Sadda Haq 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 14th February 2014 Written Update

V for Valentines special episode. Sadda Haq and Dil Dosti Dance are mixed!

It starts with a couple saying they have kidnapped three couples and they have to bring them closer in 60 minutes.

Randhir-Sanyu (Sadda Haq), Rey-Kriya (Dil Dosti Dance), Swayam-Sharon (Dil Dosti Dance) are shown tied up together. Randhir and Sanyu are with blindfolds.

Sanyu and Randhir realize each others voice. Sanyu asks him what he’s doing there. Randhir says he came to play football. Sanyu asks him to stop kidding. They wonder who kidnapped them.

Swayam and Sharon also wonder the same. There is a tape on Sharon’s mouth. Swayam laughs and says whoever kidnapped them did the right thing by putting a tape on Sharon’s mouth. Sharon kicks him and he apologizes to her.


tells Kriya it’s so strange. They kidnapped and put them in a decorated room.

The couple says if all are done arguing, then shall they begin? Otherwise they will end up living together in locked room for ever. They give all couples 5 minutes to come out of locked rooms.

First Sanyu and Randhir try to free themselves. Randhir tells Sanyu to pull his blindfold with her mouth. Sanyu says disgusting and refuses to do it. Randhir tells her to do it if they want to free. Sanyu agrees. Randhir opens her first and she opens his with her mouth. They get surprised seeing balloons and stuff in room. They try to open the rope now. Sanyu sees a knife near there.

The couple gives a minute to Rey to open the lock that’s on Kriya’s hand. There are two keys. One is in Kriya’s feet and other in her neck. Rey says they will try the one in feet first. It doesn’t work. Their hands are tied so Rey has to get the key using his mouth. He goes close to Kriya and gets the key.

Swayam is having fun seeing tape on Sharon’s mouth. Sharon asks him to open it. Swayam says how his hands are also tied. Sharon gestures him to open it with his mouth. Swayam does that and both have a small eyelock, and their key is nowhere, but in Sharon’s mouth only.

Sanyu and Randhir get up and go near knife and cut their rope. All couples are freed and out of their rooms now.

All come face to face. D3 couples introduce themselves to Randhir and Sanyu. Randhir introduces himself and Sanyu as classmates. They wonder who brought them here. They hear the couple’s voice and says they have chosen the best couples to bring here who cannot express their feelings to each other. Randhir asks why are you hidden? Come out. The voice says love is blind and that is why they are hidden. To get out of this place, they will need a key which will only be given if they listen to them. First will be some truth test. The girls say boys always lie, so they will give this test.

Kriya is asked if she wishes her and Rey get together forever. Kriya says, never. Red light comes. Sharon is asked if she wishes to get same attention from Swayam as before. Sharon says farer he stays, better it will be. Red light comes.

Sanyu is asked if she installed CCTV in Randhir’s room. She says yes. Green light comes. She is then asked if she saw Randhir exercising shirtless. Sanyu says no way. Red light comes.

The girls say they all said the truth, there is problem in those chairs. Red light again. Boys laugh at them. The voice says now they will have to do more tasks and this time boys will also have to support them. Randhir says what rubbish and starts walking away. Other boys stop her. The voice says next will be a game to understand their partner’s feelings better. Sanyu says only if there are any feelings. Randhir says he just doesn’t understand girls. Sanyu says and he still thinks he’s intelligent. Others stop them arguing. The voice continues all pairs must pass in this game.

Sanyu and Randhir are first. They come somewhere for their task. Sanyu comes in a new dress. Randhir cant stop looking at her. The voice says he thinks girls should stay at home, right? Randhir says yes. The voice says his dream may be coming true, he will have to make Sanyu wear saree and get her ready as a bride and he has two minutes. Randhir goes ahead. Sanyu guides him. Randhir tells her to be quiet as he’s doing. He manages to do it with Sanyu’s guide. Now he has to put bangles in her hands and earrings which he does it as well. He then asks her to move her hair. Sanyu says she’s not allowed. They waste their time in that. He finally moves her hair, but time is up. They lose the task. Sanyu blames Randhir and asks for one more chance. The voice says they have to dance now. Randhir says he didn’t come to become a dancer. Sanyu says he would dance if he knows how to. She asks for some time.

Meanwhile, Swayam and Sharon come to love room now for their task. They are asked to move at least ten noodles from one bowl to another using their mouth and noodles shouldn’t break. They both take noodle in their mouth and try to move it together. Both have eyelock and time’s up in that. They failed in their task as well. The voice says they can make it up with their dance as their chemistry is also rocking. They both are thinking. Rey and Kriya tell them to say yes as they can easily do it. They agree.

Swayam and Sharon dance rockingly on Gandi Baati song.

Next up is Randhir and Sanyu. They dance on Dilli Wali Girlfriend Chor Charke song and they show tashan (attitude) while dancing as well.

Next is Rey and Kriya’s task. They are asked to do what the voice says and they will win their task. They are asked to step a particular way. When they get close, both have eyelock and they fail in their task as well, so now they will have to dance as well.

Rey and Kriya give a hot performance on song Ang Laga De.

Boys blame girls for failure in task, and girls blame boys. The voice couple also starts arguing. They say their task is not complete yet either. They join all other pairs and say it was them who were giving them tasks. Rey tells the girl, she is as beautiful as her voice. They thank all three pairs for playing their games with so much enthusiasm and show them their freedom key. They say they will only get it after all of them dance together.

All three pairs dance together on One Two Three Four song, and the other jodi also joins them (don’t know who they are). They wish a happy Valentine’s Day to each other.


Update Credit to: Nishi

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  1. its superb…bt Wat about the voice couple

  2. Dude i missd sandhirs dance 🙁 anyways nice epi!

  3. its superb…bt Wat about the voice couple….
    thks 4 updating

    1. Not sure… you can see their picture.. added now

  4. Yahh srsly who are the ppl who giv dem tasks….??? Are they sum1 frm any show on channel v itself???

    1. thanks for daily update nishi

      1. Your welcome everyone

    2. The voice couple are from its complicated

  5. Honestly, boring episode! But some scenes were nice! (ONLY SOME)$$££€€¥¥§§¤¤….

    1. Sheriza nonglait

      I saw some you of you wrote that it was boring well Go to Hell!!

  6. thanks for daily update nishi. why updates
    during december end are not available??

    1. Sadda Haq was added late on this site so first couple of weeks update are missing

  7. couples from.its complicated show[V] channel…

  8. srry… i mean couple.. not couples

  9. the couple is from ” its complicated.” it is also telecasted on channel V.

  10. wat a stupid episode.. makes no sense..

  11. i thought dat this episode wud be related to the present story but anyways it it is fine

  12. Nice episode bt nt related wd daily ones

  13. nic epi bt i thot wud b related 2 present story…any way thnx fr d daily updates nishi.. 🙂

  14. thanks for the update

  15. 17th feb written epi plz…

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