Sadda Haq 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 13th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunwar welcomes everyone. He welcomes param and harshita. Kunwar says shooting has started tell us. Harshita says patience. Param says we cant tell you. Param says we will tell you after pack up. Kunwar says we showed all moments of randhir and sanyu. What was most challenging part? sanyu says the office environment was really challenging. Kunwar says how does a girl manages all this. But you param tell me you were in form back then. You wanted to ruin her plan. Param says there are things that women face. Even today it exists. harshita says they dont give women a chance. When sanyu entered she had trouble, sanyu wants to learn everything. Women are making their way. Kunwar says lets sees some special moments.

Scene: Sanyu is trying to learn when agarwal gives the presentation to interns.

scene: Agarwal asks questions in viva, sanyu comes late. she signs the form. The other intern answers the questions. Sanyu says please go slow. Interviewer says increase your speed to comprehend.
Sanyu asks fellow interns this machine is so interetsting. you must enjoy working this machine. Who can know this machine better than you? They say we dont know. sanyu says please xplain me a bit. sanyu reads the manual.
Sanyu hears labors talking. she takes down notes. Sanyu says what should machine pressure be? And you know everything. labor says you mean we dont know how to work. sanyu says i just wanna learn.
Another scene: sanyu is in coal area, she hits the sheets with hammer. She gets a briuse as well. Sanyu continues with hammer. Later she faints.

sanyu says i couldn’t imagine papa would hire randhir to discourage me.
Another scene: agarwwal says we have new intern. he says welcome in. Sanyu sees randhir coming in she is dazed. Agrwal says comes to my cabin i have to talk to you. sanyu says to randhir what are you doing here? randhir says i promised a girl i will do internship with her. I am here to fulfill my promise. Randhir burns sanyu’s book.
Randhir says you can never make that machine.
Another scene: sanyu says thanks. he says i am not worried for you.Its time for you get out before something worse happens. sanyu says you did this? I can’t believe, you are so ruthless. He says i dont care. sanyu says i dont care either. you thought you could fear and make me run from here? i will stay here and fulfill my dream.
The sponsors are really impressed with sanyu’s performance. They say you interns are really bright.

Kunwar says we have special fans who know them from day one. Imran and arun. they are make up artists. Tell me when you became their fan. arun says for engineering sanyu has to answer people. People says to us as well. Imran says people say men shouldn’t do make up. Arun says that is what a woman does according to people. Param says dont listen to such people. Harshita says keep doing your work.
Kunwar says you can make any wish. Imran says sanyu doesn’t give time to make up, we want to give her a special look today. They give sanyu a new look. Kunwar says lets take selfie. They take the selfie.

Kunwar says dreams and passion has not gender. Thats it for now. I will see you again.
sanyu says sometimes the bike stops because of spark plug. If it is not brown it has to be replaced. Since this is black we will replace it.

Precap-Kunwar says we have fans. They play truth and dare. Kunwar says dare is to hold randhir and give hate speech. sanyu says i want to hold you and cut you into pieces and hand you with ceiling.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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