Sadda Haq 14th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 14th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kunwar welcomes everyone. He says I will talk about parties today. Yoyo(Prince) says we partied all night and then I used solder and it gave me current. Param came and saved me. Kunwar says lets see some party moments.
Scene: The welcome party starts. Yoyo’s friends says we should ask girls out as well. sanyu and kaustuki come in. They say who are they? They are all shocked. They say are they in our college. I guess they are new. Yoyo says thats sanyu and kaustuki.
Another scene: Sanyu and randhir are covered with balloons. He gives her a rose and says this is our commitment.

Sanyu says we will never part. He gives her yellow an and says this is for all the happy moments. This one is for my best friend. sanyu hugs him. Randhir says I love you, you are my life.

I will destroy secret group for you.
Another scene: sanyu says this party is to everyone all my friends, she pops the bottle open. Sanyu and randhir dance together.
Another scene: Tania makes sanyu drink. they both get drunk. Vid joins them as well. They dance and then go to corridors and dance in the hall. the guys came and joined as well.

Sanyu says I came and didn’t even think that this all would happen as well. Prince says we used to dance a lot on the set as well.
Another scene: Yoyo says on this holi we will play a fair holi. So happy holi. They all attach each other with colors. Vid is not enjoying. She says where are you parth.
another scene: Yoyo gives rose to tani instead on Vid. Tania says make me wear this bangle. Vid says you should have given me the rose. Rose is given to tania because she is like rose. Vid says what you mean.

Kunwar welcomes the fan. He asks the girl whose fan you are? She says parth’s. He is so hot. Kunwar says to param so truth and dare. Param says truth. Kunwar says who is closest to you. Param says parth. Kunwr says have you been jealous of anyone. Harshita says i envy skinny girls. kunwar says dare, take randhir in your arms and hate him. sanu says you are so mcp. I want to hang you.
Kunwar asks how many girls have you loved? Yoyo says so many. Kunwar says dare. Propose that girl. Prince says yoyo i fell in love you, is it yes? She says i will think about it. They take selfie.

Sanyu says how can we fix our tube light? She if there is a black ring. In that case the filament is rotten. She says wrap a wire around the ends and because of that circuit will flow. It is back to normal again.

Precap-Kunwar says today this show is ending. Lets dance with me. They dance with kunwar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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