Sadda Haq 15th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 15th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vardhan recalls when he placed a microphone in dean’s oat. ge hears the telephonic conversation on dean to kill rao.
A man goes to professor rao’s asylum and is about to inject in him something. Vardhan comes there and shouts at him. He goes in to catch the man and the thug injects the injection in vardhan’s chest. He flees while vardhan falls in the ground. Rao is looking at him. He starts screaming. Peons comes vardhan asks them to go and catch the man. Vardhan calls someone.

There sanyu says I think we should talk to sir vardhan once. Parth says we all should stay away from this matter. Randhir says I don’t care what you say I am going to meet vardhan sir. Parth says I don ‘t think sir vardhan should be asked all this. Randhir says what you think

that you are always right? Sanyu says what is the problem ? Parth says rao is vardhan’s father so we should refrain from intruding. yo yo says how i9s that possible. Parth says he that’s truth. suddenly someone comes screaming and they see that vardhan is coming out with dean and is holding dean’s collar. He drags him to the cops and cops arrest him.

everyone is shocked. Vardhan gives them a recording says this includes his telephonic conversation in which he is asking a man t kill my dadd professor Rao. Dean sasy rao is your dad ? Vardhan says yes he is my dad/.inspector says we have already tapped their phones. They arrest him.
PKC comes to the college. Students ask him how is he ? Vardhan says I am sorry pkc I had to do this drama to catch the real culprit. He says police got the culprit and what aboyut my reputation. I have been insulted in front of people. Vardhan says all the doubts have been cleared that were on you fro ages. Vardhan says pkc is same respected as any other person. is that clear ? Student says yes. PKC says you could use a peon or anyone why me vardhan and he leaves.

Vardhan is in his room. He says I have done it dad. I have caught him.
parth comes there. vardhan says thanks for the file but I am angry that you disobeyed me.
Vardhan says I will never want that any of my student would endanger their life for me. Parth says you have done more for me. You even paid my fees you can punish me but I had to help you not matter even if it takes disobeying you.

Scene 2
Sanyu and kaustuki are in line for fees. Sanyu says I can’t believe that professor rao is vardhan’s brother. I read so much about him but it was no where. How did parth know all that ? And how can dean do that he looked so good. PKC comes pupils say good morning sir. He says not sir, dean. Everyone says what ? Sahil says why him ? It should have been vardhan sir. Sanyu says he is performance driven not power. He likes to be I field rather than on chair. Vidushi says he is temporary dean.
sanyu stops Randhir. He says first seniors will pay the fees. he goes in front of the line. He gives his card. The receptionists says your card is declining. He stays on a side. Randhir calls at the bank.

Vardhan asks doctor that rao can stay at the professor quarter.
vardhan asks him men why there are still no machines ? They say the supplier is not providing us the machines. they show him the letter that says all the cheques have bounced. he says how is that possible? We had more money than this.

There Randhir calls the bank as well. they say until madam renuka’s divorce is on going all her accounts are seized. you can’t use any money for now.
Randhir leaves in anger. SAnyu wonders whats wrong with him.

Vardhan comes to pkc. he says call me dean. Vardhan says you are temporary you can be permanent if you do something. He says I have been through all the history. Vardhan says we have no funds all the accounts have been seized because of the internal conflicts. PKC says don’t worry vardhan you will get your funds and we will find new sponsors. Vardhan leaves. PKC starts calling different companies.

scene 3
Sanyu is working on a machine with kaustuki. Yo yo comes there. Kaustuki asks what are thinking ? he says I was dreaming of you and me dancing. Kaustuki stares at him in anger then Sanyu and kaustuki start laughing. Yo yo shows them how to dance. Vardhan comes there. Vardhan comes and claps and says wow. SAnyu says we were studying and its not like what you are thinking. He says I am talking about your over all behavior you are so careless. I have not seen randhir any where what are you doing ? I gave you this responsibility. Sanyu wonders what is randhir doing ?

Precap-Vardhan comes to pkc and says you said you will transfer all the funds in the account what about now ? The chairs turns and its maya on it. She says this is not a professor of LITS meet the new dean of FITE.
Sanyu says to kaustuki I have got a new friend. She asks who ? Sanyu smiles.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. PRECAP – Who is sanyus new friend??? kahin woh Randhir ko refer kar rahi thi kyaa????

  2. @Game Changer – your shayari addressed to @akshara y/day — Is it a couplet from Mirza Ghalib’s ghazal????

    your – a/w r u banda or bandi????!!!!!! ~ ab bhi mujhe hasi aa rahi hai……. 😛 😛 😛
    question mark – o.k, what was that exclamation mark for?
    is sawaal se, uss crazy fool par mera gussa jaroor kam hua……

  3. Waoooo yr

  4. read the precap a new girl’s entry wow 😀 n MAYA has become the new dean the twist has come in the show GUYS 😀 btw epi ws gd…

    1. R u sure its a new girl??:(


  6. Do you guy’s think Arpitaa is the new girl ???? or it is just a fresher ????

  7. O meri janeman,
    bahar nikal,
    aaj jhumma hai,
    aaj ka vaada hai,
    dekh main aa gaya!
    Sanyu, tusi kab randhir ko ek pappy denge?

    1. Ek shayari meri taraf se
      sanyu 2 Rd-jab muhabbat nhi to rokte kyu ho,
      tanhai me mere bare me sochte kyu ho,jb manzil h juda to jane do mujhe,lot kr kb aaoge ye puchte kyu ho

  8. Nice epi!thank god
    ye prof rao ka case khatam hua..
    precap is quite interesting..sanyu’s new frnd hope ki rd ke bare me bol rhi thi
    n i missed 2dys epi yr 10 baje ka wait kr rhi hu

  9. I like today epi because ab pro.rao ki story khatam hui and finally RandhirSanyukta ki shuru hui and nid do you have watched sandhir valentine special

    1. Sandhir valentine ys i’ve watched it,bt why r u asking?

  10. Vo tho randhir hein

  11. I am missing Jiggy….. arre kahaan ho tum, atleast tum Randhir kaa saath dethaa…
    Yoyo aka kushwant singhs dance – lol!!!

  12. ha wo sher mirza galib k gazal k hi the….aise sensible shayri k liye mujhe agle 10janam aur lene hoge…….aur mai ne wo exclaimation mrk isliye use kiye the bcoz i was thinking it was u who has posted that comment and in ur previous comments u have used the words mazak kr rahi thi…………aur is comment me likha tha banda thatz y i was confused!!!!

    1. ok, got it….

    2. reading & u/standing such shayaris… u r an intellectual…

  13. waise aapko kaise pata k wo mirza galib k sher hai.r u intrstd in shayri?can u read urdu?

    1. URDU??? no way…… i wanted to know what it was n hence i browsed n found a site with that shayari n a few discussions also….

  14. Amrutha Nidhisha

    wat d hell……?????

    how can Maya be d dean of FITE….?????

    and i guess d new girl iz d one who dey showed in fb as a new comer of this show……..:)))))

    hopefully if it is yes im very happy

    NOTE:Plz do upload the update with pictures im telling u dis frm many dayz plz do understand the fellings of sandhir fanz………..plzzzzzzz

  15. Kya bakwaas hai.. Maya ko Dean bana diya …
    I know its ur story .. but guys .. Have some ethics…

    Dean of a college is a very important position in any institution.. It requires a well-qualified, well deserving and well experienced person to opt for that position…
    Maya has no qualities even to opt for it.. I mean .. guys .., Give me a break … the Storyline cannot drop to this level …
    And what’s wrong w/ this guy Randhir?? .. Why is he showing his seniority to juniors?… He is not Yoyo … We can understand if this is been scripted for Yoyo .. but Randhir??? This doesn’t suits him.. He was never into ranging and doing these kind of actions right from the day one.. Then why so sudden change in his character?.. One more thing.. I like they made his understand the important of money at this stage… as he was too much into other Romeogiri … that he never realize the importance of source(His Mom) from where all his expenses were paid off … This is a VERY GOOD Move in the storyline …

    1. @absent – Maya as dean – v hv to wait & watch…. she was under prof.rao..blah blah blah… w/ever… hope it isn’t another blooper of SH…
      SH has its own…. for eg., that jungle episode, snake bite n sanyu becoming critical n concealing it from her mom… (in fact i brushed it aside by pacifying myself that epi was meant for kids… )

      Randhir & money matter – r u sure abt his views on money..??? becoz as fas as i remember he went to meet his mom at her office for dream team n asked her only for 2 things…. vardhan to b brought back as his mentor, there shld b no problem in financing DT project…

      He never once boasted to his fellow classmates that he comes from a rich & affluent family…. not that he is not aware of moneys’ importance….. From my POV, money ALONE does not count in a family… Randhir had craved for his mom’s love & attention for almost 10 yrs n that is not a short span of time….. He is being portrayed as a lone kid, with no bro’ or sis’…. a drunkard father…. how cruel it must hv bn w/out a/one to share his expectations, his happiness…… what made him work in a garage during vacations n not going home at all…. ???

  16. gys…..if sanyu’s frnd is a boy i thnk randhir will gt jealous….if its a new girl iam sure tht randhir nd the new girl will get in love or n a close relationship….anyway thn sanyu wll get realise abt randhir’s missing….anyway iam wtnf 4 tmrws epi…..iam really getng exited……

    nd one more thng don’t consider me as a boy gus cuz iam a grl….my name s boys name…

  17. Guyz 2mrw randhir will ask help from his childhood frnd 4 fees bt he will refuse…how mean na???

    1. yeah guess so!! DD:

  18. until randhir”s parents divorce his credit card will be blocked ???
    what is he gonna do now !!!!!!!!!! waiting 4 tmrw’s epi =)
    hope its a girl otherwise it will be like parth (at first “soo sweety sweety “) 😉 😉

  19. Guys, do u know why jiggy is not coming???!!!
    Its like this: He actually proposed to kaustuki(the actress, i donno her name) and she she refused. Thats why….maybe or maybe not, he will come back again.
    About epi, i hope and wish that new frnd is our RD…..koi boy hua to bhi ok, but i dont think rd needs any more jealousy now…..hope its a girl, so sanyu can be jealous for a change. Anywaya, best option is rd. My vote goes to randhir paaji.

  20. From piyu didi: OMG!!!!!!!
    who is the frnd!!!! Hope it rd…plzzzzzzzz
    Cant wait for tom. Epi!!!!!
    Plzzzzz dont dissapoint us!
    Guys, maybe rd ki fees sanyu pay karegi and rd will share ething, ie , his feelings with her!!!
    (she was actually becoming slightly hysterical when she said all this…hahaha)


    2. the gud old piyali back, ahem ahem…

  21. Akshara achu, kidhar ho aap!!!
    Ab tak kisi bhi cmmnt me choti shabd aaya hi nahi!
    Waiting fr u achu!;)

  22. Ek aur baat…..plzz everyone,plz watch the new ad of shq, its AMAZING.
    Humble request.

  23. guys i want parth RD and sanyu to be friends i mean BFF !!!
    kash eisa ho!!! is it RD ??? i want it to be him………..sanyu’s friend huh!! :DD!!
    but i am doubful cuz of sanyu’s smile ………..
    i mean the way she smiled like she’s dreaming of him/her in her room!!!
    if its a girl and she becomes friends with parth vidushi is gonna be jealous !!!

  24. @ Game Changer – I want u to go to y/day july 14th CS n see wherein that fool’s comment has been deleted…. Admin hv done the needful….
    This comment has been removed.
    Reason: Misusing other user’s name.

  25. so DS u read Mirza Galibs gazals…….kaisi lagi wo gazals?……..these gazals r too difficult to undrstnd yar………..wo couplet jo mai ne post ki thi wo mujhe bahot zyada pasand hai….

    1. indeed, very difficult to u/stand… i went straight to the couplet u posted n found its meaning…..

  26. ya i checked 14 july cs.and i m really happy for it that comment is removed…..abhi kuch din pehle bhi lover boy k comments remove kiye gaye the……

  27. so u have undrstood the meaning of that couplet which i postd…gud gul:-)

    (gud mrng to the rest of the world ,too.)

  29. Hahaha, good morning noopsy
    (reminder fr u- today marathi prjct sbmssn. Hai…)

  30. Ha, mujhe yaad hai.
    Now seriously, this is killingg me-who is the new frnd?????????????

  31. Mujhe bhi yaad hai………
    … And its killing meee toooo who is iy?????

  32. Good mornin…:-)

  33. ds thank u very very much for sharing that links…..

    1. u r welcome..

  34. 20 more min. to know sanyu’s new friend

  35. cant wait yaar !!! i was doing the hindi assignment thinking about sanyu’s new friend yesterday
    and i wrote sanyuktha instead of my name!! lol !!!
    my mom was near me luckily !!
    mien toh pagal ho jaungi like this 🙂

  36. 10 min more!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. ok now i can watch sadda haq !!! yayyyyyyy!!!!!!
    bye guys !!!!! going to watch SH

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