Sadda Haq 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sahil says i still remember first time i saw this logo, i thought we will wish each other lucks for jobs when we leave. They leave, sanyu and randhir are alone in college. They walk past the corridor and see dream team photos on notice board. FITE is all dark and empty. sanyu says its empty and lifeless. Randhir says go home. sanyu says how will face maa? what will i tell her that i can’t do anything for my future? i tried so mucj, this is so unfair. Randhir hugs her. He says calm down i wont let anything unfair happen to you. you are the most deserving one, be strong. sanyu says its all over. there is no hope. randhir gets a call. Its virat, he asks is sanyu with you?randhir says yes. Virat says i and avanti were thinking about something. We have a plan to save FITE. Randhir and sanyu

can’t hear him. Virat says there is a lot of noise here. Avanti says there is going to be a competition. UGS member wll be judge there, Virat says my contact told me, this will help you a lot. Its is very tought and will benefit winner a lot. Avanti says if you win, they will get you a lot of things. Randhir says where will we bring company from? Virat says i will make a fake coporate company online and on the paper. i have mailed you the details of competition.

Vidushi says to her roommate, i am vidushi kumar. The girl says did i ask your name? And i sleep on both beds. Vid says where will i sleep then? She says go sleep in bathroom i don’t care. vid says you are jealous because you always lost from FITE. She says don’t you dare to talk in front of me.

Randhir checks his mail. competition is in 4 days in Dehli. !st round is quiz and second is task. Sayu says i hope we will crack this. I wish dream team was with us. Randhir says but they are not here, we have to do it now. Sanyu says its not their mistake, they did all they could. a man comes in and says what are you doing here? this college has shut down. Randhir says who the hell are you? Sanyu says calm down. she says to him we will come back at night here. Randhir says go home, sanyu says where will you go? Randhir says my mom is not waiting for me anywhere.

PKC is trying to pick his book from under the chairs. Some students are laughing at him. Parth comes and helps him. he says you are here sir? PKC says yes just got the confirmation. the guys laugh at PKC, parth starts hitting them and says you have no respect for your teacher? Dean comes and says who are you to punish other students? Come to my office. Parth goes with him.

anju says you so late? sanyu says we are working on a project. I will stay in college tonight. anju says are you concealing something. sanyu says no why? Anju says there is something you want to say. sanyu says no i have never concealed anything from you. Anju says i trust you and if something is troubling you keep in mind that i am always with you. sanyu is in tears. Anju says sanyu i know FITE has shut down. Sanyu is shocked. anju says you didn’t tell me because i would think that i will be scared of our future. I am not scared, i am proud of you. sanyu hugs her. Anju says no matter what, you will always be my pride. sanyu says we have one last chance i hope that works, if it doesn’t i don’t know what will i do. anju says nothing bad will happen. sanyu says what if i fail? anju says everything will be okay. sanyu hugs her.

Randhir is waiiting for sanyu, he comes. He says sorry i came early, sanyu says sorry. she shows him sleeping pills for security guard. The guard comes, randhir goes to distract him. sanyu mixes pills in his tea. Randhir leaves as well.

Vid says to sahil my roommate is really a witch. Sahil says even professors were not behaving well with us. I felt like we have a diseases or something, its because they couldn’t get a job in FITE. I miss FITE.

Randhir and sanyu are half asleep, sanyu says randhir wake up, lets go in. They sneak in the college. Sanyu says website will be ready by tomorrow. He shows her about the competition, sanyu dials randhir’s number by mistake. Sanyu and randhir are fighting. Sanyu says this competition is for corporates, we have never done something of that level. Randhir says we have to save FITE, he tells her the points, SAhil and vid are listeing everything over phone. sanyu says i wish dream team was here. randhir says we have to do it alone. Sahil says lets go to parth. Vid says its so vain. randhir and sanyu said its so difficult, they can’t even do it. sahil says i would better go with them and fail. i will give it a try.

Randhir and sanyu clamber outside the college, randhir says your mom must be tensed. sanyu says she knows about FITE. randhir asks what did you say? sanyu says she has confidence in me. he says you should be happy about it. Prove it and jump from the window. Sanyu and randhir jump they are shocked to see yoyo, parth and sahil standing in grounf.

Precap-the dream team goes to competition with hands in hands. The register desk says you can’t register because you dont have promoter.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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