Sadda Haq 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
sanyu says what are you doing here? Parth says my pals don’t know how to use touch screen phones, they make calls by mistake. sahil says you thought you will enjoy the competition alone? yoyo says and were living like prisoners in other colleges. They all hug each other. Sanyu looks back, vidushi is standing there. parth says what are you doing here? Vid says i wanna have fun too, i am part of dream teams as well. she hugs everyone. Parth says lets go in. sanyu says we can’t college is sealed. Vid says i know how to distract guards.Come with me yoyo.

After a while, yoyo and vid bring in guards who are crying. One says will you let us go when you are done.vid says yes you just have to stay here till we work in. Vidushi recalls how she tempted the guards and they came closer

yoyo came and said i have recorded that you were teasing that woman, i will cops. They begged not to call cops. vid says okay then you have to do as i say.
Vidushi calls sanyu and says its clear come in.

The team gathers in hall. randhir says we have to prepare from the ground and learn the theory. Who is going to teach all? SAnyu says professor randhir. Randhir tells them all about it. They all start preparing form books. Sanyu says to parth why you don;t go and help vidushi? Have you become randhir? parth goes to vidushi and takes her stuff. They all keep doing hardwork all night.

Scene 2
Yoyo comes with clothes and says this is the formal attire like people in companies wear.
late at night, sanyu sleeps with her head on randhir’s shoulder. Randhir sleeps as well.

Next morning, they all wake up to the alarms. Parth says we are all so serious about competitions. randhir says we are going to girls’ hostel to get ready. You huys should get ready as well. They all clad the formal attire. sanyu wears her white blazer. randhir says why people wear formals they are so uncomfortable, Sanyu says because CEO can’t wears baggies. She says let me knot your tie. Randhir says i know how to do it. sanyu says thats why you have been struggling with it for 10 minutes. sanyu knots his tie. They all leave for the venue.

They all joins hands in hands at the venue. Randhir says we have to make sure no one doubts the we are students. our lies should be common. sanyu says i am going to register. she asks the desk for the form. Sanyu starts filling it. He says i never heard of this team. yoyo says we have been published in newspaper for 10 years. He says okay, are you participating first time? sahil says yes we achieved everything only this was left. he says you need company promoter that you don’t have so i can’t register you. PKC comes and says officer i am the promoter of dream star company, sorry i am late. they are all glad to see him. Officer accepts their form.

Coordinator comes and says two people from you will go to quiz round. randhir and sanyu go to the competition. its with the winner of last time, T-company. The other team’s member says are we in interschool competition. The host says you have to write 3 question for your opponents. Each answer will get you 1 point. sanyu says to randhir says they are all prepared for tough and high level questions, we will confuse them with basic and elementary questions. Randhir says have you lost your mind? they must remember it all. sanyu says trust me for once today please. She writes the questions. sanyu writes the questions.

host asks dream star first question, sanyu and randhir dont know the answer. He asks second questions. Sanyu answers it but its wrong. He asks third question, radhir answers it, its a right answer. host says they get first point.

host asks first question, sahil says are they kidding? they asked such easy questions. T-team answers it wrong. Host asks second question but they can’t answer it. He asks third question, T-team answer it wrong. host star says dream star is the winner of first round. sanyu hugs randhir.

Precap-host says three teams will make a gun, that will shoot 3 bullets each of them should have same speed. sanyu fires a shot. Organizer says they are students not from any company, judge says you have no place here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  6. yesterday episode is really gud…i am very excited 2 see 2 days episode……
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