Sadda Haq 13th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 13th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Valentines Special

Episode Starts Showing a person resembling PKC dressed up quite weirdly delivering a message to someone that he has reached his destination that is earth …

Scene Shifts to FITE – Randhir and Sanyukta come face to face in corridor.. Spots a couple there talking about their plans for Valentine day… Sandhir gets emotional .. they had a slight argument and finally they left the place and went to their respective hostel rooms…

Randhir ,Parth, Sanyukta and Vidhusi Simultaneously gets a call from a private number …on receiving the call…they are TELEPORTED to an unknown place and meets PKC there who claims to be an alien who came to Earth to perform an experiment on Love

.. which is missing in their planet .. .All four of them gets confused ..they tried to argue with him but all went in vain..So all four of them decided to abide by him to get out of that place as soon as possible…

PKC whose name is VK announced that he will give them three task… and they have to perform well and satisfy him to get out of that place.. they all agreed half-halfheartedly…

1St task was a question answer round..each couple had to ask a question to each other.. Their performance would be judged by a meter which will show whether they have answered the question correctly or not…
Both the couples played the round but gave an unsatisfactory answer, so VK replayed some of their past memories ..some moments they spend with each other … watching those moments all four of them became emotional..

Click here for full FRIDAY spoilers….

VK was unsatisfied So he declared the second Task…which was a couple dance round.. Both the couple were said to perform on their favorite song…

While Vidarth moved with the beats of Chitiya kalaiya…Sandhir Shared a passionate and an intense dance in tunes of Khamosiya …

As soon as the dance ends…both the couple found themselves Handcuffed with each other…

And it was the time for the final task… while Sandhir was given a task to repair a bike … vidarth were told to cross a barrier …

Both the couples Successfully completes their task and their electronic handcuff disappears …

VK made them realize that they are madly in love with each other and cannot leave without each other…their life would be a mess in future if continue to ignore their heart which holds only and only love for each other…

VK declares that the inhabitants of their planet are not happy because they lack love. ..a beautiful feeling that only exists in earth …

Both the couple found themselves back in their room.. they get confused …They couldn’t remember what exactly happened to them few hours before. But they suddenly have that urge to celebrate Valentines day forgetting all the hatred , clashes … Sanyukta decides to wish Randhir On Valentines day..

With this the episode ends…

Update Credit to: BornAries

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  1. oh!! good going

  2. Thanx 4 d update!
    Hey…..but atiba kahan gayi!
    So finally sandhir r going on d right track
    The future scene ws nice….they showed randhir and sanyu (actually all couples) what their future wud b without each other. Randhir as an old professor in FITE, it was funny
    He looked like vardhaan and ws in d mech.lab, coughing and wheezing & trying 2 get a grp of girls 2 do their experiments properly. Then one girl says ‘yeh engineering vingineering ham girls k bas ki baat nhi’ so rd says, no, shouts
    ‘YAHI SOCH TOH BADALNI HAIN. Aur badli thi. Sanyukya ne. Kahan chali gayi’
    Sanyu’s was a BIT emo
    It showed sanyu in d factory, clad in a saree and giving instructions 2 sum workers
    She gets agitated when despite her giving wrong instructions the workers dont say anything, but say ‘aap toh hamesha right hogi’
    She thinks
    ‘Yeh randhir ne bhi yesi aadat laga di na….jabtak koi challenge nhi karta, maza hi nhi aata. Kahaan hi tum sadu?’
    I almost started crying
    The dance ws gud as well
    Finally v got 2 see a hug! After SOOOOOO long!!!
    It was so gud i started crying out of happiness
    Then my mom commented (later. While watching d repeat) tht they r not actually dancing. I didnt say this, but what was on my mind then ws
    ‘Bhaad me jaaye dance. Fans toh filhaal dance se jyada sandhir scenes k liye tarase hain’
    Do give ur views on wht i said above!

  3. Born airies, u frm IF?
    U gave a very nice update
    Looked as though u either write (FFs) or ought to write!

  4. OMG wat was it?? πŸ˜›
    N noops tumne jo likha hai woh sab hua SH me????

  5. Actually its me(afra) πŸ™‚
    its even more surprisn ki aaj kisine bhi cmnt nahi kiya like ‘am 1st, 2nd hehehe πŸ˜› . I think sab 14feb ki prep karre!! lols! πŸ˜‰

  6. Agar aisa hua SH me aur maine nahi dekha to its like am v.very ‘unlucky’ fan πŸ™ *sobbing*

  7. Arrey!
    Dont cry afra di!
    Itne sare din mera V channel nhi tha na
    Toh now m expert at watching epi online
    Yeh lo
    Aish kro haha
    Happy V day!

  8. happy valentine day 2 my wife queen!!!
    luv u lots dream queen!!
    lots of kisses!!!

  9. Wife??!!!!
    😐 :S

  10. hi guys …..
    @SADDAHAQROCKS HELLOOO!!! tum hamesha kehtheho na ki sab purane cmmnters kaha chale gaye ? toh ab aagay toh notice bhi nahi kar rahi!!!

  11. valentines epi was a good one ! loved our sandhir’s dance they were soo cute together β™₯β™₯β™₯

  12. hi @AN hows u dear????

  13. Omg is dat u gc di
    Speak 2 me di plzzzz
    M still srry
    Plz dont ignore me like last time

  14. [email protected] howz u???and howz ut study going on???

  15. M gud!!!!
    My studies? Better thn ever!!!
    & M happier thn ever..!!!!!!
    Aap baat nhi karte the na, last time aaye the tab jab ignore kiye the, aapko pata hain kitni royi thi main?
    Maine socha i will never b able 2 4give myself
    Bohotg dinn yahaan se vanvaas le li thi
    IF se bhi
    Kisise baat nhi karti thi
    Ab toh ap aa gye ho..??
    Ab toh
    Ek baar
    Bas ek bar
    Ek baar bol do u 4gave me

  16. kaisa tha i4 aap sab ka??? hehehe πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

    1. i mean 14th feb πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  17. Mera ws ok
    Atleast propose day se toh behtar tha
    No tension ths time na!
    Propose day ke liye sanyukta di ko ever thankful
    *flying kiss*

  18. Is it u gc di ?????? I don’t think so…. I think some1 is just missusing her name ….

  19. Any1 there ????

  20. @nupoor bahot time hogya us baat ko..frgt it….
    i m no one to forgive u or anyone else….

    @aisha mai gc hi hu….
    byee tc..:-):-):-)

  21. nhi aishu
    yeh gc di hi hain
    chahe main kisiki writing styles na samahju, gc di ki writing main kahi bhi pehchan sakti hu
    i respect and love her a LOT

  22. uys spoilers monday:Avanti and Virat pay a visit to Sanyukta and Randhir. tuesday:Workers at the factory revolt and threaten to stop working after Randhir injures himself on purpose wednesday:Sanyukta solves the problem by bringing in her gang of women wo

    c my username. i wanted 2 post d spoilers lekin yahaan paste hi nhi hjo raha tha god knows why
    ps- m saddahaqrox

  23. ugh. plz ignore d above cmmnt
    MONDAY-Avanti and virat pay a visit 2 FITE
    WEDNESDAY-Sanyu solves d prob by bringing in her gang of women workers
    THURSDAY- randhir apologizes to sanyu. is he genuine or is it just part of his plan?
    thurs ka spoiler sar par se bouncer ja rha hain

  24. Ok gc di … Thanks for the spoilers noopur di …

  25. [β˜Ύβ™›β˜½]

    Gud n8 frndzzz!!!!!

  26. Ahana???
    Whr r u v r missing u dear!!!
    Plz update asap!

  27. hi guys!!!!
    waise, koi precap nahi hai???? :'( πŸ™ πŸ™

  28. iska matlab Vidhushi beech me latkegi????
    i mean vidz ka bhi kuch khayal rakhna tha hamare sadda haq waale πŸ™
    dekhte hai aage hotha hai kya πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  29. waise nida is so cuteeeee
    dekhte hai parthke character ko lady love milegi ki nahi πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
    yaar she will be 3rd in his life, kya hoga is parth ka God only knows πŸ™ πŸ™
    startn me parth n sanyu ko bhi dikaya gaya tha na ek saath????

  30. Wish u all belatd valentines day (though i dnt believ in it).

  31. P.S: Srry saddahaqrocks bt my exams r going so my imagination is suckd by the books.

  32. Ny1 there ???

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