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Sadda Haq 13th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Inspector says to Agarwal come with us and bring ankit as well. Agarwal says give me two days, the person who launched this scheme is out of reach. Inspector says dont fool us. Come with us. Agarwal tries to call his contacts but no one is ready to help him. Agarwal says i want bail immediately. The man says you can’t be bailed. Inspector says you have to pay for this scam. Agarwal says i didn’t do any scam. A peasant has killed himself. Agarwal says I haven’t done anything. Inspector says these people will be so happy to see rich people like you going to jail.
Ankit says sanyu don’t go out. Sanyu goes out and says to inspector do you have warrent? You can’t arrest him. Inspector says the people are ready to kill your dad. If we don’t take him

they will kill her. some lady cops grasp sanyu, while others arrest agrwal. People are protesting against agarwal. Sanyu says get lost all of you. she is crying. Police takes agarwal with them.

Sanyu comes to college. Parth asks are you okay? Your dad is arrested. Yoyo says dont worry we are with you. Parth says didn’t he bail out? Sanyu is not talking. Sanyu says no one is ready to take his case. they are not talking to me. They said I am a kid. Ankit said he will handle everything. Yoyo says can we do something? sanyu says i need to go to my room.
Sanyu comes in her room. Her shadow says: why are you so worried? sanyu says askah has ran and used maa’s name. Papa is in jail. Cops came and arrested papa. Its all because of akash. her shadow says: The lawyer says that they cant take the criminal’s case. snyu says papa is not a criminal. how dare they say this. Shadow says you can’t do anything.
The shadow says your life has always been like this. Why you feel so bad? sanyu says i think i wont be able to do anything for papa. The shadow says you are the best. Sanyu says but this looks so difficult. The shadow says you can do it, only you can.

Sanyuu crumples up the newspapers. she says to parth and yoyo i need your help.
Ankit opens the door. Sanyu comes in with parth and yoyo. ankit says what are they doing here? sanyu shows them files of project. sanyu says check every file and try to find out some lope hole. There must be something. Ankit says you can’t bring anyone in like us. sanyu says this is my house as well. I don’t need to ask you for permissions. ANkit says papa will regret all this. This is wrong. You should be ashamed. sanyu says where were you when cops were taking him? You were hidden in room. You didn’t do anything back then and you wont do it again. I will do everything to get him his respect back and you can’t stop me.

Agarwal meets his lawyers. They say the money wont be recovered and the fraud will stay same. aagarwal says there must be some way. Lawyer says every evidence is against you. ankit says can’t we start a new campaign that proves that we have not done anything like that. Agarwa says keep your mouth shut. Ankit says what did i do? Agarwal says you didn’t do anything when you had to. Sanyu is doing so much even when she is a girl. I am ashamed to call you my son. Go from here. Ankit leaves. He says in heart you feel so proud of snayu? i will tell you what i can do.
Ankit recalls how agarwal insulted her. He burns all the pictures. Ankit sees sanyu’s picture and says you get whatever i wanted. Love, respect, praise everything. He throws the picture away.

He goes out to throw away the ashes. Ankit says sanyu i am sorry. If i didn’t stay quite something would have happened. we will bring papa back and i will do as you ask. Sanyu says its okay.

Precap-Akash says to sanyu on call ankit and your dad signed it. You can’t do anything. Sanyu tells randhir everything. sanyu tracks akash. sanyu says there is a plan, thats the only option right.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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