Sadda Haq 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ankit is getting ready for office. He says give me lunch box maa papa must be hungry in office. Door bell rings, its vidushi. Ankit says wha are you doing here? She says I am here to meet sanyu. He says she isn’t home. She comes in forcefully and says let me meet aunty. She says how are you? I was missing sanyu so much. I know you must be busy in sanyu’s wedding preparation. Vidushi says where is she? When will she come? Sanyu hears her voice and wonders what is vidushi doing here. She opens the door with a magnet. Ankit says would you like some tea? SAnyu comes. Vidushi says sanyu ankit says you aren’t home. He says I thought she is out. Vidushi says everyone is missing you and the hostel rooms haunts me so much. Vidushi says she is a genius FITE is nothing without her.

Anju says her dad doesn’t want her to go back. Vidushi says her happiness is in college. I know you all miss her but we have no other option. Her engagement is broken. Vidushi says how? Why? Can I talk to her in person. Ankit says no. Anju says yes you can but just for ten minutes. Vidiushi locks the room. Sanyu says what are you doing? She takes some sheets and ties them together. SAnyu says have you gone mad? Are you mad? She says I am making a rope. sanyu says who has sent you? Vidushi says no one. Vidushi says parth has sent me not Randhir. I have been unjust to you and you have to come back to college. If you don’t parth won’t accept me. Sanyu says oh that’s the reason. Sanyu says I will never go without consent of my parents. Ankit comes in vidushi hides the rope. He says 10 minutes are over. He sees the rope and says what is this sanyu? Vidushi says I am leave. SHe leaves.

Vidushi goes back to college she collides with parth. She says I went to sanyu’s house to convince her. He says when? SHe says you asked me. Randhir comes and says do you have any idea what is going on at her house. Vidhushi says you must have done something. Randhir says I don’t owe any explanation to you guys. Vardhan is watching them. Parth says randhir has done something. Why is she not back to college.

Ankit tells anju that sanyu was running from house with help of vidushi. SHe says I have no phone no landline how will I? He says I am going to college to cancel your admission. Sanyu says you can’t do that/ Anju says go to college ankit and cancel her admission. Ankit says give up all right? Go and help mom in kitchen.

Maya goes to vardhan and says sanyu has left without any permission. He says her engagement has been broken and she won’t come back. What can I do in all this/ Maya says if sanyu doesn’t come her name will be cancelled from college. I can’t break my rules for anything. Ankit asks the driver to get the car ready. He says we have to go to FITE. Ankit slips and sprains his ankle. Sanyuu helps him in sitting. She recalls making a concoction she placed in FITE to make randhir slip and she did the same with ankit today. Sanyu says stretch a little. He screams with pain. SAnyu says in heart sorry to do this but I couldn’t let you go to college.

Scene 2
Yoyo is talking to kaustuki’s picture. Jiggy says why you always stare at her picture? Give it to me. Yoyo says so you impress her? Randhir is missing sanyu he is looking out and recalls sanyu saying I love him. PKC calls him again and again to solve the question. He says sanyu isn’t here so no competition that’s why he doesn’t want to concentrate. Randhir leaves. PKC says what is this? Randhir says in heart I have to go to sanyu.

Randhir hops in sanyu’s room. He says I thought vidushi must have created some scene but you are sleeping here. Randhir looks ate her. He is about to leave. SAnyu says randhir. He stops with a shock. Sanyu says in sleep why you lied to me. I confessed my love in front of everyone and you left me. Randhir sits with her and says sanyu I had to do this. You won’t understand. He leaves. Sanyu is still in slumber.

Scene 3
Next morning, Randhir is working on his laptop. He listen to the micropohone he left in sanyu’s room. ANju says take your tea here. You won’t come out of your room. Your dad doesn’t want you to roam in the house. Mausi ji is coming to meet your dad I don’t want you to meet her. I will say you are ill. Sanyu says I will do what I want after anju has left. Sanyu sees the date and says its hydrolysis class today. How will I attend it/

Precap- sanyu calls parth and says keep your phone on and I will keep listening to the lecture. Randhir says keep thee speaker on. sanyu says help parth during lecture. PKC says where did sanyu’s voice come from?

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Adhiti

    The story is going gud although i haven’t watched television since 3 Mnths bt i never skipped these updates 🙂

  2. Meera

    wow RD is sooooo caring and concerned abt Sanyu…. precap : excited.. sanyu listens to PKC’s lecture thro phone… She calls PArth loudly… PKC asks – ye sanyukta ki aawaaz kahaan se aa rahi hai??

  3. Aparna

    ha @meera, muze to lag raha tha sanyu awake ho jayegi, n aaj hi sanyu ko rd ka concern ,truth behind his lie etc realise hoga.

  4. sc

    Rd is such a coward.why he doesn’t says his feelings he only turn the conversion with sanyukta.he will be in problem in future from this attitude.then don’t blame on sanyu.he has to teach that”TRUTH HAS NOTHING TO FEAR”.

  5. Conan

    No dis would have given agarwal a big shock may b heart attack dats y he didn’t n don’t forget he was d first among dem to try to propose her

  6. saddahaqrox

    Haan…. woh meera di, kya hain na mujhe bore ho raha tha. to socha ki itna acha mauka mila hai kyun na thodi khchai ki jaae?!
    waise, aapke last cmnt se jalne ki smell aa rahi thi….m I right?
    aajka epi acha tha

    • Meera

      she sees the date in the calendar and realises it is an imp lecture which she has to somehow attend or atleast listen to.. she calls Parth who is in PKCs class and asks him to switch on the speaker of his phone so that she can listen to PKCs lecture. RD helps.. PKC hears sanyu calling Parths name n asks from where is he hearing her voice…..

  7. I liked the last scene where RD showing concern abt sanyu…. IT proves tht RD reaaaally worries abt sanyu… 🙂 precap awesome 😉

    • [email protected] changer

      shayad cvs bhool gaye hoge k sanyu k dad ko hrt attack bhi aata hai

  8. Samairaa

    @meera i was thinking that sanyu dad did acting that day or else today also he should get heart attack

  9. [email protected] changer

    WARNING: bhaiyo aur behno aap sab ko warn kiya jata hai k is site pr aap log rd k bare me kuch bura nahi keh sakte,
    aur agar aap aisa krte hai to meri frnd @meera aapka sir tod degi

  10. AN

    today’s epi:soo good !!! especially rd’s concern 4 sanyu ! haye ye sanyu kithna lucky hai !!!
    precap : i’m sure excited but i guess that rd or parth is gonna tell sm excuses !
    got an assingnment due tmmrw so gd night and sweetest of the sweetest dreams dear sandhirians and sadda haqians !!! 😀

  11. [email protected] changer

    vidhushi should get marrd wid ankit…..
    devil+witch=perfect couple
    ankit+vidushi=perfect couple

  12. erina farha

    i alwayz knew dat randhir is very concerned about sanyukta but today itz juz proved n i juz luv it….randhir is my super hero…..n about precap – only one comment-itz gonna b interesting,very interesting ahead…….♥♥♥♥♥♥

  13. Aparna

    when pkc was tauntin rd about sanyu, rd achanak se uth gaya, to pkc was so scared, as if rd was gonna hit him. I was so laughing. Ek prof. Ko bhi student ka attitude itna dara sakta hai… 🙂 🙂

  14. [email protected] changer

    I M SORRY @meera….

    • Meera

      what for? u don’t hv to feel or say sorry for a/thing.. arre yaar, i always take those comments in the lighter sense.. isme naaraaz hone ki yaa fir buraa lagne ki baath hee nahi..

  15. Meera di and AN,
    Aap ki toli me mai bhi shaamil hun. Khabardaar jo kisine rd ke baare me kuch bhi kahaan toh! Uska toh hum bhaaji pav kar denge, right guyz?
    But the thing, one thing that bonds all of us on this or any other forum is SADDA HAQ. So agar kisine shq ke baare me kuch kahaan toh usey ham sabse saamna karna padega. And that is why we r,like, as per my username also, think

  16. Hahaha….so funny:
    Me ws reading an os, and in that rd and DT sanyu ko shaadi se bhagwaana chahte hain. They make a plan and acc to it sanyu has to sit in shaadi mandap. In d mandap,
    Sameer- u r luking damn hot sanyu! I cn not wait till suhaag raat. Dunno how i will control myself,my hot wife!
    Sanyu pov- Teko toh mai tandoori fry kar deti hun, that will b more hot!
    Rofl! Describes my pov!

  17. Pradipta

    @saddahaqrox, 10th october bala comment meri nahi hai.tumhe yaad hoga mera user name black me ata hai blue me nehi .kisine mera user name use kiya hai or bo bhi ek bengali hai.biswas koro ota ami na.pujor pore ami ajke first comment korchi.

  18. Acha, ok, ami vishwas kori! Ato filmi hovaar dorkaar nei! Btw, tumi pujor pore ato pichone giye cmmnts podhle!
    Kamon chilo tomader pujo? I toh enjoyed lots!
    Guyz, one thing i dont understand why ppl usse other usrnames. And it ws like, the cmmnt which pradilta di is saying, it was a compliment to me. Why the need to hide fr a compliment? And no one is saying to use our own names in d usrname. Kuch log kabhi nai samajhenge .

  19. [email protected] changer

    are yar mai ne to mazak ki thi bt @AN @shrox @Meera jiiiii……
    aap log to such me logo ko peetne k mood me ho yar …………
    pehle kya tumlog fightclub me the????
    indian tigress

  20. [email protected] changer

    achcha chalo @meera jii… ka to samajh me aata hai bt @AN @SH rox tum log q rd ko lekar itne concrn ho…….oh now i got it he is ur bro na????????? ab bhai k bare me koi kuch kahe to gussa to aata hi hai….. 😉 haha

  21. Hai tauba! Randhir ko mera bhai kisne banaaya!!!!!!
    Haha anywayz, u did not read my cmmnt properlg. I said we the ppl of this forum support SADDA HAQ as a whole n not any particular person.
    Haan waise woh baat alag hai ki randhir IS quite handsome 😉

    • Mdh

      @saddahaqrox, don’t mind, My comnts was not fr u , its fr all those who r going beyond the topic discussions as u can see the below coments rules where its written “discuss the topic & show only”
      Or I think Facebook is enough for that.

      Sorry , My purposes was not to heart some one but to avoid unnecessary comnts .

  22. k

    i m sorry….and thank u so much @mdh for recmnding me facebook……
    q k mujhe to pata hi nahi tha k facebook jaisi bhi koi SNS hai……

  23. [email protected] changer

    i m sorry….and thank u so
    much @mdh for recmnding me
    q k mujhe to pata hi nahi tha k
    facebook jaisi bhi koi SNS

  24. [email protected] changer

    aur waise bhi those were my last comnnts on this site i wont come back here ever….byeee guyzzz

  25. [email protected] changer

    aur waise bhi those were my last comnnts on this site i wont come back on this site…byeee guyzzz

    • Meera

      don’t be silly…..mdh did not in any way mean you alone… even i was involved..arre yaar, chodo naa…in sab baato ko itna serious lene ki koi zaroorat nahi.. come back…..

  26. Haah at last i am here again! So the episode was good. I do go back to see the updates and I am really excited to work upon @saddahaqrox’s plan for 25th Nov.!!

  27. [email protected] changer

    dear @meera u know what mai apne decisns kabhi ki kisi bato me aakar nahi leti mdh ne jo kuch bhi kaha mujhe usse koi farq nahi padta……bt mai aisi hi is site pr kabhi nahi aaugi…bye…miss u @meera jiiiii……..

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