Sadda Haq 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 13th March 2014 Written Update

Randhir refuses of getting into Sanyu’s room. He shows reports that he made to her. Sanyu throws it back at him saying she doesn’t want to see. Randhir throws it back at her. Parth comes and stop their fight. He says both to stop fighting and try to find a solution. He tells Randhir to give space to his team members and then see how everyone supports him. He then shouts at Sanyu too what’s point of not submitting work after doing it. How they will win the competition? Both say they will win at any cost. Parth says they will win, but as a team. Both continue arguing. Parth says enough and tells them if they don’t want dream team to dissolve, then stop fighting. He tells both it was him who gave Sanyu’s reports to Vardhan to stop these fights, but things got worse. Both

get shocked. They leave from there. Parth gets angry and shouts “Did I come to FITE to be part of a losing team?”

Later, Vidushi comes to Parth offering him help. Parth says no matter what he will keep trying to make Randhir a successful captain.

Sanyu informs Kastuki about Parth giving their reports to Vardhan, not Randhir. Both doubt Vidushi helping him, but she refuses.

Jiggy calls Kastuki. Kastuki says she’s sleepy. Jiggy says he had to return her kiss. Randhir hears it. Jiggy wants to talk, but Kastuki is sleepy. Jiggy says she doesn’t give him enough time. Kastuki says let’s talk. They talk for hours. Randhir gets irritated and asks Jiggy to sleep. Jiggy asks for 5 mins and he talks for hours and it’s morning. Sanyu wakes up and gets shocked finding Kastuki still talking to Jiggy. She says Niharika’s poem was right, people go crazy in love. Kastuki falls asleep now. Sanyu says she can’t sleep now, there is Vardhan’s lecture.

Randhir is doing pushups. Parth comes and looks at him. Randhir looks back at him with anger. Parth leaves.

Vardhan assigns a new task and tells everyone to make their own teams. Parth comes late and he has to join a team. He goes to Sanyu, but she ignores him. He then goes to Randhir, but as usual he talks rudely to him. Parth is confused whom to join now. Both Sanyu and Randhir’s projects go wrong. It’s shown in flashback that Parth took out something from their parts. He asks them if any issue. Both stay quiet. Parth says commonsense and ego can’t stay together. Either stay quiet and lose or let the ego go, and win by using commonsense. He merges Randhir and Sanyu’s projects saying Sanyu has the part that Randhir wants, and Randhir has the part that Sanyu wants, and they both have what he wants, a team. Three work together. Vardhan returns and only their team has completed the ask. Vardhan finds it interesting that they three worked together. He tests it and it works smoothly. He says they three work good as a team. Sanyu and Randhir take the credits. Parth stops Sanyu and Randhir before they start arguing and says all contributed. Randhir asks Parth if that was his idea? Vardhan says enough and asks everyone to leave. Parth is last to go. Vardhan stops him. He asks him what he thinks. Parth says it’s a team work. Vardhan rubbishes it and says Parth is the bridge between Randhir and Sanyu else everything breaks. He asks why he’s running away from the captainship. Parth stays quiet.

Parth is angry and is practicing Tai Chi recalling events that took place today. He recalls an incident from his childhood when he was beating a boy very badly and his friends were trying to stop him.

Next morning, PKC is giving lecture, but no one is showing any interest. He gets mad at the students and tells them to chitchat in their Dream Team class. Vardhan enters to make an announcement. He says the Dream Team sponsors are here and they want to see them all in 30 minutes. PKC tells Dream Team to leave and don’t disturb other sincere students. Sanyu taunts Randhir about presentation.

Renuka sees Randhir and stops. She calls him “beta (son)”. Randhir ignores her, but she stops him and asks if he’s upset as she came 2 days early. She says there was pressure from board of directors so she couldn’t do much. Randhir says good as he doesn’t need any favor from her. He will impress his sponsor by giving a good presentation. Renuka says, beta you don’t need to impress me. Randhir reminds her that his name is Randhir Sikhawat and everything doesn’t run the way she wants. When he needed her, she was nowhere around, and now suddenly she is showing love for him. He says he doesn’t need her. He’s also like other FITE students. He warns her no one shall find out in this college that he’s her son.

Precap: V Holi special episode promo.

Update Credit to: Nishi

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