Sadda Haq 15th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rnaawat comes and gives them a lecture. yoyo says is he the real changed. Randhri says we should focus on our competition more. Sanyu says there is no file of my mistakes?randhir says neither mine. Where is it? parth says so you made no mistakes? Randhir says lets go and ask him.
Ranawat is in his cabin. sanyu and randhir come in. sanyu says sir where is our file? ranawat says your mistakes can’t be explained, sanyu says give us a last chance. Randhir says at least we should know our mistakkes. Ranawat says you came here together, that is your mistake. you stay with each other that is the real problem. your love keeps your distracted. May i ask you a question? To complete the dream? will you abandon you love right here?

sanyu and randhri come out. randhir says now he will

control our personal life as well? He says i wont ever let us be parted. sanyu gets a call and says to randhir maa called. she has asked you to come as well. He says but i came yesterday, sanyu says that was just trailer. The real exam will start now. he says how many more dinners will i have to eat? He says i have promised your mom i will face all the challenges. sanyu says today is the final one. our future depends on this.

Sahil says our mentor is so nice, he wants us to repent. vidushi says how can we give so much time to mistakes? parth says you are doing dance all day. sanyu says i will help you. vid says why you both dont have a file? i will write complaint. randir says if you make a mistake in that too you will have to explain that as well. after a while ranawat comes in and says time is up. give me the files. Sanyu stands with randhir. He says there is so much space, you both dont have to stand together. He stand throwing the files and says get it cleaned. Vidusi says why he asked us to work? Ranawaqt says i want you to understand your mistakes. These mistakes shall never be repeated.

Ranawat takes out a watch and says this was your dream chotay. i will complete your dream. no mistake shall be there. i will make them no.1 team. Dream team comes in, randhir says why you gave our car to first year students? we have worked so hard on it. sanyu says you know its value. ranawat says there is no value of it. i thought you would want to move on but i was wrong. You people waana stand there. You will get mediocre result. sanyu says we will take time. Ranawt says yes especially you will need time, you even need someone else mouth to complete your talk.

Randhir hugs sanyu and says we are not going to listen your mentor. we will be toegther. i wont let any such thing happen. sanyu says i trust you, he kisses her forehead and says promise you wont be uspet because of him. She rest her head on his shoulder. He says you know you will be the best wife. she says you will be best son in law. He says at least help em what should i wear. I have to look good if your mom rejects me, i will need to impress a new girl.
Vidushi is dancing, namit comes and dances with her. he gets close. Vidhushi shoves him and leaves.

Randhir says how are you sure that maa would like desi? He says you look desi. She says maa likes chinese. She says wear this shirt. randir takes off his shirt. he hugs sanyu from back and says i can go like this as well. sanyu says shut up and put this shirt on. sanyu leaves. randhir says this is my last chance.

Precap-anju and sanyu are with randhir in chinese restaurant. Anju says now you will decide what will i eat? waiter spills water. randhir says can’t you see?

Update Credit to: Atiba


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