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Scene 1
They all come in lab. Ranawat says i thought you all have boycotted this place.
This is a lab. Pick up the manuals. International competition’s rules. 60 days only. you people are so busy I know you have distractions. I did the research you had to do. The cars and designs of rest of the teams are ready. Do you even remember dream team. Yoyo comes in. Yoyo says I am here for small help. Ranawar says randhir come in. Randhir comes in. Ranawat says he is a dream team contender. Everyone is happy. Ranawat says tell me how to modify your design how to make it acceptable. He says i am going out for coffee. randhir says you have something to say. Randhir says I have a confession. Ranawat says go ahead. He leaves. Randhir says I was working secrelty on an independent car. I was behind

all the faults in your car I wanted your car top be rejected and mine to be selected. Parth says this is what you gave us? Randhir says i regret.You can use my part if you want. Vid says you think this confession will make everythng okay. Ranawat says randhir has trust in all of you that is why he is confessing. Ranawat says randhir share your car and parts with them. If that is useful only then you will get a pardon.

Randhir shows his cars and parts to the team. Ranawat says hurry randhir. Everyone is amazed to see his design.. Sanyu takes randhir inside. She says we have been working and you did this. He says i had no other option. She says you wanted us to fail? you knew that car was my dream. He says now you are overreacting. You will sacrifice me for your benefit. And yeah you leaked our design too. We were fools. You didn’t think how would I feel. He says i have rectified my mistake. yoyo comes in and says randhir you have made an amazing car. Come with us.
Ranawat says they got the car and you got the pardon. Everyone hugs randhir and says they praise his car. Sanyu doesn’t like it. Ranawat says i want detailed report of this car.

Sanyu says we can use our exhaust. Parth says this one is better. sanyu says in heart why are they behaving like randhir has not done anything wrong. Randhir comes to her and says I am sorry. Aren’t you happy for team’s benefit. Sanyu says if i had known i wont have worked so hard. Rishab comes to sanyu and says every team as two captains. Active and actual captain. Sanyu says i am the captain. Get lost now.

Sanyu says we have to check the car’s compatibility. Parth says we don’t need to check randhir’s parts. Sanyu says we need to. They all leave. Randhir asks sanyu what is it? She says i am tired i am going to room.
Sanyu says in heart how will i present I know nothing about randhir’s car. Lets go and study it.
Sanyu goes to lab to study the car. Rishab is there with drill. sanyu says what were you tryna do? He says helping you. No one listens to you. sanyu says you thought i would destroy his engine for my captaincy? Get lost from here.

Scene 2
Next morning, ranawat comes in. He says forget this is mock presentation. Treat it like real thing. I am committee member. Sanyu presents the car. Ranawat says limited availability is the disadvantage of your car. Sanyu says practically no. these parts are durable. Vid says why sanyu is not talking about randhir’s parts. Yoyo says if this system fails we have another option. He shows ranawat randhir’s parts. Ranawat says you have options. So how will you use them? Randhir says we have to assemble them and its very simple. Ranawat says it was good. Now focus on small details. We have got time. He leaves the room happily. Yoyo hugs randhir and says you amazed us all.

akash calls sanyu and says come to office your pap has aged. sanyu says what happened to papa? Akash spills drink on ankit’s phone. Akash is in room. He says there is an important announcement. sanyu comes in and says what is it? And papa are you okay? He nods. Akash says join us. Akash says we are all concerned about funds. So CEO has decided to share his funds on my name. He is giving me right to take his seat. Agarwal says because of health reasons i am unable to focus on company. He presents his medical report. He says to akash congratulations and good luck. Akash says to agarwal i will live upto your expectations. Ankit will soon be mature enough to handle this company.

Akash says to sanyu i forgot to thank you. Your papa’s chapter is closed from today. He throws away agarwal’s nameplate. Sanyu says akash.. He says i thought you are duffer like ankit but you are smart. I forgot to tell you. I have cancelled your dream team funding too. Sanyu says you can’t do this. He says I am CEO I can do anything.

sanyu comes back to college. Vid says we need parts. Parth says sanyu will manage. sanyu says sponsorship is withdrawn. Rishab says wow. She doesn’t even need justifications. Vid says she must not have done this delibrately. Parth says dont feel guilty. Randhir says i will talk to my mom. Sanyu says in heart this team needs a better captain. Randhir says i will do it anyhow. Parth says thank you so much. Yoyo says you are the last minute hero. Sanyu leaves.

Sanyu comes to ranawat. He says I dont want to stay the captain He says what happened now? Sanyu says i have lost motivation. he says okay all right. There is one condition.
Ranawt comes to team. He says i have an important announcement. Sanyu doesn’t deserve to be the captain. She doesn’t even deserve to be part of team. Randhir says what are you saying? Parth says we can’t find a better captain then her. Randhir says we need sanyu to lead us. Vid says she always motivates us all. Sanyu is overhearing all this. she comes in the lab.
Parth says what was ranawat saying sanyyu? Ranawat says sanyu they have given the unanimous decision. I have some jackets you better decide them. Sanyu gets 1-captain.
She is in tears. They all take theirs. and makes sanyu wear her number 1. SAnyu says they are 5 and we are 6.Ranawat says you have to decide what 5 people will be. sanyu says we are a team. Ranawat says dream team wasn’t made it will be made now. You are the captain. sanyu says we are even and we worked hard. Sanyu says lets go it through a competition. They all leave.

Randhir stops sanyu and gives her a small shield. Sanyu hugs him. She says i am sorry. i was thinking ill of you. He says its okay. I am sorry I did so wrong to you. I never wanted to. He swipes her tears and says our dreams will fulfill soon. We will win this competition. I want to tell you something. That I wanted to for a long time.

They all get a text to come to lab for competition. He says we use these tools. you have to go inside the cage and take the tools out. The cage’s bars are having currents.Not everyone can enter it. The time starts now. They all go to their destinations in the chits. They are all in front of their cages.
Ranawt says to parth its not everyone’s cup of tea. What you wanna prove? parth says i want to prove myself. i wont go back to my mom like a loser.
Ranawat says to vid not good enough. Big money? If you want it you have to risk.
he comes to randhir and says wont work. you are trying to turn off the generator? I thought at least you would do this.
He goes to sanyu and says the captain is so scared the team has to be scared. This is an emergency task.
Sanyu increases the resistance and enters the cage. Randhir takes it out as well. Parth and vid do it too. Parth’s hand is burnt a little. They all come in. Ranawat says i have to say it today. He claps and says well done. Yoyo comes in too. Ranawat says i am sorry yoyo you didn’t qualify. He says i know you thought its difficult but the next one is even more.

Precap-Randhir comes in renuka’s room and says can you sign these papers? She signs them. He says if you ever feel I am misusing your money you can come to college. Renuka gives check to ranawat and says i want randhir to play the most important part in the team.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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