Sadda Haq 14th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir knocks sanyu’s door. Sanyu says first you hurt me then do this. He says i dont know another way. She says you remember what happened last time. He says so you blame me for that. Sanyu says it was not your mistake. I am sleepy. Let me sleep. He says get ready I want to do dinner with you. sanyu says i am tired and sleepy. He says you can’t sacrifice sleep for me? sanyu says I can switch on and off myself according to your mom. Please go and let me sleep. Good night.

Parth and yoyo are in lab. Parth says I forgot my phone here. Lets go sleep now. Someone is following them. Yoyo turns back and says who is this? Parth says no one. Lets go. Someone enters the lab.
Randhir punches the bag. he says she doesn’t care about my feelings.
Sanyu says i

wish you valued me as much as I do. You always take me for granted. Randhir says she didn’t even want to meet me. She can’t decide me. She doens’t understand I have right on her. she is my wife. Sanyu says we should maturly talk and sort this out.
ranndhir sees their photos. Sanyu types i love you and sends him.
Randhir says I wish you understood me. sanyu says the same. They both sleep.

Scene 2
Next morning, they all come and see ranawat working on the car. Yoyo says what are you doing? He says if you had cared about this car you wont have left the lab open. I keep eyes on you and I get disappoined always. You are wasting time. THis is not your cup of tea so I took it on myslef. I worked on the car. captain would you like to see? He says I have added an extra cylinder. But its dangerous. Deploy it when its speed is peek.
Yoyo says you did it in few hours. Ranawt says i dont have another choice. Because you people are useless. Finishing this car is not my duty. Its yours and there is no time now. Ranawat says have you decided? Sanyu says i need more time.
Parth says sanyu can drive as well. sanyu won the competition. Yoyo says randhir helped her that is why she won. Randhir supports her always. She wont have won otherwise. Parth says team memebers are there to support each other. Yoyo sees we all know randhir is best. Parth says sanyu is calm and cool minded. yoyo says randhir should drive. Parth says why should sanyu compromise? They leave for lab.

Vid says I dont remember when I slept well last time. Ranawat says tell me a strategy plan by today. Randhir says you have to decide now sanyu. Ranawat says there are other things as well randhir. take the competition professionally. Ranawat says this is supposed to be a racing car. You have a lot of work left. You have to do so much. he leaves. sanyu says get back to work.
parth explains his part. randhir is on call.sanyu says we are discussing something important. Randhir says what i was doing is important as well. Randhir explains what work they have left. Parth says these are the competitors. we need better drivers than them. Whats your decision miss captain. sanyu says very good. Sanyu says we should not forget that we are not any less. We have to focus on our strength. randhir sit we will discuss it. Sanyu tells about past engines. she says any suggestion rnahdir? he says my suggestion dont work. My part is engine and it will be perfect. I assure that.

Randhir comes to ranawat. Ranawt says i hope you have some strategy to discuss. Randhir says i want to talk about our captain. She is acting absurd. She is so slow. He says you are talking against your captain. Rnadhir says i just want you to talk to her and ask her to think practically and make me driver. sanyu can’t compete with them. Ranawat says i know what you are here for. Ranawat say i am the decision makes not you.

Precap-Ranawt says we will tonight. we did everything. Are you ready? They say yes sir. ranawat says louder. They shout yes sir. They arrive in a jeep with Ranawat. Everyone is glad.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yr ye sanfhir ldte hi kyu rhte h …..
    Plzzzz don’t fight….

  2. Now let the competition begin 🙂
    Today Rd dissapointed me a little…he again is letting his ego win over him…he shouldnt have talked about Sanyu like this coz she is the capitan and deserves some respect not to mention she is his wife as well…lets see what happens next…

  3. Hello
    After this competition & all there will be second season of this serial.
    But there will be sandhir divorce drama. I m disappointed with this yar.
    This will be like other serials. It was youth show so we expect something new.

    1. Hey…i think thats why they bring the divorce topic in season 2 coz this is a youth show…the serial should show the struggles of the young ppl in the real world not only in collage and i think the divorce was needed for the future track of the show coz now all of them will start to focuse on their respective careears till they ll get together as a coupls again.

  4. Hy karina
    U may be right. But i want to see their life as an engineer. And how they struggle in job & projects. And how sandhir support each other to manage work & marriage life. But randhir has ego prob. And that’s why divorce drama will be shown. Btw I m new in this comment zone.

    1. Hiiiii and welcome 🙂 yeah i agree with u rd has huge ego prob and thats why they ll get a divorce unfortunatelly… lets see how it goes…hoping for the best…

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