Sadda Haq 15th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says there can’t be anything better, thank you so much. Nirman says be careful while facing sanyu in the race I wont stop her.
Sanyu comes home. Ankit comes out and says stay here. Papa is already mad at you stay here. Sanyu says he would be,I broke his trust how will I face him. Agarwal comes out. He says again late? Why don’t you pick call? You don’t receive time. Pandit ji gave chotu a list and he didn’t bring stuff. Come in pundit ji waiting. Sanyu says pooja for? He says we have a new factory so its pooja for that. Sanyu comes in. Sanyu says i wanted to say we tried a lot but that asteroid.. Agarwal says start the pooja first. Sanyu starts the pooja.

A man is roped on chair. Aryan stops car near him. He says were you saying something? And

your car.The man says who are you and what you want? Aryan says what would that help you? I am very boring. Not interesting like you. He tells him his details. The man says I will give you whatever you want.

Becky gets a call. Arjun comes and says okay i stop calling and came.She takes him to side. He says relax. Becky says according to rules ISRC employees can only have professional relationship with each other. Arjun says you wanna come in a relationship so soon? She says I don’t ever want to be. He says why you ignore my calls? Because you feel shy? She says forget what happened last night. Nothing is more important that work. and you are worse than I thought.

Aryan says your next generations will pay lone of 90 crore.Call your son. If those 90 crores don’t go to villagers I will be worse to you. SAnjeev says what you got by destroying me?Aryan says satisfaction. Sanjeev says whole system is corrupt. You will know it when you grow old. Aryan says I have plenty of time, you better practice being 70.

Sanyu gives chotu sweets. Sarpanj leaves. He says I told everyone sanyu will handle it. Agarwal says sanyu did her best. No one could stop it. sarpanj says i didn’t mean that.Agarwal says I will arrange money don’t worry. sanyu is hearing all that. Sanyu says I am reallyy.. He says don’t say anything. Wont you give me sweets. She gives him a sweet. He says a tea would make it better. SAnyu says I am bringing it.
Agarwal opens the news. It says someone unknown transferred 90 crore to funds of villager relief. He sent a message if govt doesn’t do their work. We will. Sanyu says in heart I know who that is. She texts aryan thank you.

Nirman has called everyone. They come to cabin.There is something written on board.Randhir comes in too. Sanaya says do you know why he called us? Randhir says to select lead astronaut. Nirman comes in.He says so decided who will participate? Its a though competition. It will require your 100% contribution. Where are other 2 people of the team? You will know what you have to do.They leave.
Mrs. Subri says aren’t you selecting lead astronaut to early? They are all new. Nirman says who you think will win it? She says randhir I guess. He says me too.Nirman says if he has to win this he has to control his emotion.
Sanyu comes with tea. Agarwal is discussing missile with ankit. Sanyu says how you know all this?He says i read it on internet. My daughter will become an engineer. Sanyu says now team will go there and collect its remains.
Nirman comes on tv.Nirman says soon we will choose our lead astronaut. Sanyu says what. She calls kritika. Kritka says he called a meeting but didn’t say anything. Nirman says as soon as our selection is finalized we will let you know.Agarwal says I know it will be you. Last time when you were leading dream team I couldn’t come but this time I will be there cheering you name.sanyu hugs him and says thank you papa.

Precap-Sanyu comes back to ISRC he scares sanyu. He says I see fear on your face instead of desperation to win. You killed the old randhir and new one can kill anyone for his motive. Joy and everyone throw sanyyu’s stuff out.sanyu says why are you throwing my stuff out.Who asked you to.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Bk

    Spoilers alert guyzzzzzzz
    Mon-Randhur corners Sanyukta and she is taken a back
    Tue-Randhir manipulates the control of the pace simulator before sanyukta’s turn
    Wed-Randhur get affected looking at Aryan & Sanyukta together
    Thu-Nirman suggests Randhir a way out to Sanyukta from ISRC
    Fri-Aryan tells Sanyukta about Randhir’s plot against her

  2. SHQ(~Liya~)

    Monday:Randhir corners Sanyukta and she is taken aback
    Tuesday:Randhir manipulates the controls of the pace simulator before Sanyukta’s turn
    Wednesday:Randhir gets affected looki
    ng at Aryan and Sanyukta together.
    Thursday:Nirman suggests Randhir a way to oust Sanyukta from ISRC.
    Friday:Aryan tells Sanyukta about Randhir’s plot against her…

    Luv u guyz..take care

  3. ayeesha

    thank god that agarwal brought her home fr pooja…. well episode was nice…. waiting to see the new shade of randhir…. bt the precap is not clear…. I mean y the team members r throwing sanyu’s stuff out???? hey guys….. luv u all….

  4. mayuri

    Hii πŸ˜‰

    I am the first who comment over here and thanks atiba for updating it fast πŸ™‚

  5. Spoilers are here…??
    β€ͺ#β€ŽMonday‬ : Randhir corners Sanyukta and she is taken aback ..
    β€ͺ#β€ŽTuesday‬ : Randhir manipulates the control of the pace stimulater ..
    β€ͺ#β€ŽWednesday‬ : Randhir gets affected looking at Aryan n Sanyukta together ..
    β€ͺ#β€ŽThursday‬ : Nirman suggests a way to out Sanyukta from ISRC ..
    β€ͺ#β€ŽFriday‬ : Aryan tells Sanyukta about Ramdhir’s plot against her ..

  6. Neeti

    huhh…i usually never comment..but this aryan…his overacting..i just felt like putting my feelings in words so that i can feel better…he looks so funny and wierd and the artificaial voice he makes…i do not know why he is given so much importance in this show….can’t he act normally…not only this..even the charcater that he is portraying is not practical…the moment he appears, i have to mute the TV. I started liking this serial due to Randhir’s and dere mentor’s superb acting. But this nonsense character…..just wondering if i am the only one who feels like that πŸ™

    • pari

      Trust me your not the only one. I also think Aryan is overreacting. I really cant connect with his character at all. And im also pissed off coz he is given too much of importance in the show. Now the show its kind of boring. If it werent for SanDhir scenes then probably most of the fans would have quitten watching it. I miss the old cast. SanDhir, VidArth, Yoyo, Tania and all the other actors were much better then these new once. Im kind of dissapointed with the makers of the show.

    • Thahera

      Exactly I too feel like this neeti and pari,Aryan voice is not audible and understandable always roaming behind or around sanyukta he doesn’t have any work other than this,one of the worst part in sadda haq they show Aryan and sanyukta romatic moments,I am pissed off,poor Rd nobody cares about him,why he is the one always suffers I like randhir I cannot see Aryan anymore in this

  7. Aaliya

    Yaarrr!!!! Aaj dopeher k baad thora sa v waqt nahi Mila comment krne ka!!!!!!
    Yaarrr DHRUV!!! Thks bro fr cming bck…….
    But where is RICHU!!!!!!

  8. Aaliya

    Guyss!!!! Do u know, in d end of d whole story sanyu dies in a car accident if I’m nt wrong!!!!!

    I hv a request to the creators.,,,,, plsssss change ds lst scene……

    Wee allll lvvvv sannyyuuuuu vry mch!!!!!

    • karina

      No the Cvs cant do this…..hey dear dont worry i dont think this will happen πŸ™‚ its probably just a false rummor/news πŸ˜‰

  9. Sorry my comment was in awaiting moderation so I cant see that bk and liya has already posted spoiler
    How r u all today ep was nice. I want rd to lead the team
    Hi ayeesha yes I agree with u. We should not reply to that type of MSG and should totally ignore just like nobody has not say anything about fake. So he/she losse in effort for grabbing attention
    Hi rakshi oh so your school is going which class do u read
    Hinishu hi Karu Hi liya hi milley,ragini,swarna,dhruv bro,aliya,maddy ,mayuri

  10. ashwini

    Hey nisha I have nver said a word to u..
    Why giving me lecture…?? U rnot my frnd or family to tell me what to do..dnt get hurt bt don’t interfere with me..
    Dhruv I liked ur comments so I posted it to u. It seems ur frnds realy like u supporting like if they know u…
    Bt dhruv I m not here to tease u or ur frnds..I come to read tu..u all r reporting me? What for? Cant I read..
    N I m only cmnting abt dhruv so he has right to talk with me like that not u all..
    I m not saying anythng to u..
    I am not hear to listen smuch bad thngs abt me..u all dnt know me..I cme for sada haq.. Not 4 u..
    Dhruv writing was nice hence I cmnted to him only..
    Dhruv tell me u r upset rit.then sory bt tell ur frnds dont decrease anyones self esteem..

  11. ashwini

    N d hruv I only said kiss..which is no big deal..u called m whore..Now look at ur language na…Tit for tat…
    N u frm mumbai rit..
    I kno Mumbai guys are 3class..
    They think they r rocking handsome n all
    N talk very,sweetly.. Bt they r worst….
    Dhruv I want to tell u that we r frnds bt u called m whore..I got deeply hurt…I cried…u used a very bad word..

    • ashwini

      Hence I once again said that so u can feel how it feels to even read this..dhruv u r humble sweet talking best bro says ur frnds u dnt hve respct for any girl..
      If u had u would not hvr said me this..
      Bt no one is paying attention to it..
      All think dhruv is my sweetest Bro..
      If u were in my place u would hv understood..I m going I wilk not come to ruin ur frndshp or ur dhruv bhaiya..
      Bt thnk wht ur so called bro,said to me..

  12. ashwini

    Ok now nisha sory if I hurt u..u r very sweet dhruv said that to me is worst n cnt be compared..dhruv by I though u r good I always read ur cmnts but u r worst..

  13. sharon

    Hi karu nishu Hey Rits vishu..
    There are so Mayne new people here.:-)
    Hello everyone..
    Hi dhruv n richu..dnt bother wht people say to u guys cz they want attention…u,dnt give them that…:-)
    Ohh randhir behaviour is so bad..
    I feel sory forsanyu. .bt sada haq,writes,are best they must have some motive behind it..
    Longing to,see sandhir together:-)

  14. SHQ(~Liya~)

    Hey guyz…how are u???hope all are fynnn…
    Well,guess it’s tym to say gud n8 nd all…

    Gud n8 and have a peaceful sleep…
    Luv ur frnds

  15. rits

    Epi was awesome…
    Randhir n sanyukta acting is so perfect…
    Rd is so chnged bt sanyu will bring old rd back..:-)Excited for next epi…
    So much is happening here..
    Bt realy I dnt care cz all this is not reality it is frnds y r u taking al this seriously…we shd not evn cmnt on this..
    It’s dhruv prblm he Will hndle..
    N richu that herpersonl prblm.. plz richu dnt bring ur personl fights here dear..
    Stay away if u want from here..
    Cz we all want peace n tlk abt sada haq.
    Dhruv Dnt worry..dnt reply to anyone..tlk only abt sada haq..
    This is not watsap or fb guys…

  16. Thnkss to all who give the spoilers for amazing week
    !!!!!!I m little busy guyss ….hey to all beautiful or handsome members of sadda haq family…

  17. maddy

    Wow..perfect epi..loved the expressions of sanyukta…
    I hope now love hate story will begin..
    N we can see sanyukta randhir competiton..
    Bt for so many days this nirman hate sanyu..
    I want nirman to understand sanyu also..let’s see wht happens..
    That arjun becky are so boring…dnt even wtch it..

  18. maddy

    Helo I dnt thnk we all shd be buddy was Hurt..
    It’s not good to make frnds here..
    This is not place…even tu says that this page not for frndshp…
    So just talk abt sada’s my opinion..
    I dnt kno why u make frnds here..
    Sada haq rocks..

  19. It’s my humblest request to writers to do anything but not separate sandhir plz as no one can relace our charming greek god randhir and that insane vampire like aryaan is not one percent of him

  20. huh
    this is 2 much
    Randhir Will hurt sanyukta and Aryan will help her
    oye CV..lost patience..yea to go for sandhir scenes so that some of us can leave the show..otherwise go for Aryukta scenes…always this happens ..Randhir hurts Aryan helps…still he is called obsessed or overreacted …To much

  21. Ena

    Randhir is a perfect villain…Even Nirman is showing goodness as he is only manuplating randhir…Come on,Randhir is a scientist still he is a fool….anyway i just loved Aryan and his smile…he is sooo sweeetttttttβ™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘
    attracting towards him day by day

  22. shivani

    Though I am sandhirian but I felt Aryan is is not the fault of RF but director is making their character negative.Aryan is too good. Sorry for hurting anyone personal view

  23. Anu

    Hey everyone plZ dont blame richu yaar its I who is the culprit…not her
    Soowwieee yaa richu I m anu..I jst wanted to check if sh family has unity sry fr doubting…
    But richu has a heart of 24 carrettee pur gold…I hav bothered u alot and I prom I wil nvr cum back u r lucky richu..
    Dont leave its I who will leave…
    U r my bestie plz dont mind il nvr cum bak here….richu plz come bak….
    Ciz aftr reading ur comments my eyes were numb..

  24. dhruv

    Randhir is suffering a’s not good..all thnk he the circumstances hve made him like that..
    His heart is as pure as gold..
    N aryan is so mad..he is so obsessive n he can’t even act properyly…the way hew tlks isdisgusting..dono why cvs giving importance to him

  25. vishal

    U were here before also as anu…
    Ujust change names n comment…
    Dont come back..
    Richu plz comeback dnt go for this person..

  26. Well I thought a lot and came here but I was very sad….u shouldnt do this anu i luv u and will always but dis is jus not done……its ok..I realized dat I would not get such supporters lyk u…
    Im very lucky…
    Luv u all

    • Sheena

      N gosh !!!! What r u guys saying?? Sanyu is gonna die??? Noooo yr pls…i cant handle my tears when a story has sad ending…pls cvs dont do this to us…if anything like this happens, i cry for like- the whole night
      Pls pls don’t do this

      • Sheena

        Sry !! Posted that comment in the rply space…welcome back dear richu..n anu u did a mistake but soon realized it…so no hard feelings for u..

  27. vishal

    Hii karu nishu..
    I miss vidharth badly..this shanaya aryan are canot bring magic of vidarth…
    Hope sandhir will be together

      • vishal

        Yes ddear…the cute fights of vidharth..n how our crazy vids got angry when she saw parth Tanya selfi:-)
        N when that ragini entered her room..the look on vids face n that dharmashala part was mind blowing..
        Sh1 will alwys be better than sh2..
        It was more prctcl than this isrc..
        It looks funny to see so immature scientists… They cnt frame it

    • karina

      yeah Vishal i totally agree with u…the CVs really made a big mistack by removing VidArth of the show…and yes season 1 will always be better.

  28. edge

    Today’s episode started a new chapter. The race begins again. Now he wants to eliminate Sanyukta by winning the leading astronaut competition and I think that will the moment we all are waiting for. This time Randhir says he will cross all his limits to chuck her out from ISRC but in reality he will save her from all the problems because as much as he deny- the fact is that he cannot see her in problem especially when it comes to her life. Remember the task from season one when Sanyukta was asked to jump from some height on a trampoline and how Randhir reacted during and after the task. When Sanyukta will face some deadly task and Randhir will see her in that situation I am sure he won’t be able to resist himself from saving her and that will be the moment when he will realize how important she is for his survival. He thinks that he has sole right on her. He can’t bear the situation when anyone causes her pain, he doesn’t like when anyone makes else makes her happy. He only wants Sanyukta to be his and only his.
    We all say that Sanyukta looks good with Aryan and she should be with Aryan as he always supports her and makes her happy, cares for her, etcetera etcetera, but have you even seen her looking at Aryan the way she see Randhir -even now. Despite all, she never wants to hurt Randhir, can’t see him pain. His pain, his anger disturbs her and makes her cry with him. She knows that she is the only one who could actually calm him down. Her company, her sweet hugs are all that cools him down even when he is very angry. She knows that only she could make him a nice person. Remember how Randhir reacted in FITE when he thought that Sanyukta played with his feeling and got engaged to Samir. That time also he crossed his limit by hitting her father and causing her all kind of emotional pain, but it was Sanyukta’s love that changes his mind set and brought the best out of him. This time too I am sure only Sanyukta will bring back her old Randhir as no one understands him or know him better than her. She is meant to be with him and only him not because she loves him and cares for him but because she completes him.
    Randhir keep saying that he will make Sanyukta’s life a living hell which only implies that he is inviting her to his own life as it is nothing less than a hell without her, and we know that only she can turn her life from Hell to Heaven.
    Just pray that in process of ruining her life, Randhir did not looses the most dearest thing of his life.
    Sorry for such long comment. Still don’t want to hurt anyone, just giving my thoughts some word.

  29. Anu

    Plz everyone dont blame richu fr dis.
    Darling dont give me dis punishment….this is my last comment ill never trouble u…I read comments but ll nvd reply…dont forgive me anyone im evn not askin for it….tell me whatever u want…plz dont leave me ruchu ur my bestie..
    Bye bye I troubled u a lot…im leaving..
    Take care I know shes a little emotional..
    I can go without any problem u r so gud..
    I am mad..

    • rits

      Hey dear..dnt need to go..
      We all want fun dnt play such pranks…bt u can join us if u want…u accepted ur mistake.tht is imp..
      No need to regret now..

  30. nisha

    hey friends how r u all

    Don’t know need to write it or not

    hey anu AND RICHU you both are best friends dear

    Try to end this matter and make new memories dear

    hey richu i know you both have gone bad time last days but can’t it possible to make a fresh start

    its now now too late

    I don’t want anyone upset here

    so its my humble request to you both please patch up now and start to be happy there are many people who actually facing very trouble matic situation and then also they become happy

    Guys richu do you ever think dear I also bear problems in my real life too my dear one is injured because of something

    and I can’t cry now I just can’t , I have to be happy and help as much as I can to make the atmosphere happy too

    I am a girl and I have to be strong to take care of others too

    I have to live this whole life and for this I have to smile in difficulties too

    Guys be strong don’t loose yourself in difficulties

    With the help of my family we all are together and we can handle the situation with each other support we have to smile to make the person smile always to give them strength too.

    i can be tensed but not in front of them because I have to give them strength .

    Richu and anu if you both are friends then nothing is impossible

    Try to fogive each other

    Life is easy and happy then

    love u friends

    My llife is also messy but always came here for make you all smile

    Try it guys we all feel good to make each other happy

    love u keep smiling

      • maddy

        Correct..if u want to be buddys frnd stay in limits…
        Ok sheena…lets be frnd then…
        Dhruv is so nice to u u should give him respct else I will report to tu.
        Wow nisha u r like a role model so mature so positive impressed…
        In limit ashwini..

      • maddy

        Ohno sory shina I was talking,abt ashwini. .
        I wanted to tell u that let’s be frnds.u r name is so shinchan cartoon.

    • dhruv

      We all hv many problems bt we need to be wecan hndle everything…
      I also have lots of problems..I miss my mom so much bt she lives very far. n I can’t tell her..I cant even tell even if smthng is wrong to me..they will only get tensed.
      Thats why with whom we live we,shld adjust with them n care n love thm..
      They becm our fmly

      • dhruv

        Hey ashu..remain like this only na..sweet talker..
        See I said that bt it was in anger…n I said sory to u abt it..
        Now u must end this..U sometimes say I m worst sometimes good..
        I can understand u r saying this deliberatilly..
        Bt it’s no good…
        I dnt evn ask u to say sory to me..I m not mad at I m boy I dnt care wht u dosnt bothers…
        Bt it’s very bad to say,such things to anyone..
        If udnt like someone’s ok..u can’t love everyone bt just dnt badmouth abt them..
        I am requesting u to stop this n we will be good frnds if u want..n forget the past..

      • dhruv

        Ndear wht mumbai got do with me??
        I laughed when I read ur comnts..m m my frnds we laughed at this..
        U talk so baseless n childish..
        It’s ni good..u thnk I will get hurt bt instead I laugh with my frnds abt this..I hv shown thm ur comments..
        Now u only tel how can any guy will get hurt if someone say this??
        Just end all this be good to all…ok.
        So swweti friend banogi meri?

    • Sheena

      Yaa nishu, totally agree with u…there was a phase in my life when all of a sudden everything was just shattering one by one, my sis’s frnd died at 22, n my close ones betrayed me…but we just need to calm…the best way to get out of such situations is to cry for once n then the next day, start afresh… Keep smiling n make others smile too…it feels really good when i make ppl laugh u know..

    • Thank u nishu fr ur comments dis gives me so much confidence. .
      U r rit sometime in path of lyf we may face problems. …
      Things were not gud between us…
      Misunderstanding jus lyk sandhir but aftr reading ur comments ill surely call her bak…I hope u dont mind coz no one would accept deir mistake…….
      Ty everyone fr ur support nd guidence ill surely patch up..
      I hope u all dont mind of hr cum bak……
      Sry frm her side..plz

  31. nisha

    hey dhruv and maddy

    I am with you both now

    hey ashwini dear I try to be supportive and be friendly with you showing support too against my friend too

    when it is needed

    but when the matter has been resolved

    he also apologize that to not because of you because of our friends existence

    it is such an appreciative step he called u sister he also talk to u

    but u are after him very badly

    and if you are whether a girl or boy

    You make me feel shameful to support you

    I make my point clear I am not supporting you I am supporting a girl respect against a very defaming word

    So I am on the right path

    But your actions proved you have not respected others and even here to just harrasing others

    You are the first person in Tu

    whom I am not liking to talk to you.

    You make the way difficult

    If you leave dhruv then I think to talk to you . and with respect

    You need to stop leave comment for him

    He is our dear friend and we are here for each other

    If you can not respect others Respect yourself a bit

    How can you face yourself when you are standing in front of mirror

    What you did here is not good

    And remember

    You will not get respect when you can’t give respect.

    We all have to earn it in our real life

    Don’t have words to make you understand that please leave talking to dhruv and we all be friends to you.

    coz I feel you are good with all people

    but don’t know anyhow you are after dhruv badly

    PLease leave him for the sake of your dignity or your parents sake you respect them ever in your life.

  32. nisha


    I am dead I am so dead

    param sitting on harshi lappy

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

    hey karu suru richu dhruv raj , liyuuuuuuuuuuu aaliya, ayesha, himanshi, vishu maddy anu rits , shivi ( shivani) I think shivi is super cute what say dear, sharon never forgeting you, princess mayuri, bk thanx for spoilers but its confusing helppppppppppppppppppppppppppp, sheena mrunali opshora

    love u all friends

    keep smiling

    in a good mood when I saw this pic

    can’t stop smiling

    love u all

  33. Aaliya

    Guysssss!!!! Let me give u the most dreadful news….. Many of u may know!!!!!

    Sanyukta will die at the end in a bomb explosion…..
    This serial is based on a novel of durjoy Datta…… Have a search on Google…. I couldn’t find the name of the novel….. If anyone finds, pls inform…..

    So guys,,, no one is spoiling randhir character nor lifting Aryan!!!! It’s already written……???

    • karina

      Well dear if this is gonna happen i think the fans will be very mad…but i still hope they wont do this mistake.

  34. himanshi

    Agree with u nishu di. Hey gys h r u all?
    And really edge i love reading ur comments. U wrote what i thought. But i respect aryukta’s friendship.
    Hey dhruv bhaiya i respect ur opinion but i also like aryan . I know rd is not a villian but a pure hearted prsn but about aryan….
    He has a fear that whether sanyu is safe with him or not he loves her but he will never tell hr. He respect sanyu’s friendship towards him. And zanyu means a lot to him so he cant bear if someone hurts her. I understand bcoz i also loved someone badly but onesided. It broke my heart but i moved on hahahaha…soachti hu to hasi aati h. ??

    May this is d reason why i like aryan bcoz he will going to face this.?? but anyways i respect everyone bere and every character in shq.
    Hey hi maddy bhaiya h r u dont take tension bhai we will cjeer uf mood up and ur buddy’s too(dhruv bhaiya)??????

    • dhruv

      Heyy chotuuuu…hmmmm one-sided love in scooll also..hmhmmmm:-)
      Chotu u like Aryan that’s very,sweet…
      Bt na I dnt like his,character I cant connect with him. His voice acting according to me is superficial..
      Chotu how is study going?
      Ur in 12thna..std hard n smart. Dear

  35. ayeesha

    well said edge…. I totally agree wit u….. the bond that sandhir share is unbreakable… if one gets the pain then other also feels it…. such is their bonding….. if randhir is gonna make sanyu life hell then definitely his life will also become hell… as u said they r incomplete without each other…..

    hey richu n dhruv thank god that u both r back…. n richu anu is ur bestie n she was concerned abt ur
    welfare safety…. so jzt solve this matter n be lyk good buddies wat u were before… coz frnd lyk anu r rare…. n when u find them u should not loose them….

    luv u all…. miss u….

  36. himanshi

    Whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttt? Kaise kyu kahan? Hey aliya i surely find it but i have another book NEVER KISS YOUR BEST FRIEND in which some amrit… surname i forgot written that he is d writter of shq story may be of s1. Its so sad. After hearing thi news na my heart broke again???????????? hΓ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this was my cry.

  37. Hey guyss did you realize something,they are going on the same track from where they had started, randhir and sanyu competing with each other n again they both are fighting with each other n will fall fr each other again jst like season one

  38. karina

    hey guys dont panic…i dont think CVs will kill Sanyu’s character in the end…i strongly belive that they wont do such a big mistack…chill guys…

  39. Aaliya

    Here mujhe v bohot bura lga sunkr….. Actually one of my frnds told me yesterday nd thn I searched on Google….. I m also vrryyy mcchhh upset….. Aisa lag raha hay ki, sanyukta Apni koi relative hay!!!! I m vry much hurt!!….???????????

    And NISHA ,,,, sprb pics yr!!!!!

    • SHQ(~Liya~)

      Hey aliya dear!!I too searched in google in the title’sanyukta of sadda haq dies in a car accident’ and I got the result was that it
      on Feb 6 2015 a rumour was spread that sanyu will be killed by rehaan(Rd stepbro) in a car which is tied with a bomb… I guess that’s the news u r telling dear…
      Well,I guess we don’t have to worry abt it..!!

  40. SHQ(~Liya~)

    Hello to all my bhai air behana…
    Karu,dhruv,shreyu di,nishu,rits,princess,
    sharon,sana and all my other buddies…(I hope I included evrybdy’s name)how are u?
    Have a good afternoon…hmm
    Well dears,do stop this f8ing and all..let’s remain as frnds only and I believe that this is a true friendship….r8?
    Do keep loving sadda haq and rmbr,plz bring peace only here….
    Do Keep smiling…
    Luv u guyz and really miss u guyz for the last 2days…
    Take care….bye!

    • maddy

      Ohhhh thnku for the compliment…I like music art dance(MAD) veryyyy muchhh..
      How u kno sweeethearttt???
      Ur my gf???
      So u kno I like this???
      Anyways Thnx for compliment….

      • dhruv

        Thts cool ashwini u kno my frnd also???
        Wah Kya bat hai!!!!
        Impresed..I m worst my frnd is mad…wowwww…
        U kno us so well..
        Mumai ke 3rd class boys we are na…
        Why talking with uss..
        Hey mady dekhna ise bata hai tuj kya acha lagta hai…hahahahah…impressed ashu

  41. nisha


    guys do you know that sanyukta mare yaa naa mare

    I have got something gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood news

    for ankit fanss

    suru plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz came vidharth ki deewani

    Ummed zinda haaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    aur rahegi zinda bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    check out this link

    may be ankit came once again in the show check out by yourself

    love u all

    and yaa well after aaliya news I was in shock and finding the news but nothing get in return

    but yes I get the reason and the inspiration get by writer to write sadda haq

    actually durjoy datta is from engineering college and in his class there is just one girl student from mech. eng.

    and he get inspired from there to write sadda haq and to write sanyukta character and also
    he said that sanyu character is so much similar to her

    his friend of college.

    he said that he want to portray a character near to reality the flaws of a girl

    Not like typical saas bahu the ideal tulsi like bahu waala serial

    lovely feeling when I read this news both

    love u all.

  42. nisha

    Lets see guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I have some memory with this song
    I smile everytime because this song makes me remember some funny memory

    Would u rememmber some of your memory attached to this song

    or some memory which makes u laugh . Later i share it love u all.

    Chardi jawani tera, gora gora rang ni
    Gora gora rang kare mitra nu tang ni
    Gori vi ni vich ni gori vi ni vich
    Ho gori vi ni vich kaali waang chanke
    Ni mitra di jaan te bane

    Jadon nikle haaye ni jado nikle
    Jadon nikle patola ban ke
    Mitran di jaan te bane
    Jadon nikle patola banke
    Mitran di jaan te bane

    Kala suit kala til mukhde te jachda
    Nazar na lagge tainu
    Bacha ke billo rakh da.. (2x)

    Ishaare karde, ishare karde
    Ishaare karde ne gaani waale manke
    Mitra di jaan te bane

    Jadon nikle haaye ni jado nikle
    Jadon nikle patola ban ke
    Mitran di jaan te bane
    Jadon nikle patola banke
    Mitran di jaan te bane

    Bohemia Rap:

    Jive aag vichon nikalda ve shola
    Penda rola jadon banke tu nikle patola (4x)
    Seena khola laho dola
    Tenu dil diya gallan bola
    Kare jee mera
    Par sohni main ki tera
    Lagaava jive tere te
    Akhan main sari raat
    Dhunda hun kudiya nu
    Lagda main aadmi tera

    Sun da main koi nai dassa ki
    Dasda main aaj vi tere te atka
    Par mainu lagda milna saath nahi tera
    Phirda hun tere vehre te
    Ki aajhe tere banna main
    Sajna ve tera sajda karna
    Saath deyi mera

    Kashmir ton leke Punjab we tu patle
    Munde Multan de
    Tere kaale suit paan te
    Ban than ke aayi
    Bani mitran di jaan te

    Google de wangu tere
    Lagdi aa hype ni
    Facebook wangu ohnu
    Karda main like ni..(2x)

    Poke roz mera
    Ni poke roz mera
    Poke roz mera top utte tanke
    Mitran di jaan pe bane

    Jadon nikle haaye ni jadon nikle
    Jadon nikle patola ban ke
    Mitran di jaan te bane
    Jadon nikle patola banke
    Mitran di jaan te bane

    Jive aag vichon nikalda ve shola
    Penda rola jadon banke tu nikle patola (4x)
    video of the song patola

  43. karina

    Omg Omg Nishuuuuuu….that means our VidArth will be back….im soooo happyyyyyy dear…thanks for sharing the news….im so happy….cant wait for Parth and Vids to be back in the show with a bang :)))) im so happy for my VidArth…i hope their comeback will happen soon…thank u Nishu…u made my day dear πŸ™‚

  44. Bk

    I have a great news to all of u guyzzzzzzz………butt I’m not sure about it……..I just heard this news on twitter….that Ankit Gupta aka party re-entry in sadda haq………He z back again in action……….btt not sure about it….btt I think its really happen….her will be seen soon in SH….soon are u guyzzzzzzz excited to see him again??????rply fast…….

    • karina

      Thank u sweety for sharing the news…u and Nishu made my day with this news…cant wait for VidArth comeback…coz if Parth will be back that means Vids will come as well πŸ™‚

  45. dhruv

    Maddy dekhna sab jante tere bare mai..tuje mad bol rahi hai..wahhh!!!
    Are muje to worst 3class bole…shyd ye ham pe fidaaaa hogai hai bhaii…
    Kya yyar yeh such hai???
    Maddy is mad in love…
    Or mere bat to meri gf hitler se kam nahi hai ash…
    Hahahahah..tu kbhi sudregi naiii..
    Chl nekal yaha se…ek reply kiya to u will regret for life.

  46. dhruv

    Thnx for the news nishuuuuuu…
    Now vids n parth entry will be together…like parth wil come to meet sanyu at isrc n vids will also come there…just my guess…
    Bt it’s very good news thnx bk n nishu

  47. nisha

    Once a time

    I gone for somewhere for some work

    Suddenly some one is coming and he said i am from this college and we are taking funds for some reason some noble cause

    so if you want to give something

    I have some money and anyways the cause is good so First I enquiry about it so that he is not fake and then I give it to him

    In some way he is also a nice talker

    and the second line he picked you talk in a very nice way

    Can u give me your mobile no. we can talk for some time you look good.

    My reaction In kind : blo*dy hell , Noble cause

    I said I don’t have mobile , and I passed he said loudly take mine no. ,

    my reaction , Try this on another one , Better luck next time while smiling I leave

    and he smiles too.

    Well the guy is cute but naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Doesn’t want anybody right now .

    Happy in my own space.

    and god knows this above song makes me remember each and every time about the memory and the guy

    goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I seriously open my heart in front of u all

    silly me

    but does I care

    not at all.

    when It comes to comment box I seriously doesn;t think twice

    just a sweet memory

    hey friends do you have any unforgettable sweet memory of life

    then share it

    I give you a dare game

    Truth or dare.

    lets see who win

    I to did it what about you all.

    • karina

      Awww thats a sweet memorie dear πŸ™‚ ok…let me think…i ll share with u all a funny memorie which i have πŸ™‚
      so one day when i was coming back home from university it was quite late coz i had classes till 8 pm and by the time i got home it was about 9:30 pm and it was dark outside so my mom came and waited for me in the bus station and we walked till hope by foot…when we were walking a boy of my age came in front of us and coz it was dark outside he thought that my mom is my friend (i have to admitt mom looks way too good for her age πŸ™‚ and im not saying coz its my mom) and the boy started flirting with us and asked us if mom and i want to acompain him and his friend for dinner…he was actually asking us for a date…mom started laughing and saying that she was married and way too old for them…and in that moment the boy was super shocked coz he realised that i wasnt with a friend but with my mom…so he started to apologise to us like he murrdered someone…he was so funny and cute…i always laught when i remember this :)))

      • mayuri

        Karina I like your precious memory although it was funny but it was cute .. And one thing more haven’t ur mom scolded that boy .. I wonder but thinking about it in imagination make me smile ;):);)

      • karina

        Mayuri dear actually that poor boy was so embarrest that he kept on apologising to mom for about 10 times and mom fwlt bad for him abd she didnt scold him further πŸ™‚

      • karina

        Thank u for the compliment Raj πŸ™‚
        i think everyone is beautiful in their own way πŸ™‚

    • maddy

      Hey nishuu cool.
      Hey frnds I too hve a memory..
      It was 4 yrs back…
      I liked a girl n my bro dhruv too liked that same girl…n that girl like dhruv..
      N I realy fell for her..n I talked to her once..
      She was dating dhruv n he,saw m n he,was like how dare u tlk with my gf..
      N we fought a lot.
      Full on maramari.
      N then he became my roommate n we were like enemies..
      Bt then that girl went to othr city..n dhruv told he,was so sad..
      N he shared I shard n everything becm so nice..we became brothers…n frm that day we r bestest buddies…
      This is our frndshp..
      A girl can leave u but ur buddy will neverleave u..
      Now we remember it n laugh like hell..
      I m so glad to hve frnd like my buddy n I cnt see evn if anyone unknown says him smthng…thts why I came here. πŸ™‚
      That’s my memory of lifetim. .
      That girl gave us the most purestfrndshp..

      • dhruv

        Hey madangle soswt…
        Yep nishu this is our frnshp…
        I loved that girl somuch I gave her everything she wanted..nshe just came one-day n told I m going to my hometown..
        So breakup..u find anotherone..
        I was like what?is it a swet to go n find another one….
        I was very sad n mady consoled m.
        Bt frm that day I can nvr trust a girl…
        Girls are soooo kamene…bt frnds are the one who r with I till end..
        But my pyare behna are very sweet here..nishu karu shinchan,chotu,pari,rakshi,rosey,alu,sanyu,sindhu,shreyu rits…..very sweet girls..

    • dhruv

      Ya I too Have a very funny memory..
      It was my buday n I was alone at parents live in usa so they were nt there..
      At some 2 am I heard a sound like somthng fal of..n voices.
      I thought it must be burglars cz my frnds had gone home..n I went there n saw to people..I ran at them n abt to punch onr man when I realised it was my daaddd…
      I laughed so mmmuch we just cnt stop ffrm was such big surprise for me..n tht other one my mom in full blck..oh god it was very funny..
      Thts the funniest moment in my life..
      We always laugh whenever we r together..
      N tht budy was my best onee….

  48. Sanahki

    Lol I’m so glad the are people with clear eyes here. Ashwin koul can’t act. Its been 4 months but if u check all of Aryans pics he has the same expression. What the hell?

    He’s given too much importance cause he’s the makers favourite puppet
    I hate cause Parsh invested so much to make this show a bighit. SaddaHaq become popular because of Parsh and Sandhir….

    Anyways I hate Aryn I can’t connect with him don’t feel his pain and thank God Parth is coming back. I can’t wait to see him with SanDhir and Vidushi

    I’m loving Sandhir’s intence fights I’m only missing their love moments

  49. nisha

    heloooooooooooooooooooo sanahki what a come back dear

    yeah most of people are upset because of aryan

    the reason is not that all hate aryan or love

    but the reason is they are somewhere make the equations very bitter for sandhir

    but lets see wish to see some good surprises in upcoming days

    love u sanahki karu sheena vishu dhruv raj, , bicky woooooooooooooooow you are on twitter

    hey plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz request durjoy datta also and the cvs to get parth vids back

    need it dear

    and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz share the updated news there .

    love u all.

  50. nisha


    precious memories are always precious

    wow karu your mom is superb and poor boyss the loose their dates and if they flirt a little more then get dande instead of date for sure

    and hey maddy wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow yaar

    seriously a girl make you both friends very pure friendship and yeah mee too can’t handle anything against my friends

    this is the beauty of friendship


    felt nice

    hey friends this is just a starting

    we did it some of us

    and all of u are left now also

    commmon be a spot

    and share your heart

    the funny memory that nobody knows except you.

    there is no harm of sharing it .

    we have sat and sun without sd so we can do it

    truth or dare game

    hey what about dare

    what kind of dare we share

    any idea guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz the person who doesn’t share

    we need to give them dare

    what say

    but what kind of need ideaassssssssssssssssssssssssss??????????????????????

    love u all

    • maddy

      Yep.after that somany girls came n we will nvr forget that girl…
      Thts friendship u find it when u find it u can even sasacrifice ur love…
      True frnds are very rare…

  51. Aaliya

    Yessss nisha… O also read it…. So nice Na!!!!
    Hey liya. ,,,,I wish frm my hrt core that would b a rumour!!!!
    Good noon all my frnds…….

  52. SHQ(~Liya~)

    Hey nishu and bk…Thnk u very much 4 d news guyzm…finally our vidharth!!!yeah…now I guess s2 wil be more intrsting……

    • SHQ(~Liya~)

      Well I watchd the other serials in channel v which were million dollar girl and swim team…
      Bit now I only watch sadda haq onlyy

      • I don’ t mind .I am big fan of sadda haq and I watch is indeed very good mythological serial unlike other crapof star plus such gopi

      • Liya

        Hey guys….I have not wtchd skr continuously nd all….but siya ke ram is dubbed into the local lang in my state and I have wtchd it in Hindi+in my loc language!!(not frequently just takes a glimpse once a week)

    • Sheena

      Yaa shivani..i watch the english show named “house md” …it is a medical based show n i’m a big fan of it…i’m so much in love with this show n its characters??…it stars Jesse Spencer (omgeee!!! im so much in love with him n his smile ???) n Hugh Laurie (remember the father from stuart little?)
      N all other characters are also very wonderful..

      Haha sry..i may seem a bit stupid that i’m describing a show with so much enthusiasm but i’m really a die hard fan of this show…

    • karina

      Shivani dear i only watch sadda haq…its my fav show…and i used to watch do dill ek jaan, badtameez dil and madhubala ek ishq ek junno but unfortunatelly these last 3 shows are finished….so now its only SH for me πŸ™‚

  53. mayuri

    Hi… Everyone .. This is now my turn .. I chose truth actually I am not going to tell about mine but of somebody else.. There are two besties when one of the bestie was drinking water another if the bestie break a joke and all the water came out of mouth and the person who was breaking joke covered with spitted water and by the chance I was seeing them .. And at that moment how can I express .. I laughed a lot with my bestie and whenever this came out if somewhere we started smirking and laughing πŸ˜‰

  54. shreya

    Hey guys ..yaar kta news di thi that sanyu will die in the end .i felt that i got a heart attack.N dhruv chill yaar kyu effect hote ho aise comment se.As a girl public place oar kitne comment tolerate karne hote hai but i jst avoid them pehle effect hoti thi but not now..
    Dhruv i m frm Lucknow(U.P).n hii liyu love u babu.I call my lil sis babu.hy karu,nishu,yogi,bk,aaliya,ayesha,mayuri,mehek n all

  55. shreya

    I love this serial 4 two reasons 1st coz of sandhir n 2nd ,it is the story of many girls in my native sociaty in which boy get more attention then girls n parents don’nt want to spend much money on their education,even my uncle is like sanyu,s father .fortunately my parents r not like that.this is the reason i felt a strong connectin with this serial frm d start.

    • SHQ(~Liya~)

      Hey shreyu di…!!!u r lyk a big sis to me but sorry di I can’t share my whole personal info here…but…. I wil jst tell tht I am from south India…
      Di,,plz don’t get angry with me fr not telling my city nd all but,I have given a word to my parents tht I won’t share my whole personal info nd all…thts y…hope u will undrstnd…
      Luv ya di!!

  56. mayuri

    Let’s think of some sort of dare who chose it .. Help me guys… Karina ,nisha , bk , liya , princess , sheena , dhruv , shreya , shivani n all … OK… Tell us what you can do then we will give you dare but an easy one πŸ˜‰

    • SHQ(~Liya~)

      I bid you all a goodnight and sleep tight. May the dark of the night bring weird scary dreams to u tonight!!
      Huh??jus kidding guyz?
      See sweet dreams (4 dat dream abut me!!!Lol again kiddin)
      Smiles and peace to you all!
      Luv u guyz and a happy good nighttt……!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  57. yogiraj

    Gn guys..dis moderation taking too much tym..hv sweet dreams..n in dream also everybody cum here n txt…? jzzz kidding… u all..

  58. shreya

    Anything u give mayurimayuri infact my frnds n cousins does,nt give me dare coz they knew i will definitely win.once they gave me dare to give a flying kiss 2 a train driver we were at the station .i did that n guess what jab tak train station se chali ni gayi wo driver last point tak window se muh nikalkar dekhta raha mujhe

    • SHQ(~Liya~)

      Even am a dare winner…once whn my frnd nd I was travelling in a car she gave me dare to smile and wink to an unknown boy(she didn’t refer any age)…so I did what she told but to a small toddler…..(I didn’t do anything wrong nah!)she was really shokd to see my crooked ways to win my dare!!!

  59. SHQ(~Liya~)

    I bid you all a goodnight and sleep tight. May the dark of the night bring weird scary dreams to u tonight!!
    Huh??jus kidding guyz?
    See sweet dreams (4 dat dream abut me!!!Lol again kiddin)
    Smiles and peace to you all!
    Luv u guyz and a happy good nighttt……!!!!!! :):)

  60. Bk

    Good night to all of you guyz…..sleep well….sweet dreams……Jay Jagannath…..yeh dialogue konse film ka hai????????Ammi Jaan kehti thi
    Koi Dhandha chota nahi hota
    Aur Dhandhe se bada koi Dharm nahi hota
    Ab yehi mera kalma hain aur yehi mera majhab…….

    A-Fan, B-Raees………rply fst….winner will get to know about the upcoming story from Sh……

  61. Sheena

    Hey guyz…i guess i can’t share only one memory coz i have tooo many of them , that too with different ppl..
    Bt i’ll always remember the first i met my best frndz…i was swimming in the pool n i noticed that twoa girl n a boy (siblings) were having a friendly fight…i was smiling at them when they noticed me and we greeted each other n talked for started raining n ….n then comes the comic part …- they both told me about the cause of acid rain ( can u imagine?? Dat too on our first meeting? ) …
    Anyways, we grew up to be best frndz..well the boy is my best frnd now n that girl is more like an elder sister to me..
    This is just one of the sweet memories that i have…

    Btw, how r u all? Rits, karu, liya, princess, aaliya, ayeesha, dhruv, maddy, nishu, richu, mayuri, shivani, bk, shreya, mrunali
    (Sry if i forgot to mention someone…really sryyyy)

  62. Liya

    If u stand for a reason
    Stand alone lyk a tree…
    If u fall on the ground
    Grow back to a seed that f8s again!!

    Gd morning to all of my frnds cum bros and sis here…!!????
    Love n’ Live Life!!!
    Keep falling in luv wid sadda haq guyz…!!
    And each mormg I fall in luv wid my dis tu parivar day by day!!
    Luv ya guyz and do keep smiling today!!

  63. Bk

    Good morning to all of my lovely frnds……………wake up guyz……..
    Here r the 2nd qstn guyzzzzzzz……
    Q.which alphabet is a part of our face?
    Think……n rply fast…if anyone want to play my game…….let’s see who z intelligences…….N 1MORE THING….no option in this qstn…

  64. rits

    Good morning my sweet frnds..:-) helo raj helo Sheena socute nickname you have sweete:-)
    Hii nishu nice one I have also gone through this one
    Hey karuuu so swt memory.. That boy must Have got a shock when he found..
    Hey shivu helo darling..:-)

    Hahahah dhruv coool ur mom dad are also cool like uu…:-)
    M maddy yes ur frmdshp is so pure dear..:-)
    Atleast u got best frmd which was more than that girl..:-)
    Hey dhruv princess n Shivu rit. All are not bad.wel said shivu
    But yes mumbai girls are like that..hehe dhruv. I mnot like that..:-)
    I do not hv gf..
    Hii princess aliya liya n all my sweet frnds howru?? Hows the fever liya??
    Hey bk thnx for News..:-)
    Sory for long comment guys bt I wanted to talk to all of u..I missed uu.
    Gm frnds…

  65. rits

    Ya I too have many memories.
    Bt one was too funny. .
    We had a,university Party….
    N for that u need to choose a partner infront of all..
    Uneed to rit the name of ur patner n read..n three guys wrote my name…
    N they saying to eachother I am going with her m not that its soo fuuny all were laughing..
    N I said n do u all think that I am coming with u???
    N their expressions…hahaha..
    My god they looked like someome slapped them..
    That was my most funny memory…:-)
    Share urs guys raj miley princess aliya u didn’t share:-)

    • yogiraj

      Oh k..i rits I also share 1 memory….dat was v.boring lecture..n me n my frnd at last bench getting bored…dat tym my frnd told me lets play game…to write movies names.. up to dat class finish..we started writing…we deeply involved in writing movie names..n we did nt came to knw wn teacher came infront of us..we both shocked v.badly n saying sry miss..sry…teacher seen our notebooks n started laughing…me n my frnd kept silent…n our mis infront of class said..”see wt ur frnds r doing”..she started reading movies names….den wt entire class started laughing….dat was v.funny memory during my school days…:-):-):-)

  66. Aaliya

    Yr!!!! Aur bolo mat!!!!!
    Entrnce hay na smne,,,,Tchrs ki itni pressure he,, ki waqt hi nahi milta !! Yr main to sbki comment hi nahi par paa rahi huuu!!!?????

    Man kar raha hay,,,, sare books phek du!!!!!! ????

    But very glad ki,,, u guys remembered me!!!!! Really yr,,,, itni kam waqt me hm log bohoooottttttttttttttttttt acchhheee dost ban geye hay!!!??

  67. Aaliya

    Ggguuuyyyssssss!!!!! U may heard of saraswati puja of our bangalees???!!!
    Last yr in class xi, we had to organize the puja in our school…..
    Toooo, saraswati murti choice, marketing for puja, decorations, inviting other schools, a day before the puja school tak murti lana aur at last puja k dn subah puja hona aur ratko cultural function ,, wo din me kavi nahi vulungi!!! My most memorable moments lie there!!!!!

    Aur pata hay,,,,, function khatm hone k bad we all frnds danced like crazy in JUMME KI RAT HAY!!!!! ???????

    I really miss my scool daysss vrrryyyy mcchhh….????

    Thik se likh nahi payi,,,, srryyy….?

    • dhruv

      Oh..I m going to manlai in may for holidays n then to us..
      I miss my little sis. πŸ™
      U are of what age?ur professor na.

  68. Liya

    Hello guyz…..
    Yeah….u guyz just have to vote..?
    Sandhir or Aryunkta….
    Well its just to know how many sandhir and aryunkta fans are here in our tu family…..just reply in one word….(sandhir/aryunkta)
    Waiting 4 ur replies….
    I vote for sandhir…. U guyz??

  69. shreya

    Offo dhruv m not a proff. M jst a 10 th level teacher n wo b abi trainig chal rahi h.i m almost 23 yrs old nt that much old .I will spend my holidays in nainital.

  70. shreya

    Good morning babu.Its too hot today pure plan ki watt lga di is garmi ne.hey guys r u on fb ciz i deactivated my account.I can talk 2 my family n frnds on whatsapp n tum logo se yha.

    • Liya

      Well am in fb though I don’t use it so much….I luv to use WhatsApp to chat wid my famly nd my frns..and ofc from here I talk eid u guyz…..

    • Shreyu di its first time im rrplying u
      Grami sach much bohoauth hai..
      Im on fb but I check it rarely…..mor on watsupp and here..

  71. shreya

    Yup sometimes i jst want 2 throw them out of window when they make nuisance. I do’nt feel comfortable in saree coz i like only jeans,tshrts n tops.ghar aake sabse pehle dress change karti hu.n plz call me di yaar didi se bahut mature wali feeling aati hai

  72. Liya

    Guyz its Sunday….many of u guys aren’t onlyn nor commenting here 2day….Sunday is the day meant for fun guyz…..plz be online….anyone???

  73. Anu

    Hii everyone.I kono u r not happy at all seeing this coz I had promised not to cum by I can do anything fr my bestie bffe sister and everything so I had to cum fr apologize. Sryy everyone I hope u dont mind I hv com here fr frienship.I dont kno u all will accept or not.plz

  74. nisha

    hey friends well late afternoon dear

    so many beautiful memories which make us all smile

    when we really need to , we just thought of it and a small glimpse of it makes ur lips wider and give you the reason to smile

    hey dhruv seriously Ur mom and dad came here to give you surprise and you give them a very jhatke wala surprise

    U need to say that to them tooo. Return gift me kuch to dena banta hi tha naa , bade bade desh me aise choti choti batein hoti rehte hai mom and dad.

    luv u dhruv very nice memory

    I hope one day a person came in ur life who give u lots of love and remove all the bitter memories for any other girl . I m sure it will happen in future for sure

    I am not angry on the word you said because soemtimes when someone did wrong to us some perceptions made it made automatically and for removing that when u get ur perfect life partner whether it is ur gf or wife automatically by lots of love it will change ur perception for living life and makes ur life beautiful
    one song for u and for ur lovely life dear have a happy and lovely life
    and yeah u share ur happy wale birthday ki memory so
    belated happy birthday

    hey maddy hope u and dhruv friendship will stay for life long and be happy with each other

    hey aaliya all the very best for enterance exam dear and yeah by mistake u also participate in the game

    u share a very pure and good memory of ur school about the puja
    lovely dear
    I m not live in bengal that’s why here not a grand celeberation happened of this festival .
    but I reallly feel lovely to know that u celeberate it so grand way .
    love u aalliyaa

    thank god raj u and ur friend saved the same happened to my class fellow too once but seriously they get a very bad punishment too u know wow teacher smile then everything is in under control very sweet memory.

    well class memories are always rememberable me too having so many sweet class memories really having precious days .

    wow rits very cool memory , 3 boys and 1 girl

    and OMG the poor 3 guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz they have to ask you or what can I say impress you to make u came for the event

    You deserve to be impressed for sure does anyone do that tooo or not love u dear

    hey liyuuuuuuuuuuuuuu how r u dear fever decreased thank god you are ok and m sure headache is gonna fine soon too love u dear

    hmmmmmmmm looks like here different cities people came too

    bhubneshwar ki bicky same b alphabet too
    rits dhruv maddy from mumbai
    shivi from ahmedabad very nice city

    woww sheena sweet ,memories of best friendship which always stay longer loved it dear
    that day rain gives you the gift of pure friendship keep smiling

    hmmmmmmmmmmm dare that to winking and smiling to an unknown toddler cool very cute liyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    how sweet memory

    yeah me to having so many memories of this dare game

    once it backfires me too

    when I dare to a guy I fooled him and make him go to principal office so I did and at the peak moment I Lied to mam that we are here to show you our joint assignment and need ur advice , the guy was shocked and when we left from there he simply ask that you said to me principal want me to go there.

    I said to him then the whole truth about the game and i lied

    and then he smiled but the fact is

    the guy is thinking that he is stud in the class showing off the whole day so my friends give me a dare to fool him and I choose this way

    but unknowingly when we enter in the class whole class is laughing because he actually enact of all the students that nobody is better than him, like he is something

    so I sit with my friends and told them now its off you need to stop laughing

    well in the end of the day

    the boy came to me and said this is just the first day of the class

    abhi toh pura year baaki hai

    I am not even less , You will see now what can I do

    I smiled to him and said we will see

    but I scared a little too .

    when but seriously later when time is passed

    we all are studying together and we are friends later

    he is my best buddy kind of friend he always take care of me as friend

    love the bond of friendship

    love u all

    hey mayuri wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yaar

    what a memory this happened to me too

    and you know we doesn’t ahve any control over our stomach I smiled like hell when some one joke harder it ached too when we drink the water and it burst out . and we laugh harder

    lovely memories. love u

    I think we all have so many good memories and always remember the good memories which give you always the reason to smile .

    love u all.

    hey dare lovers

    what say guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz waht is the dare

    ok ok ok we can’t give practical dares

    so we can give dialogue dares

    1propose yes propose anyone here in devdas ka dev style

    to anyone this is the dare

    2share your biggest fear which you overcome . ?????well I have a very scary fear which I tried to overcome but everytime failed .

    still trying . Rat fear.

    3. Ok Write something which makes ashwini laugh harder what say ashu it will be a nice idea

    and it will be a deadly dare.

    make ashu smile and complete ur dare

    choose 1 of them and complete ur dare

    hey friends add more dares in the list and enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    love u alll.

    Sorry if I speak much I don’t know I need to say it or not I write from heart not working with mind here

    so write it just

    sorry if I hurt anyone or you don’t like it

    love u all

    • Liya

      Hey nishu…even am glad that my fever hs decreasd nd my head ache is alri8 Nw..!!?
      Dear,shud I do the dare now??coz I wrote a funny memory of mine r8!!plz do tell me..
      Anyways luv u too nishu and as always thank u very much for all the pics di!!!??

    • dhruv

      Nishu tu bahot,sweet here…tereko jo ladka melega na tujpe fida ho jayega..
      Etni pyari ladki..
      I m so glad to hve sister like u

  75. nisha

    hey anu we always ready to be a friend of u dear

    read the reply dear what I had leave for u and richu

    we all love u both of u

    u both are already friends and we will love to be ur friend too.

    love u keep smiling and yeah

    share ur and richu beautiful memory and make her smile and all of us smile too

    it makes u immense happiness

    tell me karu if I say it right

    love u all

  76. nisha

    hellooooooooooooooo tejas welcome dear

    hey shreyu wow teacher and all very cool

    hey share something about nainital I never visited but I love to go that place will u share it some places which we love to go in nainital

    what to say liyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu my vote is for Ranan( you forget to add dear
    Randhir + aryan

    I like sanyu but its lovely to see the trio its firy and after the fight I think the randhir and aryan will be a veyr unique couple

    what say Maa da ladla bigad gaya

    • Liya

      Hah!!!ranan, i too luv them!!
      Well yeah I luv their f8s and all!!!
      But I just want to knw Hw many guyz here luv to see sanyukta with aryan\randhir…

  77. nisha

    I watch other serials too there are very less serial what I saw start to end

    I mean I change it according to the track I like it i saw it i didn’t like I simply change it

    some nothing 1 show

    but yaa i saw feriha start to end

    and Manmarziyan my favourtie start to end

    and sadda haq I leave to watch sadda haq in season 1 but again I saw in season 2 .

    so that’s it love u all.

    • Sheena

      Yaa nishu even i watched almost all episodes of feriha…
      Bt i was really upset with the ending…anyways it was a very nice love story portraying the bond n the impossible love between two ppl with different backgrounds…
      Love stories always make me cry…n this was a very beautiful one..i hope the indian industry also comes up with such stories..

  78. Shes rit I called her here…….
    Im sorry but its sorted…….
    Can she join here plz shes accepted her mistake…give her one chance..
    I hope u dont mind yaar shas cum here fr me…….
    Plz reply everyone

  79. Aaliya

    Thanks yr , dhruv, Shena, liya fr wishing me…..
    And yaa liya,,,, I m preparing fr medical……

  80. Aaliya

    Annnddddf… I was SANDHIRIAN,, a huge fan of sandhir’s hugggsss….

    But now I’m a ARYUKTAYAN….??

    I m a bbbiiiigggg fan of Aryans talking style….. ??

    meri sanyu di kaha hay!!!!!

  81. Aaliya

    Hey nsha,, Hamare yahan saraswati puja se 20 guna zyada baraa krke hota hay durga puja in October….


    entrance deke agr selection mile aur kahi bahar parne jayu, to I wish ki tum logo me kisi se milu!!!! and really I shall be vryyy mch happy…..

  82. dhruv

    Hey shreya joking….
    Haha nice,song nishu…
    Hope some,sweet girl comes..
    I only get gorgeous girls by looks..
    Bt I want gorgeous girls by heart…realy so I can share with them n everything..
    Nthat girl Natasha I loved her by heart..
    Gave her everything whtevr she wanted..
    Bt she was so mean…
    Bt maddy was with me cheered tht time I came to kno abt trur frndshp…
    Ohhhh wht I am talking here….
    But yaha kya jhut bolna..koi janta nai kisiko…thts best thing of tu..
    Yar nishuuu bt bahot yad ati hai uski jab uski batkrta hu…
    Else cool dhruv bt when her thoughts n memoriescome.. I gett changed…:-(

    • Liya

      Bro chill!!!
      Hope u fyn a girl who is gorgeous by heart….?
      Don’t get sad plz…its a reqst from lil sis of urs nah!!

      • dhruv

        NupI M not sad little pari..u kno u r realyyy like my little pari my sister…
        She is,also cute naughty n caring like u..

      • dhruv

        10.. But she lives in their scools n all r diff 4 us it’s 10..
        Thts y I call u pari n himanshi chotu…
        Cz I too hve little sis nshe is like both ofu..

  83. actually I was scared of maths till 12 but when I entered engineering I need to clear the maths at tym I realized maths is not that difficult and I overcome that fear

  84. dhruv

    Ya rits my mom n dad are very cool..mostly little dad like I am mama’s boy:-):-):-)

  85. ashwini

    Hey nice of u…:-)
    Lets see who will cheer me..
    N I thnk u shd propose dhruv..he Is perfect boy..mature,emmotianl,caring,loving,humble,broad minded,cool,n I thnk handsome cz his frnd,said u need plastic surgery:-):-)
    So he is best….
    Hey dhruv I dnt want fight with u now..whn I read ur cmnts n abt ur ex n all..ur very good..ur not likr other guys

  86. Aaliya

    Oy hoy!!!!!
    Dhruv ki swambar bithao yaroo!!!!!???
    Meri brother ki dulhan!!!! ??????

    Pls dnt mind dhruv…..

  87. rits

    Ohh my biggest fearis loosing..realy I want to be best in marks..n I m doing when we are in hospital we need to show reports of patients…n I Dnt want to her..Thts my fear..fear of failure..
    Bt I hv nver got wrong in my reports

  88. I do all three dares
    1) propose
    Prose is not just nesseray between boy and girl it can be did between girl and girl for friendship
    So I propose ayeesha to remain my best friend for ever
    I had fear of baloon bursting then I check in Internet follow the tips. My fear gone after 1 month. But I still have fear of party popper,pathake,machis jalana,and opening tin can
    I know I m the only one which have that stupid fears
    3) smile for ashu
    Ok ashu keep your stomach pain killer near your self because u r going to laugh very much and here’s the joke
    Aik admi ne chatri pakri hoti hai Aik dusra admi use dekh kar dusri chatri le aata hai baarish hoti hai dono ki chatri toot jati hai. Hahaha πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Tell me guys which one is acceptable

    • mayuri

      Dear princess I didn’t understood ur joke but please don’t mind me and phobia … Its OK … Everybody have phobia like I have a fear of butterflies …. I know its silly but everybody have… I am trying to overcome and at level I overcame also… So its all right .. . but I like ur way of expressing your proposal to your friend πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    • Oh thank u mayuri for your kind words
      U didn’t like the joke. I now it’s a very stupid joke but whenever I remember that joke I begin to laugh badly I was thinking that ashwini might laugh

  89. Welcome tejas and Anu. How r u both
    Sheena I also wath feriha and it’s very different story have any one of u watch turkish drama mera sultan. Guys must watch its title song and first ep

    • dhruv

      Ohh..u like blue movies….
      Cool…bt dnt u thnk we should nt talk abt it here…
      Give me ur emailid…n we will make ur own one night stand…whtsay???

      • dhruv

        U dnt want all this..rit akshada???
        Stay away from m..
        Or I will share,all ur info here.
        I m trying to sort allthis…still u Do this..
        1st thought u must be boy..
        Bt a girl doing all this? Very shameful…
        I suspected u must be the one.u think it’s crazy rit..Nt

      • dhruv

        I knew it..mai,sirf dekh raha tha,or kya bolti hai..
        Tu to pochi hui nikle..tuje lga mujebata nai just imagine mere tere yeh msg sbko dikha diye to???
        Bt dnt wry..muje kisi ladki ko tang krna acha nai lgta..
        Bt agli bar kuch Kya..I will tell ur big bro…:-D:-D:-D:-D

  90. dhruv

    Bye tu forrevr…
    Hey nisha it’s my humble request tou..dnt talk to her…plZ if u thnk I m ur frnd will not take her name..nor report tu..
    My promise to u..dnt tlk. To her abt me..plz listen to me.dnt tlk toher..

    • Liya

      Bye tu forever??really bhai??
      Plz plz plz don’t do this yaar….come back bro…
      Hey Maddy,u r his frnd nah plz convince him to com back….
      Dhruv y u leaving for her??don’t leave tu….
      Am sure none of ur sis here including me doesn’t lyk u to leave from here…

    • Bai kaun…
      Kiski baat kar rahe ho aap…
      Is dat ashwini…..
      Wait aap khud chodke jaane ki to baat nahi kar rahe hai naa…

  91. shreya

    Hey nishu i visited nainital twice,its a beautiful place.Dehradun se bus mil jaegi.there r 7 lakes,1st of all u should visit naina devi temple,then boating in lakes,tiffin top hill, n the most important bhutiya market, its a local market their.if u want 2 enjoy ur holidays then stay there for 3-4 days.main to car se jati hu coz i love road journey.

  92. Liya

    Guyz 2day a usual commenter don’t reply….r8???
    U don’t get it??its off our KARU…di where r u??

  93. sanyukta rathor

    Hello dear sweet friends

    How r u my sweet sis nd bro

    Hii aalu i am here dear sweetii how’s you All the best for ur exams dear
    Hii karu where r u my perfact girl

    Hii nishu kase ho f9 na

    Hii dhruv tumhara swamvar ho raha h muzee nhi bulaya bhai

    just kidding

    Hey princees, himanshi , liya , rits , sherya , richu and all how r u my sweet friends


  94. shreya

    I can’nt take part in dhruv ‘s swamvar coz according to him i m marriad(jst joking,bura mat manna)

    • dhruv

      I thought u wear sari…
      So ur husband is strict n doesn’t want u to were anything else out..:-P:-P

  95. Hey dhruv bro aapka swayamvar….
    Hmm interesting….
    Waise bhabhi se kab milaoge bai…..
    Jus kidin….jaldi dhundke mujhe zaroor batana haa…

  96. Hey evrryone lia is rit…..
    Humari commenting queen ko toh bulao…….
    Where is karu……
    Seriously tumhare (karu) aur nishu ke bina bilkul mazaa nahi aata…..
    Ur comments r soo sweet yaa…
    Missing u….
    Aaliya bengali ppl r really very sweet…
    Bilkul raashoogullee ki tarah….
    Hey everyone how r u…
    Is anyone online. ..

    • mayuri

      Hey everyone ..
      Yaa richu is right .. We r missing you Karina and I m online ….
      I m fine dear and how are all .. Please Karina without you… I really feel sad … Plz come na…. And everyone without you .. Nothing can be possible …

      Just kidding πŸ˜‰ .. Don’t mind me …
      But I really like your chatting ..

  97. dhruv

    Heuyyyyyyy wht????
    Swayamwr to wo sita ka tha na..muje nae bata yeh..kya bolrahe ho…
    Ladki kon????

    • Aaliya

      Sita ko choro bro!!!!

      Hm sb milke tumhara swambar sabha bithayenge….. Aur ladki to bohot ayenge,,,, u hv to choose dear!!!!! ?????????

  98. shreya

    Luv u too dear.even i m also online frm last 2 n half hours but moderation time bahut leta hai.can’nt talk 2 u guys properly

    • dhruv

      Ek bat bata..swayamvar matlb kya he sanyu..I realy dnt kno..
      Sirf itna bata hai ki sita ka swayamvar tha..
      U all puling my leg..
      Naughty sisterssssss I hve…

      • sanyukta rathor

        Sita ka hua tha kyuki wo special the tumhara ho raha h kyuki tum special ho bhiya

        Swamvar mtlb jo sita ka huaa tha


  99. shreya

    Good night guys love u all frm the core of my hard becoz i believe in true frndship does’nt matter i know that person personally for me frndship is the purest relationship in this world.n i feel really bad when some1 call another person fake here.each n evry person in this world hides something abt his or herself it does’nt mean that ki sabhi fake hai..But truely guys u all r special 2 me n good night take ur pillows n drown urself in the beautiful world of dreams…luv u guys karu,babu(liya),dhruv,nishu,richu,yogi,rits,mayuri,aaliya,sheena,sanyu n all others.

  100. BeVKoOF

    u knw it feels like i can predict efficientlt & this track looks copied asd i hav seen something same b4 alsooo i hope the team bring unexpected changes soon otherwise loosin interest and dekha dekha lag rha h sab ….
    hw r u guyss nish, karu nd princess??
    welll m tohhhhhhh theek hu m fyneee

  101. Sheena

    Hey dhruv !! Do not dare to say again that u’ll leave tu ok?? N dat too for that girl ..i dont even wanna take her name..just ignore her..maybe she’ll irritate for some more days n then she’ll be dont pay attention to her

  102. Bk


  103. shreya

    Hey dhruv swamvar means you have 2 choose a bride between many girls by puting garland in her neck..n abt that saree thing yaar dress code hai plain sky blue saree.

    • dhruv

      Ohkk..young ladkiya sadi pehnti hai to bahat achi lagti hai.
      Ap bhi ekdm cute lagti hogi di.sad mat ho. πŸ™‚

  104. Hey dhruv bai swayamvar means ek sabha jisme saari grls aayengi aur u hv to choose one of them as ur partner. …of lyf long……
    Rahi baat aapke piche lagne ki toh we r ur sisters…..
    Bhaiya ki shaadi mai sabse zyada excitement behno ko hota hai….

  105. dhruv

    Aree me to 21 ka hu!!!!!
    Or swayamvar mera..
    No sanyu didnt mind..
    Bt abhi achi si ladki aise bhi mil jaege..
    Etni badi sabha kya jarurat.
    Ab mei waha betha to kitne log najar lagayenge….
    To mai bimar pada to!!!!
    Haahaahh..gud mrng sweeties:-)

    • Ok toh bhai swayamvar do saal ke baad rakhe….
      Postpond karte hai…..
      Vaise humme aappar pur vishwas hai..
      Dont worry bhai aapko koi nazaar nahi lagayega…hum hai na utaar ne ke liye..
      Itni badi sabha ki zariorat hai. ….
      Kohinoor jaise bhai ke liye kum se kum heera toh laana hi padega

    • yogiraj

      Ohho..dhruv bhai swayamvar Han….:-):-):-) good luck bhai gud luck..:-):-):-):-) ladkiya Teri shadi kar hi degi…:-):-)….gm frnds hv nyc day to all…

    • sanyukta rathor

      Don’t worry dhruv bhai ham ese hi todi tume sabha me bitha dege aakhir tum etni sari baheno ke eklote bhai ho

      Kala tikaa jarur lagaege

      Kis ke himmat jo hamare bhai ko nazar lagae
      uske aakhe na phod de nazar lagane se pahele


  106. dhruv

    Are kitne bar bolo ge don’t mind..mai mind nai karata..chill..
    N don’t worry..mai meri behna ke liye ekdm pyarese bhabi launga:-D:-D

    • sanyukta rathor


      Sach me pyarise bhabhi laoge na

      1 sec. laoge mtlb aap ko ham par visvas nhi h kya ham to hira dhund rahe h aap khud hi lane ki bat kar rahe ho not fair ha

      Bhabhi to ham hi dundege kuch bhi ho jae pher


  107. Hey ritss dhruv bhai maddy evn im frm mumbai but presently in hydrabad…..
    Im going to cum tomorrow. …….

    Here’s my funniest incident. …….
    At last april fools day I decided to play wid my cousins friend his name is anmol.many girls are aftr him…….

    I jus went and said him….
    Dont be too oversmart and tell me whats the matter..I expected him to open som secret…….

    But to my utter amazement he said….
    Mmm sorrt woh tumhe bataaya nahi…..

    Just these wrds nd I was blank. …
    I had never talked to him bfor…how can he…….

    These words were flowing in my mind ..
    For a second there was a strange silence. ..
    Then everyone burst out into a laugh…..
    Evn he was laughing….
    Aftr a minute I understood he was double crossing me…..
    Oh thank god it was april fools day…

    Uska popat banane chali thi….
    Mera hi popat ho gaya

    Then from there we became friends. …..
    Anuuu do u remember this incident. ……

    I hope this must be enough to get a smile on ur face……


  108. Anu

    Yeah dar I remeber very nicely…….
    He then said sry fr such prank…
    Believe me I was not in those thinggs aftr u had a smal friendship shake hand.
    The best part is evn he watches sh.but dosent use written update only hotstar..

  109. Aaliya

    Hamare bro k liye sanyukta jaisi pretty , genius, engineer , swt hrted vabhi dundenge…. Ya fir doctor, ya tchr chahiye bhaiya????!!!!!

    • sanyukta rathor

      Aalu i think bhiya ke liye doctor bhabhi sahe rahegi

      aakhir etne sari doctor bahene bhabhi dhund rahi h to doctor bhabhi hi dhundne cahiye na

      Kyu dhruv bhiya doctor calege na


      • Liya

        Ha ha bhai ka swayamvar…..ji ha unke liye doctor hi chahiye…dhruv bhai,aap toh fas gaya hai nah….,!!
        Ham sisters zaroor tumhare liye ache wife dundengu dhruv bhai!!
        Hai nah sisters??

    • Dont worry aalu bhai jisko bhi dhundenge woh unke liye best hogi…..
      I think all rounder bhabhi bhai ke liye sahi hai….
      Kyu bro….haaa
      Aap bhi toh bolo kaisi chahiye……
      Dhundke denge…..
      Fir apki marzi….

      Kitna mazaa aa raha he….dhundne ke baad na jaane kya hoga…

      Bhai aapki toh jaan ke piche pad jaayenge sab..bolo na

    • sanyukta rathor

      Yaha sab pcb students h bhai

      Sab fature doctors h

      Like me aalu himanshi richu ( i think )

      Kyu doctor sahe rahege na

      Batao to kon caheye

    • sanyukta rathor

      Yaha sab pcb students h

      Sab fature doctors h Bhai

      Like me , aalu , richu (i think )

      To ab batao doctor bhabhi calege na bhiya

  110. sanyukta rathor

    Good marng sweet brothers and cute sisters

    kase ho sab

    Hw r u aalu , karu , nishu ,dhruv bhiya , princess , richu, anu, himanshi and all

    Where r u karu

    Kase ho swamvar boy

  111. Aaliya

    Sanyu di, rits r doctors…..
    Me nd Sheena appearing fr entrnce… Let c wht happens!!!! Do doctors barte hΓ y ki nahi is family me!!!!!??

  112. dhruv

    Are nae pura bahrosa hai sanyu n mayuri.
    Mereko sanyu jise ladkichahye..mai uske liye to yahan ata hu..:-):-)

    • sanyukta rathor

      Ha to phir thek h

      And don’t worry sanyu jasi hi dundege

      Acha to engineer bhabhi caheye hamare bhai ko

      Pahele bata diya hota ab tak to aadhi sadi ho gai hoti but don’t worry ab bhi kon se der ho gai h bhabhi mil hi jaige

      Wase orignal se hi karwa dete par wo hamare bhai se tode age me bade h but don’t worry usse bhi achi bhabhi laege ham

      What say girls

  113. sanyukta rathor

    Wase dhruv bhiya ladki kes state ke cahiye

    Rajasthan calega kya

    Ya phir koi or state ke ladki cahiye

    Bura mat manna me to mazak kar rahii hu wase pata h aap bura nhi mante par sayad jada ho gya sorryyyyyyyyyyyy……………………….??

      • karina

        Sanyu’s mom died from cancer. SanDhir got married in S1 then in the dream team competition Sanyu and Parth had an accident and Parth went in coma and Rd blamed Sanyu for it and they all split up…Parth in coma, Sanyu was like a living zombie, Vids married Sanyu’s bro and is very unhappy and Rd went abroad…then now in S2 SanDhir meet again in ISRC….hope it helps u πŸ™‚

  114. sidharth

    Gm friends

    Hey dhruv good luck bro

    Ye sb ladkiya tumhara swamvar kara kar he manege

    Ladkiyo me tumhare sath hu lage raho hahahahahahahaahaha…….

    Good luck ????????????????

    • sanyukta rathor

      Richu don’t worry me rajsthan me try karti hu tum sab jaha ho waha try karo mil hi jaige

  115. maddy

    Hey I should join the swayamvar of dhruvvvv…
    Ab mere pas to line he ladkiyo ki par apke bhaiya bahotttt bhaww khte hai.

  116. rits

    Omggggggg dhruvvvv swayamvar..muje invite nai kiya??
    Very bad…
    By the way mukti to haina.:-P:-P:-P:-):-P

  117. vishal

    Kya Dhruv swayamvar?
    Bro this girls not gonaleave uu.:-):-):-).
    I am with u girls..ab natasha se achi ladki dhundenge..:-P

  118. nisha

    don’t know why I miss ankit bond with sanyu true friendship always precious.

    love u all

    hey karu wow did you see so many messages for u dear check it

    one day u are missing and here all miss u see how much we all love u never go dear

    love u aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lot keep smiling

    hey dhruv aaliya princess richu anu , sid, raj, hello aishu loved ur dp dear nice pic,

    wedding da season hai o sodiyaa dance da reason hai

    I am ready to shake leg dancing on ur special day

    are you ready

    dhruvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv. bhaiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa naa bhaiya not my type

    buddy From day 1 I call u buddy and its difficult to change it

    1 boy in my class by mistake I call her bhaiya and u don’t beleive he complaint to mam, that she call me sister he said if you want to abuse me than its ok but don’t call me bhai ever
    we can be friends but not brother sister.

    but from that day everyone calling him bhaiya if they want to tease him.

    its old memory

    but yaa hey dhruv

    Songs from your side to the would be bride of yours

    Gal mitthi mitthi Bol
    Das kano vich gol
    Bajne de tashe dhol
    Masti mein tu vi dol
    Man de naina tu khol
    Chahat ke moti rol
    Dil hunda ye anmol jedo lashke na tol
    Aa sohni tenu chand ki
    Main choodi pehrawa
    Mainu kar de ishara te
    Main dholi lai anwa
    Gal mitthi mitthi bol
    Das kano vich gol
    Bajne de tashe dhol
    Masti mein tu vi dol

    Jaan leve teri adaa
    Jaise na koi ho fida
    Tera ang sharara jaise
    Mare lishkara sohniye
    Dekhan ta dil dhadke
    Tan mein agan bhadke
    Surat aisi man moni kitta
    Dasta tu hai sohni heeriye

    Gal mitthi mitthi bol
    Das kano vich gol
    Bajne de tashe dhol
    Masti mein tu vi dol
    Man de naina tu khol
    Chahat ke moti rol
    Dil hunda ae anmol
    Jedo lashke na tol
    Aa sohni tenu chand ki
    Main choodi pehrawa
    Mainu kar de ishara te
    Main dholi lai aanwa

    Chahne wala hoon tera
    Dekh le dard zara
    Tu jo vekhe ik nazar kara
    Lakhan da shukar sohniye
    Dekh to tu keh ke mujhe
    Jaan bhi de dunga tujhe
    Tera aisa hoon deewana
    Tune ab tak ye na jana heeriye

    Gal mitthi mitthi bol
    Das kaano vich gol
    Bajne de tashe dhol
    Masti mein tu vi dol
    Man de naina tu khol
    Chahat ke moti rol
    Dil hunda ye anmol
    Jedo lashke na tol
    Aa sohni tenu chand ki
    Main choodi pehrawa
    Mainu kar de ishara te
    Main dholi lai aanwa

    Gal mitthi mitthi bol
    Gal mitthi mitthi bol
    video of gal meethi meethi bol

    and yeah some more upcoming

    hey dhruv Yeah I read it tooo the things which we doesn;t prefer to talk , we doesn’t talk don’t worry I understand now he or she is a known person to you. and

    I m not going to add his or her name ever in any talk just for u dear

    love u buddy . keep smiling

    and yeah abhi toh wedding ki prep shuru hi hui hai dear.

    • karina

      hey Nishu πŸ™‚ yeah dear i saw the msgs…and i missed u all a lot as well and u know i love u all a lot πŸ™‚

  119. Aaliya

    Hiiiiiiii karu!!!! Nishu kaha hay!!!!!!



  120. dhruv

    Okkkkkkkk fineeee…to ab yahe pe dhundna padega..
    I dnt want excuses..bhai behen bata nai..ab promise kiya to tumhe yaha pe dhundnato padege…bhai kadil to dukha nai saktena meri pyare behnaaaaaaaa chodunga nai tumbhe..
    Whts say sanyu???

    • Liya

      Aare dhruv bhaaaiii!!
      Par ham toh aapki behana hai nahhhh…!!
      Sanyu di sab samhalonghi…hei nah dii????

    • sanyukta rathor

      tum paresan mat hona mere bhai

      Ham to bhabhi dund hi lege

      To ham konsa aap ko chodne wali h payare bhiya

      Swamvar to ho ke rahega

    • Bhai yahan pe kahaan..bola toh tha hum bhai behen hai..
      Vaise mere cousin ki dost…..
      She lives in mumbai..

      Cute smart bubbly engineer…..lyk sanyu….sh ki

      Kyu sanyu dhruv bhai baat karu…..
      Her nam MEERA….
      Thodi old name types hai…but shes kind hearted…..
      Puri biography nai nikal rahi…….
      Suggest karo…

      • sanyukta rathor

        Kyu nhi richu

        Shubh kam me dare kasi

        Meera is a cute name

        Dhruv and meera

        Matching bhi ho rahi h kyu dhruv sahe h na

        wase mere bhi ek cousin sister h

        Name vardhita h

        Engineer h

        Meera se bat ban gai to thik h warna me vardhita se try karti hu

        What say dhruv try karu

    • karina

      thank u for the pics cutie…i love parsh and ankit’s bonding…i hope vidarth will soon be back in the show πŸ™‚ luv u

  121. nisha

    I read it all from top to bottom

    very nice to read that many of you overcome your fears

    me still failed trying to overcome it but what to do rats are always scary I can scream loud automatically. 1 din kamyaab ho hi jaungee

    love u all.

    wish to see some sandhir scenes too. I hope today episode will be good to watch .

    nice to see me and princess like feriha and now you too . loved it yaar. its such a nice serial to watch.

    love u all keep smiling

  122. richa aka bevkooF

    Wel sandir sh rokz
    Niswa u bavdipoonch who wil rply 2 me? Kil u 😑
    aishu dr misd u loads
    if posibl i wanne talk 2 u afts u all left M aloneNAUC GANG ALL DEAD NO CNTCN :'( yar fb p aao na sb h
    niswa masakali ne koi fic likha she promisd?
    0 niswa bcha lagat h tum b sentiwa hot ho nyways jagat hai mare ko koi miswa nai karat u nd karu nn rply πŸ˜₯ and how are u all guys ?

  123. dhruv

    Aisa lag raha hai sach ki shadi horahi hai..par ladki to hai hi nai…
    Agar abhi natasha hoti to use ktna acha lagtna yeh sab mady..

    • sanyukta rathor

      Sach ki hi hoge ladki ka kya h hamare bhai ke piche to 11 mulko ke ladkiya pade h

      Par hame to hera caheye mamule ladki nhi

      Kyu baheno

  124. Aaliya

    Hey dhruv,,,,,Bengal me dhundui!!!!!???? Rasgulle khila khilake tumhe strong banayegi….. ???

    And TEJAS,,,, we r talking abt sanyukta aggarwal…. Not abt our sanyu di….. ☺☺

    Good afternoon Di…..

  125. dhruv

    Hahaha tejas she is my sister…jo jara jada hi sir pe bethi hai:-D:-D
    Anyways guys dont get angry par Natasha ka nam nahi niklana vishal..
    PlZ don’t play with my feelings…
    Baki kuch bhi bolo kiska bhi nam bt not natasha..plz

    • sanyukta rathor

      Ha to apni es pyari se sister ko sar par bitane se aap ko wazan lag raha h kya

      Dekh rahi ho girls

      Esa hi hota h jab bhai ke sadi ke bat hoti h ab to aap ko ham wazan hi lagege na

      But it’s ok bhabhi to aakar rahege

  126. karina

    Guys can someone pls explain what u all are talking about πŸ™‚ ? Sorry guys but talked only in hindi so i didnt get ur comments πŸ™

      • karina

        Omg seriously :))))) Dhruv my best wishes for u and ur future wife bro….i ll surly come to the wedding :)))) wow now i kind a feel old im 23 and im not even thinking about marriage and u my crazy friend are very fast i must say πŸ˜‰ sorry dear just jocking dont mind :)))

      • karina

        hahaha ok they are jocking :))) nice one girls….so u all did a prank on my crazy friend…sorry Dhruv but this girls will eat u alive :))))) now ur in their trap :)))))

      • sanyukta rathor


        Dhruv lucky boy

        Best wishes bhi mil gai ab to



  127. sanyukta rathor

    Dhruv bhai tum gussa to nhi ho na

    Ab muzee lag raha h tume bahut gussa aa raha h

    I am right bhai


    Sorry agar mene jada mazak kar liya ho to

    Gussa mt hona bhai

    I m just kidding

    • sanyukta rathor

      Pata nhi raj bhai

      Party ke to bat chodo bhai to bahut bhawwwww kha raha h aap samzao dhruv bhai ko

  128. nisha

    hey my poky richu

    You not need to write your name even when u rit over as bevkoof name and then the way ur attitude your swag your copy rite dear

    NObody can catch you at all Don

    So I know my storm queen poky richu came in the jungle once again

    but yeah I check many times y0u are not posting your stories dear yes or no ???

    where I can reach you at time give me some name of the story where I can reach to you or leave messages

    reallly miss sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss u a lot sweetheart

    tohri yaaad maa humm ehaa uhaa bhatak bhatak ke thak jaat hai

    par kaa batayeeeee sasura tu mein tohra naam search karke bhi oo dhoka de jaat hai

    Are kuch arzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz kyaa hai richwa

    kal raat richwa ka hume sandesh aaya tha

    oho bolo
    kal raat richwa ka hame sandesh aaya tha richwa ne humko

    orr reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    richwa ne humko tu pe bulayaa thaaa

    kal raat richwaa kaa hume sandesh ayaa tha

    areee oo richwa a taneek humko ee to bataooo

    ki kaahaa don banke gayab thi itnaa din

    tanek bhi naahee paaata kaahe jaat tumko dhundhat

    are ooo masakali aur reporter kaa kaa haal hot hai

    theek ke naaahi

    kaa batayee naty(natasha) manha mansi chinni zara , ammu tanya kirti, thena kfar(farha), roma, u9 my poky richu , devga, dia, and many more

    there are 100 of our friends gone in their own life

    and i talked to them too they didn’t get time for tu as they said some time internet problem and some time others

    so yeah missing our gang a lot dear

    luv u richu plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give me some way to reach to u .

    love u my poky richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aisee hee aati rehnaa

    aree o sunat ho tohre liye ek pic waa bhejat rahe tanek link kholke dekhnaa jaa roor

    areee oo richwwaa ee tohree bheseeyaa hai re behan , tohree bhaiseeyaa ko andaa hum nahee marat rahe

    u to aaj ki bhais hai re

    u ganaa sunat rahee , kaaa vishwas naahee hot toh dekh loo khud hi

    picwaa bhejat rahe

    ahcaa chaalat rahee muniyaa poky richwaaaaaaaaaaaa

    lubbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb u aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalbhayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyysssssssssssssssssssssss

    kheepppppppppppppppp esmilingggggggggggggggggggggg

  129. LIYA,SANYUKTA RATHOR,AALIYA,KARINA …. thank u 4 ur luv & care. nice 2 meet u happy 4 being a part of this luvly group.

    NISHA thank u 4 luving my dp n like ur name so much.

    n RICHA my TITLY i missed u alot.

    • sanyukta rathor

      Yes bro

      I know ke koi visvas nhi karega but mene ye show tab dekna suru kiya tha jab mere cousin ne bola tha ke di me sanyukta ka show dekti hu

      first i love the show because of sanyu because i m sanyu

      Now for aryan because i love him

      So sanyukta rathor is my real name i am not fack bro

      I love my name

  130. Bk

    A freezing tsk coming soon guyz……
    ..where Rd sanaya kritika & summit locked in a freeze chamber … will they get out of that. Chamber…..????really very excited to watch that……..

  131. nisha
    another iv loved their chemistry unmatchable

    hey bickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    what kind of task it is plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz share more infor dear
    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww clueless what gonna happpen

    dear if you get another info plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz share it

    love u keep smiling

  132. karina

    Where are Ayeesha, Aparna, Himanshi, Rakshi, Sanahki, Princess, Nikki and all the others ??? I havent seen them for long ?

    BK sweety thanks for the news πŸ™‚ luv u

    Liya sweety where are u ??? πŸ™‚

    Rits dear where u went ??? come fast πŸ™‚

  133. Himanshi

    Hi karina di
    sorry I came late but i know everything. Ya dhruv bhaiya i m doing my best for 12th and i moved on. Cause kartik dudani was like randhir or even worst for others but for me he is my first and last love. Yeh sab show and movies me acha lagta h real life me nai. I don’t wanna repeat this mistake in my life again.
    i m telling you this because you know how one feels after somebody leave u alone.
    I am sorry guys. I don’t wanna spoil ayones mood here.
    wese dhruv bhai i have sometime for ur swayamwar may i join, i think we sisters here can defi nately find someone like sanyukta? What say guys? Haa ah ha a haaahaaah haaahaaah ohhh this is going to be fun but aryan and randhir wont leave u bhaiya haha. .
    hi to everyone hey sanyukta im a pcm student.
    I am with you sisters
    yeyyy dhruv bhai ki shaadi!

  134. Dhruv bhai meeera nahi toh koi aur sahi
    Sanyu tumhari waali se baat kar lena…
    Naam bhi sweet hai….
    Ab aur suspence mat rakho jaldi dhundo mere brothr ki dulhan
    Richaaa….hello I kno u dont kno me but our names r same…u r a bihari rit…
    Bk ahh whenever u cum ur wid a gud news ty yaar…

    Aur sanyu lagta hai sabse zyada jaldi swayamvar karane ki tumhe hai…..
    Haha cum down yaar abhi chill…..

    Koi na koi toh dhund hi lega…
    Modern chahiye kiiiii….
    Sry bhai agar jada hua……
    Behno ka farz hota hai…behen nahi yoh aur kon satayega..

    • sanyukta rathor

      Jaldi kyu na hogi dhruv bhiya ko yu kule aam nhi choda ja sakta

      u know he is so sweet nd friendly

      Koi unhe cura kar le gya to hamari to insult ho jaige na

      Es liye bol rahi hu jaldi ladki dundo

      Vardhita ko bolti hu yaha aane ke liye

      Kyu dhruv bhai bol du

  135. nisha

    omg guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    have u seen the comment box

    its 595

    what is the goal 1000

    he he he

    I think Tu will have to party for

    then Dhruv ki dulhan too

    what say buddy

    The whole time we all spend in truth or dare game


    the another one

    Finding Dhruv ki dulhaniyaaa

    o yeah

    this is the dedication to

    Dhruv the Raja bhaiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    from all the sisters

    Mere brother ki dulhan, brother ki dulhan,
    brother ki dulhan
    Mere brother ki dulhan, brother ki dulhan,
    brother ki dulhan

    Matrimonial si aankhe, sabko ab taake jaake
    Matrimonial si aankhe, dhoondhe re chehre baanke
    [Matrimonial si aankhe]

    Sundar ho susheela, rang chandi sa chamkeela
    Degree bhi ho fashion bhi jaane [soniye]

    Ho Seeta jaise naari aur jaane duniya-dari
    Piya ko sab kuch hi woh maane
    Dil se Dilli ho woh dhadkan se ho London
    Dhoondoon mein dhoondoon, mere brother ki dulhan
    Matrimonial si aankhein, sabko ab taake jaake
    Matrimonial si aankhein, dhoonde re chehre baanke

    (Mere brother ki dulhan, brother ki dulhan,
    brother ki dulhan
    Mere brother ki dulhan, brother ki dulhan,
    brother ki dulhan)

    Kaam mein jo na ho lazy
    Ho jis mein 3G ki tezi
    Aur ho shauq si ada [soniye!]
    Relation samjhe jo ladki, rahe na ego mein bhadki
    Jo laaye good luck hi good luck sada
    Hai toh responsibility, phir bhi iss mein Fun
    Dhoondoo main dhoondoo, mere brother ki dulhan

    [Mere brother ki dulhan, brother ki dulhan,
    brother ki dulhan]

    Mere brother ki dulhan, Mere brother ki dulhan
    Mere brother ki dulhan [hogi number one mere brother ki dulhan]
    Mere brother ki dulhan [ban ja tu ban ja mere brother ki dulhan]

    [Mere brother ki dulhan, brother ki dulhan,
    brother ki dulhan
    Mere brother ki dulhan, brother ki dulhan,
    brother ki dulhan]

    What dhruv tum kaisee wifee mangtaa

    Motee yaa patlee
    goree yaa kaalee
    lambee yaa natee
    sweety or naughty
    s*xy or hoty
    Daring or funny

    A girl who postive , who smiles
    A girl who sporty or feminine
    A girl who mysterious or open hearted
    A girl who say so much or listen to you
    A girl who is kind or kanjoos
    A girl who is honest or greedy
    a girl who take care of herself or take care of everyone

    So yeah these are the options


    lets see what will you choose

    what will make u impress

    it will help your sisters to find out your perfect match

    what say siseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    • karina

      yu nishu i was thinking about the same πŸ™‚ we made 600 comments πŸ™‚ congrats guys πŸ™‚

    • sanyukta rathor

      I m totly agrry with u nishu


      Dhruv tum to phas gye bhai

      Bhiya ki jaige barat rangeli hogi rat magan me nachuge hooooooooooo magan me nachugèeeeeeeee


  136. nisha

    hey richu dear

    no no no

    she is not a bihari dear

    Richa is an old friend of mine

    she is fanfic writer and me tooo a fanfic writer

    she loves swaragini serial and write nauc and winter tale and ek hasina thi, and a different love story

    she write all of them in tu

    and also the festival writing she posted every time

    and also a lovely friend big hearted and funny too

    we started a game the colgate game and then we start talking in hindi shuddhh hindi ke anuwaad ka abhipray se yeh sab aarambh hua thaa

    and many of our friends also participated

    and then we started from punjabi , bhojpuri , hindi , and its funn

    so yeah and you know I share it with her too that there s a sweet girl named same just like u

    she is richa and u write richu at that time too.

    Always loved u and her too

    richa and richu

    keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend

  137. Aaliya

    Meeeee here diiiii…. ??

    Ohh sure sid .. U can call me aaluu… It’s OK….. I noticed u told ‘phuchka’…… r u bangalee????

    Good evng guys!!!!! Sanyu di,, carry on…. Mai v hoon sath DHRUV vaiya ki Saadi me!!!!! Let my xam finish Vai,,,,, dekhna,,,, idhar hi Saadi krwa dungi aapka!!!!!!??????

  138. dhruv

    Nisha I thnk
    Patli,gori,s*xy,hot,daring,sweet,feminine,listen to me,positive etc etc..
    Bt all in one ajkal kaha milti hai.!!!!!

  139. maddy

    Ohhh,602 comments.
    Dhruv tu to yaha bhi popular ho gaya..
    SaIe bata aisa konsa jadu mantra hai terepas…
    4 Sal rehkAr bhi tere jitne popularity nae melee muje ladlkiyon mai..
    Why this girls??

  140. Himanshi

    Hey nishu di why dont u reply to me?
    Ur truth dare game was nice.
    So here goes my incident. …
    idon’t have many funny incident s but..
    i have one which makes me feel happy

    2 years ago once i was talking to my best friends rahul and Anukriti that no one respect me some times and no one wants to support me other than u guys but always bothered about my physical appearance. Cause I m fat.
    Rahul said that why do you react to them? They don’t value you but we do. U r our friend bcoz of ur nature and not ur personality.
    We were talking while a guy came there and started poking me ( usne mujhe chidhaya ) so I got irritated and rahul n anu both started to fight that guy and I tried to stop them but till then rahul punched him slightly but no one got hurt and then that guy was soo scared of rahul that after then the guy was never seen near me and my friends again. Actually, he ran so we all3 laughed about 10 mins and then both hugged me and said that we are with you always and forever.
    That moment mks me n both of them smile today also.
    Sorry if it was boring.

    • mayuri

      Nice incident dear … Your friends really care about you … No that wasn’t boring at all … I m happy for u πŸ™‚

  141. Himanshi

    Hi maddy bhaiya h r u ?
    Its not like that.
    hey aishu chill dear u can tomorrow watch it on hotstar.
    Take care everyone

    • ya dear…. I know. But i got very angry at that time. Wht to do???? so i wrote like that. Now i am so cool n waiting 4 2days epi.

  142. Himanshi

    Hi liya dear
    hi sanyukta dear
    bechaare dhruv bhaiya dekho kaise sharma gaye haahhaahaahha
    oh god this too much now i think we made lot of fun now and we should stop all this now haaahaaah.
    Hey karu di where r u.
    Hey nishu di can u give some aryan pics

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.