Sadda Haq 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Yoyo’s pal comes and says sanyu need to touch your feet. SAnyu says go and steal the drone from PKC’s room. He says yeah just a few moments. PKC is slept in his cabin. They crawl in and steal the drone. The remote is under PKC’s hand. He takes it efficiently.

Sanyu says wow very good. Randhir says lets fix the broken part. Parth says where is vidushi? sanyu says she was in room. I asked her to come. Vidushi goes to varun. He has a champagne bottle in hand. vidushi says this is your surprise? you wanna drink here with me? varun says I am here to rectify my mistake. We drank this on our first date. Vidushi says this will rectify everything? He says I will do all you want. He sits on his knees and proposes her with a ring? He says I will marry you again. Vidushi

says what about your parents? He says they know everything and they have agreed. He makes he wear the ring and kisses her hand. Varun says I love you. Vidushi smiles.

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Everyone is busy working on the drone. Randhir says lets fix a bullet camera. We can record videos for the investors. Randhir and sanyu fix the camera. the working is done. Randhir says lets try it. They fly it and it works perfectly. But the balance is shaking due to camera weight. SAnyu tells a solution. Jiggy does the codding. Parth says the live telecast of drone camera will be on my laptop. They fly it again. Its working. Jiggy says lets try outdoor. PArth says yeah lets see how high can it fly. Randhir gives the remote to parth. He takes the drone out. Everyone else is watching on screen. The drone goes in ground where vidushi is with varun. They are hugging and kissing. All of them see on the screen. SAnyu says is that vidushi? Parth is going there. randhir says who is with her? randhir says go sahil stop parth. It will be a problem if parth sees them. Parth sees vidushi and stops in shock. They all run out. Parth grunts and starts hitting varun. sahil comes and says parth leave him please. Parth shoves him. He hits varun with a glass bottle but it hits the wall. Parth is about to hit him with the cut bottle. All the guys come and stop them. Randhir says what are you doing parth? stop please. Varun says I will kill him. Randhir says thank God that you are alive because of us. we would need to throw your dead body in gutter. Varun syas you guys have made a mistake and parth you.. you don’t know who my dad is. randhir says go find your dad. bring your dad to me only after that you can reach parth. varun syas you will repent. Parth attacks him again. Randhir stops him and says come to room parth. Sanyu takes vidushi to room. Randhir asks jiggy to go to yoyo’s room.

Sanyu gives vidushi water. She doesn’t drink it. vidushi says I don’t want it just go from here. sanyu says calm down. vidushi drinks it. Parth is sitting in his room in anger. VIdushi says speak what you want to say about me? I know what you all think about me. I have right to take decision of my life. varun is a nice guy he loves my I wanna live with him why world judges my decision. PArth is breaking the stuff. Randhir offers him a cigarette. Vidushi says why are you? go to your group they must be missing you to make fun of me. I am shameless emotionless. sanyu hugs him. vidushi says leave me. She calms down after shouting. Sanyu says no one will think that about you. To hell with those people. Do what your heart says. Drop off we will talk tomorrow. SAnyu takes her to bed. Parth starts boxing. Randhir boxes with him. Vidushi is asleep. sanyu texts randhir that she is asleep. They meet up in lab. sahil and jiggy come with drone. randhir says I know we are all disturb but most important thing is to make this drone working. We have to save PKC. randhir says vidushi is our classmate we all need to respect her privacy. No one will talk about her. Sahil says is she okay? sanyu says she is asleep. the four start working on the drone. Yoyo’s pals come with coffee. Randhir says don’t do this is wrong only me and sanyu are allowed to enter canteen unofficially. They all laugh. Jiggy says guys it will take time. Randhir and sanyu are still working rest are taking a nap. sanyu syas I will only sleep after seeing it working. They work on it. They sit together and wait for it to reboot. sanyu places her head on randhir’s shoulder. sanyu says I cant believe all this. vidushi was so effected. randhir says parth was too. Sanyu says I was glad this never happened to me. randhir says that would happen if I had ignored you. sanyu syas I showed maturity and proposed you. I put in effort. He says yeah I am not easy to earn. SAnyu throttles him. he holds her hands. They bring their heads closer.

Precap-sanyu says to priyali you are coming to FITE wow? Rajveer comes in FITE and says good morning madam ji to sanyu. sanyu is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. [email protected] changer

    are yar ye gadha mcp rajveer phir se aagaya…

  2. steffie

    Baap re !!!!
    Kya maara parth ne uss varun ko ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    And last Mein aaya ek sandhir scene
    Cvs should continue dis scene 2morrow. Maza aayega ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Plz not again. No rajvir. Plz ๐Ÿ™

  3. Aisha

    Parth u rock !! Hi guys n ya whoever u r ash or whatever just be in ur limit ! Thanks noopur di n sanyu di i luv u both !

  4. akira

    Hi! Sanyu
    i dont like commenting here…
    I read everyones comments n many times u said to others tht r u akira right???

  5. akira

    Sanyu im going
    tum yaha nhi ho jab bhi me tumhare comments read karungi, i’ll make sure to tlk u once… byeee

  6. akira

    No i dont have any issue wid xyz or ayaan. But nxt day someone used my name n said to rohan something vry bad. I think he was randhir n said i m akira n he said tht i love u rohan n all. Bcoz of it i was feeling low. I think i chatted wid rohan so he answered him… bt then also i m not feeling good to face anyone here. Wht they might be thinking abt me n plus ayaan also blamed me so commentors might be thinking i m not good… so i decided tht i will not comment here bt today u asked abt me so i answered u…now i m going n will nvr comment… so byeee
    Do frnds the aarav aur tum- aarav pehle chalagaya aur ab me tumse bhi nhi baat kar paungi. Will.always remember u bye!!!

    • i think the problem is with me when i become friends newly the very next moment it breaks
      ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™
      miss you too dear
      hoping you’ll change your mind.

  7. akira

    No ayaan i dont’ve any problem wid u… me vo sab bhool gayi thi.. bt tht rd ka coomment… n jst say one thing abhi bhi tumhe lagta h ki i did tht
    koi mera name use kar raha h
    n its ok! So ayaan chill nw no need to stp ur wrk

    Sanyu there is no problem wid u it is wid us we leave good frnds easily:'(

  8. 1)Aishu, u fine now? Both ways abt qht happened yesterday n ur hand….(hua kya tha, excactly??)
    2)@Akira, all this things happens here. No one shud leave bcoz of aum stupid ppl, coz v all know who is right n wrong……n v knew it cudnt b u coz v knew u cudnt do anything like that! So if u r reading this right now, we all want u 2 come back….plz come back. If not,v respect ur decision.
    3) Gm every1!!!!
    . gm bhai!!!!!
    4) Omg!!!!!!
    Aajka epi TOPS!!!!!!!!
    (lag raha hain timeline mein piche chli gyi main…..bohoth pehle v used to discuss epi n aaj wahi ho ra hain)
    Agar rajveer FITE mein aa gaya toh…..
    1) more sandhir scenes
    2) Rndhir-rajvir fight(college ke saamne!)
    Agar PRIYALI aa gyi
    1) Sanyu happy
    2) sanyu happy toh randhir happy
    3) sanyu, rd n priyali all happy
    4) all happy toh rajvir unhappy!!!!!
    Think abt it

  9. Aisha

    Uff bye guys going to school … N noopur ayaan was blaming me that i m ashmeen n all to i was upset n my hand !! Vo khel rahi thi badminton to i slipped and broke my wrist *don’t worry it was left wala* to i can atleast do my h.w. !!

  10. ###

    @aisha tum baar baar ayaan ka naam Q le rahi ho?? Tum hi topic nikalti ho….
    Me hamesha sahi ko support karunga. Whthr u think i m wrng… idc

  11. saddahaqrox

    Ok ok ok Guyzzzz
    frm now on, no one will mention the name. ok?
    And no more talks about what happened. ok?
    JO ho gya who ho gya. bas

  12. saddahaqrox

    haan n aishu
    u don’t ACTUALLY need 2 call me di…..we r just 1 yr apart aftr all!
    So If u want u cn call me noopur its k ๐Ÿ˜‰

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