Sadda Haq 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir asks parth are you okay ? He says yeah I am fine and picks up the tool. He starts working again.
Randhir throws a paper and kaustuki. Kaustuki looks at yoyo looking who is starring at her. She picks up the paper and finds it weird, it says meet me.
Kaustuki opens the door and says I hope yoyo is behind this. She sees randhir there. Randhir says did you get the message ? She asks why you called me here ? Randhir says I find in weird too I wanted to say sorry. I behaved rudely with you for two years. She says its okay should I go now ? He says no stop please. I want to ask something. What makes a girl happy ? Like I wanna make sansyu happy what should I do ? actually a friend of mine needs help so I thought to ask you. Kaustuki says something that makes her feel special.

That shows her that she means something to you. She leaves. Randhir says why is this all so complicated ? It should have been simple.

Vidushi sees parth and says you are so special to me no matter how much you dislike me. A guy asks parth to help him in getting the book.Vidushi is staring at him. He drops those books too and his hands shiver the same way. The guy ask are you okay ? Parth says yeah. He bows down to pick up the books and give them to him. Viduhsi comes and parth you? He says stay away. Vidushi wonders whats wrong with him.

Randhir is thinking what to book. he decorates the room with some balloons. Kaustuki tells sanyu. Sanyu says why are you so shocked. Kaustuki says ranhdir is always mad at girls now he was asking likes and dislikes of girls. Sanyu says whom was he asking that all for ? Kautuki says for a friend. Sanyu thinks who is she ? Why didn’t he ask me and took advice from kaustuki. Randhir picks up the card board and wonders what to write. He cuts thermo poll in I love you sanyu and paints them. Sanyu says so this is it. Sanyu says I know whom was randhir asking that all for. Jiggy, Maybe jiggy wants to refresh your and his relationship. Kaustuki says what for ? Sanyu says you mean by what for ? Why you look sad ? Do you still love jiggy? Sanyu gets a call from randhir he asks sanyu to come to the class. She says to kaustuki I am coming.

Sanyu sees randhir. Randhir says there is a surprise for you, close your eyes. he takes sanyu in. Sanyu says what kind of surprise is this ? I a curious ? he takes her in middle of the room. Sanyu says can I open my eyes ? Randhir says yes open your eyes. Sanyu looks at him. Sanyu says where is the surprise ? She says what is all this ? he says should I explain this ? sanyuu says what is this mess amnd half decorated wall. The banner has fallen down. SAnyu says why are you doing all this ? I know you do this for love but what you are doing is a great effort. No one else would do that. you know you can’t force things on people. Kaustuki and jiggy are not the same. he says what ? SAnyu says you are doing this all to refresh their relationship and to make them like they used to. if I knew you were this caring I had never fought with you. Why are you sad? I know you put in a lot of effort but we shouldn’t interfere among them. Now cheer up next lecture is about to start and maya will assign us a task if we fall short of attendance. She leaves. Randhir tears the banner apart in anger.

Scene 2
At night randhir is in his bed. He says why did the banner fell ? Am I being hurry in proposing her ? is it some sign ? He says what the hell am I saying ? Stop doing all this and say I love you. You didn’t think that day why are you thinking now. He recalls sanyu is his arms. he says what you feel like will be the right time.

Scene 3
Sanyu is in calls going through a book. Randhir comes and sits with her. He says hi sanyu. Sanyu says hi sit here. I just have 5 minutes I have to complete notes. You should complete too if you are not done. he says don’t stop me in middle. It has required a lot of effort to come here and say all this. Before meeting you I never felt like someone needs me or understands me. Since you came in my life I realized you need me. You know me more than I know my self. I wanna spend rest of my life with you. I love you sanyu. He touches her. Sanyu says why are you not making the notes ? he wonders why is she shouting ? Sanyu pulls off the headphone. Randhir says the whole hard luck of my life will happen today. SAnyu asks what happened ? The bell wails and all of the students wander in the classroom.

At night vrdhan asks team to check the tires nut bolts. he says the movement should not interfere the working of other parts. there is time when you have to move from logic and do something that never happened before. Maya comes there. Vardhan says you came to support them. Maya says you all will be glad to know that the cultural fest is going to start form tomorrow. I want you all to participate in that. vardhan says that’s not possible sponsors are coming. She says that’s not my headache. Sanyu says how will we participate ? Maya says just like other students. If you want to stay in third year you have to participate.

Precap- the fest starts. Yoyo says if vardhan goes to look for a girl, what will he say. Vidushi dances. Parth says ‘kabhi jo badal’.
Vidushi says today’s last act will be by randhir and sanyu and they will be blind folded. SAnyu says we didn’t write blindfolded in details.Progress

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Pakhi

    I think when rd proposes sanyu during cultural fest she will said him d truth about her engagement..

  2. Natasha

    I agree with pakhi!
    But hope rd doesnt gets shattered hearing that!hope he helps her to kick that stupid sameer out of sanyus life

  3. Meera

    —atiba u r superfast…
    —arre kyaa yaar… kitni besabri se intezaar thaa mujhe… lekin RD kaa har koshish waste tha!!! bechaaraa… ilu banner neeche gir gayaa… class me jab woh sanyu ko ilu directly bolaa… sanyu headset pehni thi..,atleast cultural fest me usse kehne ko mile.. tho RD ko jaan aa jaayegaa.. better late than never… ok… let sanyu tell him the truth atleast during the fest…
    —wth???? is kaustuki in ♡ with yoyo???? her mind voice…. oh god… iss darwaaze ke peeche yoyo hi ho!!!

  4. Pakhi

    Ya natasha i also hopes so…but i thnk aftr knwng d truths he will become d old RANDHIR SINGH SHEKHAWAT for some days…till when sanyu didnt go fr her engagement

  5. nid

    feeling sad fr rd,bt usne shi samjha ye ek sign h,abhi confess krna khatre se khali nhi h..
    ye parth ka kya problem h,why his hands were shivering

  6. nila

    It was like bomb blast without any sound….
    Aftr this epi I am in no mood to comment further ….Bye and GN

  7. Bad….totally bad epi-bechaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaara randhir 🙁
    I expected a lot frm the banner thingy…and that idiot had to fall down.
    My hopes r dead.
    Ok guyz, i hav got sum friends over @ my house,so will post the ff later-near 9:30……
    No mood to comment any further. So bye guyz

  8. Meera

    RD & Kaustukis convo in STORE ROOM!!! I was laughing….. Kaustuki was hell scared… Rd asking her abt a girl’s likings….

  9. madhurima

    kuch episod se ye sanyu ke behaviour thora iritating lag raha hai ,arree yaaar sanyukta ko pata kyou nahi chalta ke Randhir usko pyaar karta hai.Pichle episod me jab RD sanyu ke taraf dekhe ja raha tha to iss sanyu ko feel to hona chahiye tha ke RD sayed use like kata hai barna ayse kyu dekhe ga. bayseto sanyu bohot intelligent banti hai par RD ke eyes me apne liye pyaar ko dekh nahi pati, ab ye vi kya vardhan sir samjhayenge sanyu ko jayse pahele samjhaya tha ki randhir sanyu ko apna friend man ne laga hai .pata nahi kya hoga randhir ka.

  10. tulip

    mujhe lagta hai kisi ne randhir ka banaya huya ilu banner janbujh ke phara hai . kya parth ya kaustuki ya vidushi me se kisi ne kiya hai aysa.

  11. game changer

    yar log gusse me ladai me ek dusre ko abuse krte hai slap krte hai bt kiss bhi krte hai ye mai ne pehli bar dekha sh me…..

    • rosy

      wat da hell…sanyu r u alien to love dat u cnt even feel nethng dat randhr is mad abt u…n moreovr u r reacting so indifferent…dat wz so irritatng of abt!!!

  12. tulip

    sadda haq ke sare star apne looks change kar rahe hai ek ke bad ek.pahele randhir ne hairstyle change kiya,uske bab yoyo or ab sanyu itne time tak apne hair ko bandhe rakh ti thi ab khule balo me dikh rahi hai. achha hai sanyu khule balo me jyada sundar lagti hai .par randhir ka pahela look jyada achha tha usme bo bohot masum lagta hai, ye look vi achha hi hai .bo to hamesha hi achha lagta hai.

  13. jazzlyn

    I hope Sanyo accepts Randhir’s proposal handpick that st5upis Samir out of her life.Vo donno hamesha Kush rahee

  14. Xpectd!! M actly irritated wid sanyukta ryt nw ! N also frm vardhan sir..m sorry if nyone thnk m wrong ! Cz nw dey bth r actly playing wid rd’s emotions..nw its a high tym for rd to knw truth abt sanyukta…cz vo usse aur attach hota jaayega..n jab pata chalega result accha nai hoga.. 🙁 i hope cvs will proove me wrong… :/ n one mre thng….sanyukta ko rd ke bhvr se kuch pata hi nai chalraha hai ! Hadh hai yeh! She is not tht dumb!! Cmmn she can undrstd abt kostu ka feeling twrds yoyo aur she cant undrstd rd’s feeling!! Nw thnk vardhan sir shld also thnk abt abt rd ..apart frm his dream team. Bcz vo bhul chuke hai shayad ki. Ek student ko jooth bolke team rakha hai..! Cmmn . .cvs pls nw dont strch dis drama mre..request!! 🙁

  15. tulip

    hum sab to screen par dekhte hai or hameko dikhraha vi hai sanyukta ke liye randhir ka paar ,par ye sanyu ko kyou nahi dikhta ,bo to RD ke pas hai uske sath itna time spend karti hai phir vi use kuchvi pata nahi chalta randhir ki feelings ke bare me.aisa kavi hota hai kya?ye sanyu majburimehi sahi par RD ko dhoka de rahi hai.RD bachpan se pyaar ke liye tarsa hai par aj jab use sanyu se bo pyaar bo apnapan mila hai to kuchi dino me uska dill tutne bala hai,oh god ye main nahi dekh sakti. bhagban ji, kuch aysa kijiye ke sanyukta ko vi randhir se pyaar ho jaye jaldise.

    dedicated to AN
    The person in the door was no other than SAMEER. On seeing him,randhir impulsively moved protectively towards sanyu and she clutched his hand,getting a warm squeeze in return.
    Sanyu’s father: Sameer!! Ab kyu aaye ho yaahaan? Maine suna ke tumne sanyu ke saath battameezi ki. Aur tum sochthe they ki hum phir bhi tumhaari shaadi humaari iklauti beti se karvaaenge?
    Sameer: Sanyukta,i m soory. Please mujhe maaf kar do.
    Sanyukta: tumhe kya lagata hai, sameer? Ki tum jab marzi mujhse battameezi karoge,phir ek sorry bol doge toh sab thik ho jaayega? Nahi. Meri shaadi ab randir se tair ho gayi hai. Ab mai uss sehi shaadi karungi, Whether i hate him or not.
    Sameer:Kya! Tum iss garage ke mechanic se shaadi karogi? Mujhse shaadi karogi,to khuah rahogi. Mere paas bahut paisa hai. Woh garage ka mechanic tumhe kya khush rakhe ga?
    Sanyu: khushisirf paison se nahi milti hai. Aur agar tumhe aisa lagata bhi hai na, toh suno- Randhir garage ka mechanic nahi, mechanical egineer hai, meri tarah. Toh ab tum yahaan se jaao, ya phir humaari egagement dekho.
    Sameer walks away, after giving deadly glares to rd n sanyus father.
    They proceed with the engagement ceremony,and the marriage ceremony that was to be held right after that. All that while,rd kept giving sanyu what he called’love looks’ which was actually a very cute puppy face!
    All was said n done. The great MCP randhir singh shekhavat and the women’s rights campaigner Sanyukta aggarwal were FINALLY Married……………

    If,by chance,any1 here is thinking that this is the end of the ff,they r in for a surprise!

    Forgive the mistakes. This ws written impulsively,without planning. Nxt one wlbe better

  17. game changer

    are aap ne hi to kaha k koi aapka naam k sath didi bole to aap ko irritate hota hai….mujhe hr wo kaam pasand hai jis se koi irritate hota hai…..akshara didi…haha

  18. nila

    Gud eveng!!!!! everyone wish u all a Happy weekend…..koi new news on Sadda haq if thr pls post it here
    @saddahaqrox pls post ur FF of Saturday and Sunday here

  19. game changer

    kisi ko maza aata hai ya nahi mujhe to nahi pata bt ha mujhe to dusro ko irritate un ka gusse wala chehra dekhna bahot achcha lagta

  20. game changer

    kisi ko maza aata hai ya nahi mujhe to nahi pata bt ha mujhe to dusro ko irritate krne me bahot maza aata hai un ka gusse wala chehra dekhna bahot achcha lagta

  21. nila

    Did anyone saw the pic posted in FB i.e Parsh injured????? What do you guys think real or reel???
    I hope its reel I don’t wanna my bro hurted :'( :'(

    • nila

      sorry dear I don’t know to give links…And I think it may be shown in special epi as they wore the T-shirt with FITE emblem

    A BRIEF INTRO TO FF,CANT RESIST POSTING: rd n sanyu r finally married. But wait,what is happening? Over a span of 5 mins,how can something go frm picture perfect to horribly wrong?? Life just wasnt fair,especially to randhir. He was in tears,weeping n there wasnt even anybody to comfort him…………….
    Hope u r all eagerly waitin fr the nxt ot,as eagerly i m waitin to post it! But cant right now as i have no time. Agar mom ne mujhe post karte dekh liya,phir toh gayee mai!
    Achu,whre r u??? I dedicated 2 whole parts to u n u r still missing???
    Phoolom ka taaron ka,
    Sabka kehna hai,
    Ek hazaaron main,
    Meri behena hai!
    Now this ones dedicated to both my achus- akshara achu n piyu didi. Hope u like it!
    Bye for now! 😉

    • nila

      What yaar????? 🙁 I thought you will give suprise but what was this???? Pls sab theek kar do waise bhi Sadda haq original track me kam shock de rahe hain Jo tum bhi de rahe hai 🙁
      Wanna see Sandhir together babes pls understand

  23. Harshita

    New spoiler on India Forums 4 2day’s Sunday Special episode-

    Will Randhir be able to confess his feelings to Sanyukta or will he find out about her lie first?

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