in where she is tho I didn’t reply
    I luv sh dr
    R u here

  32. shenaz

    OK Nisha bye charge is really 30% n I have to save it till 10:30 for call etc etc dr sry I cant chat

  33. shenaz

    She will get discharged 2morrow or day aft 2morrow bye sweetie tc luv u ummah honey n final bye

  34. shenaz

    I thk Allah dat u replied Nisha otherwise I was tho going to mail u now to chk tu OK I will tc of myself sweetie bye

  35. Liya

    Shenaz vinu bro left tu bcoz laura nd all doubted sree lakshmi(who told bro 2 cum hr) as our old sree nd they doubted bro they both left tu.

  36. shenaz

    Oh OK but dats bad dr anyways tk u for d info dr but do u have his mail id I want to say sry on Laura’s n all ppl kay behalf pe

  37. shenaz

    Nisha I think dis ranawat lost a person in his lyf named choto or may b he use to all him choto n he was lyk bro or bro in his lyf he must have lost him bcoz of his silly mistake lyk hw vardhan lost niharika in his lyf I mean lyk dat smething must have happened n now he is feeling d same for rd I mean he is somewhere finding his choto in rd I think so n d reason behind y he drinks so much is to forget all dis in his lyf about his past but he can’t so drinks somuch

  38. shenaz

    N for my aunts discharge from hospital v r not confirmed bcoz dr didn’t came from last 2days on sat she was bc with deliveries n on sun holiday for her now let’s see wt happens 2morow I think she will discharge my aunt in 2days she look better den before now to me n all my family

  39. Liya

    Hai shenaz,i dont have his id dr.before gng he told me that after his xam he ll cum hr 4 giving his id then i ll give u dr.

  40. Liya

    Sana!oh,m knowing it now shenu.i asked her r u ammy she told no so i didnt ask more.hai sis.

  41. shenaz

    Me shenaz from Mumbai completed 12th n waiting for results now varshini
    See as I told u at n8 nisha did not see ur comment at dat time

  42. shenaz

    I called sana n Sara over here but don’t know where r dey missing dem badly n want to talk to dem

  43. ??Sara??

    dnt say sry swthrt… I m upset… u knw ricky bhai has decided to leave tu… he z nt replyng my mails too… he dint cm to tu frm mrng I m feelng so sad ??????????????????????????

  44. shenaz

    Oh Sara me to upset bcoz let it b u don’t cry dr I m also in same position where u r r8 now

  45. ??Sara??

    Imran & Irfan were jkng wid ricky bhai smthng hurted him wid der wrds so he maild me he z gng to leave tu

  46. shenaz

    Oh OK acc I meet a guy named vinay on tu he used to r8 vinu as his username I feel he is a nyc guy n something happened with him n sreelaxmi I guess on kyy pg not sure bcoz liya told told me n something happened with our sree ka name se laura n all other just blamed dem I don’t now for wt dey took d matter from here to dere I think so now dey also decided to leave tu

  47. shenaz

    Liya kajol nisha n varshini gn sweet dreams dr’s I think u all went sleep well sweeties luv u all ummmah tc guys

  48. shenaz

    Sara was u as meera on tu yesterday at n8 ormorning at 2:00 with janu n kajol chating with dem

  49. shenaz

    Sara I will go aft 300 bc I have to get up early in morning at 5:30 some work left which I need to finish till 9:30 in morning

  50. shenaz

    I cant stay away from u also I m addicted I m helpless so not going but u don’t repeat it agn

  51. shenaz

    U r here I thought u went dis 1 I wanted u to stay n realised my mistake dis was my wish which I did now hihihi

  52. shenaz

    Where ever u want fb dey give lots of links n starparivaar also works my cousin sis did many times but I m not getting 1 for my shw

  53. shenaz

    Yes dr its f9 now was water problem in tummy n it caused infection in my aunt’s body if v would have been late for more 3 days day it would had lead to child’s ……

  54. shenaz

    Me too searching for d link of sh dr
    Anyways ur shw is on 5th position from last 5 weeks n kyy on top from same weeks n sh at 7th 8th n 6th position it keeps roaming

  55. shenaz

    Sara plz comment fast dr I need some sleap also as aft dat my job n will b free at 3:00 pm only

  56. shenaz

    OK nothing den gn sweet dreams dr sleep well tc luv u dr ummah I m yawning from last 5mins final bye honey

  57. shenaz

    Gm my lovely friends have a nyc day ahead dr
    Morning song dedicated to my lovely freinds
    Aashaye aashaye
    lekar suraj se aag aag
    gaye ja apna raag raag
    kuch aisa kar ke dikha
    kudh kush ho jaye kuda
    aashaye kule dil ki
    ummede hasse dil ki
    ab mushkil nahi kuch bhi nahi kuch bhi
    Love u friends ummah u all r my heart gm swthrts

  58. shenaz

    So sry yaar something happened in ph just now I don’t know exactly wt but I was making d text small n it was just widing up so I had to close n agn reopen d pg anyways ya me f9 n everything gud over here

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