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Sadda Haq 14th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir is hitting the punching bag. He recalls sanyu telling Kaustuki that pap wants me to get married. And when parth says she is rich she will get a guy anyway and when Vidushi said she will get married now or anytime. He recalls sanyu saying I wish I could marry a machine.

There Vardhan opens his laptops and starts looking for some stuff. He says I will figure out this time, who attacked you dad. He prints out something and collects some old documents. He is going through different papers Suddenly he stops in bewilderment. He takes out a picture and says so you are the one I am not gonna leave you.

Scene 2
Everyone is in the class.
Sanyu says hi to parth and asks have you seen Randhir ? he says no. Yo yo comes and says hi to kaustuki She asks what are you doing

here ? This is third year. He says I know I should have been in fourth year. But failed so I am still here. I have been waiting for this day since years. She ask what to fail in third year ? He says no to be your classmate. Peon comes and tell students that sir Vardhan is not going to attend the lecture. Sanyu asks just fro today ? He says I don’t know. Parth wonders has vardhan seen the file he gave ? I guess he figured who attacked his dad. He rushes to vardhan’s office and starts rummaging through stuff on table. He finds a crumpled photo of PKC. He says oh shit.
There Vardhan goes to PKC and says what you thought I will never get to the truth ? I will break your blo*dy neck. How you though you will escape after attempting murder on professor Rao. PKC says what are you saying he was my senior I respected her. Vardhan sasy you were jealous of him. Pkc says this all lie. Vardhan says its all because of you that he is in asylum. Pkc says enough I can case you for accusing me. Vardhan says all evidences are agaist you just wait and watch. Vardhan leaves. Pkc says he I lying he has gone mad.

Sanyu is looking for Randhir. SHe wonders if he has known about her engagemet truth. Randhir comes in and sees juniors laughing. He says you are disrespecting a senior. Become a hen. Yo yo comes and says you took a u turn again. You stopped me from ragging and now yo8u are doing this to them. Randhir asks the juniors to stand on the stairs. Sanyu comes there and says why are you bullying them ? He says mind your own business. You better go and get married. He says will I ask you before marrying? Whats your problem ? He says if you want permission then get lost and get married. She says because you find it difficult to compete with me. Path comes running he collides sanyu. Randhir says can’t you see ? He says sorry I am in a hurry. SNayu asks is everything okay ? He says vardhan sir has got to know that pkc sir tried to kill professor rao. Everyone is shocked. Sanyu leaves Randhir follows her.

Vardhan is in the corridor, police ahs come to arrest pkc. He says I am telling I am not the culprit. I have never tried to kill anyone. He stops to vardhan and says what are trying to prove ? How can you say that I killed professor rao. Why are you doing this all ? vardhan sasy you tried to kill my mentor and shows him the file. he says this file shows that your tried to steal the patent of rao ad you tried to kill him. pkc says believe me this is all false. Vardhan says no one is going to trust you. Pkc says I am innocent. Vardhan says innocent my foot. You tried to kill someone how can you be innocent. He gives the file to inspector. Everyone leaves then.

Dean says to vardhan well done you save our reputation once again.i am happy that we have finally found the culprit. Vardhan says i am sorry i went to his room. If you had allowed me before I would have caught him. yeah cops have got all the proofs against him too. maybe professor rao will come to say all that in front of court. Dean says wow I feel like professor rao is about to get justice.

peon comes and says to vardhan please come and stop the final year students. they are so angry on arrest of Pkc sir. Vardhan says get out I am not a security guard. He says please come sir they will break all the furniture. maybe he will stop if you tell him the reason of Pkc’s arrest.

Dean calls someone and tell him that police has arrested pkc. He says close this case forever and rao’s mouth too. . If you can’t do that then let me know, I will do that.

Scene 4
Samir says how long is this going to happen ? No classed. Yo yo says that will be fun. Sanyu says our professor has been arrested and you are thinking about all the fun.
Randhir comes downstairs and sees everyone discussing pkc’s arrest. Sanyu says I think vardhna sir has misunderstood all this. Vidushi says sanyu you better keep your opinion to yourself. Parth says you should keep yours in too. pkc sir is not a hypocrite like you. He can’t do this. Sanyu says he can be rude he can be anything but he can’t kill someone. what will happen to his family and career. Randhir says yeah you will care about whole world.

Peon says thank you sir you stopped them and dean has locked himself in the cabin. Don’t know what happened to him. vardhan opens his laptop and listens the recording in which dean is asking someone to kill rao.

Precap-Sanyu says we should talk to vardhan sir for once. Someone is injecting something to rao. Vardhan comes and catches that person. He injects the injection in vardhan chest.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Amrutha Nidhisha

    plzzzz do upload with the pictures plzzzz atiba try once

  2. Amrutha Nidhisha

    also do upload the update quickly as fast as possible plzzz dere r many sandhir fanz awaiting for it…………….hope u understand

  3. Oye photo upload kar plz!

  4. Randhir ke taraf se sanyu ko ek shayari-
    By mahan student achu!(akshara)

    1. Wah genius!!

    2. What a nice shayari 🙂

    3. wah wah kya baat hai !!! :DD

  5. Hurry pls,i missed todays epi

  6. Plz update asap

      1. no achu, mera usrname to saddahaqrox hi rahega even if it is a big name….bu u all can call me noopur and achu u can call me choti:-)

  7. One interesting thing created by mahan student ACHU.(read it backwards)some beautiful names.
    parth-htrap (make h silent)
    so any name u liked

    1. i liked
      yoyo- oyoy
      nice one !!!

  8. Randhir, Randhir – when r u going to see the gold chain with locket given by samir & which sanyu is still wearing…. dek bhi lo!!!! varnaa baadh me, sanyu ki engagement ki kabhar sunkar bahut hurt hoga re!!!!

  9. @ Afa – During the village party, I think it was Randhir who remembered the hate-kiss incident…. and sanyu remembered the helping hand given by Randhir when she was about to fall after drinking wine during the fresher’s party…

  10. Vardhan sir, aap aur aap k dhamaakedaar plan….. wah ji!!!

  11. so, vardhan was tryng to knw d truth, dats y he played a game in whole of d colg

  12. I think dean is d culprit,uske arrest hone k bad maya dean banegi..

  13. like i said, dean might be the real culprit. I hav always felt sumthing strange about him, to put it harshly: uss buddhe ka kuchh to jhol-jhal hai 😉
    and i hate randhir’s black-n-yellow checked shirt, he looks better in t-shirts.
    PS:i think sumwhat similar black n yellow shirt is worn by ranbir kapoor in YJHD (ghagra song) 🙂

    1. I like him in any color shirts, t-shirts… he is cho cho chweet……

      1. i know he is sweet, on top of list of handsome hunks but i don’t really like him d way he’s now…i mean like some lovelorn romeo, ab to uske attitude me bhi wo baat nahi rahi….lost in sanyu’s love 🙂

      2. Yes, attitude part – i want him to change… i want sanyu to really come behind him…

      3. jab usse sanyu ki engagement ke baare me pataa chalegaa, uskaa kyaa haal hoga!!!!!

        In 1 of the previous episodes, he was wearing a white shirt….. wow what killer looks!!! 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

      4. starting scene of the episode – Randhir hits / bangs the table with a screwdriver in-between his fingers…. out of frustation & anger when he recalls sanyu abt her views on ♡ & relationships & her idea of marrying a machine instead…. such an angry young man!!!! gussa toh bahut aatha hai re tumhe……. sanyu k ghale ko dekho……

      5. RUBBISH!!!! That’s not me… S/one has posted the above comment using my username…… shocked & surprised….. A/ways I am a gal…..

        I fail to u/stand how people manage & muster courage to post such filthy comments using others names… why can’t they use their own name… FUNK!!!! CHICKEN-HEARTED!!! COWARDS!!!!! NEXT TIME, I WL NOT TOLERATE & REMAIN QUIET. I wl post a complaint msg to the ADMIN of this WS…….

    2. i ♥ randhir’s check shirts and he luks gud in t-shirts i agree
      Parth is wearing the same shirt again and again like he has no other shirts 😉

  14. I had doubt on the dean from the Prof. Rao’s cabin incident as to why was he locking the door of his cabin..

  15. It seems tht vardhan wants to find the truth n thts why he did drama in front of the whole colg I hope he catch the dean in red handed 😀 randhir looks great in any shirt bcoz He is sooooo cooooool 😀

  16. Ya ya DS..scene interchanged 4 me…sory..nyway she waz thinking abt hm…bt nw vo bhi nahi..

  17. Yes, attitude part – i want him to change… jab usse sanyu ki engagement ke baare me pataa chalegaa, uskaa kyaa haal hoga!!!!
    i want sanyu to really come behind him… waiting for that day…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. Ya..i think it wil take time…feel like they r dragging d story line little common a girl in hr age wil b able to undrstand the tone of a guy towards hr…randhir had already gvn hr so many hints..

  19. Randhir 🙁 y alwys he wnts to gt hurt! M juz wndrng uska kya haal hoga ..jab engangemnt ka sach pata chalega:( cmmn randhir. Jaldi se vahi purane randhir banjaoo…let sanyukta relize ur value:/.. sanyuktaa ka thkng is not good yar..vry i thnk she vil undrstd one day..tht no one in lyf is successful..if she /he dont hav nyone luvd ones to share it…undrstd sanyukta..n abt vardhan sir mann he is darling person!! Clvr hai boss!!

  20. I am now really getting fed up of this vardhan nonsense….i dont care who tried to kill rao….i jist wanna see sandhir!!!!!

    1. Krip Suri is another person whom I admire apart from Param…. come on, his acting too is incredible!!! kaafi dino ke baadh, usse dekhne ko milaa – i mean for a lil’ longer time…

      gifts bej di kyaa???

  21. Piyu didi is saying that she too luved todays epi only she wants to see sanyu and randhir together. And she says that she hopes ki randhir and sanyu PKC ko bachane ke liye atleast sathme kaam kare and thus come closer to each other…..
    Abhi piyu didi ki exams khatam hone tak use online jaana allowed nahi hai, fb bhi nahi to uske taraf se cmmnt mai karungi.

    1. i hav followed SHQ religiously since jan, even thru ma 12 board exams…couldn’t watch it but used to read wu. Par mere 96% aye….credit to SHQ team. anyways point is, sanyu was my strength those days…the way she tries her best & doesn’t give up. I am not as much for sandhir love story as i am worried abt sanyu’s impending engmnt. She has so much goin on in her life that its no wonder she has no time for love & relationships.

      1. 96% – wow, amazing!!! congrats…

        SANDHIR ♡ story – u r not in – now or never?

        My doubt – lets hv it this way – after all the hardships, she completes her engg. studies with SM’s permission – after that??? wl she not like to do field work at all??

  22. Al d vry bzt 4 ur didi..

  23. today’s episode was very nice !!! Sanyu understand randhir’s love before it’s tooo late

  24. akshara shayri ye hoti hai.
    aah ko chahiye k sur hone tak
    kon jeeta hai teri zulf k sur hone tak
    mana k na karoge tagaful lekin
    khak hojayege hum tumko khabar hone tak….

    1. Is it a couplet from Mirza Ghalib’s ghazal????

  25. kuch samajh aaya ye sher?tumhe shayri pasand hai kya………….

  26. Nize epsiode intrestinh….guyz pls read update of paanch….nd oh guzaariyan as it is undergoin majour twist nd turns

    1. Good mrng to all sandhir fans..

  27. Hey,SH ka new promo dekha kisine,sanyu shadi ke jode me class me baithi h

    1. when did u watched it

      1. I watched it today mrng on tv….n i ws shocked yr!! bt sanyu ws luking so gorgeous in tht bridal look

  28. Actually Vardhan Sir have fixed a microphone in that he had heard everything and that he want to kill Prof.Rao. So, he went to asylum to save his father.

    Really dont understand how Maya going to be new dean even topping Head of depts and teachers.
    plz dont pair vidushi with parth.thereare so many girls out there

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    Reason: Misusing other user’s name.


  30. DS r u fine dear ? a/w r u banda or bandi??????????!!!!!!!

    1. RUBBISH….. That’s not me… S/one has posted the above comment using my username…… shocked & surprised….. A/ways I am a gal…..

      I fail to u/stand how people manage & muster courage to post such filthy comments using others names… why can’t they use their own name… FUNK!!! CHICKEN-HEARTED!!! COWARDS!!!!! NEXT TIME, I WL NOT TOLERATE & REMAIN QUIET. I wl post a complaint msg to the ADMIN of this WS…….

  31. is dunya me pagal logo ki kami nahi hai………u r rite koi cowrd hi aise kisi aur ka username use kr sakta hai….

    1. Thanks……. I am fine…

    2. btw, did u see the new promo??? I just happened to see the photos in FB…. sanyu is in marriage or engagement attire sitting in her classroom…. so she w get engaged after all…. having my fingers crossed..
      The link for the same as given in FB is

      courtesy :

  32. That bridal look of sanyu may be some ones dream….a SBS segment of harsitha is also coming in that drez..

    1. yeah…i guess u r right

    1. Thanx fr sharing DS,
      ye show me is tarah ke frnd kb banege,i want them to be frnd like sid n varun in student of d year…ekdum vele type

  33. can a/1 guess what’s gonna hppn ?????????

  34. what is sanyu’s (harshita gaur) and param singh age ???

    1. Param is 25 and harshita is 24

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