Sadda Haq 14th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arjun says to Aryan how you do it? Move out during confrontations and controversies. Aryan says there are other things you wont like. Aryan says randhir physically fights sanyu and you don’t do anything. I dont know who is more weird.
Aryan comes to his cabin. Becky comes in. He hides something. Becky says I am sorry. Mrs. Subri wants to talk to you. He says call her in. Mrs. Subri shows him a paper which highlights American space research center announces their lead astronaut. She says we should do something soon.Aryan burns the paper.

Aryan comes to sanyu’s room and sees no one is there. He says I have killed so many criminals but I felt guilt but today I wont any. Aryan goes to randhir. Randhir says how is saanyu? Angry? Aryan starts hitting him and says how dare

you? Randhir says yes I cheated and hurt her. Randhir hits back. Randhir says you asked her permission before fighting? Aryan says I wont leave you today. You loser. Randhir hits him with a stone. Randhir is bleeding. Aryan says if you hurt her one more time that would be your last day. Randhir says you can never be like me. I am her first love and I will always be. Aryan says it doesn’t take time to replace old memories.

Aryan recalls what Randhir said. Randhir throws stuff in anger. They both fall.
Becky is drinking and crying. Arjun gives her a tissue. He says when we guys are mad, we need someone to hit. But you girls just cry. She says get lost. I am good here alone.I don’t need anyone. Today is my birthday who cares? I celebrate it with my parents. Sorry. why should I be sad? That asteroid came to wish me perhaps sent my aliens. Get lost from here.

Agarwal calls sanyu but she doesn’t pick. Sanaya picks her phone and gives it to her. Sanaya says we all want to be alone but our parents’ expectations burden is always with us. Sanyu says its their trust.She receives call. Its ankit he says comeback home. Papa has asked. Why don’t you receive call.

Becky turns back, arjun is there with a small cake and says wish you a very happy birthday. She says thank you. He lits a candle and says aliens sent this. They requested this. I brought this cake. She says you are not ask bad as I thought you are. She blows the candle. He says you are more cute than I thought. Arjun kisses her.
Randhir recalls in sleep all that happened. He wakes up and goes to Nirman. Randhir says sir I don’t want sanyu in this team. You can do that for the best scientist here. Nirman says self proclaimed best. Randhir says then why you made me lead. Sanyu is a trouble maker. you wanted that too when she came here. nirman says race for leading astronaut is starting. Whoever wins it can eliminate anyone.

Precap-Sanyu sees news with agarwal. Nirman says on TV we will announce our lead astronaut soon. Agarwal says I am sure it will be you sanyu. Sanyu comes back to ISRC he scares sanyu. He says I see fear on your face instead of desperation to win. You killed the old randhir and new one can kill anyone for his motive.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Miley

    Hey guys!!
    Sorry could not comment as I was busy! But I am really glad that u remembered me karina!! πŸ™‚
    N how was your day frnds? Mine was quite boring . I missed all of uall yesterday!
    Okay let’s all share what our talenys are
    So everyone has to comment their talent/talents over here. Let’s see how many musicians, singers, dancers, etc. Do v hv here at tu!
    Btw my talent is public speaking n I don’t hv stage fright
    So what’s your?? Comment fast

  2. Bk

    Today’s epi….z supervvvvvv guyz……Randhir aka param Singh stole the show today…..damaging fight b/w Aryan vs Randhir……..waiting 4 2mrw epi…….
    Dialogue of the day- main Sanyukta ka pehla pyaar hun….air humesha rahunga….
    Only Sanyukta can bring old Randhir Back…..
    N only rd can bring her sherni mode back…….anyways guyz superb epi……and all of u gd evening………

  3. Nirman came to know abt randhir saynu he changed d slides so that randhir will start hating her and nirman can drag him easily to his side…i think sanyu will somehow try to make that land perfect for villagers and will succeed in fulfilling her mom’s dream…(just what i thought)

  4. Mahak Naruka

    Hii miley my talents is singing , acting

    Good night karu di , sanyu di , nishu di , dhruv bhiya , sid bhiya , aaliya , sherya di , miley , ayeesha and all bro and sis


  5. shreya

    Hey guys plz come online i m free now karu,miley rakshi n dhruv mere bhai come online
    N liya where r u baby missing u

  6. karina

    The epi was rocking guys…Param and Ashwini were too good…and i almost felt from bed when i read Rd’s dialogue that he is Sanyu’s first love and will always be her love…i bow in front of their actings…both were amazing πŸ™‚

    • dhruv

      Hey dear..I too like holidays:-):-)
      Bt I nvr get holiday.. Only when I go to usa at home I get little holidays:-)

    • ashwini

      Dhruv u are a call boy..then if I am whore rit..
      So I thnk we must be together…
      Anyawys hi vishal whtsup??
      Hey siidarth howru

      • dhruv

        Ohhhh goddddd..whts ur problem yarrrr….
        Whyyy u want to fight with mee..koi dusra nai melakya..
        Mene kya kiya jo mere peche lag gai.. Ab achese bat ki to u dnt like that also..
        Dnt tlk with me na if u hv prblm with me..

      • dhruv prblm..
        Bye. Dont reply me..
        .I dnt want tlk with u..
        N eventhen u want reply then keep commenting…cz I m not coming on this idiot site n not reading ur comments..

  7. shreya

    Hey miley used to take part in drama n debate in my college n school days n now i like sketching. It is my first hobby i won many prize for this .i wish i could show u guys my sketching collection

  8. ayeesha

    a bigggg…. hii….. to all my sweet n lovely frendz….. guys sry fr not cmnting I was really busy…. bt I missed u all so….much…. hey mahak h r u dear…. n thanx fr considering me as ur frnd dear….
    well coming to the epi it was awesome…. that fight b/w Aryan n randhir was nice…. waiting fr tmrrw epi…
    hey karu…. yea dear aashiqui 3 is coming dear… starring alia bhatt n sidharth malhotra… well their chemistry is also good dear… its worth watching….
    gud nit guys n sweet dreams…. luv u all n miss u…

  9. mayuri

    Hii everyone…
    I am just thinking that now what will happen in next week and what their fate will be …. Some good scenes are waiting .. And holidays are there so enjoy … It sure is masti time … And Miley my talent is that am an all rounder But not so good in sports .. Today spotlight dialogue was well said by param…

  10. Today ep was great
    How r U all hi shreya. Hi Mahak,hi dhruv bro see brother everything is gone fine welcome ashwini to sh family. Thanks to Nishu need to say such a positive mind she has. She is really a caring girl
    Hi Karu how r u. Hi milley welcome back
    Hey liya come back missing u
    Hey my cute buddies ayeesha and rakshi i r u free at 10 I m asking so we can chat
    Hi sanahki,suranjana how r u both. Hi aliya hi aparna aparna how r u. I want to ask thatvr u old commentor of sh tu 2 years before?
    Hi ayaana,bk,prags,vishal,richu,rits
    Have a gud night u all sweat dream.
    Milley I have no special talent. I can do every thing but not specially perform

  11. mayuri

    Hi everyone…
    I am mayuri .. I am actually a silent reader .. May I join your group … And one thing more .. I really think you all made this telly update much more interesting and magnificent … I became a fan of yours Karina and all other members.. Oops I don’t remember everyone’s name.. Sorry .. But will you welcome me please πŸ™‚

  12. Ena

    wow.stunt master to kamal ka tha.
    cute fight.I was laughing on this.
    Aryan was looking so cute.loved Aryan’s expressions


  14. Pihu

    Lovely fight… :-* and aryan looks super cute i really love him HOPE ARYUKTA ROCKS …best dialog “it doest take tym to replace old memories” … I truely feel he really loves n supports sanyu… ARYUKTA ROCKS…. <3 <3 <3

  15. Sheena

    Hello everyone !!
    How r u all?
    N miley even my talent is public speaking, i’ve won many medals n awards for the same..i was also one of the winners of IIMUN (STATE LEVEL)..
    My other talent is i make ppl laugh, whoever stays around me will always have a smile on his/her matter how sad they are

  16. Sheena

    N god!! so much happened when i was not here!! Anyways, its good to see that everything is now welcome again to the grp more friend now !!?

  17. Cool the fighting was great……
    Hey how r u my sis and bro’s…

    To all.may god ram bring lots of hapiness and sweetness in all lyf…….
    Great to see u bak miley…..
    Dhruv bhaiya sab maze mei…….
    Bk r u fine now take care……
    Nishu kai dikhai kyu nahi de rahe……
    Sheena dear I am fyn ty fr asking…

    Arjun becky kiss was really boreee…..
    Hey priness how r u do u remember me…
    Where r u suru,

    • Bk

      Yes richu I’m completely f9 now…. Feeling good………mean…. pura alagaprakar(Oriya language)……thnxxxx……good morning …….

  18. I dont knw anythin but I kno sanyu is truly hurt……
    Sanyu ka pehla pyaar mai hu…
    He was crrect…….
    I expected aryan to say…..
    Shayad kal thi woh tumpe trust bhi kari thi…par iske baad she hates u..
    Tumne uska trust toda hai…
    Aur dursi barr…..woh tumhe kabhi maaf nahi karegi….

    Sry thoda emotional hogai thi….
    But really feel bad fr sanyu….

  19. Hey karina richu princess hw r u all srry was busy with studies since so long hw r u all.
    the epi was awsm bt when randhir said that old randhir is dead he was actually himself not knowing that old randhir is still inside him and saying this that he is sanyu’s first love shows that he has full confidence that sanyu his still his and i hope that the writters unite sandhir soon and randhir gets to know the such chennel v on twitter is saying that yes they will solve their misunderstandings and this time their bond will be even better and a mature one

    • mrunali

      I already liked him from the start
      and want Aryukta to happen to teach a lesson to Randhir
      and actually want aryan and sanyukta too close and happy together so Randhir can realise his mistakes and finally got into guilt forever

  20. yogirj

    Hii frnds gm..i missed u lot last 2 days..hw r u al..? n epi was osm…Randhir vs aryna omg..wt a fight….n guys wt’s going on..? Nisha,Karina,Dhruv,Vishal,richu,rits,princess,Shreya,himanshi…n al where r u.?

  21. ???

    Hey guys this Richu is fake…..
    Her reall name is amaira and she is a coward……..
    How r u amaria…cry baby…

    • What the h**l yaa……
      Who r u to say that my id is fake..
      Neithr my id nor my name is…….
      I think it is u who has such a bad mind….thats the reason u dint mention ur name

  22. ayeesha

    hey everyone…. happy shri ram navami to all….
    h r u all guys????
    well miley I’m all rounder…. bt if I hv to mention something then I will definitely mention that I’m a good dancer especially classical dancer…. I jzt luv to dance…..

  23. Guys for me my self respest is main…
    Not lyk someone cums nd targets on me…
    If u hv guts say me who u r mr…….
    Dont try to fool them…….jst say whats ur name…..

  24. ???

    Hry everyone richu oops sry amaira is a liar……a coward her real names a amaria……haahaa cry baby how r u….

    Oh I am ur biggest enemy parag.
    And do u all know she is a cry baby…

  25. Aaliya

    Hey ANKIT,,,,, Aryan loooooovvveeesss sanyu like,,,

  26. edge

    Randhir stole the episode again….He couldn’t stand by the fact that she can have new memories with someone else…..the thought hurt him much more than his punches….and then he expects us to believe that he has moved on. His mind, conscious or unconscious revolves around her. Sanyukta’s word, Aryan’s word taunts him. Randhir is still not understanding that his world still revolves around her. Just a mere thought of her drives him crazy….and he still say he hates her…
    I am just waiting for the time when our Sandhir will solve their misunderstanding and unite…and this time forever…..
    I also like Aryan’s character but though he always helped him he can never replace Randhir from Sanyukta’s heart as her still beats for him and only him….
    Again just my thought…don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling.

    • karina

      yup i totally agree with u…sandhir chemistry its something unbeatable…i really like the way u express ur view πŸ™‚ ur choice of words are really nice πŸ™‚

    • mayuri

      Yep… I also agree with you and Karina .. The choice of words are correct … The way you express thoughts is really very good .. πŸ™‚

  27. Aaliya

    Hey RICHU,,, dnt pay attention to that girl or boy or whatever!!!!!!!
    Yr pehle ye aswini ,ab ye,,, kaha kaha se aa jate he ye log!!!!!
    Hey DHRUV !!! Whre r u bro!!!!!! All ur sis r missing u!!!!! Us aswini k liye apna mood kyun kharap kar rahe ho!!!!!! And ricchu,, come down…. We all r wit u babes…..

  28. Aaliya

    Parag!!!! I dnt know who u r!!!!!!

    RICHU is our frnd ….. And we don’t need any explanation abt her from uuu!!!!! So stay far……

    Guys!!! Just ignore this type of boy!!!!

  29. nisha

    A reply from Richu side to some one ????? or whoever he or she is

    Thank thank thank you for the compliments

    one more time you say One more time I report to tu

    Good byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and be a friend yaar y are all choosing such a irritating way to came in the group .

    Get something new something friesh which we all can appreciate

    and we all love friends so plz stop these negative comment and be a friend parag

    you have such a beautiful name

    then why are you bothering richu dear

    she is a good friend be a part of us and stop calling her with bad names

    you know by saying all this to her you are simply making your name bad

    Be a friend and get lots of love from all of us

    and yaar ashwini stop stop stop alll this

    this is not a joke if you are a school student

    then you willl have to realize

    Dhruv is bigger than you sweety and you can’t use words like whore or a call boy

    why you defaming his name

    One more time you say these kind of names

    then we are forced to boycott you from this group

    I hope you didn’t want this dear

    be a friend of all of us and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz stop calling dhruv by these names

    once you call her bhaiya and you are using these kind of words for him

    Its shameful for a girl dear

    leave all this

    Don’t make me feel ashamed as I support a girl who doesn’t know the meaning of Respect and shame

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz REspect everyone here. Don’t irrespect yourself.

    hey dhruv I am with you fully dear Everytime supported dear

    I know we can handle this situation without using any bad word for anyone

    and ashwini I warn you dear one more bad word and your comment will get deleted from the comment box

    choice is all yours .

    love u ashwini be a good girl and we all love u

    love u raj after long time

    love u karu

    its ok its FB links actualy I thought it work but its ok dear

    well I am not very talented like u all are

    just a simple girl guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    I like dancing , I participate in dance competitions

    I love music listening some old songs some new songs too

    singing naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sometimes while I work just to distract myself as music is something which always work to lighten the mood and makes anyone happy

    yaa that’s it

    love u alll

    hey friends I love the yesterday episode

    After a long time I just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the fight

    what a fight Mazaa aa gaya

    Well some time Randhir beat aryan and some time aryan beat randhir both are equal

    I love them both

    The dialogues are up to the mark and lovely

    and when they go to their rooms their anger and again remember each other lines

    are very much impactfull

    and the precap uffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff I am dead

    randhir is scared sanyu and tell her that now he doesn’t care about anything

    and he can kill anyone

    I love old randhir ,who doesn’t listen anyone who just talk to sanyu not any other girl getting the bhao from him

    Now the real war begins

    just like sadda haq 1

    firy kiss and the fight begins between sandhir

    season 2

    firy kiss and the fight start betweens sandhir

    and also aryan ka tadka in between

    serial is gonna right track

    loved it

    love u all

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend

    • karina

      Love u too Nishu and all u said is true πŸ™‚ pls guys stop harassing us…if someone wants to be in our group u just have to ask…stop playing this kind of stuffs πŸ™

  30. rits

    Whts this..
    Richu n parag cool..richu why u sending the msg of parag then??
    We can see..
    Hey guys plz we all r happy dnt do all this to grab attention..
    N richu I want to ask u onething. Why from ur user id that parag msg came??
    Just asking..
    Anyways we r so nice frnds yr don’t do this..dhruv went cz of all this..

  31. shreya

    U r right aaliya this type of people only want attention n they target a particular person jst 2 irritate us.pehle nisha then dhruv n now richu ko target

  32. Sheena

    N ashwini, r u a 5 yr old kid who just plays these nonsense games for timepass????
    I accepted u as our friend but now u r getting on my nerves…pls stop doing all this…dhruv is a very good friend of our’s an d is very humble n sweet too…so stop irritating us with ur words..pls..wats all this huh?

  33. Sheena

    Pls guys common…let us be friends…
    N dhruv bro, where r u ?? Pls comeback na !! U cant leave all ur friends just because of a single girl…( or maybe boy)
    N yaa ashwini did u get what i said?? I’m really sry for being rude pls dont mind..but really just stop it now..if u wanna be here then be our friend otherwise…well we’ll all boycott u soo u’ll not get the required attention..
    Dhruv pls comeback…

  34. karina

    Why do ppl always try to create missunderstandings here ??? Guys pls lets just be friends…stop all this πŸ™

  35. NISHA



















  36. Dude this parag was my old friend fr som reason we had a fight and all this is happening bcoz he koows my id……..
    Damnit parag im gonna kil u fr dis.
    I dont want useless ppl here.I am leaving sry miss u guys

    • karina

      hey dear ls dont go…just ignor those comments..pls dont go richu dear..

      and dhruv u too pls come back…just dont reply to him/her comments…but pls come back…

  37. dhruv

    Hey frnds whts happening here…
    It’s not good…u shd not take this site as personal chatting richu n parag.plz..
    N sisters if I comment herethat ashwini will definitely comment..
    N ur peaceful frndshp will be ruined…
    So ur frndshp wil be ruined..
    So guys just forget me..ok:-):-):-)
    I also dnt kno anybody so I will not cmnt here..:-)
    U remain frnds..
    N as I consider u my sisters ur happiness n safety more imp for me.:-)
    Lvu sweethearts:-)

  38. dhruv

    This for u ashwini..
    I may fight with my sisters
    But once you lay finger on them
    U will face ME
    N u will be out of this place even before I know..
    So dnt dare tocomment anything against them..

  39. I want to say something. Guys please stop that things just to grab attention. We can see
    And we can understand
    Dhruv u don’t have to leave bro. I m really really sure that this ashwini is a boy. And he is joking with u. Don’t worry brother.
    People r using multiple I’d and use their other I’d as a fake I’d.
    Love u all bye

    • And ya richu if parag is your old friend and he/she is irritating u so do u don’t have to dear just ignore her/him and don’t to his/her msg. Please come back. And dhruv bro u also.we shall Forgot all things and start a new happy cutie sh family. If any person irritate us so u guys should not relply his/her even 4 once
      Nd remember jo der gya wo mar gya

    • dhruv

      I am not worrying sweete..I just dnt like that cz of me all are sad..
      I am not worried or scared of that stupid girl or whatever..
      People who dothis r cowards..
      Bt u all r sad n I dnt want like that..
      Sada haq to dur rhta ya sbse imp hai..

  40. maddy

    Hey dhruv I m maddy ur best buddy.
    Whts happening dhruv. Girl behind u here also…clg mai kya kam he kya..
    Mera bechara bhai..
    U kno u need to do plastic surgery so u Will loke like beast n not beauty:-P:-P
    Dhruv aja aja edhar..mai hu pyar Tumhara:-)
    By the way hi ashwini or whatever ap dhruv ko janti nahi ho didi.. kyu aisa bol rahe ho..
    Ap jante nAe wo bahot emotional hai..hamre dev Baba hai.
    Dhruv Baba ki jAyB-)

    • dhruv

      Madyyyyyy pgl tu yahaaaaa??????
      Hahahahah ab kya he ye..tuje sada haq kabse,acha lgane lga????????
      Haha I kno( I guess it) rit hena:-D:-D:-D
      Yaha kya bak raha hai,sale…tuj beast banta hu nai lagegi hat lagega sirf..:-P:-P:-P

      • dhruv

        Tuu bahot kamena hai..aa tu mumbai dektatere ko…
        Or ek personl bat bolena tere ko bike melege naiii:-D:-D:-D
        Cal receive kr madangle

      • maddy

        Yes no personal coments Here….
        Oh princess dhruv is my bestesttttt budyyyy afcrsr I know him..
        Whre he chat what he do …with whom he is hanging with l:-P:-P:-P
        Ritna bhai…

  41. Sheena

    Richu dear pls comeback..just ignore parag..
    N dhruv bro pls..why r u leaving?? No one can harm ur sisters or ruin our friendship n peace…pls yr dont do this…if ashwini comes back, we’ll boycott her definitely..pls bro dont leave..why does everyone wanna leave??
    Pls ashwini n parag, bcoz of u two, our friends are not dare to say anything against them otherwise you both might face humiliation..get it???( sry for being rude but i cant tolerate anyone troubling my friends)
    Lets maintain the peace of this grp…you guys dont ruin it…

  42. SHQ(~Liya~)

    Hello…..good afternoon
    I was really missing u guyz….
    Happy to be back here….
    Hey to all the new members…welcome!
    I donno y but every week someone or other is trying 2 create misunderstandings here….plz do stop these..(I guess someone who doesn’t lyk our frndship is doing all these things)
    Plz my bros and sis don’t go from this site due to these misunderstandings…
    Anywayz….was really missing mere yuh parivar very much…luv yaa

  43. maddy

    Bye th way hi frnds I m new here…
    I m buddy of dhruv…n I also like sada haq..
    Can I Join u all?
    I will be glad if u acept me as Frnd..

  44. himanshi

    Hey gys dont worry agree wid u nishu infact all. But dhruv bhaiya i respect ur opinion but we need u. Because of some stupid ppl u cant leave like dis.who will call me chotu then?pleeeezz bhai we dont want u to leave. Ashwini just want attention.simply dont give.and ya we r all dont worry be happy remember we r here fr eachother for shq☺

    • karina

      well said sweety…now dhruv look ur little sis is asking u to stay…u wont make her wish come true ?

  45. dhruv

    Hey sweet frnds..ok fine I will not go..
    Hey chotu dnt worry..ur wish is my command:-P
    Thnx for ur suprt karu nishuuu,rosey princes,shinchan(shena) raj bro n all my cute frnds..lvu..
    Letsdon’t reply to anybody who says such thing..
    It might be one person only..
    So now lets hve fresh start..:-):-)

    • Sheena

      Haha !!?
      Thanks bro , i like that friends used to call me that

      N yaa lets have a fresh new start, be positive n all the negativity will be gone…

    • I m glad u r back bro. Dhruv how maddy know that it is u. I mean your name is not fully written and many people have same name
      And why he said about surgery u know pic is not shown on tu.
      What ever lets start a new fresh

      • dhruv

        Are rosy princess he is my roomate..n thats why he knows me we share our laptops..
        We call him maddy…:-)
        N as he is my roommate be knows how I look..:-)
        So he said that dear…:-)

  46. nisha

    hey karu have you seen this

    Mr ??? or may be parag or whoever wrote something about us both of us too in earlier comments

    we doesn’t scored 94 or sweet talker


    My reply to him or her or whoever Mr ?? is

    thank you thank you thank you for your kind words

    I am pleased to see the comment

    I am saying with cry heart wooooooooooooooooooooow your kind words make me cry

    Be happy dear

    what to say

    Now its normal

    We are getting habitual of Negative commenters

    Go ahead

    hum bhi hai josh mein

    we all are together

    nobody in our group going to leave

    guysssssssssssssssss be alert I think that there is just one person who is doing all this

    Turn by turn changing ids and come behind us all

    we just need to stick together and now ignore negative commenters and all are ok

    and richu I need to inform you something dear

    Please read it

    Earlier one of my friend has copied my dp too

    The green colour that doesn’t mean she or he knows my id it just that there is a site I dont’ know the name but from there we can take out any pic or style

    so , I think we just need to be together and nobody mess with us all

    Choice is all yours

    People who post negative need attention

    and now its up to us what we need to do /

    if they are commenting do reply but don’t run

    we all are friends its up to you dhruv if you think we are sisters then we all need u now

    we all has been targeting one by one

    not only by ashwini by parag and earlier old names too don;t want to mention

    richu come again and faced it dear nobody mess with us till we all are together

    I am not going to run

    and hey maddy liked the name dear
    welcome in our group

    love u all

    love u karu

    himanshi shreyu liyu, sheena princess raj ,

    Lets see guys what you decide shows how much you love us all

    • karina

      I agree with u Nishu…and i think someone is trying to create misunderstandings b/w us by posting negative comments and stealing dp so that we think our friends did it…and yeah Nishu u r ryt we should stick together…love u too dear.

    • Sheena

      Nisha, i just love ur comments n the pics that u send r sooo awesome !!!?

      N pls richu comeback dear..we miss u

  47. Geeth

    Guyzz dis s not ur watsaap….we r here to comment abt dis program…watever is d problm …keep it aside…be chill?

  48. nisha













    • karina

      thank u for the pics dear..they are amazing…im missing the old sandhir scenes…pls if u fine some vidarth pics post them too…love uuuuuu

  49. ayeesha

    well it seems no one remembers me…hahaha….jzt joking….
    hey guys seems a lot has happened after I last cmnted…. well jo bhi ho v all r frnds…. jise jo kehna hai kehne do…. jzt spread positivity not negativity…. guys hum yahan par update padhne aate hain n then v talk to our frnds….. yeh sab bas attention pane ki koshish kar rahe hai…. bt I’m not getting one thing that wat they get by saying all this…. there r only two possibilities either they r mad to do or say such things or they may be attention seekers…. guys I will say only one thing that don’t reply or react to their cmnts…. jzt leave them…. jab tak unko reply karte rahoge tab tak woh tumhe pareshan karenge…. chahe woh kitna bhi galat bole bas reply mat karo…. its safe fr u guys if u stay quite…..

  50. rakshi

    hi guyzz…..Tday schl yaar!
    so I didn’t post any cmnts!
    by d way….hw r U my buddies????
    princess…ayeesha??? hey sweethearts whre u went???
    N dhruv…. nishu,karu, shreya di, bk, richu,sanyu,yogi,siddharth, miley, ragini,suru, sanahki, rits, liya,aaliya,aahna,opshora,
    Sheena,himanshi ,Maddy,geeth,…..n all my SH family members???
    n I vll rarely come to tu….. bcz of my schl n studies.!!
    vll miss u guyz!!!! LOVE U SO MUCH!
    keep watching sadda haq.


  51. Hii guyz… hw r u all??? N sheena dear i wntd 2 ask u abt IIMUN u r a state lvl winner… i jsst tuk part in its 1st lvl wen it came 2 r city… where did it take place d state lvl??? In mumbai??? Plzz reply dear i m waitng….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.