Sadda Haq 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 13th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parth says to vidushi why i feel like you are doing all this. She says what have i done? Parth says you short solar generator and called my mom. Vid says yes i did. You were blind in sanyyu’s selfish motive. I had to do this for our future, I had to open your eyes. We will go to LITS together and get a good placement. Parth says all you need is money. And this isn’t sanyu’s mission its for all of us. You are selfish and self centred girl. You have sharing room with sanyu for four years still you don’t have even one quality of her. He leaves. Vid says this is all because of sanyu. She manipulated everyone.

Sanyu sees everyone leaving the college, she recalls when she came there first time. Sanyu sits on a bench in tears, Randhir sees her but feels helpless,

he leaves her alone.

In the room, randhir sees parth packing up. Parth says you know the situation of my family, i don’t wanna go but i have no other option my mom depends on me. randhir says you don’t need to justify, i would never consider you my pal if you were selfish. He sees letter of ZIT, Parth says you applied in ZIT? you are going to USA? Randhir says they are offering me a seat there but i am not going at all. PArth says FITE is at dead end, you should think about it. Randhir says i think we will find a solution and i am worried for sanyu more.

Vidushi says to sanyu you can even break someone’s relationship by your selfish motives. if you had taken transfer parth would not have gotten in all this. Why did you do this senti drama. Vid sees some photos of them on bed, she sees letter of ZIT. She says you got an offer from ZIT? why are you not going? you wanted secure future for your mom and you. Sanyu says yes this is what i wanted but i can’t cheat FITE. FITE made me what i am. I love everything is this college. I know you short the generator and you called Tiwari. But i will consider you my pal forver, you had your reasons and i have mine. Sanyu goes out.

Parth is leaving, he looks at randhir and his room. He says the main reason of pain is because I have to lose a friend like you. I will miss you. Take care.

Sanyu is working on an engine in lab, she says it has to start, She starts hitting the machine. Parth comes in, sanyu hugs him and cries. Parth says hitting wont make anything work. Lets see what happens, they start working on the engine. Parth says you were the only one who came to talk to me. sanyu says you were the only guy who was not an MCP. Parth says i knew by that time that you will be a better engineer than boys. Sanyu says i knew that you will be my pal. The engine starts. Parth says you have to think abut your future. sanyu says dreams and goals are all over but all the best to you. PArth says randhir has got an offer from ZIT but he is not taking it because of you. sanyu says what?

sanyu goes to randhir and says you know what papa called me, he was sad. He was missing me and maa. He asked his friend for my admission, he is so concerned about my engineering. You should also avail a good opportunity have you thought anything? Randhir says ask directly about ZIT? Parth told you right? and i know you and your dad so well. he would never call. I am not going to leave you and FITE no matter who offers me a seat. Nikhil comes and says everyone is leaving wont you meet them last time? sanyu and randhir come to all of them. PKC says everyone have these sweets before leaving, i know this is difficult time for all of us but you guys will start new life so have these sweets. sahil says we will miss you sir, they all hug him. PKC says will you make me cry? PKC asks vid where are you going? She says I and sahil are going to LITS. Parth says i have taken admission in PITS. yoyo hugs him. he says don’t worry i am going to aister’s college. PKC says study this time. He asks randhir and sanyu where is their stuff? He says i wont say anything but contemplate over your decision. He leaves.
They all hug meet each other. They recall their time together. Vidu says to sanyu i always fought with you, sanyu says focus on your career, she hugs her. Vid says you are the best roommate and pal. sanyu says so are you.

Precap-virat calls randhir and sanyu, he says we have a plan to save FITE. Avanti says a national competition is going to happen, but if you win it you will show FITE is worth. sanyu says but its a cooperate competition we have never done it before, Randhir says we have never faced this situation before as well.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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