Sadda Haq 13th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir launches first missile. Kritika says how is this possible. How did randhir fire nirman’s missile.
Agarwal is watching on news as well. Reporter says it will strike the asteroid in 12 minutes. All the villagers are in tears.
Randhir looks at nirman and smiles. Nirman says in not time it will hit asteroid and we will have the moment we have been waiting for. Aryan says you will pay for this randhir. Nirman says missile has hit the asteroid and it will deviate. Suddenly it blasts, all the villagers cry.
Everyone in ISRC claps. Sanyu goes out.Nirman says the credit goes to my team. I would like my team to be here for some discussion. He sees everyone else off.

Nirman says aryan if you go out of this room dont look back. You don’t know what I will

do with rest of them. Sabotaging national mission is a crime. They will all be in jail for it. Aryan stops. He says your destroyed those villagers’ life. So better come back. Aryan comes back. Nirman says you all supported them.You thought I wont know. I was expected you to excel but only one person did that is randhir. Rest were busy with sanyu.
If this plan failed your career would have been ruined. But I wont sack you because life is full of surprises. So you will learn how to follow orders.

Sanyu is crying in lobby. Agarwal calls her.She recalls when randhir lied to them.
Sanyu goes to randhir. Aryan comes to her room and says where is she? Randhir is working.sanyu comes in. she shuts his laptop. Sanyu says sorry I disturbed you. You blo*dy liar. She grasps his collar and shoves him. Sanyu says you ruined lives of so many. He says enough. sanyu says i knew you were selfish but you are heartless. you are not even a human.Now I know why you crashed cars. you never respected life and life doesn’t respect you either.Aryan was right you are not trust worthy. I didn’t have to manipulate aryan because he is a human unlike you.
Randhir grasps her hair and says you never thought my I did this? I didn’t want to make Nirman happy I just wanted to see you crying because I hate you. I like to see you in trouble and I will do this again. Now just get lost or I will kill you. But I wont go jail, because you are not even worth it.Randhir leaves.

Sanyu recalls what he said. Agarwal keeps calling her. SArpanj says she did everything. Agarwal says I hope she is okay.
Aryan comes in and says rnadhir came here?Sanyu stops him and says don’t do anything. Aryna says I wont leave him. sanyu says you are not randhir. You are sensible. He did what he had to. He didn’t think about people and their lives. I couldn’t do anything. Aryan says its not your mistake. He says we will fix it. He takes her hand and takes her out. sanyu sleeps in her room.

Precap-Randhir says to Nirmanj I don’t want sanyu in team.That is what you wanted to when she first came here.Nirman says I do what I like.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. ayeesha

    how can rd do this!!! why the CVs r making rd character negative…. bt lets hope fr something best…..

  2. ayeesha

    hey sanyu I’m fine n u??? yea dear Aryan is really sweet fr sanyu… he always supports her….

  3. shreya

    Hey how can rd do this.He betrayed sanyu n he says that she is selfish.Im waiting 4 the moment when he will know the reality of nirman.
    N hey liya i m a trainy(S.St.) teacher.sounds boring na history,geography, civics n all:-) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. Hey ayeesha sanyukta karina n all of u guyz… how did u all feel abt sandhir scene of 2day??? Dont u guyz think rd charac is bcming 2 -ve??? He shudnt b shown dis way… he is d main lead aftrall… today also harshita di nailed it by her actng… n param 2…

  5. shreya

    Hey this attitude of rd reminds me of those epi when sanyu was a intern in her father’s company n he(rd) tried to destroy her carrier

  6. shreya

    Jab mere pas time hota hai to koi online ni hota.
    Hey my dear bro n sis good night(karu,nishu,richu,liyu,vishal,yogi,bk,sanyukta,ayesha,miley n all my other frnds).I feel refresh after talking 2 u guys after a hectic day,luv u guys a lot…
    N finally my dearest bro dhruv a sleepy wala good night.

  7. Bk

    Heyyy guyzzz gd evng 2 all of my sh family
    …2days episode was supervvvvvv….waiting 4 tmrw epi so excitedly…coz tmrw Randhir vs Aryan fight… excited to see that…..and just wait 24hrs….I’ll gave u next week spoilers….okk guyzzz
    .byy…coz I HV fever….feeling bad….I hte this fever n medicines n all that……anyways guyz…be happy n keep watching sadda haq. Coz next week going to be suorised to all of u…..may b aryukta happens now..!!! Not sure……..
    Sryyy fr LONG cmmnt guyzzz

    • mrunali

      I wont understand how do u manage to get spoilers of the next week?
      but i always like to read ur spoikers
      thank u so much BK

      • Bk

        He he……u most welcome…mrunali…..and welcome to our family…….always keep smiling….Jay Jagannath

    • mrunali

      By the way Take care BK
      and get well soon
      as per ur comment might Aryukta happen
      i would love to see the happening of Aryukta
      bcz even though Randhir and Sanyukta were real couple wharever Randhir is doing to hurt Sanyukta or whatever he dis previously is nt the sign of good couple even though u r hating the same person u used to lpve earlier
      u never hate the same person in this extreme level
      never so i woukd like to see Aryukta to be happen
      and want Randhir to realise his mistake and blame himself and curse also for his deeds including village incident
      and if I am nt wrong now Sanaya will also hate Randhir for his deeds bcz he broke her trust too

  8. Pihu

    Bullshit yaar rd hamesha aise hi karta hai i juz hate him for this atitude n luv u soo much aryan…. :-*

  9. arya anjali

    hated today’s episode my param’s character is spoiled what have you done channel v season one was best missing vidharth sandhir aryukta…. may god give wisdom to randhir …

  10. ayeesha

    hlo shreya di h r u???
    hey swarna I agree wit u dear… n soon rd will realise his mistake of following Nirman….
    hey bk take care of ur self…. n get well soon…. we mis u….
    well seems everyone is bzy…. where r u guys???

    • Bk

      Ya…I hope so….aayesha…..I hate this fever….totally hate this…..whole day at party no masti with friends…its really irritating me…..anyways. U dear always keep smiling…luv u

  11. Geeth

    Hey guyzzz…am geetham…i am a teacher…n abt todays episode…is d writer has any prob with rd character…so negativity….n nw i dont want dem together….aryan is d best for her.

  12. Today ep was nice but they spoiled rd character I will stop watching it if rd will become a villain first vidharth and then sandhir
    How r u all guys hey ayeeshu once again u did,nt reply to my comment and rakshi u too:(
    Hi Karu how r u. Hi Nishu hi liya where r u today hi dhruv bro did u read my last comment
    Hi milley,aparna,shreya di,swarna msanyukta,sanahki,vishal aliya ,ayaana and all how r u
    Have a great sleep bye

    • dhruv

      Hey rosey princess ya it’s ok I know u wrote it to her..I know my behna will not say that to me:-):-)
      N abt u have chnged is that earlier ur comments,were much happier n looked like bubbly sweeet girl..
      Bt now u becm little serious type..thts why I said..
      I like that buubly wali princess:-):-)
      Gn dear

  13. dhruv

    N ashwini I m not spot boy..
    Apse muje koi dushmani nahi hai or zagdana bhi nai hai cz mai kisi ladki se aise bat nae krta…
    Par plz ap muje jante bhi nahi ho..
    So plz dont tlk like this to me. plz..
    I respct ur opinion bt I also respct mine..
    So frnds..
    N sory if I hurt u…

      • dhruv

        I come here to chat with my frnds…
        N its a nice show so I like it..
        Bt why r u asking me all this n why r u behaving so weired??
        What’s the problem?
        N y digging at me only??
        I dnt even kno u so plz stop all this..
        U r talking with me as if we kno each dnt do this..plz..
        I m not going to reply to ur any coment now..n nor my any frnds…
        So bye.

      • Sheena

        R u a boy ashwini? U know? U share ur name with one the three leads of this show (aryan’s real name is ashwini koul) …so whenever u disrespect the show, just keep in mind that u share ur name with him…
        N pls stop..we’ve had enough of ur bickering…u dont even know can u judje anyone without even knowing him…this is so not done..if u dont like this show n its fans, why r u even commenting here? U can be here as our friend, but not as an opponent of the show n its ppl..get that? Coz i’ll not listen a word against my friends

        N dhruv, pls dont leave because of this person… Atleast we all respect u..pls pls dont leave

      • ashwini

        I am a girl shena…
        Hey dhruv plz talk with me like the,way u speak with ur frnds:-)
        I like it..
        Forget spot boy n al..
        Will we be frnds dhruv??

      • dhruv dont tlk withanybody like that..
        Anyways welcm πŸ™‚
        N dnt worry abt my gf…u r a Crazy girl:-)

  14. Hai guys after a long time i m commenting so i fell gud i hope u remembered me if not then again a big hlw bcoz now u can wlcm me again in sh family. I know i m doing so much bakbak h na . Nd abut today episode i think cvs are forget who is lead of the show they just giving the importance to aaryan by showing him gud.but they forget that sandhir are the heart of this show without them its nothing and i know its becoming lengthy so sorry

    • pari

      I totally agree with u. The cv totally messed up Rd’s character. Im pissed off that they give importance to aryan he isnt even lead of the show. I dont have anything against aryan being friend of Sanyu but lets face it he will never match the chemistry of SanDhir. The cv should stop making Rd as a villain coz if not they will loose all the fans and the show will end due to low trp. They already messed up VidArth if they do the same with SanDhir i ll quite the show and all fans of SanDhir will quite as well and without them there wont be much viewers of the show. I am a fan of VidArth as well and i very upset coz they arent shown anymore. Franquelly speaking VidArth is way better then all these actors that were brought for season 2 they cant never match the magic of season 1. SanDhir, VidArth and all the cast of season 1 are much better then these new actors.

  15. rits

    Hey frndssssss misuuuuuu alll…
    Hii sanyu karu dhruv vishuuuuuu ( missed u hope exm was good:-P)
    Hey sindhu,shreyu.liya,aliya,nishu,princes,rakshi,raj,Sid,ankur,himanshi,miley,ena n al my cute r u all???
    Hey shreyu…I will also come at 9 we can talk n by our craziness refreshvuuuu… :-):-):-)
    Guys gn lvuuu..
    Sory I didn’t replied to ur msgs..soryyy

  16. Sheena

    Hello !!! How r u guys? Rits, karu, liya, princess, ayeesha, aliya, dhruv, miley n everyone??
    Hope u all had a good day !!

    The moon is bright and clear
    The night is so dark,
    So let go off ur fears,
    N wait for a bright day,
    A new spark…

  17. Sanahki

    Oh No, not this again. What is wrong with CVs why Randhir always. Wasn’t Nirman alryt they had to ruin Randhir too to justify Aryukta. I’ll rather stop watching this show before I watch Aryan and
    Sanyukta as a couple. I don’t even think that will happen, Sanyukta will never love Aryan Nomatter how much Randhir hurts her.

    Randhir is not crazy the makers are, they forget he’s the hero and SanDhir are the soul of SaddaHaq

  18. shreya

    N hey rakshi a very happy birthday to ur mothe..God will bless her with all the happiness of the world..

  19. ayeesha

    gud mrng guys…. wake up n greet the new day wit a smile…. hv a nice day….

    hey princess sry if I hv not reply to ur cmnt…. n dear the show isn’t over yet so hv some patience n see the show… at the end it they will show wat v want to see….till then support n luv SH….

    hey Rakshi karu liya shreya di dhruv Sheena rits
    bk aaliya sanahki n all my sweet frndz… h r u all???
    luv u all n mis u….

  20. mrunali

    Whatever it is guys
    Randhir is not having proper brain or something Nirman rebuks him so he tried to prove that he wont love Sanyukya but it doesnt mean that he shoukd destroy all villagers life to give tearto Sanyukta
    that is so reckless character
    his character is shown to b so obssessive about love also and hate also
    he can extremely love or extremely hate
    No in between
    i actually didnt like the script here
    they shouldnt have shown that the villagers life is deatroyed

  21. mrunali

    And in the start of season 1 bcz of Sanyukta RD s friend wont got the place in FITE so he tried a lot to trouble Sanyukta
    he was the one who started the war between two of them
    then he tried to ruin internship of Sanyukta
    so they are not showing him someone bad
    its his only character which was there in 1st season too
    So dont blame writers guys

    • Aaliya

      I hv also d sme remrk…..whn he lves, loves lyk crazy!!!! But in all d stages of career he betrays sanyu….!!!!!! And d most unexpected behavior he showed during d drm tm competition nnd in
      season 2…… His ego destroyed everything!!!!

  22. hey guys !!!

    HAPPY VISHU 2 ALL !!! πŸ™‚

    β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯


    Every morning is a symbol of rebirth of our life, so forget all yesterdays bad moments and make today beautiful !!

    When 1 door of happiness closes another opens ; but often we look at the closed door 4 so long that we do not see the door which has been opened 4 us …

    LUV YA DEARS ……..
    Hope ur day is as amazing as u r !! πŸ™‚

  23. I think It was Nirman who changed d slides n when rd will come to know abt it..he will surely feel guilty.
    Moreover what happened to Meneka’s murder mystery…??

  24. Aaliya

    Arreeee dhruv!!! Main to aisi hi bol rahi thi!!!!! Mind kyun karu yar!!!!!
    I got tht u were joking…..

    Gd mrng…….

    Hey guys ,,, today is our BENGALI NEW YEAR 1423…..
    I wish, this yr alll of ur drmss cme true……

  25. Diya

    The very first time i hated randhir. πŸ™
    Why r they doing this?
    And aryan is shown too gud. His acting is also fabulous πŸ™‚ . But i think Cvs will ruin the show. πŸ™

  26. Hii bak aftr a long brake. Wid a great news.
    My results r declared nd I hv successfully scored 94 percent…..
    I would evn lyk to say that sadda haq nd Tellyupdates has been my greatest pain kiler.
    Ty u all
    Missed u but seems no one missed me….
    Luv u luv u luv u(94 times)

  27. How r u all……
    Karu nishu suru where r u. …..
    So u every1 dind miss me……
    Bk how r u r u ok now..
    Hey sanyu I am here..
    Yep dis isd 1st time evn I hated rd…
    Happy bengali new year……
    Wlcm mrunali how d u……..all
    Hope fine…

  28. sanyukta rathor

    Happy Durga astmi to all my sweet friends

    Hey karu hw r u and where r u sweetii

    Hii nishu ,aalu, ayeeshu, rits, princess, dhruv,sid , ankur and all

    Have a nice day

  29. rits

    Heloo frnds..I m fine:-):-)
    Have a happy day..
    N guys hv patience I kno randhir wil be ok..
    M we will get our sandhir..:-)
    Hey I will not come for 5 6 days..:-)
    Byby frnds..
    Vishu reply plz whr r u

    • ashwini

      No problem nisha…
      My real name is ashwini..
      I am Maharashtrian..n here ashwini is name of girl..

  30. Sheena

    Aaliya, u told that there was an earthquake in tripura!!!! Was it a severe one?? Hope u n all other citizens are fine

  31. Hii guys I am here wid a great news.I hv scored 94 percnt in my xams thanks to tellyupdates nd u all who hv been my greatest streess reliever…..tnx..
    I missed u but it seems u didnt
    Anyways Luv u lovely people luv u

  32. karina

    Heyyyy guys sorry i didnt comment till now but after i read this epi i didnt feel like commenting….the CVs totally ruined Rd’s character…i dont understand the need to make him so negative…im really dissapointed right now…first they ruined VidArth and now SanDhir…i dont get it why they wanna ruin the show…sorry guys but its just dissapointing to see how the CVs are making Rd’s character look πŸ™
    Love u all guys Nishu, Sanahki, Sanyu, Rits, Bk, Princess, Rakshi, Ayeesha, Aparna, Dhruv, Sheena, Shreya, Richu, Aaliya, Shindu, Swarna, Himanshi, Suru, Vishu, Sid and all my lovely friends…
    BK sweety pls take care of ur health ok dear πŸ™‚
    Sanyu sweety sorry i didnt come but i was sad coz of the epi πŸ™
    Mrunali dear welcome to our group and if u dont mind i wanna say something…dear u said that the makers arent to blame for Rd’s character but i think that they are the only onces to be blame coz from the beginning if the show they have always put Rd’s character in a bad light just like they did with Vidushi…but that is the story…so they are to be blamed coz they always wanted to show that Sanyu was always more selfless then Rd…and now they are doing the same thing again…the put Rd in a bad light so that they justify Sanyu’s anger thouwards him…
    Sorry guys i just feel really dissapointed…i dont even feel like watching the show πŸ™
    Love u allll…stay safe πŸ™‚

  33. nisha

    I so wish to see something like this

    not liking rd betrayal

    yaar this isnot done

    I mean we want sandhir fights at some time

    but not this kind of

    its so heart breaking

    well if anyone want the above picture videos of sandhir marriage romance then let me know

    love u all

    karu missing

    richu always love u why u said forget u dear

    keep smiling richu

    my sweetheart sanyu me fine and u

    hey mrunali well u are new but ur thoughts and explanation is beautiful . love u mru keep smiling

    helooooooooooooooooo bicky how r u me too find karu

    I think we have to file a missing report of Karina in Telly update

    anyone seen it karina then please do contact on below written link

    We will thank you for that

    Name : karu aka karina

    Height : 5 feet 7 inches

    Colour : fair

    Tall thin and very sweet girl

    what say karu above explaination are correct or not

    if not then edit it dear

    we can find a groom for u tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo here

    love u miss u

    he he he take it a joke dear don’t get angry

    love u

    helooo sid long time dear how r u

    hey dhruv yo buddy

    very cooly and calmly you and sheena talk to ashwini love u both by heart and hats off cudos too you both

    hey ashwini dear sweeetheart you didn;t share your real name

    so coz you are a girl I call u ashu hope you like it ashu

    love u dear we have so much love for friends welcome

    heloo vrutika and diya welcome both of you deareeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    heloo prags and sindhu me too waiting for menka murder mystery solved by sandhir
    hope it will air soon love u both

    hey vishu still misssing wherer are you dear

    heloooooooooooo shahid second time writing your name and you still missing

    hey appu aparna such a lovely thoughts yaar need to say wish you a very happy day today
    love u

    helloooooooooooooooooooooa aaliya ayeesha sanahki shreyu

    love u all how r u
    hope you like the pics of aryan dear aaliya and you didn’t share it do you like the pics of ashwini with another fanaa girl
    he really staring her that to offscreen

    and also the offscreeen pic of sanyu and aryan

    share your heart dear

    heloo rimjhim

    ritsooooooooooooooooooo love u dear how’s mumbai dear and how r u

    hey swarna how r u dear , doesn;t like the episode of yesterday but didn’t ignore the fact that
    we also wait to see sanyu tigress avataar just like his hubby randhir

    Fire on both the sides
    but yes didn’t like rd betrayal and sanyu tears

    but wait for the scene we love the most

    love u

    hey rakshi earthquake , no dear not in our side happening

    hope you are fine and someone write today is your mother birthday dear

    is it right so from my side too happy birthday to your mother May she gets lots of happiness and wellness

    love u keep smiling

    hey ashwini you

  34. dhruv

    Hey gguys..I thnk some1 is deliberately doing this..
    So I m going sory frnds I lvu bt that person has crossed the limit..
    N this is a public site n people saying such thngs to me..
    I love u al n respct u n look at u as my sisters..
    Bt I hve feeling some1 from here is ccommenting from other name..I can’t prove who bt I thnk..plzdnt do this.
    So guys bye..I will come after somedays.

  35. dhruv

    N u ashwini if it had been a private site I had destroyed ur CHRACTER long shutup u f**king…

  36. dhruv

    Hey little pari karu(dont remain sad) nishu vishu rits(misu) aliya rakshi chotu sindhu shreyu(sory I can’t come at 9:-( hope u understand)
    Miley,rose,n all my frnds..
    By misu take care..lvu..

  37. nisha

    hey dhruv don’t be coward dear

    Be strong we all are with you

    and ashu aka ashwini its not good you are saying publicly to someone like these kind of private comments

    Ashwini if its a joke then its not funny dear

    YOu are harrasing someone by these kind of comments please its a humble request

    be a friend and stop saying these kind of private comments

    Or we need to give telly update your name

    Be a friend we all love each other but please don’t post private comments here

    request genuinely

    and yaa dhruv you are a very strong person

    You can’t run from everywhere , we always have been taught to face the situation dear

    Just be calm came here and talk to us all friends we all are with you

    the what is the fear dear

    and YOu are a guy see , is it a need to me to say this to you

    or else , we all are with you then what is the need of going for any reason

    come here if you consider us your friend

    see we can handle everything if we all are together

    we can make friend earlier like shahid , and even you don’t know nemi an older friend came just like a negative commentor and ended up like ur my best friend

    there are many commenters like taht

    so its ok

    running away is not the solution of it

    facing the situation with a smile is the correct way dear

    and we all are with you came here tiger

    love u dhruv

    hey don’t take it wrong dear just like a friend

    we all are friends right so came fast and

    keep smiling

    • dhruv

      HAhahaha.nishu ur so matured…:-):-)
      N I mnt coward…bt such type of people needs little u kno what…
      N I kno,she will not dare to reply me noww..
      Hey ashwini ladko se panga lena achi bat nahi haii.ok

  38. plzz shut down d shw….y cvs r hell bent makng rd villain???he s d rsn mny still bearing ur crap….plzzz bring bk sandhir or plz pull d shw off…..jst cnt stand aryukta anymore….no chemistry at all…

  39. himanshi

    Hi gys happy durgaashtami to all of u my dear
    Look this episode was really horrible but i hope all misunderstanding will be solved soon.
    Behind all this only d culprit nirmaan nambiar is responsible. Once rd
    Came to kno his reality na he will definately get rid of him.
    Hey rits di come soon ha
    Hi dhruv bhaiya h ru? Hey karina di dont be sad di everything will be alright . Cvs is creating harsh conditions for
    Hey nishu di nice pics of sandhir????

  40. karina

    Heyyyy DHRUV pls dont go…like Nishu said we all are with u…..come on bro just ignor those comments…

  41. Mahak Naruka

    Hey everyone

    Hello karina di , nisha di , rits , sanyukta di , aaliya , sherya di , Richu di , ayeesha , dhruv bhiya , sidharth bhiya, vishal bhiya , sheena, ankur bhiya and my all brothers and sisters

    Kafi time se aap sab ke comments pad rahi hu es liye sb ko janti hu

    Me aap sab ko di nd bhiya bol skti hu na koi problam ho to it’s ok

  42. Aaliya

    Hey dhruv!!!! R pointing this aswini as S…..?????!!!!
    Hv u got about whom I m talking???!!!

  43. dhruv

    Hey frnds it’s not like that….
    I kno perfectly well that ashwini is a fake n I also know who is the person doing all this..
    Bt I dnt,want to disclose their namr…
    I Dnt care wht they say bt I trusted that personvmade my frnd n now doing all this
    N ya ashwini I Dnt care abt ur Kissingggg thng…u r fool…saying such things here u dnt evn kno wht can happen to u if u post this baby….u r full mad..people can use it cmpltyly mad..

  44. dhruv

    Ashwini u dnt even kno saying this things makes u a whoreeeee baby so mind ur language…
    Now I thnk u must me smthng like thattt….
    So now dare to reply me….
    N my guess will be true..
    So common let’s see who u r

  45. Hey welcome tanu sweetie

    Dhruv dear u said us ur sisters r8 then plz cum bak its a sisters request to a bro……
    U r lyk my true bro yaar chill mar….
    I kno my bro is not coward……cummon ya be strong……we r wid u……

    Whn it cums to nishu I just cant resist u r mindblowing yaar….wat to say else

    Yep evn I m missing lia…….

    Group ke liye ek chota sa sher…


  46. Hi ayeesha how r u hi rakshi. Hi mahak and tanu welcome. Hi aalia,Nishu,bk,Sindhu,rits,milley,liya,aparna,himanshi mrulani,sanyukta,shreya,sheena ,richu what’s going guys…. Happyafternoon.
    Dhruv bro don’t go. U know that’s always happen once a weak some negative people come and share negative comments. I m sure he is a boy and using fake id. Just ignore brother

    • mrunali

      Actually Dhruv is right Ashwini just crossed her limits while talking i was also thinking to scold her to be in limits
      And Dhruv if possible ignore such person
      She already commented a lot about the show as bad and all
      she just want to be in our comments thats it
      Publicity lover she is thats it

    • dhruv

      Haha ok sweetie..:-)
      Bt she is a girl only boys dnt play such pranks on boys…:-D:-D:-Du make m laugh rosey princess.
      N I kno who that mad is..pretending To. Be. Our frnd..just she will not dare to come..haha..
      I gave her,her own taste..
      N ya thats very sweet..I too hve a little sis like u.:-):-)

  47. rits

    Ops..sory frnds…
    That I will not be there for 5 6 days was for dhruv..
    He asked me when I wil come to mumbai..
    I am here frnds…karu nishu n all my loving frnds..:-)

  48. nisha

    hey friends how r u all

    yeah just for some time I gone and omg what happening here

    hey bicky sweetheart I hope you are well , dear

    yesterday is heavy on me also I am not well yesterday 2 medicines given by my dear ones which makes me well and fine in a night

    so go to doc and take medicine have rest and talk to us all you will get fit and fine and running once again Ok bicky love u

    hey richu woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwww congrats dear
    very nice 94% dear Just be like that dear
    Eat more and more almonds and Came here on Tu regularly

    U all will get more and more great marks in your exams

    Kirpa hogi zaroor hogi

    To bolo Tu baba ji ki jaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ho

    love u

    hey dhruv

    I am glad you take decision to stay here buddy

    but need to say

    I thought you are very sensible and at the same time very kind hearted person dear

    hey dhruv I expected from you that no matter what happened

    you are not going to use any wrong word against anyone


    You are a gentle person dear Don’t do something which makes you regret later

    Remember some of our friend has already bear so much because of this

    Don’t use that word , I don’t want to write it here dear but I thought you understand what u wrote above for ashwini

    I know she write something out of the box never expected

    but think twice

    EArlier vishu also does a prank and we also forgive him naa
    I love vishu a lot as a friend now too

    then why not ashwini dear

    Forgive her and if not too

    then we doesn’t have any right to say some one a word which is a very cheap and pathetic for any girl

    we are so many girls here dear

    I didn’t expect this from you sorry but need to say this

    I am always with you dhruv you have such a beautiful name with such a shinning personality

    and this kind of word destroy your own image dear

    so aplogize to her for saying this word and be a big hearted person in front of us all

    Always loving u as friend dear

    love u karu tell me how many things are correct in the list tell tell

    hey sanyu always loving u once a friend always a friend

    always loving u tanu keep smiling dear

    hey sandhirian don’t worry dear cvs are surely make an exit gate too for meet of sandhir so don’t worry be happy

    hey himanshi always loving u dear happy durgashtami to you too dear

    offcourse mahak naruka dear you can call us di and bhaiya

    hey in which class ur studying dear may be u make so many friends here also who are studying same class what say

    we all are friends dear welcome to our group lots of hugs for u love u

    no aaliya I didn’t get what u said
    what s is saying by dhruv can u clarify dear

    hey princess love u dear always keep smiling

    hey friends I am sorry I am wrong but I never support saying a bad word to anyone

    I mean u can oppose it if you don’t like but don’t say a word in public site

    we all are with dhruv but I can’t support that single word for any single girl

    so sorry , If you think that I am wrong than I can leave this place silently

    love u all

    • dhruv

      Nisha..I can understand..
      Bt sory..I can’t apologize to her..nvr in my life..
      So just don’t tell me cz u r my sis n I can’t say no to pls I know perfectly well wht I said n I am with my word..
      Sory bt I can’t apologize to her..just forget that matter..

      • vishal

        Why dragging my name nishu???
        Anyways I.m very busy dear..thts y can’t come..

        Hey richu ausomemrks..proud of u..
        Hey dhruv parwa yeh..ethe loka antique ahe jara…B-)

  49. rits

    Dhruv chil..n ya that girl croserd her limits…
    Dhruv good nw she will nvr come cz she dosnt want to be the girl of town..:-D:-D:-D
    My bestie dhruv lvu bro:-)

  50. nisha

    hey dhruv

    Whore a word written by you for a girl

    I never support that word dear

    It means prostitue a girl who is s*x worker

    Think twice does any girl deserve it

    what if any known friend of ur even done this prank on you

    or if a new comer even you can make her clear by your words if you don’t want her to talk

    we all are taking the steps too I myself also saying this to her that I can report to tu

    then why that word saying by you .

    I don’t know , who am I to say all this

    Need to leave tu

    I can’t bear this for any girl

    So sorry I am no one here commenting rubbish just like nothing

    So sorry for visiting this page

    Have a good life friends

    • dhruv

      Hey nishu ..ok chil..
      Dnt be so angry on me..
      Fine ashwini sory u r very sweeeeeet girl..perfect.sory for saying u whore ok…very sort frm my heart..
      U come back n be my frnd.son say whtever u like..ok

    • karina

      hey Nishu come on dear dont leave…remember what u always said to me that we shouldnt let others ruin our happiness…pls dear dont leave…are u going to let ur Karu alone ??? very bad…i ll punish u when u ll come back…i ll make u do sit-ups…come on dear dont go…plssss

  51. rakshi

    hi princess…dhruv??? don’t think abt dat person yaar!
    come back…. we vll have great time ahead!!!!!
    n thank u shreya di.. yes nishu!! tday my mom bday:)
    Is anyone in onlne???

  52. edge

    Everyone here has a different point of view about Randhir’s character now as he is turning negetive and all but according to me he is only one who will suffering most. I agree that he said some cruels things to sanyukta today, but c’mon we all know that everytime she cries and gets hurt he can’t stop himself from showing concern…….all that came out of his mouth today was just his denial of what he feels for Sanyukta and YES this proves that he still LOVE her…….he keep saying he does not want sanyukta around but then he is the first person who misses her the MOST.
    So, its easy to see Randhir as he is being shown apparently a “VILLIAN” but before starting to hate him just think about his actions….and what he really is…
    Don’t want to hurt any1 just putting my thoughts…

    • karina

      i totally agree with u dear…but the thing that upsets me is that the CV are ruining his character day by day…its such a same πŸ™

  53. dhruv

    I kno aliya..wht u wanna no she is not that one….
    Chill sisy everthing fine nw…
    How r u. .
    Hey miss sisy is cute name 4 u. Wht u thnk?:-)

  54. ashwini

    Ok.dhruv I m also sory..
    Lets be frnds..
    I liked ur way of liking n just got aaddicted to u..I m mot I read ur comments n liked ur perstonality so I said in happiness when u acepted me my frnd..
    Sory I didn’t mean that..
    Nisha hii u r very nice..supporting me.. Thnku.

    • ashwini

      Dhruv I m younger than u..I m in u also my bro..
      Plz accept me..
      Nish. Di ap mat jao yahase.

  55. dhruv

    Ok..ashwini act like ur age then.. N dnt say sory…I also said u bad n u also so we resolved it rit???:-)
    So party..:-)
    N Abt nishu I dnt kno she will come or lets hope she will come..leaving cz of us,,crazy nishu u r.. πŸ™‚

  56. Hii did I am fine..
    How r u

    Ty god…plz dont mind anyones words bro….im very happy u r here……keep laughing..

    Ty everyone fr ur greetings.nishu almond ki baat dhyan rakhungi……
    Hii edge or whatever sweetie I totally agree wid u but still angry on rd.

    Oh ty vishu….luv u

    Once again ty dhruv bro…..chiill maar……nd now ur my dearest bro…..luv u sweetheart. …..
    Hey karu kaise ho….
    Kaise ho tum log…
    Aliya sanyu ritss liya sid dhruv ayeesha rakshi mahak princess

  57. nisha

    If you don’t feel to apologize for that word

    Ok then take your words back

    just a single word brother .

    Be a big hearted person

    and take that single word back I know what she did is wrong

    but what u say is also not good

    I don’t know ashwini but I know you . I consider you as my friend cum brother too.

    I have full trust in you

    Don’t want to apologize its ok but just take that word back and say it to her

    I take my word back , as the word is not good for any girl I respect girls a lot

    and all are here my sis as you said before

    and for our sake you take this word back but its ok you can say it to her don;t comment for me ever again

    and she understood then

    Hey sweetheart brother I hope you did what ur heart said

    Doesn’t want to force you but just a request being a girl plzzzzzzzzzzzzz undetstand

    I can’t resist that word not even for any person not for my enemy too

    I am a girl who can help her enemy for humanity sake

    I hope u understand

    love u all

    • dhruv

      Are baba I said..its under moderation..u will read..n that ashwini replied na..u read her cmnt na…

      • dhruv

        Oh godd my mom evn don’t talk like that..hahahahah..
        U r a,antique crazy sis I hve..
        Noone in my life spoke to me all this.u r first.hahahaa..crazy girl.

  58. nisha

    Sorry dhruv Comment in moderation

    i didn’t read it yours and ashu convo

    Late comer here

    thank god its all sort

    but yaa its me crazy sometimes

    love u ashu be with us we all give u itna sara love sweety that u are always smiling

    love u vishu sorry , hey gussa mat hona nahi toh iss vishesh diwas pe vishisth batein karke aapko apni dosti kaa vishwas kara denge

    ok vishu need more then let me know I add more vish
    its all urs wish

    hey dhruv its all clear bro now

    hey guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Need to get out of this seriousl talk and see this link

    Param and harshi and ankit share same gymmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  59. nisha

    hey guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz check the body wow I didn’t know param has such fit muscles

    what about u all guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz here dhruv vishu sid and raj yeah anyone i forget sorry

    but tell who is fit here or faty faty ???????????????????????

    Well me Not faty

    Average not too thin not too faty

    waht about u all

  60. nisha

    hey karu always ready for sit ups yaar

    seriously sometime want to kill tu for moderation

    I just read it now

    hey sweetheart I never willingly want to leave this place or u

    but yeah me too have some weaknessess sometime need to get over with

    love u always shona aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa karu

    sometime seriously tumhe kari banaa ke khaa jaungee

    and then the reaction Tasty ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    love u and yeah be happy hey above a question written answer dear

  61. nisha

    hey friends
    a question poped up in my mind

    have you even open the link of sandhir ki shaadi

    hey karu above I give u the link have u watched it dear

    its ok if not interested to watch but I loved it a lot

    coz the reason is I never watched that scene on Tv

    so I like it and think to share it anywayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee love u all

    good evening good night and good morning

    will meet u all tomorrow

    • karina

      hey dear thanks for the link dear but i couldnt open it πŸ™ maybe coz im on ph…and about ur Q…im just like u dear not too slim not too fat…im inbetween :)))) love u Nishuuuuu

  62. rits

    Hi frnds now apratyusha is gone bt. People r using her for publicity…it’s very Bad..
    let’s pray that,her soul rests in peace…
    Plz frnds. .
    RIP pratyusha banerjee we will misu always.

  63. karina

    Now that all is sorted out πŸ™‚ my dears bros and sissys h r u all ???
    Nishu thanks for the pics….
    And yeah guys i wanna ask u something….i read somewhere that they are going to make the 3 movie of Aashiqui (hope i wrote it well) with siddarth malothra and alia batt ?? Is that true ?? as i dont know hindi i couldnt understand what they were saying…if its true that i cant wait to watch it…although i would have preferd shraddha kapoor instead of alia batt…i just loved siddarth and shraddha’s acting in Ek Villain movie..

  64. Mahak Naruka

    gud evening

    Hi karina di, nishu di , sanyu di , aaliya, rits , dhruv bhiya, sid bhiya , princeesand all

    How are u

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.