Sadda Haq 13th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 13th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir opens his closet and finds female clothes, rishap whistles. randhir says I know you have done this. Rishap says you used to do same with me in school. Randhir says dont mess with me. Rishap says or what? They both punch each other. Randhir says you forgot what I did to you years ago. Rishap says time will tell. Warden comes and stops them both.
Two guys taunt at sanyu, they say she looks so simple and weekend date on resort. Randhir starts hitting the guys, he burns the paper and says forget this sanyu. I am with you. I will see all this.

Sanyu says what will happen to this news? Everyone is gossiping about us. And what if papa knows. Which father would like to read such news about his daughter. Randhir says everything will be fine. Do you know the reporter? Sanyu

says no. randhir says who can do this? Sanyu says my cousin brother akash. I never thought he can do something like this. Randhir caresses her and says its okay.

Randhir shoves akash and says you spread such rumors about your own cousin. Akash says who the hell are you? They start hitting each other. Randhir throttles him. Randhir says i can kill you in a moment. Agawal ankit and sanyu come out. SAnyu says please randhir leave him. Randhir says he has hurt you. Agarwal says what you think of yourself? Randhri says you dont know him. Agarwal says dont ever be seen again here. sanyu says please randhir go.
Agarwal says he has to pay for it. Akash says there was some misunderstanding. Sanyu did you say something to him? AKash says sanyu thought i am doing something wrong, she told randhir. Randhir thought i got that news printed. agarwal says what news? Akash tells him. Agarwal says dont you feel ashamed sanyyu? AKahs says i have handled everything,. it was just a mistake. It was all fake. Agarwal says to sanyu is there anything left? Thank Akash. And ask your friend to stay in his limits.

Randhir gets a text from masons, we asked you no one should ever know about all this. He faints and wakes up roped on a chair. There are wires on his head. Adda says you should be grateful that you are at least alive. You were never upto our mark. Randhir says you cna’t do this. Adda says you think there is something that i can’t do? I asked you not to tell anyone about us but you did.Randhir says i wont do it next time. Adda says it wont go to next time, you wont remember anything. randhir says dont punish me. She says i wont punish you, i give you another chance, if you come out of here without any help then you will be with masons. You have five minutes switch this light off, after that a huge volt current will pass through your body.

Sanyu looks at randhir’s picture and says dont get mad so much and i know you will be mature after some time. Randhir tries to release himself from the chair. He stands up. Aada says i have no interest in your personal life, but this love can be a trouble for you in coming time. You were sayin her name when you were tryin to get up. Adda says this can get her in trouble. If you have to go under cover for some secret mission what will you tell her? Randhir says i can manage that. Adda says go and rest then.
Randhir comes to sanyyu, she asks what happened on your hand? Randhir says i was workin on machine, i am fine. He says can you bring me a coffee? sanyu says already ordered. Randhir says if i am ever suddenly lost for 3 months? will you still love me? sanuyu says what the hell are you saying? Randhir says answer me first.

Precap-Ankit calls sanyu and says akash has preponed the voting.
Tania says whatever sanyu’s cousin is doing, sanyu is sending a letter to her dad on this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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