Sadda Haq 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 13th February 2014 Written Update

So the new dude gives his hand to Sanyu. She asks him who is he. He says first let him take her out of the pit and then he will introduce himself. Randhir watches them and then goes to them. The dude asks him for help. He gives hand to Sanyu as well. Sanyu comes out holding both their hands. Randhir is still holding her hand. The dude tells him he can leave her hand now as she is out of danger now. Randhir leaves it. Randhir asks him who is he and what he’s doing there. He introduces himself as Parth and from a different college. He says he heard Sanyu’s scream so came to help. Sanyu shakes hands with him and introduces herself. Randhir watches them with surprise. He takes Sanyu’s hand in his and pulls her on a side. He reminds her that Parth is from their rival college, why

she’s befriending with him. He pulls her and asks her to leave from there. Sanyu asks him to leave her hand.

They come little far. Sanyu says she is captain and he can’t behave like this with her. Randhir says “you must be dreaming”. Sanyu tells him Vardhan made her captain and he can ask anyone if he doesn’t believe her. She asks him to follow her now. Randhir asks why Vardhan would make her captain, she doesn’t deserve it, and where he was when announcement was made. Sanyu tells him about the secret task. Randhir says if he knew, then he would have completed it in 2 minutes. Sanyu asks him if it was like that, then why he stayed in “her aunty’s house”. She leaves. Randhir has nothing to say.

Vidushi is annoyed as rival team has still not arrived. And they don’t even know their tasks. Kabir’s team arrives. Both team members introduce each other. Kabir’s students make fun of FITE students, calling them ‘monkeys’ (Vidushi especially) and ask they will have to compete with girls now? Kabir supports his team members. Vardhan says they will find out what his students got once the competition starts. Kabir tells Vardhan his team is not even complete and asks whether other students got scared and ran away. Vardhan tells him to save best for the last. Right then Sanyu and Randhir come there arguing with each other. They get quiet when they see everyone there. Vardhan tells them to introduce themselves to the rival team. After that, Parth arrives. Kabir says he’s his trump card and the captain. Vidushi is impressed with Parth. The village leader comes and welcomes both teams. He says competition is about doing something good for the village, something that is helpful to the villagers. The collector will give them more details. Jiggy says to other students he was expecting some tasks, not competition in this village. The leader asks captains to come forward. Parth goes first and the leader ties a thread on his hand. Sanyu goes next and Randhir still can’t believe it. He looks at Vardhan with shock as he doesn’t say anything. Sanyu forwards her hand, but the leader ignores her. He says now this competition starts. He asks Vardhan to go with him. Parth wishes all the best to Sanyu and Randhir looks on.

The leader seems to be shouting at Vardhan (in muted voice). Kastuki tells Vidushi why the leader didn’t tie a thread in her hand. Randhir asks them to look at the other team and asks them to focus. Parth is telling his team members that there are many needs for the villagers, they have to think about what is most important one for them. Other hand, Randhir tells his team that their ‘saviour’ doesn’t even know what villagers may need. Sanyu says, like you know a lot. Randhir says, I do and that is why I am saying. He says electricity. Kabir hears it. He goes to his team and asks them not to waste their time. The villagers need electricity the most, and they will generate electricity for them. Parth says he thinks they need something that they can handle themselves, so its useful for them even after they leave. Kabir says who cares after they leave. They will make generator and that’s final. Parth still doesn’t agree, but others agree.

Vardhan comes to his team and asks Sanyu to go with him. He then tells her that the village leader doesn’t want her to be captain. Sanyu understands it’s because she is a girl. She tells Vardhan it’s not fair. Vardhan says he knows, but now she will have to make decision and tell other team members. Sanyu cries.

She wipes her tears and comes to the team. She says she’s stepping down from the captainship. Randhir is happy and asks her what happened, did she get scare seeing other team? He tells Vardhan that he said she doesn’t deserve to be captain. Vardhan gets mad at Randhir and asks if he’s done. Sanyu continues, but as she’s current captain, it’s her responsibility to select a new captain. Vidushi hopes she will choose her as Jiggy, Kastuki, Sahil don’t deserve and she won’t pick Randhir. Sanyu surprises everyone saying new captain is Randhir. Vardhan commends her for leaving her personal enmity behind and thinking about the team first. He then tells the students that he won’t help them like Kabir. If he helps now, then they will be dependable on him for all future competitions. It will be little difficult, but he wants to do everything on their own. He wishes them all the best and leaves.

Kabir’s team starts planning. Two students go to city to buy all the stuff. Parth and other students work on other planning.

Sanyu is sitting down with Kastuki. Randhir comes and asks her if ex-captain’s allows, then can they get started? Sanyu says she doesn’t have time nor mood to argue with him. She would rather start working. Randhir says they will work on electricity. Sanyu says that idea is too common. Randhir asks her to give her ‘innovative’ idea then. Sanyu says they should do something that’s useful to the villagers and they should ask them what they want as it’s them who knows better what they want. Randhir opposes that and both argue.

Precap: Randhir and Sanyukta talk about Valentine’s Day special episode tomorrow. They ask, will their fight stop for one day and will their chemistry be seen?

Update Credit to: Nishi

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  6. nw rndhir wll realize that he’s in lv with sanyu 🙂
    n I lv this… soon their chemistry will b seen

  7. I think sanyu will get to know about how randhir was betrayed by his mother, and start to feel for randhir. Eagerly waiting for their love story to start. Thanks to nishi, for the update$$££€€¥¥§§¤¤.

  8. Tanx for the updates!

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