Sadda Haq 13th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 13th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says to aryan I held sanyu’s hand and fixed this microphone on her watch. Then I came there and bribed the waiter. Then I mixed Sanaya’s made herb in your drink. I thought it would be one sided game. And it is. He leaves.
Aryan looks at sanyu working. He says in heart I will face however she reacts. Aryan says I am really sorry. I don’t know how was I high. sanyu says I don’t wanna talk to you please leave. Aryan says please sanyu.. Aryan pretends fainting. Sanyu says are you okay. She takes him to cafe and says drink this fresh lime. How can you be so careless. It must be dehydration. Aryan says I am really sorry about what happened. I won’t drink it unless you forgive me. sanyu says I forgive you now drink it. Randhir is watching all this. Sanyu

says you are so careless. He says if you weren’t here, are you okay? When did you become this emotional?

Randhir is doing push ups.Sanaya says you are wasting time here and there aryan is with sanyu.Don’t make aryan your target make sanyu fall in love with you again. he says I know what to do. Randhir says I want to break aryan’s fake image. That day sanyu will stop trusting aryan.

Next morning, alarm blares. Trainer says be in fitness area in 5 minutes. Sanyu is using her phone. trainer says can you give us attention. sanyu apologizes. He says is your entire team here? sanyu says they are coming? Trainer says lets do the task. SAnyu starts it. They all do ups and downs. sanyu keeps calling aryan.
Sanaya asks randhir what you did to aryan? Aryan is missing? he says no my plan is something else. sanaya says sanyu is looking everywhere for sanyyu.
Sanyu asks sumit have you seen aryan? Sumit says he was leaving for last night somewhere. sanyu says in heart he is one some mission.
Everyone is playing. Kritika says come sanyu we won’t tell aryan you weren’t looking for him. Randhir says in heart she doesn’t care about aryan because he isn’t her mission.

next morning, kritika says if someone asked who would i change my life for? I would say dark shadow. Sanaya says he must be as hot as thrilling he is. Sanyu comes and takes the paper. kiritka says i want to go on dinner with dark shadow.
sanyu says in heart there is no update.
Randhir sees sanyu and says so she will take team to mars?sanyu keeps trying to contact ayran. She tries to track his location. Randhir says you were touching red wire. sanyu says I was tracking aryan. randhir says he is never there for you when you need him. He ignores you. Many similarities. sanu says I don’t want opinion from you. I trust him more than anyone else. Randhir says then why are you restless? of course he is busy. sanyu says you better talk here and there is dark.. randhir says yes he is hiding his dark secrets.
sanyu comes to his place. She says I am sure aryan you are on an important mission. I hope you are safe.

sanyu comes to randhir and asks what you are doing? randhir says aryan is missing and sanyu doesn’t know where he is. I looked internet he is nowhere. Sanaya I searched a lot for him I never found anything about him. Randhir says that means that he is hiding some secret.I will find it out and expose him.

Precap-Sanyu is crying. Randhir sees her in tears he wants to go to her.Randhir says to sanyu don’t you wanna know where he is?sanyu says I trust him. He says come and check with me.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. sanyukta rathor

    Nice epi ……but where is aryan

    Good night my bubleeeeee lovelyyyyyyyy friends

    Be happy always



    • Revati

      Hiii sanyu diii..howru???
      We didn’t talk na…ya di bhai bechra..
      Bt he wil be fine..
      Bt dctr ne jo bola sunta hi nAhi haina..ap samjao usko..dinbhr laptop leke betha hai..wo wounds aur khulte haina fir..
      Waise di mai bhi bhukad hu:-P
      Bhai ka Khana to maihe khti hu:-D:-D
      Aur sanyu di taste achi hai par bhai ke nakhree. Rj hotel ka khta hai aisa he hoga:-D
      Hii sheena dii sory maine,apko hurt kr diya shyad:-):-)di howru???
      Dii dnt be sad sadda haq shyd hotstar pe rahega:-):-)

      Hey mayuri diii Bhai ko ham hmsha bolte the slow chalao. par sunta nai..
      Par mai unki bahot achi care lunge:-):-)
      Di unke sir ko lga aur hat ko..sir ka operation tha.nominal tha..he is bahot pain hota mai huna di:-)

      Hii karu di nishu diii howru???
      Nishu dii lvuu dnt get sad plzzzzzz ur frnd rest in peace di.lvuuu:-)
      Thnxx bk bhaiya 🙂
      Lvuu all gn…:-)

      • sanyukta rathor

        Hey revu i am f9 sweetii …….

        ok me dhruv ko bol dugi ke wo apne cute se sis ke bat mane or sare din lapeiiii ke sath na rahi you don’t warry dear ……

        Oooooooooooo …. this is very bad i know ke ham bhuked kuch bhi kha letee h par Bhai ka khana ….hahahahaahahahaha koi nhi dear khane ke mamle me no bhai no bahen r8 …..hahahahahaahahahaha

        Or dhruv bhai aap itne nakreeee mt dikho bhai … ek to 110 ke speed upar se nakreeeeeee …… too bad …

        Love u revu Tc care of u nd ur bro sweetiiiiiii



      • sanyukta rathor

        Hey my preety sis …

        How r u sona aaaaaaa

        My exam was suparrrrrbbbbb dear

        Love u



  2. Sheena

    Hey everyone !! Whats up???
    Today’s episode was a bit boring…but i’m excited for monday’s episode..

    N dhruv bro..u said that u were driving ur bike at the speed of 110 !!! I mean what were u thinking huh???that u r john abraham of dhoom??? Do not do this again…itni speed me chlane se kya hoga?? Atleast think of ur family, ur lil sis revati n about us… Accidents do not happen. They are made to happen… I’m really angry bro… U r so mature but still doing all this bike racing n all..

  3. Spoilers for the next week are here guys.. ??
    ‪#‎Monday‬ : Randhir sees Sanyukta upset n consoles her..
    ‪#‎Tuesday‬ : Randhir takes Sanyukta to meet Aryan..
    ‪#‎Wednesday‬ : not available..
    ‪#‎Thursday‬ : Sanaya releases the video of Sanyukta n Randhir kissing..
    ‪#‎Friday‬ : Sanyukta confronts Randhir about their kiss being captured on video..

  4. Sheena

    Thnx bk n princess for the spoilers…next week’s gonna be interesting…
    Hi revati !! How r u dear? N dhruv bro ksa hai abhi? Ask him not to use his laptop much…wounds open ho gye toh infection bhi ho skta hai na….
    N sweety you never hurt me…i was a bit upset when u said that sh tu is worst…but after that i got ur point…u were upset regarding the fight thats why u said so…its ok…
    Luv u… 🙂 take care of urself n ur heroic bro 😉

  5. Aaliya

    DHRUV vai!!!! R u crazy!!! I hv opened the site jst now and read the ystrdays comments!!! I m jst stuned!!! Why u rode bike in 110??? Where r u wounded???whn the accidnt occured???? And wht r u feeling now!!!!????u drove racing bike but roads r not racing track, naa!!!! Kya krte ho Na Vai!!!!??????agar reply nahi dia Na mera,,,, khaa jayungi aapko!!!!

    • sanyukta rathor


      Dhruv bhai aap ka diner Lunch banne hi wala h mean aap kisi ka lunch banne hi wale ho ….hahahaha

      Aalu are u non veg ..

      Aalu dhruv bhai ke sath or kya kya h tumhare lunch me …..

      Muzee bhi bula leti yr


      • sanyukta rathor

        ??????????????????????????bhaiiiiiiii kya h phir diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

      • sanyukta rathor

        Agar aap ese hrkate kroge to cannibal ho banna hi padega na

        Par aap bhi dar gae the na es liye hi to aalu ko reply kr diya


    • dhruv

      Are aluu I will be fine bt my guitar broke.n my bike :-(:-(:-(
      Sare,strings tut gaye guitar ke.:-(
      Dear gym ke liye late ho raha tha..kl morning ko…

    • dhruv

      Oh dear I hv done many ye construction site agai.
      Bt most bad thing is I cnt play guitar cz my hand is not well yet.

    • dhruv

      Hey dear I m fine..hat our Sir ko wo helmet se brain ke tukde nai hue:-P
      Everything is fine alu chil:-)

  6. Hey the epi was awsm since aryan was missing we had lots of sandhir scenes.The best was when sanyukta got hurt in her finger randhir rushed to her n when sanyu wad about to touch the live wire randhir stopped her and started scolding her for carelesness jst like old randhir

  7. dia

    Yo nishhuuu darlieee………how r u……i tried to find u a lottttt…….one day richu di told me on fb that shez on this page so i came here nd saw u……srsly misdd u nd ur bhojpuri a lott dr……our pure hindi…..nd our funn….

    devu dii……devuu dii……devuu dii…..whr wr u……dia missd u a lot….hiw wr ur exams…..luv u a lott….

    Nd yeah….m in 12th now..

    SADDA HAQ is awsm

  8. nisha

    hey friends how ru all.

    Today is the best day I am so happy to see u

    devga dia and my sweetheart poky richu

    u know I miss u all so much

    poky richu u are missing from yesterday where are you missing u a lot

    hey devga me too miss u a lot dear and yeah new sanjeeda pic is awesome

    very beautiful yeah after so long we all met like that

    love u masakali devga keep smiling and yeah will try to meet like this again and again. love u

    hey dia reporter

    thanxx to richu u came here dia

    I so miss u dear lots of times me and richu write your name we miss u a lot

    aapke darshan hue to hum dhanya ho gayee

    yeah we talk now too in bhojpuri and hindi just for fun dear

    me and richu do that now too

    love u dia

    Reporter dia on duty

    ab tak kaa samachar kyaa hai

    update toh kijiyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    love u dia devga richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    love u friends

    Friends for life

    love u alll

    I so wish to meet naty mansi manha ,tanya, keerthi and so many friends

    keep smiling

  9. wow…killer episode.i cannot explain my happiness in words.sanyu cares for aryan dats enough for can randhir say that aryan never helps sanyu during danger..really randhir?He helps dats why he is called obsessed by us♡♡♡♡♡
    Thank u cv from the bottom of my heart for such a beautiful character of Aryan….Bless u ☆☆☆

    • Aaliya

      I Thik the same oopshu!!!!! And sanyu dii too!!!!?? isn’t it!!!??? ARYUKTA rocks!!!! Bt I’m tensed fr aryan!!!! Wo gayeb kyun hay!!!??? ??

      • sanyukta rathor

        Ya r8 my aalu dear


        hey aalu mere man kar raha h ke tumhare gal pakd kr zor zor se khichu

        I guss ke tum bahut cute dikhti ho …. r8 na bilkul aaliya bhatt ke trha



      • Aaliya

        U r soooo suprrrbbb Di…. Ummmmmaaaa..???

        Bt nooo,,, aaliya bhatt ka face gol hayy,,, bt mera lamba type!!!! Mmmmmmm,,, anyone,,, pls dnt get it wrong…. Shape similar to harshita’s face!!!! ?? bt aap gal pakarke khich Sakti hoo!!!! ??????? my swtyuuu sanyu di… ???????????

      • Exactly!i wonder how did they find him:-D!I mean,they did a superb makeover of Ashu!:-*i m glad to be viwer of sh2!I just want Aryan n Aryan(with anyone;without a broken heart;-))

  10. nisha

    hey karu suru

    howr u both my sweethearts love u all so much

    hey himanshi princess shivuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu love u

    shiv welcome here dear

    hey aalu sheenu sharon sanyu revati sweetheart howr u

    hey dhruv buddy what’s up buddy how ru

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I think next time you need to try above 110 so that

    yeh accident kaa pain naa ho

    seedhe upar kaa ticket kategaa

    what say ????????

    YOu can say some your luck , the love of ur dear ones and the situation saved u

    and teach u a lesson

    next time drive safely

    YOur life is precious not only for you but more than for them who loved u unconditionally

    I so knew you drive safe next time if you love ur dear ones

    love u buddy

    decision is all yours you can rather take to jump on above 110 then seedhe upar milenge

    Bhagwaan ke paas

    Keep smiling buddy

    Corn soup okay okay

    YOu have broke your bones very nicely so in this stage you cannot expect doctor to ask you for

    Sir what do you want me to take u

    A Mc donalds burger

    Friench fries

    Cold drink

    Chicken tikka

    Just be get well soon

    and you will get all of this soon .

    Get well soon buddy

    Take care of ur bones

    and yourself too.

    I so well knew that revu dear will take care of you fully

    love u revu keep smiling sweeetheart

    Once a friend always a friend

    • Ena

      hey,can i give uh a flying kiss? 😉
      lots of luv fr uh ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
      thank u fr the convo.I m soo happy for Ash.I really like him,, 😉 u made mah day.Thank u NISHA.Be happy 🙂

  11. Where was Aryan? 🙁 🙁
    Good episode after all.
    randhir looks cute ehen he gives his bad boy expression,does`nt he? 😉
    Their bet is turning into cheapness now!both is for love n o ther is for revenge.loving the trach.

  12. Ena

    Poor Sanaya.she is trying to help her best friend.She leaked the video!disgusting yaar!!lot of relations will break!loving the bet though its wrong.I wonder what will happen when the truth will be out!I don’t find Aryan wrong because he is doing all these for his love.And Nowadays RD is lkng cute cute

  13. Aaliya

    Dhruv vai,,,,,,,Aapka guiter tut gaya!!!!! U know,,, mujhe v bohot shok hay guiter ki!!!! Par eams ke waje se time hi nahi milta sikhna suru krne k liye!!!! ??? aur aapka bike???? Uska halat kaisa hay!!!!???

    • maddy

      Hii dear.guitar is easydearu can learn in vacations..dhruv ki bike to tut gai. par wo dusre leke ayega..:-)
      I hv seen 1stgirl who wna ply guitar:-)24 july ke bad sikhna:-)

      • Aaliya

        Yessss yar Maddy!!!!! Hey,,,, u know,,, I m going to appear in NEET!!!!! hmmmm nice!!!!!!24th July,,,, it’s a long time!!!! ???? I feel vry bent to buy and play guiter!!! ???

        Anddddd,,,, how r u!!????? Itne dn kaha the?????

      • maddy

        Dear telly updates opn nai kiya…u told na someone tht u gona appear for neet.thts why..:-)
        Dear agar dhruv hota to 2 din me Sikha deta:-)its easy now concentrate on stds:-)

  14. karina

    NISHU dear pls explain what is happening coz i dont understand ?
    Sadda Haq is closing or not ? There will be Season 3 ?
    And most important Param and Harshita will be in S3 ? coz u said Param got a film…
    I dont understand the phone convo u post 🙁 and what message did Ashwini post ? Pls guys tell me coz im confused…love u Nishu

  15. nisha







  16. nisha









    • karina

      Thank u so much Nishu…love u a lot…thanks for translating it for me…i really hope they ll bring S3 and i hope Param and Harshita will be there coz if not then it wont be the same…SH without SanDhir its not good…and maybe they ll bring some of the old cast back…im still missing VidArth…well lets see how it goes…luv u Nishu….

  17. maddy

    Hiiii everyone…hi sanyukta howru?
    Hi karu nisha shreya n all.
    Its very sad tht sh is ending..the show was a very good one.
    I m very sad now I wanna beat dhruv wht,shd I do.
    U know Tht frnd of his died cz of this racing n now dhruv…if they,see all such thngs happen why thy play?????
    Shena u r rit such deathly stunts wht thy get,??I told him alwys still his ego is imp.n now he says nxt race is 20 june.I will be fine.means again he gona play.I dnt kno wht to do.plz tell.

    • Sheena

      I know what to do…u r his roomate ryt? So just hide his bike keys…this way, he wont be able to participate in the race…
      .Dhruv bro, what is this? I once lost my frnd in an accident…accidents happen suddenly…they dont knock on ur door or call u n say – ” hey! I’m coming. Be ready to get ur life in danger.” Pls think of ur frnds n family atleast.

      N maddy, its nice to see u back…whats up?

    • Sheena

      N u n revati pls take care that dhruv bhai takes proper diet..kabhi jab body ka immune system down ho toh khane ka mood nahi hota…but a healthy diet will ensure his fast recovery…ok dhruv bro? Eat well n sleep well…me god se b bolungi ki apko jaldi thik krde n aage se esa accidents na ho apke saath…just keep smiling bro 😉

  18. Aaliya

    Wht is this Vai???? Kyun krte ho itna race!!!!! Kuch ho gaya to!!!!! Pls apna kheyal rakhna Vai!!!?….. U should not do this Na!!!!……???????

    • sanyukta rathor

      R8 aalu but boys are boys wo kisi ke nhi sunte ….

      Dhruv bhai i think aap bahut ziddi ho

      Nishu ne bola na agle bar sidha upar melege god ke pass

      Race wace me kya rakha h yar safty is more important than race or abhi to haddiya tudwa kr bete ho race ke liye planing bhi kr li jyada cron supe pine ka man h to mom ko bolo banna dege uske liye haddiya tudwane ke jarurt nhi h ……revu kha ho yr tumhare bhai me vapas haddiya tudwane ka plan bana liya h


      But it was not a joke

      Be safe bhai and all of u

      Hey aalu ager bagwan ke daya se ham kabhi mele to me tumhare gal jarur khechugi dear i don’t care tumhara face lamba h ya gol but i know tum cute to jarur ho ………h na

      Love u dear study well and be happy always



      ????????? u nd me hahahahahahaahahaha

      • sanyukta rathor

        Hey aalu ek request h pls kya tum muzee apna pura nam bta sakti hu if u have not any problam …….?

    • Revati

      Hii aliya thts so sweet di.I told bhai di he was kidding he will not do this:-)
      Luv di u in 12th?

  19. Haaaaaaaw dhruv bhai…..khudko bada hero samajhte ho kya….kya zaruqt thi ittti spped pe chalane ki……..

    Sanyuuuu tujhe toh meri bilkul yaad nahi aayi hogi na….sooo bad…
    How r u every1

    • sanyukta rathor

      Noooooooo my cutiiiii esa ho sakta h kya

      Nhi na

      My sonuuuu monuu

      Tu to yaha ke parineeti h tere yad kase na aati hame

      You like the name parineetiii ???? Hamne diya h

      Kyuki aapka nature bilkul parineeti jasa hi h


      Love u dear ummmmma

    • sanyukta rathor

      You know dhruv bhai khud ko hero samzti hi nhi sayad wo kisi film ke hero hi h tabhi to unke sath bilkul movie jasa hadsa hua h

      I am just kidding bhai


      • Revati

        Yes sanyukta he is hero thts why he dsnot say anything to u evn if ur talking I m not a hero so iwont listen ur jokes. THIS is not a way to tlk when someone IS inhospitl..if ur bro would hv juzt escaped death u would hv talked like this????
        No na then look at him as urbrothr dnt just say bhai bhai mean it..I dnt want fight with u bt dnt talk like this agAin

    • sanyukta rathor

      Ok bye guys i am just little busy meet u soon my friends

      TC karu , aalu , richu , nishu , shivu , mayu , muku , sheenu, revu , and stunt man


      Love u all be happy always

  20. Season 3 mei sandhir ka bacchhaa..hahaha lol….I hope this happens….
    Sanyuu aaluuuu welcom bak dear…
    Nishuu u onc mor confused me…
    Heyy shiv welcum..
    Hiiii dia…

  21. U r rit sanyuuu nishuuu aluu boys bohoauth ziddi hote hai…..
    Bhai ke case mei hi dekh lo…….revati bechari litna bolti hogi dhruv bhai aapko…..
    Dhruv bhai take care…
    Actually aap pe bharosa nahi hai…
    Revati dhyaan rakh legi
    Liyuuu shreyuu diiii wherer u

  22. nishu

    hey maddy what’s up buddy

    its hard to make dhruv understand that this bike ride race is not safe .

    But I think from now on he get extra safety for himself , Lets see what dhruv think about it. ??????

    or yeah we miss u a lot dear hey say it to mukti and rits too we miss them a lot

    and yeah come here soon dear its hardly 1 and half month left when all are coming

    Keep smiling

    hey richu confused whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    sweetheart whenever I used for u richu or richu sweetheart

    for richa(titli) I used pokyrichu or richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    but yeah name same can make this problem hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    keep smiling richu love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  23. Revati

    Hiii sanyu dii karu di nishu di shena di kaha ho?? Richu di aliya how ruall???
    Dii ekdm rit bole abhi etna kuch hone ke bad 20 june ke tayari…
    Waise mera bhai herooo hi hai:-):-)
    Handsome dashing guitar or bike ke sath dekhogi to fidaaa ho jaogi:-):-):-):-)
    Waise wo nai jaynge muje u.hone promise kiye ke 100 ke age gadi nai chalayenge..aur wo prms nai koi tnsn nai:-):-)

    Sanyu dii rit khana ho to kuch nhi samne:-):-)
    Waise richu. Nishu di..mainebhai ko gift diya..ek tedy bear jo kehta hai “we r togthr forevr dnt get sad”:-)

    Bt bhai bole tu apne sath leke so demag,khta hai wo tedy.:-(
    White colur ka cutee hai:-):-):-)

  24. Revati

    Di aisa mat bolo..plz.unhe koi acha nai lag raha wo unhone jan buchke thodi kiya hai….our is time unka majak udan is not a sign of good frnd.plz richu di n sanyu di..dnt discuss his prblm like this..plz.n I will not listen this again.ok.

    • sanyukta rathor

      Oooop sorry revu pakka aage se esa nhi hoga sorry dear mera intention tume hurt krna nhi tha i was just joking i am so sorry dear and promiss me aage se esa mazk nhi karugi

      Sorry dear


      • sanyukta rathor

        And dear mera mean wo nhi tha jo tum sanz rahe ho me bhi nhi cahti ke kisi ke bhi bhai ko zara si bhi chot lage

        Sorry dear

      • sanyukta rathor

        And i know it’s ur matter muzee interfare nhi krna cahiye tha sorry i don’t do this again with anybudy here i am soo sorry everyone ……

      • sanyukta rathor

        Or jaha tak mere bhai ke bat h to agar uske sath esa hota to me use bhi yahe bolti because muzee use samzhana hota taki wo esa dubara na kare

        But i understand that dhruv bhai is ur bro and aap ache se janti ho ke aap ke bhai ke liye kya acha h or kya nhi sorry for
        interfare i ur matter

      • sanyukta rathor

        Dear pls ye mt samzna ke me tumsi fight kr rahi hu nhi me esa kuch nhi bol rahi infact i am so happy ki dhruv bhai ke pass tumhare jasi caring sis h jo apne bhai ke itni care krti h and thats so sweet ke aapne apne bhai ko gift diya …..sorry once again dear

      • Revati

        Di ugetting me wrong..I sais dnt pas such cheap jokes n dnt discuss with richu di as if its a laughing matter..
        Evn nishu di karu dI aliya n shena di n shivu di said bt thy nvr laughed n didn’t made,any jokes on bhai..u will not understand it..rheno di Muje apse jagdna nai hai.ap badi ho mujse..sory par plz jokes Mt bolo.u cn talk anything bt dnt make this a laughing mater no.I wont permit it…
        Cz my bro is in hospital having so much pain n I dnt thnk apka bhai aisa hota to apko hasi ati..anyways let’s close the topic.

      • sanyukta rathor

        I tottly understand dear but tumse kisne kha ki me has rahi hu dear muzee pta h ke tumhe kya feel ho raha h and mene sorry bola na

        I am sorry dear

        But trust me me dhruv bhai par jokes crack nhi kr rahi the tum muzee galat samz rahi hu

        Ok forget it i am sorry


      • sanyukta rathor

        Hey my loving friends

        Gn sweet dreems

        Gn karu , aalu, nishu , shivu , sheenu , richu , richa , aprna and all of u

        Gn revu sorry again dear mene tumhe hurt kiya
        TC of u and ur brother

        Bye all of we will meet on 19 may

        Love u all be happy and safe always



  25. Sheena

    Hey revati dear!! Glad to see u…how r u?
    N how is dhruv bro feeling now? Recover ho rahe hai achhe se?
    I think he needs rest na…proper sleep n diet will soon make him fine..u don’t worry..
    U take care of urslf also ok? Luv u 🙂

    • Sheena

      N u gave a teddy to ur bro ?? That too with such a cute msg..u r so cute n caring..after getting that teddy as a gift from u, dhruv will quickly recover n play guitar for u 😉

      • Sheena

        Haw dhruv!! Teddys kabhi dimag nahi khate sirf tension khate hai…revu itne pyar se lai hai…

  26. karina

    Hello my lovely friends h r u all ?
    Revu sweety ur back 🙂 how is Dhruv feeling ? is he better now ? send him my best wishes…

  27. Sry revu if u r hurt……evn im possesive aboutuim…
    But evn he should understand lyf is precious…..sry fr hurting……..
    How is he????? Plzzz take care nd yep I can imagine him soooo dashing…I had onc evn told him…………
    Sanyuuuuuu nishuuuu karuuu hiiii sheenu im fine how r u all

  28. shreya

    Hey dhruv abi maine tu open kia n i m shocked u met an accident pkz take care of urself coz mujhe pta hai jab injury hoti hai to kaisa lagta hai 7 days hospital m spend kia hai.plz be carefull in future

  29. shreya

    Hey revati can i ask u something?
    Hey i never went to mumbai so mere ko jyada pta ni hai mumbai k bare m actually mujhe mba karna hai n i want to do it in mumbai n wahi settled bi hone ka plan hai so can u help me plz.i do’nt know anybody there

  30. Aaliya

    Oyyyy SANYU DI,,,,, Jana bad me!!!! Mera nam to sunlo!!!! Aaliya is my Nick Name… Ànd good name is Sanchari … ?? ‘SAN’ tak similar hay hm dono ka name!!!???? but I love whn u call me AALU!!!! ??????

    And REVU,, yup dear,,,, I passed 12th and preparing fr entrnce…. ☺☺

    Hi richu, sreyà Di, karu, Sheena, nishu, Maddy, shivu, oopshu, ena, ayana, shiv, dia, princy, rits , richa, liya, sid, vishal(visual) , mukti,, mayuri and my DHRUV VAI….. Gooood nigghhtt….??

  31. dia

    Whr is richu dii….nd devu dii…..they r on this page na nishu???

    Nd Nishuu darluu…..u r the same one who was with me on acls nd nauc nd ehr nd everytime……nishuu srsly i missd u a lott

    nd devu dii……plzz reply if u r reading this……i luv u a lott…..nd m missing u badly…….

  32. dia

    Nd to others…..hyy all of u….m dia…..m richu di nd nishu’s friend from….well nowhere but m their friend who came here to find them……

    Well i used to watch sh long back….nd its totally changed

  33. dia

    Yaaron dosti
    badi hi haseen
    Yeh na ho to
    kya phir
    Bolo yeh
    zindagi hai
    Koi to ho
    Begaraj tera
    ho yaar
    Koi to ho
    mohabbat hi to
    bandagi hai
    Yeh na ho to
    kya phir bolo
    yeh zindagi hai
    Koi to dilbar
    ho yaar
    Jisko tujhse
    ho Pyaar
    Koi to dilbar
    ho yaar
    Teri har ke
    buraai pe
    daante woh dost
    Gam ki ho
    dhoop to saaya
    bane tera woh
    Naache bhi woh
    teri khushi
    aree Yaaron
    dosti badi hi
    haseen hai
    Yeh na ho to
    kya phir
    Bolo yeh
    zindagi hai
    Koi to ho
    Begaraj tera
    ho yaar
    Koi to ho
    Tan mann kar
    tujhpe fida
    Mehboob woh
    Palkon pe jo
    rakhe tujhe
    Mehboob woh
    Jiski vafa
    tere liye ho
    Are Yaaron
    mohabbat hi to
    bandagi hai
    Yeh na ho to
    kya phir
    Bolo yeh
    zindgi hai
    Koi to dilbar
    ho yaar
    Jisko tujhse
    ho pyaar
    Koi to dilbar
    ho yaar

  34. sanyukta rathor

    Good morning everybudy

    Hey karu , nishu , aalu , richu , revu , mayu , shivu , shiv , sheenu , muku , aishu bro and all

    Hey revu kal ke liye sorry yr dhruv bhai kase h ab

    My practical exam is postpond

    Love u all

    Have a nice day


    • Aaliya

      Good mrng dii…. Aap itni jaldi uthti ho nind se!!!! ?? main to 6 baje uthi hu!!!!!??

      Good mrng all…

      REVU,,, Vai kaise hay ab?????

      • sanyukta rathor

        Yes my aalu , my dad yr morning me 4:30 pr hi uta dete h taki ache se pad saku ab to muzee aadat ho gae 4:30 utne ki

        6 bhi jada nhi h very nice ha tum bhi jaldi hi ut jati ho hmmmmmmmmmm good habbit

        Nice day dear love u

  35. revati

    sayuuu dii soryyy kal jada bola.i was sadna thtswhy soryyyyyyyy..wo kal bhai ka khana band kar saline pe laga diya so i was sad n ape gussa kiya.
    soryy.litlle busy diiiilvu sory n richu di sory

    • sanyukta rathor

      Ooooo dear no need of sorry u r like my little sis ,,

      Hey what are u saying dhruv bhai thek to h na ????

      Tc dear and don’t worry dhruv bhai jaldi thek ho jaege

      Don’t be sad okkk be happy always

      i will pry fr bhai

      Love you ☺

  36. Gud morning everyone.
    Gud mrng sanyuuu aalu…hmmmm seems lyk ihe convo is started widout me..
    Happy sunday all

  37. Sheena

    Revati dear…is dhruv bhai recovering? Why saline instead of food? N he told that he’ll have a surgery on monday na…convey my best wishes to him…i’ll pray to god…he’ll be fine soon…
    N dear, u also need to take care of urself ok? Luv u

  38. Aastha

    gud mrng everyone….i hope u guyz didn’t forget me.. waise revati mujhe tumhe betana tha kal mere bhai ko bhi choot lagi ..uske sir , hand and shoulder per… per mai itni gandi sis ho ki uske wounds dekne s phele hi usse datene lgi ki vo cycle thik s kyu nhi chala rha kal k comments padh per lga tumhe apne bhai k itni care h..i wish mai v tumhari ek acchi sis hoti.. n say bhai to take care ..i wabt to say only one thng to bhai: plz aaj k baad aap kabhi race mat karba…. btw happy sunday.

  39. Mayuri

    Hii everyone !!!!
    Dia dar welcome to our group and sanyu best of luck for your practical ….
    And Dhruv bhai are u fine now … take care … revati dear take care of him …

    Guys I am sorry my exams are coming so I won’t be here because my parents are cutting my internet connection …
    please enjoy guys and Byee….

  40. Liya

    Hello….I am finally really back..
    Do guyz remember me??well I do remember u guyz and

    I am really pissd off that sh2 is gonna end….have been watching it from 1st epi..I WILLISS OUR SANDHIR…

    Guyz,I cudnt reply to u guyz that day coz my hand hurt a lot that now am fyn…currently in my grandma’s home…

    Well happy to see u guyz again…
    And HELLO to all new comersss

  41. Liya

    Dhruv bhai….what happened to u??
    U all right nah??plz take care of urself…OK??..
    Hey Revu,is ur bro fyn now??
    Luv both of u..

  42. Revati

    Hiiii everyone..sory kal busy thi so reply nai diyaa..
    Ok Shreya dii I am not frm mumbai.I live in us. Vacations ke liye ai..
    Bt dhruv bhai yaha rhte hai so he will help u..mai unko bolti hu…

    Shena di wo khanese unke throat ko lga hai to aur prblm hoga so saline..n mondy ke surgery dctr ne cancl ki..he sad no need.he is strong n healthy…bt dnt wry di mom n mycousin,sis r with bhai

    Bhai dnt allow me to visit hospital.he says it’s not good to visit here kal jaungi:-)

    Sanyu n richu di…janedo wo sab..
    Sanyu di it’s goodtht ur prctcl postponed:-):-)now std harder:-):-)

    Astha how is ur bro??is he fine now???
    N yep I love,my bro very very very much…he is my life:-):-):-):-)

    Karu di how is ur project???I mean presentation going???

    Liya wlcm back.hope u ok now:-)

  43. dhruv

    Helo..howru al??
    Hey sanyu sory wo usko bata nai ham kitna majak krte hai so sory.maine abhi tu opnkiya.sory.hey my possessive richuu howru?
    Shreyu how can I help u
    Shinchan sosweet u are.bahot bura idea bike keys chupana hahaha;-)

    • anushka

      U shd hv died.fir smjta bike race kya hai..
      I know in mumbai all boys do such own bf did this..u people r 3class…n Mumbai itscommon all people in mumbai r. Bad.they do such thngs..go to club drnk bears n race n al..I hv seen the ugliest life of mumbai

      • Mayuri

        Anushka dear please calm down …. U can’t say that somebody should die …. I know it’s totally wrong to drink and then drive at the speed of 110+ …. But it is very bad to say so …. Yeah… I agree that u r very angry with that type of life style but please dear calm down ….

        And I also visit Mumbai but not so oftenly because I have to attend my school also at a very far place from it but my father lives there so I visit there … And I m very small for all the things which u said so I don’t about it all but Mumbai is a very hard place to live but if u go for a vacation then it’s awesome but Mumbai is very far from our imagination but really the Mumbai’s people are very polite with u and they r really helpful and the surroundings r awesome but if u r alone then the place could be very very bad and harmful also that is why I always go with my mother and dad to enjoy 🙂

    • sanyukta rathor

      Oooo hoooo dhruv bhai revu bas aap ke hi sis h kya hamari nhi h kya ….

      Kaheka sorry …. aap bhi bacho wali bat krte ho

      infact aap ko to revu par proud feel krna cahiye she is a very very cute sis and aap se bahut pyar krti h

      Or aap kase ho f9 na

      TC bhai and be happy always

      Or revu ka taddy aap apne pass rakho usne kitne pyar se diya h u r very lucky bhai


    • Sheena

      Bhai, jab race k din keys nai milenge na tab pata chlega idea bura hai yaa achha..?
      Anyways r u feeling now? Better?

  44. anushka

    Im silent rreader bt I will tell u all the life of mumbai..I hv sufred alot there.
    Plz listen…I m frm sml town.n went to mumbai…n I alwys thought as al peopl thought tht Mumbai wow..such big city with bolywood n I tell u this is al just cover of’s a bakal n gandi city people u trust bt r most harMful…
    The people nvr help..thy nvr help u..they thnk ur a dustbin n go…thy r bad…
    N the boys They tlk to u very friendly bt their intentions r not good..they ditch u they hv 4 4 gfs.thy drink they do races n show u as if thy r best…thy r handsome good-looking n hv lot of money bt thy r characterlesss..
    Shreya I read ur cmnt..u dnt evn know dhruv hiw can u trust him???dnt do the mistake I did…
    If he take u somewhre else???
    U dnt kno Mumbai..everyday 10 to 30 girls ko uthake leke jTe

    • anushka

      Bt with help of money n politicians setting is done…I dnt know its good to say I wanna tell people so thy will be careful…plz dnt trust people frm mumbai…thy r worst..its a truth..mumbai jitni achi dikti hai utni bakal hai…

      • anushka

        So plz shreya Dnt trust dhruv..its a request..I hve seen MMumbai it’s true colours..dnt trust peolple frm’s not safe for girls..they use u n throw’s TRUTH..believe me

      • Sheena

        Hey anushka! Dear i don’t agree with u…even i belong to mumbai…i lived there during my childhood days n i still spend atleast 2-3 months in mumbai…mumbai is infact a very good city…the boys in mumbai r not cheapsters..not all of them r involved in drinking n smoking…maybe u just met some ppl who were not good…my best frnds r from mumbai only…yaa i agree that accidents n all r common in mumbai n when there is an accident, ppl are not much bothered to help that person coz thay r too busy in their own lives…but for girls, mumbai is safe…i go for walks at night n i don’t face any problems…ya some areas r really really unsafe for girls. So its better to avoid visiting such areas. I now live in capital of chhattisgarh, n it is also very safe for girls. If someone tries to eve tease a girl here, then even passerbys come to help her… N even in mumbai, most of the ppl r really helpful. The only thing that i don’t like in mumbai is its traffic. but overall, mumbai is really nice.

        N regarding our trust on dhruv bro, well u don’t know much about our friendship n bond…u’ll soon get to know about it..
        Anyways, welcome here..

      • Aaliya

        Hey anushka….pls …. I didn’t go to Mumbai, so dnt know abt d city… U may comment abt Mumbai bt dont judge any person…. U dnt hv right to pass such comment abt DHRUV Vai… U dnt know him…so pls dear…….

  45. Mayuri

    Liya dear u r coming and I m going …. So sadful situation …..
    Revati dear …. No problem dear … I m happy that i ever met such cute sis … So even u go I will always remember u dear 🙂

  46. nisha

    hey dia sweetheart how r u


    yaaron dosti badi hi hassein hai

    Wo Doston Ki Mehfil, Vo Muskratey Pal,
    Dil Se Judaa Nahi Apnaa Beetaa Hua Kal,
    Kabhi Zindgi Guzrti Thi Waqt Bitane Mein,
    Aaj Wqt Guzarta Hai Zindgi Bitane Mein.

    love u dia song for u sweetheart reporter missing ur reporting a lot dear

    yeah in a small time richu and devga too come love u dia

    and yeah devga once told that she like written updates of krpkeb and edkv

    may be she will theretoo.

    love u dia

    Sham bhi koi jaise hai nadi
    Lehar lehar jaise beh rahi hai
    Koi ankahi koi ansuni
    Baat dheemi dheemi keh rahi hai
    Kahi na kahi jaagi hui hai koi aarzoo
    Kahi na kahi khoye hue se hai main aur tu
    Ke boom boom boom para para
    Hai khaamosh dono
    Ke boom boom boom para para
    Hai madhosh dono
    Jo gumsum gumsum hai yeh fizaye
    Jo kehti sunti hai yeh nigahe
    Gumsum gumsum hai yeh fizaye hai na

    Suhani suhani hai yeh kahani
    Jo khamoshi sunaati hai
    Jise tune chaha hoga wo tera
    Mujhe wo yeh batati hai
    Main magan hoo par na jaanu
    Kab aane wala hai wo pal
    Jab haule haule dheere dheere
    Khilega dil ka yeh kamal
    Ke boom boom boom para para
    Hai khaamosh dono
    Ke boom boom boom para para
    Hai madhosh dono
    Jo gumsum gumsum hai yeh fizaye
    Jo kehti sunti hai yeh nigahe
    Gumsum gumsum hai yeh fizaye hai na

    Yeh kaisa samay hai kaisa sama hai
    Ke sham hai pighal rahi
    Yeh sab kuch hasee hai sab kuch jawa hai
    Hai zindagi machal rahi jagmagati jilmilati
    Palak palak pe khwaab hai
    Sun yeh hawaye gungunaye
    Jo geet lajawab hai
    Ke boom boom boom para para
    Hai khaamosh dono
    Ke boom boom boom para para
    Hai madhosh dono
    Jo gumsum gumsum hai yeh fizaye
    Jo kehti sunti hai yeh nigahe
    Gumsum gumsum hai yeh fizaye hai na

    keeep smiling sweetheart

  47. nisha

    hey dhruv buddy take care

    have some rest , and very soon you are going to be fit and fine

    Get well soon

    love u revu how r u I know u need to take care of bhai but take care of urself too lvoe u revu
    when u getting fit then u help ur bhai to get well soon

    keep smiling

    love u karu missing today

    love u suru

    guysssssssssssss I am not sure if I came after sd ends so yeah I have 1 and half month to talk to u all.

    love u

    love u richu , aishu, ria yeah I remember u sweethearrt llove u . sanyu sheenu, aaliya aalu how ru sweeetheart

    sanyu why dhruv calling u di , i mean I thought u and aaliya are same
    love u mayuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    keep smiling buddies.

    • sanyukta rathor

      Hey nishu i am f9 dear

      Hw r u

      hahah muze bhi nhi pta dhruv bhai muzee di kyu bolte h but it’s ok

      Kahete h na give respect and take respect hahahahaha

      • anushka

        Hey aliya I am being rapedd…if u dnt wanna listen dont listennnn…people r like this only..
        Thts why I told Shreya to not trust dhruv..if he rapes her thn??
        U shdtk care of urself girls..dnt get fooled..n iam 29 years old…so plz I hv seen more world thnu all

  48. Aastha

    di sry to say bt sab ek jaise nhi hote…trust karna aur blind trust karna diff h… shreya fi itni sensible tu jaror h ki unko pta ho unhe apni safty kaise karni h….. donot take me wrng..mera intention aapko hurt karna nhi tha..sabse mistake hoti h bhai s v hui ab vo race nhi karenge uhone bola h..aise mat bolo unki v family h agar unhe khuch ho jata tu unki family ko kitna bura lgta..
    and revati my bro is fine…minor injuries h bt hand m bas thora jyada lag gya h…
    n sanyu di phele m 6 baje utti thi bt ab 8 lol

  49. Aastha

    and anushka di thnks apne mujhe aapne mumbai ka dark side dikaya… mai kahi v jaogi tu aapki y baat yaad rehegi ki kisi per blind trust nhi karna chaiye

  50. dhruv

    Wht who said maine drink kiya aur 110 pe gadi chalayi..hey mayuri dear mai drink nai karta

    • dhruv

      Ohhh guya dnt thnk ki I drink n all..I m not tht type of guy!!!!!!!!!!
      Hey anushka dear I agree tht Mumbai for a new alone girl is litl hard bt not all people,r like tht…n shreya was not asking me to meet..she onlywnted to kno details..
      N I m not so cheap tht kisiko kahi uthake leke jaunga.

    • Mayuri

      Bhai … No meine aapko nhi bola ki aap drink karte ho … I have said for somebody else whosoever do that then race … I didn’t mean it for u… And Bhai no racing at least not in the speed of above 80 … Not at all … U was so close from being seeing ur last moment … I don’t wanna say anything … It’s so painful to loose someone ….

      And don’t think that I said that u drink … I only said that u should not ride the bike at that high speed ….

      And take care Bhai … Get well soon .. 🙂

  51. anushka

    U all dnt kno cause u live with family dears.
    Living alone u wil know..
    Dhruv I just took ur exmpl the way of ur behaving with girls here n ur a bike racer dashing it alk suits to tht Rich spoilt boys…I hv seen..see oneguy in mumbai talked
    happily with girls on a site. Clsisters..slowly gets close to thm trust n thn sy to one girl thT

    • I can understand anushka but here no one know each other personally I should tell you one thing dear don’t go for looks they may deceive you

    • Sheena

      Anushka dear, mumbai is a difficult city to live in…but once u sttle down there, then its one of the best cities…n all bikers r not drunkards…agr dhruv bhai bike chlate h that doesn’t mean ki vo drink krte ho ya cheap ho…

  52. Aaliya

    Nw let b straightforward!!!!! Dekho anushka… Agar tumhe hmse aur dhruv Vai se prblm he,,, thn don’t comment abt our frndship… Nobody is interested to hear ur drunken frnds story!!!!!
    Sorry fr being harsh and rude!!!!!

  53. Mumbai is my city it very gud since u were small town and a girl all alone there u may have faced problems…
    From two years I’m in Hyderabad but my homplace navi mumbai…..if not really bad…..
    Heyyyyy bhai sooooo nice to see u today….very happy….but a warning for u dear…plZ be careful yaar kya rakha he in race mei
    .zindagi jio dost…

  54. G not possesive bhai don’t forget g have many sisters other than revu…him sab u kno…
    And anushka as fa as I kno him he’s really gud dear not blind but months oc trust…..
    Sanyuuuu ria how can I forget u yaar….
    Nishuuuu sheenu mayu karu
    Liya hiiiii dear soon happie to see u once again take care…
    Aalu apu shivu any how r u all..
    Mumbaya friends.

  55. anushka

    People in mumbai r cheap..I hv been raped so I told Shreya not to trust dhruv..he may evn rape u..make u pr*stitute..beware girlsss…
    N yes I am 29 I hv seen world…aliya u dmr know u r small..dnr trust any guy

    • dhruv

      Heyyy u thnk I am a rapist????
      Hey whoevr u r dnt tlk nonsense…who told u?? u dnt know me..n y u r using such words here…oh gosh…who r u?????????????!??

    • dhruv

      Tu pagal hai kya????????ohh I dnt want get in ur matter…whoevr u r leave ds site or I will leave….calling m god peopl like uuu….
      By guys jab ye pgl jayegi mai aunga..naet mereko kuch alag hi bana dige Byby

      • deepak

        My wife is not pagal. U in ur abv cmnt said dear to she ur gf…
        I will report uif u say such words for any girl…n yes she,was,not saying u r rapist…u may be good.
        Bt whn u came to know that she IS physically abused u shd hv looked at her with respct u r calling her pagal…
        U young boys dnt hv Respct.she is being raped n u say her pagal n I dnt get involved…
        I will report u if u say anything against her.

    • what are you saying??? I told you before we do not know each other personally and intentions of dhruv bhai is not bad and dear I know you are abused physically as well as mentally so be strong don’t let people affect and our dhruv bhai is really very good

    • Liya

      Hey anushka di…we are not sharing our personal things and all here…we can undrstnd ur situation but dhruv bhai hav never talked with us in a negative way…so plz undrstnd us

  56. nisha

    hey anushka

    dear u have bear a lot in life

    I am not even experienced the toughest thing may be what u have experienced

    which makes u tough and also aware of life. people threats and how to protect yourself

    Dear I am shocked when I read that such bad things happen to u in mumbai

    but there are bad people everywhere every city , even in my city too crime rate is such high

    i cannot disclose much things but yes something happened in my city too

    girl has been raped and you don’t beleived after that what happend to her

    gang rape and after that a very horrifying death , I cannot even say it and express the first time I read it in newspaper being a girl I even cry how she bear the pain before death

    its really horrible she was murdered by those gang rapers and after that they murdered her

    with a rod . in such a horrible way I can’t I just can’t tell u in words

    but trust me dear if there are wrong people in the city there are good people too.

    In my city also If there are good people there are bad people too

    try to trust on people or else you can’t live ur life happily .

    Its really important not all the people , take time and then make friends

    we all are friends here

    and trust me Dhruv is our buddy dear

    he is from mumbai but not like what u have explain above

    or else I think you don’t need to judge people on same characteristics

    Different people Different behaviour , different personality different thinking

    Dhruv is a nice guy

    and also we are online friends so

    there is not any danger shreya is going to mumbai and offcourse

    Dear thanx for the advice we all going to admit that we can take necessary steps for safety

    and she too she is a mature girl enough

    Now take a new start

    if you come here make friends

    we alll are friends here

    if u don’t comfortable

    take time don’t talk now to dhruv

    and when u find him to trust worthy enough then talk to him

    but please don’t use bad words for him.

    as he already bear so much before and now this accident

    Please its a humble request to a humble genuine straight forward girl anushka

    love u anushka hope u understand us

    its been some days left

    please spread positivity and friendship

    keep smiling

    love u buddy dhruv and revuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    keep smiling

    love u karu richu shivu liyu sanyu

  57. sanyukta rathor

    Yar ye sab personal cheje yaha mt kro tally update wali fir se updates block kr dege ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  58. nisha

    dhruv i know she use wrong words

    but please don’t angry dear

    we all are friends and we all trust you dear so please calm down.

    Let us talke to anushka

    lets see what solution we may find

    she has some misunderstandings let them clear

    and came here with a calm mind

    calm down dhruv we all are here with u don’t worry

    All things get fine.

    buddy now come on keep smiling or else revu ko kehkar nurse se ek injection mil jaayega in dinner what say.

    or else lokee ka soup kaisaa a rahergaa

    yucky naaa

    I know I can imagine . ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    now come on smile and calm down we all are here

    so just wait for her to calm down

    here we all are friends and nobody misunderstood you she is just one we make her understand the situaiton and clear the assumptions.

    okay byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  59. Aaliya

    Vaiiii….aap bat bat pe Jane ki bat kyun krte hooo!!!!???? Plsss vaii….. Comeback….. Anushka,,,, I shouldn’t talk to u like tht.. I feel fr u…. Bt dear,,,, we know DHRUV Vai fr mannnyy days…he is not like tht…. And we can’t let him go frm this site…..
    I think u r getting wht I intend to tell……

    Hi sanyu di…..??

  60. nisha

    Dear mr deepak

    nobody call that word sir,

    some misunderstanding happened

    by seeing on the above comments it is showing may be just in a writing way

    that anushka claiming dhruv a rapist

    I am not saying she is calling him but by her writing if u are reading then it is showing

    that she is claiming her rapist

    he is just an ordinary mumbai boy. that’s it

    Sir, you are a gentleman tell us we all are small girls in front of you

    I really have immense respect to anushka how bravely she fight with the circumstances

    but is it right to see all the mumbai guys with same perceptions

    if she said just shreyu to beware then we take her advice

    but you cannot said one mumbai citizen again and again

    that these kind of boys are like this like that

    you tell me , if you are from any city or any work person if anybody call u that these workers are like this like that in wrong maaner

    how would you react

    Please just a humble request

    I already told anushka to be a friends

    lets stop this all.

    its been days left here for us all.

    and we wish to go with nice memories

    be a friend anushka

    try to trust people

    we all are friend

    and we are happy to be your friend too.

    Make friends according to your trust and comfort

    we are not in a hurry we are here

    and happy to have u in our group

    we will make u smile too.

    NOw please let stop alll this or else we all need to left this page now.

  61. deepak

    Very matured girl nisha…I m noone to say bt u hv explained very nicely..I am anushka husbnd..she issilent reader bt when she read abt Shreya asking help frm tht guy she felt uneasy…she want noone to suffr so she said..

    Dhruv 1st I came here to say u sory frm my wife’s behalf bt when I read ur insensitive comments I knew u dnt hv heart..u dnt know how it feels. bt u said such insensitive thngs..
    I knew today’s generation boys only wnts party n mja n thy r so insensitive..n u called her dear n u r calling all peopll All petnames..u dnt kmow this girls..dnt say thm such thngs….
    Yea I wil report u if u say insensitive comments here onany girl or my wife

    • mr deepak I can understand your wife situation but dhruv respect every girl he is not talking in negative way .I really respect her she is brave enough to reveal such incidence

    • Aastha

      sir i totally agree with u …. thnks u opened my eyes … only one request i am going to other city for study purpose… if di n u want to suggest somethng then plz suggest…

  62. dhruv

    Sory sir..I didn’t mean tht.sory.
    I am 21 sir I dnt understand this thngs n I hv not seen wht u hv seen..
    Sory for hurting ur sentiments

  63. nisha

    Dear Mr deepak

    Sir, there is nothing a need to report on tu

    as dhruv react in a rush , as just in a conversation he heard something bad for him and in a sudden he react

    I am guaranteed you he just doenn’t mean anything

    You also seen in upcoming comments him to take back that word what he said for anushka as he just used in a hush hush as a sudden reaction.

    and yeah we are friends from a long time

    In our generations its normal to be friends online , to talk to people

    but yeah I want to assure u for ur wife anushka visit here

    I am here from a long time

    I never share my peronal stuff any with any of my friend

    as I beleive online world require some safety steps and I use it properly.

    and by doing that I am quite safe here and living a healthy atmosphere

    this place giving u a chance to share your heart to share your opinion

    as till that time when it cannot harm anybody.

    That;s why I love that place

    here we are not interested in people personal life , we share

    what we like

    our desires our choices ,etc.

    so if anushka came back here we are ready to welcome here

    but as a girl I really wish to told her that please try to trust people once again

    you bear a lot and you deserve a lot goodness in ur life giving a chance would give u lots of happiness

    so came here we have lots of positiivity and happiness

    and we will try fully to give u lots of happiness too

    try to trust dhruv too

    he is trustworthy friend.

    keep smiling anushka

    Once a friend always a friend.

  64. nisha


    dhruv I so knew that you would definitely came and say this to

    Mr deepak


    as a friend I am so proud of you.

    and yeah congratulate me too. , I understand now your reactions and what you are going to do


    now a relief everything

    is gonna sort now.


    a song for all of us dhruv


    Nananana re re ree..

    Jab life ho out of control
    Honthon ko kar ke gol

    Honthon ki kar ke gol
    Seeti bajaa ke bol

    Jab life ho out of control Honthon ko kar ke gol

    Honthon ki kar ke gol
    Seeti bajaa ke bol

    Aal iss well!!!!

    Murgi kya jaane aande ka kya hoga
    Aree life milegi ya tawee pe fry hoga
    Koi na jaane apna future kya hoga?

    Honth ghuma seeti bajaa
    Seeti bajaa ke bol
    Bhaiyaa all iss well

    Aree bhaiyaa all iss well
    Aree chachu all iss well
    Aree bhaiyaa all iss well

    Confusuin hi confusion hai
    Solution kuch pata nahin

    Solution jo mile to saala
    Question kya tha pata nahin

    Dil jo tera baat baat pe ghabraaye
    Dil pe rakhke haath usae tu fuslaa le
    Dil idiot hai pyaar se usko samjha le

    Honth ghuma seeti bajaa
    Seeti bajaa ke bol
    Bhaiyaa all is well

    Aree bhaiyaa all iss well
    Aree chachu all iss well
    Aree bhaiyaa all is well

    Scholarship ki pi gayaa daaru
    Ghum to phir bhi mitaa nahin
    Agarbattiyan raakh ho gayi
    God to phir bhi dikha nahi

    Bakra kya jaan uski jaan ka kya hoga?
    Seekh ghusegi ya saala kheema hoga
    Koi na jaane apna future kya hoga

    To Honth ghuma seeti bajaa
    Seeti bajaa ke bol
    Bhaiyaa aal iss well

    Aree bhaiyaa all iss well
    Aree chachu all iss well
    Aree bhaiyaa all iss well

    Jab life ho out of control
    Honthon ko kar ke gol

    Honthon ko kar ke gol
    Seeti bajaa ke bol

    All iss well!!!

    Murgi kya jaane aande ka kya hoga
    Aree life milegi ya tawee pe fry hoga
    Koi na jaane apna future kya hoga?

    Honth ghuma seeti bajaa
    Seeti bajaa ke bol
    Bhaiyaa all iss well

    Aree murgi all iss well
    Aree bakri all iss well
    Aree bhaiyaa all iss well

    Na na an na nananana na!

    Aree bhaiyaa all iss well

    so gao friends all is well in end now

    keep smilling

  65. dhruv

    Y s. I didn’t read i just read 2 words..thts why..I m sory very sory…if I want u report me but I didn’t knew she was married n said dear as a frnd.sory for using tht word..very sory sir…didn’t knew she is married Sory….
    N These othr girls r my frnds thy dnt hv prbl. Sir..
    Bt abt ur wife I m sory sir realy sory.. .
    Forgive me sir sory for hurting u n ur wife sir

    • anushka

      Ladke line pe a jate hai jab husband ate hai…look at u poor boy saying sory so many times…hahaha por boydnt wry my husband will nt do anything

  66. karina

    Hey my lovely friends h r u all ?
    Liya sweety welcome back..
    Dhruv h r u feeling now ?
    Nishuuuuu my cutie why u wont come here after SH ends ? 🙁 pls pls pls come…for ur Karu…love uuu
    Sanyu, Richu, Shivani, Revu, Aaliya h r u my dears ? love u all

    • sanyukta rathor

      I am f9 dear karu

      Hey guys pata nhi aaj kya ho raha h mera har kam postpond kyu ho raha h ek month ke bad aaj li singing class mile the wo bhi postpond ho gae


  67. nisha

    hey dhruv

    Okay dhruv now all is well

    take a releif and back to ur dhruv mode how r u

    how r ur bones and revu

    and yeah

    karu yeah dear I am not sure if I came after sadda haq ends

    but yeah for u I defiiinitely came where you said as you earlier said on anda’s ff done’

    I came after that there

    love u karu

    even me too habitual of talking to u all.

    love u keep smiling


    I have a very

    adoring pic

    of aryan and sanaya

    so cute they looks

    and such a new news after all this guyssssssssssssssss be happy and keep smiling

    • karina

      hey my Nishu yeah pls do come on anda’s ff after SH ends…i still wanna talk to u all…i ll miss u all a lot if u all wont come here after SH ends…so pls do come here guys…we can chat on ffs pages…love u all…be safe and happy

  68. nisha

    such a cute pic of sandhir loved it a lot

    thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx anushka and thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to ur husband too

    for both of ur kindness for not doing anything .

    and welcome in our friends

    hey anushka can we give u a nic name what u want

    I give u anu but its already a friend name

    so tell us what u like as a nic name for us to calling u .

    keep smiling

    • Liya

      Hey nishu di….
      Such a nyc pic di…thnk u for sharing it
      I will miss sandhir after sh2 finish…?

  69. deepak

    Dhruv ur21? Very small.I m like ur age is 45…
    I like the way u handled everything..mature more thn ur age…good…no prblm dhruv dnt take tnsn…ur very mature n good…keep it up..
    N nisha ur also a very good frnd..very matured..
    Everyone here we dnt want to spoil ur frndshp..we will not come..we r older can we be frnds..ur like our kids.u all enjoy..
    Once again Dhruv n nisha very impressive.
    One suggestion. U both wil be good husband wife:-)
    Ab u all joke we can also na:-):-)
    Nisha n dhruv lovebirds be happy alwys

  70. nisha

    Dear deepak sir,

    serously immense respect for your kindness sir,

    but its a public platform please its a humble request to not use

    lovebirds and future husband wife.

    dhruv and I cannot share more than buddies

    we are buddies that’s it not more than that

    but yeah once a day I have choosen my would be for sure.

    and yes that’ is from my parent’s choice for sure.

    he is the one I am falling in love with definitely.

    Keep smiling anushka

  71. nisha

    hey devgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    how r u masakali

    hey I don’t know

    our devil richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is where

    I try to find her but she is like a titli god knows difficult to find her where she is going to be

    she said she is going to write a new fic too.

    I told her to give a link here

    love u devga keep smiling masakali

      • richa (titli)

        well sanyu dr LOL meAns laugh out loud and normally Lot’s of Lovee nd for mr it’s Lot’s of Love

    • sanyukta rathor

      Hey nishu dear

      I want to ask a que

      I know ke me tume todi pagal lagugi bt muzee such me nhi pta yar

      What is full form of LoL


      Such me muzee nhi pta

      Koi muz par hasega nhi okkkkkk?

  72. richa (titli)

    heyyy @@@ mayuroi well India is almost anome derivede and here animaxxx channe lll is invisible parents object as the anime iss for big ppl nand children immitate anyways u can watch on net ANN channel and ma fav is NARUTOOO seriess i havent missd a single issue oif manga or anime episode WBU??
    LOL TC

      • richa (titli)

        Oyee monaa ddaarrlingg i repliedd to u on ur last cmmt too nyc to c u ok i’ll try to read ur fic LOK Tc nywayss m the lioness here 😛

      • richa (titli)

        meli DP kuu change nii horiii monuu yaarrr koi aacha sa Idea de naa 😀 plssssssss myyy dearr u knww i hav lost myy mindd plss help mee to findd it 😀 plssss ? ? ? ?

    • Mayuri

      Hey Richa dear … I always wanted to ask that question … I m also from India and as u know animax channel is there in India and I m also very small according to my age but I still prefer to see animax …. Animax daisuki but in animax many series r there which is for kids and awesome …. Eg- naruta,kindaichi, pretty rhythm , squid girl, kinmoza , k on , grimgar ashes and illusions ,etc many many more and I love them to my heart core …. I m a big big fan of it and never missed a episode of it but yeah some r missed unfortunately but no problems ….

      • richa (titli)

        what’s ur age ?? LOL anywayss dont laughh m an adult and still watchh cartoons nd Pokemon
        u knw my cable networkkk AnIMAXX is banned they never put as no1 watchhh and parents objectt soo i read Manga mainlyy

      • Mayuri

        Hey dear …. In India is manga available and I m -16 but can’t disclose here ….. If it is can u tell me which because I wanna read a manga … And no problem mangas r also good but in animax u can see live version of anime that I why I love it so much …. And I also see cartoons 😉

  73. richa (titli)

    @@@@ dia nyc to c u tooo LOL butt m srry buttt it’ss alll hell going onn some TU frnd ppl aree just jerks they the hell cheats 😛 ahhhhhh hate it TC c u soon
    @@ nisha srryu 4 that but m u knw going through sm vvv bad bemo phase nd i tell u @@@ minnal @@ niswaa @@@ dia plss be Alert nd welll let me tell u one of the heelll jerk tu FRnd haked ma FB nd mssd ma classmates alll shit soo cant just believe it that ,…. 😛 nywaysss minnal say hy To Kajuu barfiii midssing her nd congratulate SUUSIIII <3 for sure

  74. richa (titli)

    @@ karuu translatee
    SE pare ca actrita care o interpreteaza pe Meena ( Kanika ) va renunta la serial pentru alte proiecte !

  75. dhruv

    Dhyan mat de us buddhe ke taraf jada bakwas kar rha hai…kya uncle hmko Sikha rahe ho ap khudko dekho…
    45 yrs ke hoke bhi meri frnd pe line mr rahe ho..kya fake id banake aye hoge shayad….ham kya darte hai kya..thkse sory bola apke sare intention samj rhe he. .
    Khud ldki pe line marte ho aur muje bol rahe ho kya

  76. dhruv

    Hey my possessive richuuu meri miss dctr to bahot khadoos hai…hat se drct Fn khich ti hai!!!!!
    Mera hat to kamse gaya etna comnt tomorrow no cmnts wrna mAr dalegi y dctr..
    Chlo frnds lvu all miss u…

    • sanyukta rathor

      bhai aap ko itne chot aai h phr bhi phone or lepiii ke bina nhi rhe skte doctor to phone khichey ge hi na TC bhai

      And jaldi se thek ho jao


  77. dhruv

    Ya nisha dnt u dare to reply tht faker..smji na..u r small dear..smj lena jan buchke tera name leraha hai kabse n bat bada rha hai…
    I am Warning u my frnd dnt reply him…
    Dear as ur frnd telling u…for ur own good.dnt reply such people.thy do this deliberately..
    Lvu my frnd take care:-)

  78. richa (titli)

    hy cum sunt tu
    bine înveselească și lăsați tensiunile departe
    karu, vă rugăm să clasa următoare Exemple de alegerea ta minimă de cinci ok, vă rugăm

  79. Sheena

    N dhruv bro…do as ur doctor says…u’ll feel better after 2-3 days i guess…will miss u…hope u r recovering…take care…

    Hey nishu i must say, u handled the situation in a mature way…n dhruv bhai also said sorry..gud.
    N deepak sir, i think u shld not have commented on the bond that nisha n dhruv share…sir, i am very small but still i’m saying this…i’m not disrespecting u but u shld understand that each one of us share a very spcl bond with each other, very pure bond…so pls sir don’t misunderstand

  80. Apu

    hey guys !!!
    how r u all ? still remember me ? 😉
    so… i won’t be able to comment daily frm now on .. cuz school started !
    miss ya guys !!!! 🙁

    • sanyukta rathor

      Ha to kya hua nhi pta to nhi pta

      Wase koi nhi

      Hahahahahahahaha thank u bhai

      or ab ye sandyyy kya h

      • dhruv

        Sandy tumhra nam.acha nai laga??
        Tum batao fir sanyu chodkar dusra nam..meri sari dostoke cute cute names hai..tumhrabhI to hona chaihye.
        Par tum aisa lgta hai bahoot bhaw khnwali hogi bhai ko bhi acha nam batati nai.dis is nt fair..
        Hehehe sandy:-)
        Ek chose kro naito add kro..hehehe
        Waise tedy ke bare mai ek achi bat hai..usko marna acha lagta hai.kya revu
        Are santa clause bhi aacha name hai:-):-):-):-)
        Gn santa:-)
        Lvu behna…aur keep it up 4 baje uthti:-):-)
        Meri to nind char ko start hoti hai..hahah..
        Oh bleeding strt Ho gaya..kal. Blto hu Santa:-P
        Gnlvu be hapyyy:-P
        Lol by behna tc

      • sanyukta rathor

        Santa thek h hahahahaha

        And good morning

        Or bhai taddy ko koi pitai krta h kya hahahahaha

        And tc bhai jyada uchal kud mt kro ok tc

        And do ‘t worry sare bhai late hi utte h

        Tc ok

  81. Aaliya

    Dhruv Vai,,,, u r right yaa… 39 years ki koi lady thodi Na sadda Haq serial dekhegi air agar Dekhi v,,, to at least telly updates pe comments nahi paregi!!!!! Huh…. Rubbish ppl!!!!

    • dhruv

      hey aliya dear ur name is sanchari.its also very nice name dear.
      i hv a frnd whose name is sanchita thoda thoda same dear.n she is also short tempered like u..

  82. richa (titli)

    heyyy nishhh drrr pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls npls plsn pls ndddddddd plsssss write naas plssssss

  83. dia

    Well m super duper muper huper vooperr happy that i’m back with my devuuu dii richhuu dii nd nishuu……..i missd u all a lot……

    • richa (titli)

      firstly dr m u dnt knw hr nd kaju barfii is another naughty Tu frien d not on FB bt we mailed b4 i deleted ma mail 😀 LOL susiiiiiwell shezz busyyy but do congratulate her 😀 lov u tc aalsi sarkaari karamchaari 😛

  84. dia

    Richu dii…..if u cannt tell the name here then plz tell me on fb…..but plzz…..i wanna know it….

  85. dia

    Nd i think aneri vajani is comong in the star oarivar awards this time….i saw it today in sp….

  86. mukti

    Hii i my sweet beauties howru??
    I was busy so didn’t cmnt…
    Hi sanyu richu nishu karu shenu shivu mayu alu liyu n all my lovely dovely frnds…
    Hii anushka aunty..u r aunty na u only said a aged person so dnt Get involved in young people aunty..Hahahaha

  87. mukti

    Oho wht r u saying mr deepak/anushka??
    Whts ds lovebirds..aged Aunty n Uncle lagte nai.hahahahaha….
    U only showed how cheap u r wht shd we say.I agre dhruv n alu

  88. mukti

    Who r this dia digya titli n al?????
    Thy r not our frnds rit…looks like kids they r..tely updates ko fish mArket banya shyd..

    • richa (titli)

      xcuseeemee miss mukti firstly we all e adults nd secondly m pure vegg soo no chance of fishmarket ssoo it’s a sabzii mandii okk nd u dont like the comments k bYEE thn @@@@@ Minnall nd reporter dr meet u somewhere else

      lov u tc Karu hope to see u again smwhere
      niswaaa A VERYY GOOD BYY SWEETY LOL LOOKS LIKE I RElly messd up here nd irritated bbyyy

    • richa (titli)

      ANYWysss Sadda haq rockss sandhirr rockks and may sandhirr unite

    • Liya

      Well they are close frnds of nishu di….
      Titli is richa….she is a very sweet girl…
      I have not talkd with dia or devga but I guess they too are gud…

  89. richa (titli)

    ek aurr Baat phle Fb toh khule firr batungi aaj cous se hak krwaya tha parantu kambakthh wohh hacker chalooo nikla/nikli firr changed p/w

  90. richa (titli)

    anyways jab suusiii se baat ho naa toh uski guns nd knives udhaar le aaio karamchaari reporter kisi Devga naam ki ladki ka Murder krna h ? ? ? ? ⚔ ? ? ☠ ? ? u knw kyuu krna hai?? kyunki kisi Angell ne naa apne creatureko naa vaapsi pe naa fic ka na eht par fic ka na promissssss kia tha jo ki gya tel lene tohhh murder ? ? ? ? ⚔ ?

  91. karina

    RICHA dear pls dont go…pls pls pls….its just a misunderstanding….Mukti dear they all are friends of our NISHU…they havent come here till now but they joind us a few days back…and RICHA is a sweet friend of mine too…i know her from the same time i met NISHU here on TU…pls guys dont get upset…MUKTI dear they are nice persons….and my crazy RICHA pls dont go…pretty please…do this for your KARU….for meeee…please dont go.

    • Liya

      Yup richaa…..don’t go naah…
      Come back..plz..
      Its alwyz nyc to see ur comments..nd u r very funny…
      So come back soonnn…plz..

  92. Aaliya

    Mukti dear!!!!! They r our frnds tooo !!!! Aise kyun bolti hoo!!!!!

    Year richa, devga, dia…. Don’t go…..she might have misunderstanding!!!!!

    Okay….. Good night frnds and sanyu di and dhruv Vai…???

  93. sanyukta rathor

    Gm all of u

    Gm moning karu , aalu , nishu , richu , muku , shivu , sheenu , apu , revu , dhruv bhai , mayu

    Hey richa and dia pls muku ke bat ka bura mt mano we all r friends ok don’t go anywhere be happy sweetiiiiis

    Have a nice day all

    Love u all


  94. dia

    Well m not going anywhere on sm1s saying……nd m not an adult but its just 2 years to go…..nd TU is not completely someone’s……nd m on it since last one year……no one ever told me to go somwhere else……

    Nd plz… not speak like this to my sisties…….

    We all can comment like what we want nd TU only is posting them

    nd i don’t wanna hurt someone as i think all of u are elder to me…..nd if it hurts then plz forgiv me…..

  95. dia

    M not saying kaju barfi did all that….i want to know who she is….nd do i know her……nd di….u can’t leave…..

  96. dia

    Nd one more thing……if i do not know someone then it does not mean that o cannot comment on the page on which he/she does…..

  97. mukti

    Hey dia madam…..
    Can u tell m in which comnt of mine did I say tht leave tu page cz u r nt my frnds??????
    I thnk u hv seen the cmmt which hv not posted…hahaha weirdo…I nvr said leave tu…I asked who u r..n ur cmmts r like kids…
    Whendid I say leave tu???whre did u read????
    Can u show me,??
    Or do u see smthng which is not posted at all?????
    N when did I say tu is mine…hahahahaha..
    Oye behen wht r u talking??????
    N abt posting n all I nvr said u shd nt cmnt or tu is mine..hahahaha…I thnk u hv 6 sense babe…
    I only said wht I thnk I nvr saidleave tu or tu is mine…coolllll….absurd weirdo

  98. mukti

    I dnt care u r frm 1 yr or 10 yrs…evn if I m frm one day I will say wht I want…n I nvrsaid leave tu or tu is mine..ur own frnd decided to’s not my prblm..itsmyopinion n I will nvr chnge it…
    N wht u. R thinking is I nvr said I own tu or leave tu…nvr u use glasses if u want n see…
    N I nvr told ur behen to leave she/he only decided to leave tu…she only thought she is irritating(read her cmnt)n went..I didn’t tell her to leave….
    U dia is talking absurd.. n y r u saying tht if u r not my frnd u cnt cmnt…?????
    Whrn did I said u all to not cmnt..
    Read all comments again.

  99. dia

    Mukti…….mne ye kb bola ki aapne mujhe jaane ke liye bola

    nd i don’t wanna fight as u r nishu’s frnd…..

    Nd mne aapka naam nhi liya h so please…..

  100. dia

    Nishu nd devu dii……plz explain richu di…..richu di don’t leave the page naa…..after a long time we are back……some are still missing but atleast we are again on the same page……


  101. mukti

    Dia dnt act smart with me….u too know u were talking abt me..we r not in courts to prove…dnt u dare to act smart babe. Its no good..
    N u too kno wht u said..u didn’t take my u too plz I didn’t take name smartnes mere samne to lana bhi mat..

  102. mukti

    Anyways guys I m bored with this behenjis…name n all la rahe hai.wht thy want to prove??this nt a court we all cn see wht dia was saying….
    Maine to enko jane ko kaha apne man se bol rahe hai…
    N yes dia nisha is my n ur. Frnd bolkr sympathy mat dikhao.
    Nisha ko involve bi mat karo..smji na…

  103. mukti

    Hey dhruv chupke chupke ajati huu:-P
    Hehehe…hi shenu sanyu liyu I m fine dears…howru..n jada lga kya liyu..mud me mat khlna agese

  104. Liya

    Gud morning…
    Hi to all my dazzling buddies…
    Always which sadda haq till the end….

  105. heyyyyyyyy everyoneeeeeee sry i was in the train travelling toh network nai tha puri raat………..
    anyways bak to hyderabad….
    vaise madam anushka aur deepu uncle humse darke vbhaag gaye kya…
    socha hoga bohoaut chalu log hai bhai yaha se kat lo…lol

    dhruv bhai aapki tabayat kaisi he…..fir se mat itni speed se ride karna okkk……….

    sanyuuuu meri choco pie lolllllllll
    hahahahaaaa how r studies dear

    aalu ur rit faker kahinke itne aged log yaha kyu aayrnge………..

    muktiii jaanu dioa devda richuuu darling stop fighting…it was just misunderstanding…….

    karuuu nishuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu soulmates hiiiiiiiiiiii

    apu wowww u r bak but schools also bak…soo sad dear…

    nd dhruv bhai oosesssive toh har behen ko hona hi chahiye na……specially aap jaise bhaio ke liye…do u hav sum special interest in races…betting raja…

    revuuuu kaha ho jaanu……

    shivu sheenu liyu ria muku mayuuuuuuuuuu ritsss vishuuuuuu himu nd alll how ru….
    princy ayeesha rakshi aishu sahanki n many mor where rv u
    shreyuuu diii naya fon mil gaya na kaha gaye aap…

    • sanyukta rathor

      Good afternoon my lovely friends

      Hii karu , nishu , aalu , richu , muku , shivu , sheenu , revu , sharya di , apu , anu , ria , dhruv bhai and all

      Hey aishu bro kha ho tum ????????

      Love u all

      • Mayuri

        Hii sanyu …. Aka Santa clause … Hahahaa … Dear … How r u … Sorry dear i couldn’t comment often now …
        Anyway it’s awesome to wake at 4 … For me if I say truly it’s not possible for me …. I can wake but only for 2 reasons
        1 travelling
        2 TV … Lol
        But it’s truth …. But I have to admit at 4 the surroundings and air is so so awesome .. 🙂 😉

    • Mayuri

      Hiiii richu dear 🙂 GA …. Good u r back to Hyderabad …. Train travelling is very tiring naa …. And yes Bhai how r u now … Hope u r better 🙂

  106. ria

    hey sanyu aalu richu i just luv the way u three talk.
    just like own sisters i could never imagine ppl herwe r so close.
    evn dia devga richa and nisha..u four minght be besties.
    nd richuuu sanyu aalu soulsisys.plzzz dont mind me calling u like this..
    dhruv i think evn u hav a group of mumbai frnds mukti rits sanket m who else????

    so yaha pe mostly grop mr batein hoti hai han..plz dont misunderstand u all evn talk to ohrs but i think u all r close to them.

    anyways i dont see dhruv sanu and richu talking soo much in group

  107. hey sanyu aalu richu i just luv the way u three talk.
    just like own sisters i could never imagine ppl herwe r so close.
    evn dia devga richa and nisha..u four minght be besties.
    nd richuuu sanyu aalu soulsisys.plzzz dont mind me calling u like this..
    dhruv i think evn u hav a group of mumbai frnds mukti rits sanket m who else????

    so yaha pe mostly grop mr batein hoti hai han..plz dont misunderstand u all evn talk to ohrs but i think u all r close to them.

    anyways i dont see dhruv sanu and richu talking soo much in group.
    asry if i hurt someone but i said wat was in my heart

      • sanyukta rathor

        Hii dear i am f9 what about u

        Hahahahahaha no dear esa kuch nhi me to sab se bat krti hu

        Be happy always dear

    • dhruv

      Dear I dnt thnk groups n all is here..we tlk to everyone n love everyone in same way:-)
      N abt sankt rits thy r my frnds bt we dnt talkhere much dear…n alu sanyu richu r also not like a dear we r same for all n hv same bond for everyone:-)
      Dnt mind..
      N plz clear u r anu or ria

  108. dhruv

    Hey possessive richu I dnt do betting dear..
    Bikr races ka club hai hmra…so we Do just masti..n the races r not official or like tht…just tp..n ya dnt evn drink…

    Hey anu it’s not like tht..sanyu n richu r very very very special naughty sisters of mine..n we alwys talk with each odr dear:-):-)

  109. Aaliya

    Hey…very eager to watch today’s epi…. Where is my Aryan!!!! Come back darlng…. ??? waiting fr more ARYUKTA scenes…?????

  110. deepak

    Hey wht r u saying???
    I joked…nisha I m like ur fathr how can I do this??
    Sory if I hurt u…n yes anushka is my wife u all dnt trust us ok.noprblm…
    Hm dhruv ur not wht I thought…
    Why shd we be fake?we dnthv rit to tlk..
    Dhruv mai line nai mar raha hu..words bi ktne gande use krte ho u boy?line marna budha pgl mereko tereko typcl spoilt guy ho tum.chodo muje kya.tumhre ma bap ko shrm ati hogi tumhre

    • Yes ofcoure uncle y will so aged person cum here…they dont watch sadda haq does ur wife….plzz stop jokin say who u r ok…..
      Unless someone sees sadda haq thry nvr cum here…so fishy ritt

  111. nisha

    I don’t know what to say I am speechless today.

    from yesterday to today so many things happened

    I read the comments and omg what just happened

    hey richwaaaaa I am seriously tensed for u dear I hope you find the hacker of ur fb id soon luv u richwaa and don’t say dead dear

    okay let me think a little about all this writing is difficult at this time but i should try now

    coz its needy now.

    hey dhruv buddy thanx for sure I will not responded from now on

    I just came here yesterday spontaneously thinking just to clear the misunderstanding and getting peace at telly update page because we all are communicating here and just need a healthy atmosphere to talk

    that’s it , I don’t know if that is something about fake or any other thing

    well command accepted doesn’t respond to anonymous from now on dear friend.

    hey mukti ,

    I very well known that u always speak your heart very beautifully , always says what comes in ur heart

    free spirit girl

    Sweetheart mukti

    dia devga and richu (titli) are my friends

    we are friends of long time

    we share a good bond never getting in any kind of fight dear

    if you doesn’t find to be here good enough

    and if we are making this place a fish market

    then I am ready to leave the place

    as I love u too and respect your decisions

    as well as i love richu , dia and devga too a lot

    love u mukti

    love u devga dia richaaaaaaaaaaaaaa titli

    I doesn’t want to make anyone sad here

    guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz please keep smiling

    already its been some days left no matter now.

    I want you all to always smile

    love u all.

    • sanyukta rathor

      Hiii nishu tum kahi nhi jaoge ok muku sorry bol rahi h na so don’t leave

      Love u dear

    • Liya

      Hey nishu di…don’t go naaah…
      Plz it wud be too boring in sadda haq page if u r not hereee….
      Plz don’t goooo

    • Aaliya

      Kya yàr nishuuuu!!!!!! Why r u talking to leave!!!!!gussa Thuk do swthrt…. Cme bk….we all lve u dear…tum chali gayi to,, pics kaun dega????gaana kaun likhega????? Lambi lambi posts kaun dega!!! Come on swtyu…..

  112. nisha

    hey richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa titli

    devga dia

    follow this link

    this is the link of aastha ff

    remember aastha on Naadan dil ki manmarziyan

    I think we all can met there

    I aasthu will be very happy to have all of us there

    My sweetheart birdeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees


    come soon waiting for u all.

    love u

    keep smiling

  113. Revati

    Hiiiiii my cutie diis….oh gosh telly updates lgta nai personal chating mat krona plz koi..sada haq ke bare me willtalk….:-):-):-):-)

    Hey nisha dii plz dnt gooo n this is not fishmarket dii..
    Mukti diii chilll kyu bechri dia ko bol rhi ho…plz jane do na…

    N y kon hai mere bhai ko aisa bol rhe he..aur ab mere mom dad ko….
    Hey will report u ha..ab limit rko ap plz..
    Mera bhai kaisa bhi ho apko kya ap kon hai???
    Yeh site telly updates hai television bare me bat kro..kisiko personally mat blo….

    Shena di whre r u??? miseed u:-):-)

    Hiii richu diiiiii howruuuuuu???
    So u frm Hyderabad di..hmmm telangana girl now:-):-)

    Karu di busy?????ce fau:-):-):-):-)
    I know only this one dii.i wilk try to learn more
    Hey ria di hiiiiii howru???
    Long time ha….

    Richu di or butterfly:-):-)
    I learnt it frm ur convo..Romanian :-):-)
    Plzzzzz come backkk plzzzzzzzzzzzzZ…..

    Hey dia dnt get hurt plz…
    Lvuu allll.

    Mayu shivu richu sanyu n al diis 🙂
    Take care…:-)
    Shenu di I m fine di..I will take cre of myself:-)lvuu 🙂

    • sanyukta rathor

      Hey revu agrry with u dear mene bhi pahle yahi bola tha agar yaha personal chat karege to wapas tally wali ese block kr dege or yaha sab sh ke liye h uski bare me to soch lena cahiya na

      anyway hw r u dear

      TC and be happy always

    • Mayuri

      Dear :,'( dear u forgot me …. I m also here dear …. And yes I agree that he have said too much …. Sir plzz… Control u don’t know him personally so u can’t comment any ill about him and especially his parents … U r aged and u have more experience we agree but please mind what u r saying …. This is a humble request and here we all including every single girl except one call him Bhai and treat him as Bhai … So plzz…. Don’t think anything bad about us or him ..

    • Liya

      Hey revu??
      Forgot me???anywyz no preobs…
      How r u dear??
      Yeah even I agree that he have said too much abt dhruv bhai and nishu di…it shud hav been in a limit…
      Anywyz,take care dear..

  114. dia

    Now nishu plz u do not leave otherwise m gonna kill u…….richu di already left….but she’ll come back as all of us are her friends and she’ll not leave us because of…………nd if u’ll leave then…..plz yr…..nd devu di…..whrz she…..di plz come……nishu plz ask shayar to come back…..nd devu di u also come……sh page is like heaven for me cuz i got u 3 here…….now that one stupid comment has this much worth that it will again make us apart????…..

    • richa (titli)

      heyy cool sweety nonee ur fault me bad me Khadu inge ame at fault na not fully actually i cud hav reacted in a bad way like smeone anywayss chill otherwise Khadu 😛 LOL i knw K….U bnwrd use nii krna chahiye it’s bad… but u knw

  115. Nishuuuuuu u cannot leave darling. ..u r jaan ofvthus tu page nd if u left everyone will leave…remember there r less days left uske baad kaha mill paayenge lets live it fully na….
    Tum logon ke liye I left my work..i mean postponed

  116. Mayuri

    Hiiii muktiiiiiii dear ( mukkuuuuuuuuu) !!!
    Please visit here often n… U haven’t came from a long time dear …. Missed u a lot and dia , Richa (titli) and devga r friends of nisha and dear u really r free spirited and very honest dear … Not all people can do that but u have the power of speech dear …. 🙂

  117. rits

    Wht I dnt understand one thnk.why richu n dia r overreacting on my frnds coment..wht is wrong in it..she wil say wht she wanted to say n dia I kno u didn’t took stupid cmnt n…….
    Uhv written in above cmnt shows how cheap ur…n mukti is frnd ofall here…everyone she is not new here.everyone knows her stil all r saying like she made a crime..why girls this is frndshp??????
    N she Said kids cz realy ur talks r like kids dia.immature cmnts stupid n….
    Nishu I m not saying anything to u cz whtvr u said I agree..
    Bt immature…… liye no sympathy dia dnt get m wrong bt dnt udare to talk abt mukti..n yes evn if u dnttake nme.we understand…got tht..
    Richu comeback dear:-)
    Nishu u r not going anywhere 🙂
    Bt I cnt say abt…….u kno na…
    Hahah weirdos

    • richa (titli)

      Rits i respect u as the troubleshooter here butt me n dia rnt overreacting she is just putting her POv dear no offences i just want ki rai ka phaad na bane sabka POV alag hota h yaar u knw its just like hw we take it……….

      • richa (titli)

        also dear i dont care what any1 thinks butt all hav fellings dear and i just found it irrevalent dear wat u say RITZ?? all hav different POV

  118. Mayuri

    Guys …. Now we have to talk about serial also otherwise TU will off the comments ….
    So the episodes are gonna in right tune … Now I m excited that if sanyu goes to Aryan then what will randhir do … Which is not possible as they were together in first season and if sanyu goes to randhir then what will Aryan do … Cause we know Aryan is obsessed with sanyu so if she won’t be there and the main point what is going to happen with the Mars plan … Like what nirman will do … With the closing of channel hundreds of ques about sh2 came out …..

    Anybody have any else question regarding Sh 2 that if u think something odd ….

    • Liya

      Hey mayu…xams are gonna start soon nah…do study well…
      Yeah…if sadda haq shut down so fast many wstins will be arising…I don’t have any idea how they are gonna complete the show too fast…
      I really wish sadda haq to comeback…

    • Aaliya

      Mera to ekhi sawal he yarrr!!!!! ???

      Though Aryan loves nd respects her and randhir hurts and disrespects her still ye serial sandhirian kyun hay!!! ??????????????

      I feel fr u my favorite Aryan!!!! Tum kya ho??? sandhirian ya aryuktan????

  119. Aaliya

    Hi RIA… Thts right dear ki koi grp nahi hay…par ye v sahi hay ki hm Kuch log thada zyada close hay….??… I told sanyu di ki,,, if I go to Rajasthan she must meet mee… Right di!!!!!

    Hey,,,RIA,,, r u sandhirian or aryuktan ?????

    • u r ritt….i dont treat anyone as special hwere but we all do prefer dhruv bhai as our very common friend…but ria if u want to call us three sissys i dont object….its othrs way of thunking

  120. Revati

    ap mayuuu hoooonaa….mene likha apka nam :-)-):-):-)
    Ap scool mai ho???I mean ap 12yrs ke hona.
    Yep sanyu di..aryan kaha gaya kisiko nai padi..baki alag hi bolte hai bad bad..its not good..healthy atmosphere rhna chahiye naito dar lgta hai cmnt krna aise gande log aye to..ap samj rhi hona…
    N dia plz stupid comnt n…. mat likho tum mukti di kuch bol nai rhi to jada mat udo..ab to muje lg rha hai tum suchme kindergarten ki ho so nam na lekr bolna n stupid bolna strt kiya…

    Richu di hostel mai rhti ho.good:-)

  121. Liya

    Shreyu di,karu…where did u go????
    Sheenaaa…u too are missing today..

    Himanshi,Rakshi,ayeesha,aishu,bk,yogiraj,Maddy and many more are not coming hereee… Where are u??

    Guys I really wish sadda haq to not end but as it is the fate for the shw to be finished early,we shud keep on watching it till its end….(but I alwys hope that the channel v people reconsider their decision to stop all shows)
    Anyways let’s keep on watching sadda haq till June 30th only on channel v and always on hotstar!!?✌??

  122. mukti

    Hey guys..howru all???mayu,dear mom was ill so I couldn’t come n now dhruv. I thnk like I am a nurse:-D:-Djoking dear.
    Hey nishu by mistake I said sory cz no mistake of mine..
    N now tell m those 3 frnds r so imp to u tht u will leave all of ur frnds here n karu which is so close to u…comeon tell m is it good…n yes dear I nvr took ur name nvr said u made tu fishmarket..
    I saisd dia degya n titli made this dnt say tht we made plz read my cmnts again.
    N ur my frnd n thy r ur frnds bt tht dosnt mean will chnge our stands…
    N whatever I said I stand by my words m nvr say sory or feel now also I thnk dia degya n titli r like kids…no need of leaving for this..
    U too can say me anything bt I nvr leave yrs u must take my name mukti…
    No stupid n….
    I dnt like cowards who r afraid to take names..yes dia I am talking abt u..u wanna tlk abt me na take my name dnt be a coward n dnt show me any sympathy..I dnt need anyones sympathy..I m independent n can hndle everything need of bringing my frnd nisha u bttr dnt talk abt my nishu…
    N talk abt me to only one else or else be coward choice urs miss dia

  123. now lets talk about sh yaar….
    this is true i luv aryu as well as rd….i like both sandhir aryukta bond…
    however i feel sandhir r made for each othr…
    sry if hurt someone….its my opinion

  124. deepak uncle theres a limit a heit for everything and everyone……its not tht u r big and u will say aything ok…..
    plzzz dont go on parents nd paravrishhh…coz no parent wants her or his heir to be called like this………if at all sumone would say to ur child this….

    sry if i was overacting but tuth is truth…

    sadda haq rokssss………..evn our family…..

  125. mukti

    N yes guys If u all tthinking tht mai subject ko bada rahi hu n cz of me nisha is leaving n I hurted u bla bla…
    Thn I dnt hv any rit to be here in tu. Cz I dnt want tht all people r thinking it’s MY mistake…I stand by my words I willmake my point clear bt I will nvr stay here n tum sab pe bojha nai bana chahti…if u all love me thn itsok bt if u al thnk cz of me nisha is leaving..thn I dnt thnk I shd be inpalace whre people dnt like me or my attitude..I m like this n I lv myself bt I cnt force u all to lv me…rit guys..
    So choice urs…
    N dia or titli m not leaving cz of u bt cz my frnds dnt like me now dnt misunderstand. .k bye…
    Dhruv rits tejas vishal wil tlk on nck n YouTube lvu

    • Mayuri

      Muku muku muku !!!
      Don’t leave dear… Only few days r left so just spend them happily n…. And dear nisha is not leaving so no need to leave and of course we love u dear ..

      And yeah be nurse to your mom … Take care 🙂

  126. nisha


    dia I am here dear but prefer to not comment for some time

    as I can’t bear any hatred for my friends

    hey ritsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sweetheart revati sweetheart

    I read the matter what the convo is between mukti and dia

    hey mukti I make u my friend and I never ever want you to say sorry dear

    as I don’t beleive you said anything wrong or did anything wrong

    what’ever the convo is between mukti and dia

    and I wish you both to end this convo here

    and make a peace

    Let me tell u something about dia

    yes she is little sweetheart dia my sweetheart friend

    we call her reporter because she used to talk like reporting very nicely immensely beautiful way I love when she talk in reporting way and shuddh hindi and so many jokes she is damn sweet with friends

    and mukti , dia

    is a very free spirited girl always stand up for friends

    YOu heard some word like 2 am friend friend in a need is a friend indeed she is like that

    always there to hellp you like a tigress very strong determined yet very humble and honest.

    you both are my friend

    and you both are very good and having unique qualities

    friends mukti dia

    will u both get friends

    give chance to each other

    make a start

    if u are not comfortable don’t talk much but for peace and for taking a new start start a new friendship

    and then u see

    you get a very best friend in each other

    love u both

    dia mukti

    keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend

    • hussshhhhhh jaan mei jaaan aayi tumne toh mujhr dara hii dia tha….i guess guyzz nishuu is rittt solvr the matter and make friendship…no one wants destruction only peace

  127. nisha

    hey mukti dia

    both of u

    can’t be friends

    I mean I find myself stuck

    ek taraf kua ek taraf khaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    beech mein fans gayeee


    what to do

    kuch nahi pata

    seriously maar daloooooooooooooooooooooooo but aiseee situation mein stuck naa karo


    seriously i lprefere to leave coz I don’t want any more fights between my twoo besties

    mukti dia devga richa

    I want here peace that’s it .

    But mukti why are you forgeting one thing that I love u so much as a friend

    and i respect your opiniion.

    I find u very much mature , you always understand me so well.

    dear why don’t u end this

    just take a fresh start for friend’s sake

    if you not want to talk then just end the matter so that at least.

    be a friend of devga dia and richa

    Sweetheart when u are going to be their friend age doesn’t matter at all.

    what matter is how much love we have each other fro friends

    and with that

    you all are making this place more beautiful for friends

    love u both



    richa devga dia

    keep smiling

    I am saying it again mukti don’t leave coz I love u as a friend dear.

  128. Sheena

    Hello frnds…how r u all? Dhruv bro, revu, mukti, nishu, aalia, liyu, richu, richa, devga, mayuri, bk, princess, dia, ria, sanyu, maddy n all sh fans… N why is everyone fighting huh? I think there was a misunderstanding n uski wajah se itna verbal fights hua…anyways guys, calm down ok?

    Dhruv bro? How r u feeling now? I hope u r better…take care 🙂

    Hey revu dear!!! i’m here…actually
    i was studying naa subah se so cldn’t come…abi brk liya..i’m fine dear…what about u?luv u 🙂

    Nishu, did u say that u r leaving tu??? Why nishu? The matter is b/w mukti n richa n all…pls dont leave yr..

    Guys pls..its a humble request..dont fight with each other here…only a few days r left so enjoy these days peacefully.

    Mukti dear u r such a nice girl..straightforward, n u always share ur opinoin without hesitating. I love ur attitude…pls dear dont fight naa 🙂 keep smiling..
    N devga, richa i dont know much about u guys so i cant comment on ur personality.. But pls dont fight…its a request

    Ok guys…keep smiling 🙂

  129. deepak

    I am deepak/dhruv. hahahaha….hahahaha.kisss..hahahahaha
    Hey richa shutup idiot n u too rits mukti hahahaha.bakwas laga ke rkhi hai mukti

  130. Aftr lng tym!!!!came hr agn!I juz hope tat at least I wil talk to any1 tis tym!!!!last yr same day same month I ws hr n my frnds ws hr!!we used to cht evryday!!those momnts r realy memorable!!!tis yr I m hr nw n don’t knw wer r othrs!!!missing thm badly!!don’t even knw tat whether thy still rmembr me or nt!!

  131. richa (titli)

    Hey hy @@ MUkti first of all dnt mind but I never mistook u ok it’s the sarcasm in ur comment that’s the thing , nd dr remember ur on a social site, ok soo better don’t ignite a fire dear and m also not here for igniting …… Dia she is younger to you and she didn’t just say something that bad dr that u call her absurd user, she was just defending me on what u say my foolishness , you should correct the young ones not de-motivate them by calling them illogical or ridiculous just on a petty matter dear, u hav the right to correct them dear but please dear don’t ignite a fire for a fight now, I had no intension to fight but that sarcasm in ur comment was really not , ur type , I hav read ur comments many times nd never ever expected that type of mocking comment from you, let me explain listen I agree I created neuscence also ok fine kiddish comments but someone like Devga or Dia who didn’t , do that you are calling them kids and laughing on thm , may b they r kids but they r sensible and wise……mean dear it was illogical, and ridiculous to mock someone infront of some other people their comments may b kiddish but that open comment from you……. I agree that wasn’t too much of a thing but shouldn’t have done that dear , it was something very small but see like this small matter is slowly growing it could have been bad also , please I request u not to make fun of anyone in the open even you don’t mean bad but sometimes the situation turn topsy-turvy , u cant say how someone takes ur words dear , for myself I say I myself comment under name BeVkoof(fool/idiot) nd make fun of myself I don’t care what sm1 thinks about me, nd I call nisha with all silly names bcoz I know dear that she knows me well and wont mind , but dear sometimes even a spark can burn full forest hope you understand, and being a grownup handle the matter wisely ,in a mature nd sensible way dear ….
    Also saw ur reply to Dia it is a bit rude , u cud have been polite my dear friend/fellow commenter what I feel it was a bit egoistic dear, as an elder.

    • mukti

      I stand by my m egoistic or whatever I dnt care stop this drama..I am alone n u nisha dia r telling this again n again…if u dnt like me dnt talk na..I see u thrre hv decided now to prove me I m not wrong..god knows well..bye frevr u all..form groups n do this…very good….byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  132. richa (titli)

    niswaa tu sad kyu hot hai chill na b normalll meri parwah mat kar samjhi warna jhurriyan aa jayengi as AAryan said 😛 ;P tc c u

  133. Dhruv

    Wht the hell??????????!????!??????????!!?!!
    Guys I m not tht one who ccommented above…believe me..ohh goshhhh..I dnt kno how it’s possible..I really no..hey richu no I didn’t cmnted itt…
    I dnt kno realy guys whts dis??????
    Guys sory bt now icnt stand this..I can’t stay here anymore yr wht this?

    • sanyukta rathor

      Hey bhai i think aap ke id hag kri gai h

      Guys muzee lgta h ab yaha rahena is not good so byee all

      Bye my sweetiii aalu , karu , nishu , richu , muku , revu , shivu , sheenu , rits , mayu , dhruv bhai , sid , raj bro and all

      Love u all

      Be happy

      I will pry ke sab ke sapne pure ho

      Aalu tum jaldi se gutar sikh lo

      Dhruv bhai aap jaldi se thek ho jao

      Richu my barry pai keep smile always

      Karu my perfact girl love u soo much

      Nishu love u dear

      Byee guys

      But ha me last epi par jarur comment karugi

      Byeee miss u alll

    • Mayuri

      Bhai …. That deepak person who have just given absurd comment from ur ID is not u … It’s somebody else … How can this be possible but we trust u but that means that id has been hacked or might be somebody else used it as a prank or something ….

      And Bhai no need to leave 🙂

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..