Sadda Haq 13th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir launches first missile. Kritika says how is this possible. How did randhir fire nirman’s missile.
Agarwal is watching on news as well. Reporter says it will strike the asteroid in 12 minutes. All the villagers are in tears.
Randhir looks at nirman and smiles. Nirman says in not time it will hit asteroid and we will have the moment we have been waiting for. Aryan says you will pay for this randhir. Nirman says missile has hit the asteroid and it will deviate. Suddenly it blasts, all the villagers cry.
Everyone in ISRC claps. Sanyu goes out.Nirman says the credit goes to my team. I would like my team to be here for some discussion. He sees everyone else off.

Nirman says aryan if you go out of this room dont look back. You don’t know what I will

do with rest of them. Sabotaging national mission is a crime. They will all be in jail for it. Aryan stops. He says your destroyed those villagers’ life. So better come back. Aryan comes back. Nirman says you all supported them.You thought I wont know. I was expected you to excel but only one person did that is randhir. Rest were busy with sanyu.
If this plan failed your career would have been ruined. But I wont sack you because life is full of surprises. So you will learn how to follow orders.

Sanyu is crying in lobby. Agarwal calls her.She recalls when randhir lied to them.
Sanyu goes to randhir. Aryan comes to her room and says where is she? Randhir is working.sanyu comes in. she shuts his laptop. Sanyu says sorry I disturbed you. You blo*dy liar. She grasps his collar and shoves him. Sanyu says you ruined lives of so many. He says enough. sanyu says i knew you were selfish but you are heartless. you are not even a human.Now I know why you crashed cars. you never respected life and life doesn’t respect you either.Aryan was right you are not trust worthy. I didn’t have to manipulate aryan because he is a human unlike you.
Randhir grasps her hair and says you never thought my I did this? I didn’t want to make Nirman happy I just wanted to see you crying because I hate you. I like to see you in trouble and I will do this again. Now just get lost or I will kill you. But I wont go jail, because you are not even worth it.Randhir leaves.

Sanyu recalls what he said. Agarwal keeps calling her. SArpanj says she did everything. Agarwal says I hope she is okay.
Aryan comes in and says rnadhir came here?Sanyu stops him and says don’t do anything. Aryna says I wont leave him. sanyu says you are not randhir. You are sensible. He did what he had to. He didn’t think about people and their lives. I couldn’t do anything. Aryan says its not your mistake. He says we will fix it. He takes her hand and takes her out. sanyu sleeps in her room.

Precap-Randhir says to Nirmanj I don’t want sanyu in team.That is what you wanted to when she first came here.Nirman says I do what I like.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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