Sadda Haq 13th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir wakes up and sees sanyu’s text. she says I am sorry I said a lot yesterday. I hope you will pardon me. I will go to that coaching to ask for my right. you might not support me but its okay. I must have left by the time you see this text. if you reply me I will think that you support me.

Radhir goes and stops sanyu. she smiles. He says I am not lost I will drop you. don’t; do anything that will make me lose my temper. Sanyu hugs him and says sure. He says what will you do? sanyu says I have plan.

sanyu goes to vikram. h says I knew that you wont reject m job. sanyu says you were right that I can’t handle so many boys. I need a job where my talent is appreciated. I realized how right you were. she says this is the mistake of these NGOs. we forget

that we are weaker to men. We should not get in to things like teaching in TCC. He says you are right,. sanyu says you feel insecure and vulnerable after seeing a woman like me. You thought I might prove you wrong. You knew that the person who could solve your question would be a genius. She says I challenge you that I will give classes in your coaching. I will prove you wrong. He says I do accept ypur challenge. let me see what you can do. you will teach physics. sanyu says you will have to accept your defeat in front of everyone. He says done. if you lose you will work as a copy checker for two months without salary. and because of you no female will be hired in this college. sanyu says I accept it. He says go get ready for your class. Sanyu collides with Rajveer, he says where are you going? women shouldn’t walk so fast. Vikram welcomes rajveer and says it will be nice to have a genius like you in our coaching. he says you coaching seems interesting

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Sanyu gets the syllabus. Randhir calls her he says come out I wanna meet you. sanyu goes out and tells him that she ahs to conduct her first lecture in one hour. she says I have to fresh up everything. I don’t have time. I will see you in college. he says I will be waiting for you here I can’t leave you alone. sanyu says I will handle it. He says don’t argue.

Vikram sees sanyu preparing for the class. He gives rajveer his form. He goes to sanyu and says ready? sanyu says yes I was going there. Vikram says lets introduce you to the class. sanyu says in heart I have to control myself. I can do this. She recalls what happened yesterday. she says I have no choice I have to do this.

Vikram enters the class and says come in sanyukta. He says this is sanykta. She will be your physics teacher. Someone asks our old professor? Vikram says he has been replaced. Your new teaching staff is as good as old one. The other says we want our old teacher. vikram says you future is in my hands. you don’t have to argue with me. He says good luck sanyukta and leaves. Before leaving he says, I will attend your class as a student. He sits in the front row. SAnyu says okay everyone lets start with circular motion. Lets start with motion. She reads from the book. a boy says we can read from the book as well. sanyu says we will do a numerical now. Rajveer enters the class and says I have filled the form. I will only attend the lectures I want. sanyuu says you are disturbing my class. he says is this class? He solves the numerical. he says thank me for saving your time. its not your mistake this problem is with all the girls. He says I will be joining from tomorrow. The time of class is over and everyone starts leaving. a boy says our day is wasted. The other says I wil refund my fees if this continues. Vikram syas this happens sanyu. He says was rajveer. You look nervous? relax. get prepared for our next class. A girl comes to sanyu and says I can’t get the solution. sanyu makes it clear for them.

Randhir has slept on his bike waiting for sanyu. She caress his face. He says is our lecture over? how was it? sanyu says you would have gone. He says tell me what happened? sanyuu says I taught what I should have. randhir says did anyone misbehaved with you? SAnyu says not at all. He says lets celebrate we will go out on a date. Sanyu smiles and sits on the bike.

Randhir says I know this isn’t the perfect place for a date but we had to celebrate. SAnyu eats slowly. randhir aks what did you teach? sanyu syas I started from basics. Everyone was quite. randhir says didn’t they annoy you? sanyu says not at all. I have never seen such obedient students. suddenly she starts to cry. randhir asks what happened? she tells him everything. He says why didn’t you tell me. I will kill them all. sanyu says this is why id didn’t tel you. sanyuu says I was not prepared for the lecture. The teacher I replaced was so experienced. rAndhir says I am asking you for last time tell me the truth. SAnyu says please complete the date. steady on! she makes him eat with her own hands.

At night, Sanyu is studying for the lecture. She recalls rajveer insulting her. She says I have to forget what happened. I have to give my best tomorrow.

Precap-Randhir is in library with sanyu. she says I have to study. He says you care about them more than me? Sanyu says yes because I have you made you a human. Now its their turn. randhir syas in heart I will teach them.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Frnds aaj to india k match me Rohit ne full entertain kiya n again blastd a double century n make world record. Outstanding performance n speechless ans for his haters

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    Sadda haq vale na sanyu ko b aur serials ki main lead ki tarh bechari present karte hai then suddenly herion bna deta hai…duniya ki har problem sanyu ke liye hai…aur sadda randhir kabhi bodyguard kbi driver ban jata hai. … aur jab boyfriend banne ki Barri aati hai again vahi angry look….sadda haq getting boring day by day. .. Hume sirf sanyu ka struggle nhi dekna kuj romance bi dekhao. … sadda haq ke writter kuj kro…..

  5. rs

    Sadda haq Vale girls audience se unka haqqq koh rhe hai. … randhir ko aise present Kr. ……sadda haq ke writer hum girls ki suno hmara pehla vala randhir de dio . SADDA HAQ Ithe rakhh. ….

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