Sadda Haq 14th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 14th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vidushi and parth are in library. vidushi comes to parth an says I am sorry. I am talking to you. Librarian asks them to keep quite. Vidushi takes out a paper and writes sorry on it. She gives it to parth. He crumples It. Vidushi says why are you ignoring me. I would never have reacted that way if you had not intruded in my personal life. He says what about whne you used to intrude in my life. She says my case is different. He says yes everyone thinks their problem is larger than world. She says please stay away from my personal matters I will handle it myself. Parth syas okay I wont. just don’t let anyone hurt you.

Sanyu is preparaing for the class. Vidushi gets a call. sanyu says can you please go out to talk. I need to prepare my self. Vidushi goes outside. Vidushi syas

varun I cant meet you. He says I am in your college please meet me once. I wnna see you, vidushui syas why are you here so late. He says please come. vidushi says where are you? he says near stairs. Vidushi goes to varun and says why are you here? He says to meet you and ask you how you are. She says you never cared for me in all these years. parth is listening to them. He says I know I have made a mistake. I request you please call that girl and tell her parents that our divorce was settled with mutual consent. She says ho can you ask me to d anything. He syas I will accept your decision. I just wanted to tell you that I am not marrying her my mom dad pressurized me. I still miss you. Vidushi syas I need some time and leaves. partht throws the machine aside.

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Scene 2
A student’s dad is at receptionist fighting that we didn’t gove you enough money so you can teach our students with average teachers. She says no sit our teaching staff is really good. Rajveer says she is right. I am topper and taking classes here but teacher are good. It was her first day so she got nervous. I have been under her once. Give them some time. Receptionist says thank you. He says I could do that for girls. SAnyu comes to the class. Students have hung a bucket full of water. It falls on sanyu. Everyone laughs. still she enters the class. she says okay turn to pg 114. A guy says its to hot please turn on the AC. sanyu ignores and still solves the qu7estion on the board. Snyu turns to the class and says good to know that you want to learn. If you think I can’t teach you anything then solve this question. If 50% of you solve it you I will stop teaching here. A student says we don’t wanna attend such a class. We are leaving. They all leave except for the girls and rajveer. Rajveer comes and solves the question. He says here is the solution one more thing you look so good in these wet clothes. SAnyu says lets begin with the class. The receptionist takes her photos.

Randhir is trying to callsanyu but her number is off. He calls TCC and asks if sanyu is there? They say she has left before on hour. Sanyu come.s randhir asks how did you get wet? sanyu says they did this prank. he says I won’t leave them. sanyu says I wll handle them myself. He says stop it sanyu. Sanyu hugs him and says I will answer them myself. He says okay buti will never leave. She says just be with me when I prepare for tomorrow’s class.

SAnyu and randhir are in libraray. she says I have to perform well. he says I will teach you. Randhir says you should go and sleep now. sanyu says good night. She leaves. randhir says in heart I have to involve in this matter.

Randhir goes to TCC and says to receptionist. He says I want number and address of students who pranked sanyu. She syas I can’t give you register its against the rules. He syas teach rules to those guys. She says this can risk sanyu’s job. He says her respect is more important. he takes the register and notes the numbers.

Scene 3
Parth says in heart why would she come to class. he mind is somewhere else. She goes to canteen parth goes to her and says I saw you meeting with. I just want you to make a mistake again. she says I can take care of myself. He says why are you in pain then? just let me meet him once and assure that he is right. I will never intrude later. She says okay let me think. She says what if you don’t find him ood. parth says then I will try to convince you that you shouldn’t go for him. I don’t know him but you are a nice girl and ou deserve someone better.

Anju Is trying to call sanyu. she is so worried for her. Agarwal says what happened now? she syas I want to talk to sanyu. He says she will be fine. Anju sats can we go to her college and meet her? He says what if she insults her. She says just for once. I will see her from far. She wont even know that we are there. He says okay go to sleep.

Sanyu is ill. she syas I wish maa were here. I would have felt better.She stands up and coughs. She sys this cant make me weak. I cant miss the class.

Precap-randhir asks sanyu why jacket ? She syas I have fever. randhir says you don’t have to take the class. she says please its important for me. he gives her medicines and fixes a microphone in her jacket without telling her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Akshara n Noopur may I knw ur age ???
    B/w ur commnts remembered me RAB NE BNA DI JODI scene whr in dance class der was Rakshabndhan goin on n grls were tieing a Rakhi on der partner’s wrist. Is it d whole thing wht v r ???

  3. A/w it’s jst my POV .
    As I knw here most of d grls treat U as Di @ noopur, n u cn connect it wid me dat dey do the so .
    Ok jst let it b ,
    I mean I don’t hv a prblm , u or each grl of here cn treat me as her BRO .
    Bt thn I will hv a limitd area of questions to ask .
    As u knw v can’t share lots of things wid our siblings. Got it ???
    Sorry if anyone feel hertd I don’t wanna do dat. It’s just my POV.

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    Aisha, my dear grown-up-girl, u r not small…..who said that? maine toh bas bola ki I DO share everything with u ppl….n will continue 2 do so
    so one thing I wanna share now….me got verrrry bad mks in maths….only 29 on 50…but the paper ws sooo lengthy tht no1 cud finish it…more than half the population of the entire 8th std failed…but this is the irst time im getting less thn 45….sho me shad….

  30. who toh phir bhi thik hain noopur….
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