Sadda Haq 15th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 15th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says to ranawat sir don’t tell sanyu about this conversations. He says dont give me instructions. Even if you are deserving you wont be selected because of this behavior of yours.
Randhir comes to lab in anger. He says who touched my engine. Parth says I did a little rework. Yoyo says sanyu instructed us. Randhir says i knew what to do. how can she do that. Rnadhir goes out in anger. He goes to sanyu. He says why are you sitting like this? headache?
Randhir says engine was already repaired. sanyu says why you think.. He says if it is that simple then what am I doing in the team? Sanyu says sir told you what is my need in the team. I am captain and he is mentor. How you think he wont tell me. He says i had no such intention. sanyu says dont try to explain. He

says i am not because you dont want to understand.

Sanyu recalls their moments together. sanyu explains ranawat what they have done. he says keep up the good work. Yoyo says wow it looks like a dream. Sanyu says we have delivered as a team. They all hug.
Sanyu says to vid you gave this scarf to kaustuki. Vid says oh yeah i remember. Kaustiki calls vid. sanyu says how are you? we were talking about you. Kaust says you dont have much time. You are the captain now. All set? sanyu says yeah packing up. Kaust says what else is happening? sanyu tells him that she has married randhir. She says he has accpeted that i wont leave all this. but he wants me to.
Yoyo shows everyone that sanyu’s statement is published the paper. Randhir ignores. Randhir says go get ready. Vid says i got what i wanted. What have you thought? About the driver? If you want to do this, you can do this. you wanted all this. Randhir and ankit are not different. Randhir wont be happy but you cant let him dominate. take a stand for yourself. Tell him you cant sacrifice dreams. This is the chance to do so.

Ranawat says everything is done now. The time has come. You have spent time with each other and this is your strength now. This can make you or break you. Everyone out there is to beat you down. Everyone wants to win. you cant lose for a second. One microsecond makes a difference. You have to give your best. It all comes down to this. Are you ready? They say yes sir. he says louder. They say yes sir. Yoyo says you made me cry sir. He says you opponents have to cry not you. He gives them banners and everything.

Everyone retouches the car one last time. Parth washes it. Randhir holds sanyu’s hand. He comes closer parth throws water on him. They run after each other. ranawat gives the key to sanyu and says ready to do the honor? Sanyu checks the max speed of the car. Randhir says come on. sanyu says it would blast. Randhir says if she wasn’t scared it could be increased. sanyu says it was maxed out. randhir says we wont need more than this speed.

Precap-Dream team meets other teams. They say to randhir you are captain right? randhir says no and points at sanyu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Who is the driver?

    1. I think sanyu will be the driver and thats why rd will get mad and coz if his ego prob eventually they ll get divorce.
      Donno for sure but this is my opinion.

      1. Okk
        I also want to see her as a driver .

  2. atlast dream team competition aa hi gaya waited so long for this competition…… Ab maza aayega

  3. Nice episode

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