Sadda Haq 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu gives randhir mouth to mouth resurrection. he opens his eyes. yoyo says randhir. Randhir leaves.
Maya says to vardhan how can you endanger students life. Vardhan says everything was under control. Maya says yeah like you knew they were running. Vardhan says there was no poisonous smoke. it was just their brain telling them that its poisonous and that is why they fainted. Well, I have achieved what I wanted to.

Vardhan says what did you learn? Yoyo says that life is the most important thing. Vardhan says its time to announce the winner. As usual the winner is randhir but this time he has tied with someone. It sanyu. She technically solved the problem. she tried to fix the chamber where the smoke was coming from. SAnyu proved that she is a good colleague as well who

will help her fellows. SO sanyu and randhir are the winners. Randhir says you should be grateful to me. It didn’t fix the chamber. SAnyu says you should be grateful to me as you are alive because of me.

harsh calls randhir and says they allowed me after so much trouble to call you. I won’t pressurize you for bail. Randhir says I will try to get the bail money for you. Randhir says I will do everything for you. harsh says I am upset because we couldn’t do anything to that girl.

Randhir goes to sanyu and says you are enjoying my dad condition. Randhir says I will call randhir and make your life miserable. SAnyu says okay I bet you can’t bring him here. If you fail you will have to wear my bangles for one day. Randhir says you like to do this drama. Randhir takes out phone, sanyu trips him and he falls. he trips sanyu as well. They start snatching the phone. SAnyu grasps it and starts running in the college. Randhir follows her. Sanyu goes to boys hostel. She goes in a room. Randhir says welcome to my territory. SAnyu breaks his phone. she says sorry how will you that now? he says I will do that from your phone. They start fighting again. Thye are on bed and snatching the phone. Randhir locks sanyu in the closet. Sanyu says bring me out I will kill you. Randhir says now I will fix my phone and call Samir.

Jiggy comes in the room. SAnyu starts knocking the closet and says help open the closet. jiggy opens the closet, sanyu falls out. he is in shorts. SAnyu says wear your clothes. Sanyu says in heart randhir will get Samir’s number I have to think something. She locks the door.

Randhir says you broke my phone I will break your engagement. Sanyu asks jiggy to hack Samir’s phone. Randhir there tries to fix his phone. Jiggy says its parth’s laptop. Randhir calls Samir and says I am the one who broke your engagement. Randhir mechanic. Samir says how dare you to call me. Samir says I will break your bone. Randhir says will you break bones. Randhir says will you hit me on phone? come and meet me. I am your fiancΓ©’s class mate. Come to FITE and meet me. Samir says really? Wow that’s good. Radnhir says have you gone mad? I study with her.
Samir says yeah keep studying and learn something from her. Its actually sanyu talking through voice modulation. Randhir says so you are out of closet. Don’t try to fool me sanyu. how will you hack his landline? Sanyu says where will you get the landline number. Will you get a phone directory? Randhir says I will get your brother’s number and from him I will get your fiancΓ©’s landline.

SAnyu is looking for randhir. Randhir takes her to the room and says I will get your brother number from your phone. You have the voice modulation app too. Randhir calls ankit and says please give me randhir’s landline. His voice is going as sanyu. Radnhir gets the number and says your brother said don’t do anything to hurt your dad but I am now going to call Samir and ask him to come here.

Radnhir throws sanyu on the floor and puts hand on her mouth. he calls Samir on landline. Samir says why have you called on landline? randhir says I couldn’t contact you on phone. His voice is going as sanyu’s. Randhir says I was missing you a lot. Samir says I miss you too.
Randhir says lets meet on lunch. He asks where? Randhir says in my college canteen. Samir says yeah sure. Samir says in heart sanyu is changing after engagement. Sanyu randhir and starts running. she collides with maya. maya says where are you going? and look at your self. Sanyu says to the lab. Maya says go to the lecture. Randhir comes there too. maya says what’s going on here. Come with me. PKC is scolding at yoyo for being late. yoyo says why you wait for me. You can start the lecture. Maya comes with sanyu and randhir and says make sure they never bunk the lecture. he says I assure you they won’t come. Yoyo says sir you said late comers won’t be entertained but you allowed them because maya said. PKC says I will blacklist you.

SAnyu wonders what to do. She says its really difficult to stop Samir from coming. SAnyu stands up and says sir I want to go to washroom. Radnhir says lecture is more important she can’t go. Sanyu says please let me go sir girl’s problem you know. If you don’t let me go I will tell maya that you don’t respect girls. He says no no you can leave. Randhir says sir I wanna to go washroom. PKc says you have some girls’ problem too? PKC turns, randhir runs from the class everyone laughs.

SAnyu says I have to stop Samir. Randhir comes out looking for her. SAnyu stands in lab. Randhir comes in too. Randhir says game over for you sanyu. SAnyu puts traquilzer on his mouth and so does her. They both faint and fall on the ground, SAmir is calling sanyu again and again.

Precap- Samir hugs sanyu. Smair sees randhir and asks what are you doing here? randhir says will you tell him or should I? Samir says sanyu do you know this man?

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Meera

    Tdys epi – just as i guessed, RD & Sanyu jointly win the 3rd task..
    —I cannot see RANDHIR wear bangles
    —y do i get irritated seeing SAMIR hug Sanyu???

  2. game changer

    yar ye rd k dad kitne cheap hai hr baar apne bete ko apne prsnl revenge k liye use krte hai aur un k wajah se rd kp suffer hona padhta hai i just hate his dad

  3. nid

    really classrum scene ws so funny i ws ROFLing πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›
    episode ws awsme but ye chomu bhut irritating h uski shakal nhi dekhi jati

  4. Pakhi

    Guyzz i hv a news dera will be a nw entry..dnt worry it will be a male character…agn dont wry it wnt be opst sanyukta..he is vd’s ex student nd will be nw tchr fr dt

  5. game changer

    new entry!!!!!!wo bhi ladke ki kuch samajh nahi aaya i mean pehle hi to kitne sare ladke hai aur jiggy aur sahil k liye bhi to koi chahiye na q k kaustuki to yoyo k sath hogi

  6. Meera

    iss Randhir k wajah se Sanyu & Samir har ek baar kareeb aa jaathe hai… did anyone of u notice.. Samir ko lunch pe bulaaneki kyaa zaroorath thi RD ko??? I cant see Sanyu marrying that chomu… y, i cant ven imagine it…

  7. Meera

    in real life DD did have a few (or may bea lot) of gfs during his college days… i read the same in his blog sometime back… y is it so difficult to rope in a new just 1 cutie pie for our Randhir????

  8. game changer

    @meera no yar i like sandheers chemistry only i dont want rd wid someone else sanyu is also pretty they both look awesome together they make a perfect pair….

    • Meera

      arre yaar, just to see Sanyu jealous…. did we alongwith RD not get irritated at times even disgusted seeing Sanyu with Parth in the earlier epis like Sanyu getting into eyelocks with him, Parth catching her from falling, Parth accompanying her in the jungle, Parth saving her when she was drowning in the water tank… ????

  9. kajal

    i dont understand whats sanyus prob why doe she not accept sammer bcoz he is the perfect and gentle amn too he loves her a lot . he saved her from her parents and his parents . he cares for her . he allowed her to complete her engineering and whats more she want?

    • Meera

      excuse me for the long post…
      1stly, my POV – Samir is not a total gentleman… i doubt if he will allow Sanyu to complete engg. after marriage.. waise shaadi toh kuch mahine baadh hai naa. it is not like her dad had fixed it after a year or so… Sanyu is in 3rd year… Sanyu has to go to LONDON for intl. competition….
      2ndly, let us have it this way – even if Samir allows her to complete her full term and S & S get married, Sanyu being such an ingenious person, will it not be absurd if she just sits at home not doing something productive, something related to mech. engg??? (note like correcting the gas cylinder regulators.. even a non mech engineer can do it)
      3rdly, S, i accept Samir is handsome but Sanyu’s expectations of a guy or rather her wld-be better half is totally diff. Samir too is an MCP…. correct me if I am wrong.
      But honestly, i don’t know how her alliance with Samir will break off.. kahin aisaa naa ho ki CVs hame lollipops dethe rahenge (now & then) aur hum bhi bewakoof k tarah sab kuch dekhkar, aakhir me Sanyu aur Samir ko congratulate karnaa pade..

  10. game changer

    @kajal sameer is head of mcp a very narrow minded person ladkiyo ko kya krna chahiye kya nahi krna chahiye bus isi me uljha hua insan hai wo thatz y sanyu does nt like him

  11. Pakhi

    Agr woh chomu itni asani se sagai tod deta to uska nam chomu ni hoti..i am damn sure dat he will nt brk d engagemnt..he will jst blackmail sanyukta lk always he did

  12. Meera

    can someone give me the link for the NEW PROMO??? read in fb it is like RANDHIR is about to wear bangles…. noooooo..

  13. game changer

    kcan anynody tell me k wo scene jab sanyu mobile apni dress me dalti hai kis part tha i mean starting me tha ya last me plz mai ye episode nahi dekh payi to youtube se dekhna hai…q k sab bol rahe rd k expressions awesome the isliye

    • Meera

      that scene is like after 1st 3 or 4 scenes…after sanyu gets permission from PKC n runs from the classroom… and rd without asking for permission from PKC he leaves the class when PKC is facing the blackboard… Sanyu enters boys hostel..

  14. Meera


    courtesy :

    Good looking Nishant Anand, who recently lost his acting virginity in Indian television with MTV
    Webbed, will soon enter Channel V’s popular show Sadda Haq: My Life My Choice(Beyond Dreams
    The Delhi boy will be seen playing Vishal, an old disciple of Prof Vardhaan (Kripp Suri) who will
    enter the show to support Vardhaan. His entry will add lot of twists and turns as he will add many
    elements in the contest where the Dream Team would be fighting hard to survive.
    Shares a source, “The guy will be powerful and will be seen doing all the welding and cutting work.
    He will act as a judge to the Dream Team and show them how engineers really work.”
    The Dream Team will also have to compete with Vishal’s intelligence and talent. How Randhir
    (Param Singh) and Sanyukta (Harshita Gaur) would manage to survive will be for viewers to see.
    We spoke to Nishant who said, “Yes, I am a part of the project but I cannot talk anything right
    Nishant’s entry is scheduled sometime next week

  15. game changer

    no @meera i cant……..mujhe hardly pure week me 1 ya 2 episode hi dekhne milte hai baki wu se hi kaam chalana padta hai ya kabhi kabhi youtube se

  16. Ok,srry in advance fr d long post……u guyz cn considr ths as my epi.analysis…..
    Warning- This is not as funny as meera dis links…si dont expect anything lik dat…
    Pehli baat- todays epi was very informative….
    Info#1:Rd,even though he doesnt like girls,respects their dignity n privacy…..Prove by whn sanyu slips her fone into u know where n proves her so called ‘girl power’………
    #2: Hamaare pujya gyaani baba(vdhan sir ofcourse…..whom did u expect?!) dayaalu bhi hai! Bichaare nanhe nanhe bachchon ko poison gas waale room me nahi rakha……par fir bhi rd flat ho gaya……
    #3:Kaustuki ek dainty darling hai….jab rd uski dost ko khichke le gaya tab bas dekhti rahi,unlike sanyu who wud ve rushed to her rescue if it had bin her…..
    Thats it wit d info…..
    Aur haan,ek aur baat- sanyu antaryaami bhi hai! Kaise?
    Hamaari TOMBOYISH sanyu madam toh chudiyaan,makeup aisi chizon se nafrat karti hain…..
    Toh aaj kaise achaanak lal dupatte jaisi lal lal chudiyaan pehenke gum rahi hai???
    I mean,seriously. Use kya sapna aaya tha ki rd uske chudiyaan todega n d gr8 chudi challenge banegi???
    Overall hillarious…
    Presenting maya as…..
    Ye naam maine nai,IF ke waasiyon ne rakha hain…..toh socha yahaan bhi intro karva du…..
    Ok,bored u enough now…byee
    Ps-all this is d result of @meeras 2 links…….
    And i m badly missing my ACHUUUHHHH:'(
    Pradipta didi,r u there ya aapne bhi sanyaas dhaaran kar liya? Acho ki? Kichu bolcho naa kano πŸ™

  17. ash

    Today the episode was very funny…especially wen tey were fighting……in the room and sanyu telling rd to “hey first catch me if u can loser ” and running….hahah really tey werr fighting like 2 years kids….. Loved it :)) πŸ™‚ 3>

  18. AN

    arre nupoor 500 nahi 541 hume cross karne hai kyunki humara current record 540 hai toh ese thodne ke liye 540 toh cross karne hi padenge right !!!

  19. AN

    mere mom hindi serials bilkul nahi dekhthe hai bas malayalam hi dekhthe hai jese ki kailasanathan,mahabharath (mal translation)
    but i’m completely opp. of her !!!

  20. nid

    Meri mom typical sas bahu wale show dekhkr mujhe bore kr deti h,me ghar pe bhut km hoti hu to Sh ghar pe mere alawa koi dekhta nhi

  21. AN

    wese meine ek baar bathaya tha ki meri ek friend hai (non- sandhirian) uske ghar pe channel v nahi hai toh mere kehne par usne rd ka interview youtube pe dekha and she was like : wow rd is sooo handsome and cute and he’s very slim too…

  22. AN

    well mere ghar par bhi SIRF mein hi hu jo SH daily dekhthi hu !!!
    par kabhi kabhi mere mom bhi mere saath bet jaathi hai…….

  23. AN

    jamai raja dekhne ke liye toh mere ghar pe zee tv nahi hai aur aaj kal akshara bhi gaayab ho gayi hai yaar toh mujhe akhle hi comment karne mein maza nahi aatha toh mein waha par aaj kal comment nahi karthi hun …

  24. nid

    Oh han mene tumare or achu ke cmnts dekhe the waha pe,mene vo serial dekha nhi h,but mujhe nia ki mom durga bhut pasand h

  25. nid

    Mene fawad ka serial dekha tha zindagi gulzar hai on zindagi tv n it ws awsme,superb..
    tabse me uski fan ho gyi,n sbse best is show ki bat ye thi ki iske only 26 epi the

  26. AN

    nid i hv to go cuz my mom’s scolding me for spending too much time on internet yaar kaash ki mein thoda aur comment kar sakthi thi ….. πŸ™

  27. AN

    mujhe jaane ka bikul bhi mann nahi kar raha par mere mom bula rahe hai !!!
    mein try karungi ki mein phir aau par mujhe permission toh 7:00 ke baad hi milenge toh bye ……..

  28. shwetal

    bakwas is gng on… hate to see dis serial so much in dis dys… faltu clg… aisa koi clg nai.hota.. ki itna kuchh bhi hota hoga.. engineering ke students h… nt 3rd…

  29. game changer

    my gud luck…mujhe is episode ka rpt telecast dekhne mila…….it was really funny sanyu aur rd ki fight me to aisa lagraha tha jaise koi girl boy nahi balki do boyz ki fight ho rahi hai……dono bhi junglee ki tarha fight kr rahe the…”tu kya karega”… “tu kya krlegi”…haha and the most funny thing rd called sanyu ‘bandariya’…..

  30. nila

    Just got permission to open net ( of course by telling lie) read almost all the comments
    Missed u all I don’t how I controlled myself by not opening …..GOD DAMN I AM JUST ADDICTED TO ALL OF YOU
    Since my exams have gaps in b/w hope I will be able to comment in b/w in the week

    Epi was totally hilarious πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

    After reading meera di’s comment I am also feeling tht whether Sanyu will be Mrs. SHEKHAWAT or Mrs. MITTAL πŸ™ hell scared

    @ saddahaqrox I totally loved your analysis

    Bye everyone miss u

  31. nila

    Forgot to mention one thing
    CONGRATS!!!!! For crossing 150 cmnts
    Tnx a lot everyone for the wishes
    Missed u a lot Aprna my little sis πŸ˜‰

  32. Hihihihihi!!!!!!!!!
    Wow!!!! Aap sab ne toh mere orders seriously le liye! N iss baar,600 pukka.
    BTW, Sadda haq ki 1st aniversary hai 25 nov ko….uss din,lets cross 1000…our biggest ever! Kya kehna hai? Kar payenge? It wl b like our big tribute to shq….chalo…i m now going to check out the new poll.
    All those who read n liked my analysis, a big thnx!

  33. nid

    me ek joke sunau:
    santa to a girl-hi what’s ur name?
    santa-oh to aakhir laut aayi tum..
    *blocked forever*

  34. game changer

    yar agar sh me new boy ki entry hui aur wo zyada handsome hai to kya hamare param ko sideline kr diya jayega…..

  35. game changer

    nahi na wo vardhan sir ka ex student hai aur bahot zyada talented and i saw his pics he is handsome too… jo bhi hu @param is awesome

  36. game changer

    waise tum ne zindagi tv k show. dekhe hai na u know pakistan ki serials me maximum 30′ episodes ji hote hai…

  37. game changer

    waise tum ne zindagi tv k show. dekhe hai na u know pakistan ki serials me bahot kam episode hote hai mai ne ek series dekhi hu aur mai to us ki fan ban gayi it was superb …

  38. AN

    gc param se zyada handsome koi ho hi nahi sakhtha agar woh param se 0.0001% handsome bhi hoga toh hamare PSB ke acting skills ko toh woh beat nahi kar sakhtha na ……

  39. Kaunsi serial thi,gc didi?
    Mai aa gayi guyz! Aur 1000 aaj nahi,
    ko karne hain…..toh bohooooooth saare cmmnts sochke rakho
    25th November is saal tuesday ko aata hai. So, to get d max cmmnts,we’ll start posting frm 24th nov epi written update. We wont post ANY comment that day,save them fr d nxt day. Post all cmmnts on 25 written updt,n contnue till 26th nov 6:30 pm.

  40. AN

    ok so just for time pass let me tell u a joke :

    Wife: “How would you describe me?”
    Husband: “ABCDEFGHIJK.”
    Wife: “What does that mean?”
    Husband: “Adorable, beautiful, cute, delightful, elegant, fashionable, gorgeous, and hot.”
    Wife: “Aw, thank you, but what about IJK?”
    Husband: “I’m just kidding!”

  41. AN

    well here’s another 1 :
    At the doctor’s office, Tom was getting a check up. “I have good news and bad news,” says the doctor. “The good news is you have 24 hours left to live.” Tom replies, “That’s the good news?!” Then the doctor says, “The bad news is I should have told you that yesterday.”

  42. Ranyukta

    ~spoilers~ mon~ rd calls sameer to fite. Will sameer know the truth about sanyu n rd??? Tues ka likhne hi wali thi pr light chali gayi.

  43. Ranyukta

    tuesday ke spoiler me new entry hai jo shayad dt ko judge karne aaya he? Will sandhir manage to …. Aisa hi kuch likha tha.. Poora padh nahi payi.

  44. Ranyukta

    mere comments aaj jaldi jaldi post ho rahe hai.. N/w achha hai. N nobody else is here to losten me. Roz aap sab(An, Meera,Shqrox,gc etc) bolte ho to muze b lagta he ki aapse bate karu but n/w saath nahi deta.. My badluck:-( πŸ™

  45. No yr…aisa nahi hai….jabbhi mai aati hu naa,tabhi bhi koi nahi hota hai…
    Its okay,anyways.
    There shud be 00000 comments on 24 nov w/u. Save ur cmmnts fr d nxt day.
    On 25 Nov, start posting cmmnts as soon as the update cums…even if it s in progress.
    Continue till 26th nov. 6:30 pm.
    I hope tab tak 1000 ho jaayenge. U may comment on 24 ka epi on 25 ka w/u. We just need to hit 1000. Can OUR Dream Team manage this task? Yes we can!

  46. nid

    there’s”hell”in hello,”good”in goodbye,”lie”in believe,”over”in lover,”end”in friend,”ex”in next,& “if”in life!

  47. AN

    hi @ranyuktha, its nothing like that i’d β™₯ to chat with all the sandhirians here bas ek hi problm hai ki jab bhi mein aathi hoon toh koi bhi nahi hotha yr chat karne ke liye bas yahi baath ahi !!!

  48. Ranyukta

    are maine aisa nahi kaha tha ki koi muzse baat karna nahi chahata., aisa kaha tha ki mai ati hu to koi nahi ata and sab yaha hote he to yahase mere comments post nahi hote.. Anyways maine thi se padha nahi tha.. Actuly spoilers for tues are~ a n accriditation comittee has came to judge fite. Two students r needed to represent fite. Will sandhir come together for fite??

  49. Ranyukta

    Thnx nid. spoilers me engagemnt ke bare ne koi jikr nahi hai.[ Tellyupdates chya sarv vachakana hindi dinachya marathitun hardic shubhecchha!!!! ]

  50. AN

    yes nid 300 cmplete ho gaye aur abhi bhi hamare paas bohoth zyada time hai think ki hum apne goal se zyada comments dalenge !!!

  51. AN

    mein yaha par roz aathi hu aur comment bhi dalthi hu par kabhi thakthi nahi hu !!! i jst β™₯ this website and all my dear friends here !!!

  52. nid

    remember jb hmne 540 kiya tha tb fifa ka craze tha or hmne bhi golden boot ki tarah goldn cmntator ka award decide kiya tha,is bar bhi tumhe hi milne wala h golden cmntator ka award

  53. AN

    arre golden commenter sirf mujhe nahi par hum dono ko milne chahiye jese pehle hua tha na rojina aur mein toh iss baar nid aur mein !!!

  54. nid

    Ok dear 10 mins me aati hu,mere bro ne pareshan krke rakha h,use apne frnd se chat krna h or hm ek hi lappy use krte h

  55. Interesting……..very interesting!
    Toh tum logon ne MUJHE Iss DT ka mentor bana diya.
    *rubs eyes n reads @nid’s comment again*
    Well,mere pass abhi lappy nahi hai n mai phone se post kar rahi hu toh its a bit hard to post multiple comments bcoz etime u post,the page reloads in,like 1/2 hr…..PLUS yahaa pe inet slow hai…..
    But i wl try. Aur koi nhi hai toh mai bhi 10mins baad aati hu. Tabtak kuch vms aur ffs ke saath date pe jaati hu! πŸ˜€

  56. Hi guys!
    Bohot din baad!!!!!!! Mom GHARPE nahi hai issliye meri behen se phone le liya……actually i m not allwd online till my boards r over……………
    Aur haan- jab woh mouth to mouth cheez hua na,
    Hahaha……hamaara copyright hai isspe!

  57. AN

    aap log phone se comment kar rahe ho aur mein comp. se toh shayad isliye mein thodi si fast hu comments post karne mein !!!

  58. dumb serial

    i am the saviour of this country….i want everyone to stop watching such dumb serials and use the time in doing something great for the country!!
    wake up young girls and guys!! wake up!!

  59. AN

    well u shld be the one who shld wake up !!! this is the BEST serial EVER !!! and ya if you think this serial is stupid plz do explain why!!!

  60. game changer

    @AN sorry ha dekho comment se pehle sorry kaha hai isliye bura mat maanna plz
    one thing i dont get k itne sari comments krne se hoga kya…ok if we r discussing about topics related to sadda haq then its fine……@AN mujhe aisa lag raha hai you have bcum an intrnet addict i m sorry i know i dnt have any right to talk about ur persnal life bt plz yar dnt waste ur time here plz

  61. @dumb serial,
    Kindly shut up. Go n show this over smartness at sum other place,yahaan par nahi chalega.
    And how dare u call my friend stupid! AN is NOT stupid,she is doing a very gud job here.Aur koi kaam dhanda nahi hai toh jaa jake kisi aise jaga per cmmnt mar where u r welcum, bcoz u r CERTAINLY NOT WELCUM HERE.

  62. AN

    now so called savior of the country …. now u r wasting ur time and i think u shld be using ur time in doing smthing great for the country like doing nothing !!!!

  63. dumb serial

    i feel its my responsibility to help youngsters find their realselfs… all i want is everyone to stop watching these serials…they are a total waste of time..! instead that amount of time could be invested for the betterment of the country!! all of u are just wasting your time.. and doing nothing good!!! .

  64. game changer

    @dumb serial bt plz yar tum sadda haq k bare me aise mat bolo plz….this nt fair na tumhe bhi to buddy project pasand tha na?

  65. dumb serial

    @AN thats what i m doing… its my work..!!! i need to enlighten people regarding their responsibilities towards the country and thats what i am doing…

  66. game changer

    achcha u dnt watch serials to phir buddy project k last written update me aapka comment kya kr raha….k wahi ek serial aapko pasand thi

  67. @dumb seria,U sound like vidushi blabbering. So i will bcum kaustuki n say
    Aur bolo, ki sunday afternoon ko,aise relax karne se behtar kya hoga?u know,to get a fresh mind? Aur mon-fri hum log (as in me n an) padhayi toh karte hain….

  68. harry

    every one this show seriasly nic i love this show and
    i hope everyone”s life going happppppyyyyy so enjoy every one

  69. game changer

    are @dumb serial kaha gaye u didnt rply. wo buddy project wala comment tumhara hi tha ya nahi…k let it b bt sadda haq chhod kr sari serials bakwas isliye u r doing a gud job

  70. Meera

    ——— Spoilers for the week. ———-

    link :

    Monday – Randhir calls Sanyukta’s fiance to FITE. Will sameer uncover the truth about Sandhir?

    Tuesday – The accreditation committee has come to judge FITE. Two members need to represent FITE. Will Sanyukta &
    Randhir come together for FITE?

    Wednesday – Sanyukta & Randhir are posed with the challenge of making a machanical bridge during the accreditation
    process. Will they be able to complete this challenge successfully?

    Thursday – Sanyukta & Randhir lose the challenge and FITE loses its top position. Vardhaan decides to rusticate them and
    decides to resign.

    Friday – Sandhir have to win back the top position for FITE. Will they be able to do so inspite of being rusticated from

  71. First,
    @AAHELI N @HARRY,WELCUM TO D FORUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€
    (kya yaar,har baar ye kaam mujhpe hi chod dete ho)
    Aaheli n harry,we have a target of 600 comments b4 monday 6:30 pm. Do contribute as much as possible!!!!!
    Doosri baat:
    Thnx fr d spoilers!!!!! They r luking scary,though…but still,i m happy coz sameer ko sach pta nhi cla….agar chalta,rih sanyu cllge me nhi hoti! I jst hope parth doesnt help hr….

  72. hey i hope vdhan sir serial chodke nahi jaa rahe hai! Voh maharana pratap me akbar ka role bhi kar rahe hain na to dar lag raha hai….

  73. nid

    An dear whr r u?Plz cme back us dumb ki baton ko seriously lene ki zarurat nhi h,n ur d star of our team πŸ™‚ aese give up nhi kr skti tm

  74. game changer

    @nidxplz yar try to undrstnd we all r sadda haq fans right bt is tarha se itni sari comments krne se hi thodi proof hoga k we r ah fans so plz yar ye target chhodo…aur hum log sirf kaam ki comments hi post karege i mean jin me sh se rltd kuch ho….thinkvabout it seriously hum log 500 comments kr bhi de to isse hame kya milta hai koi nahi dekhta in comments ko…..sorry agr mai ne kuch galat kaha ho to

  75. nid

    @dumb serial this is nt stupid serial,sh is best youth show ever,we all r students here n me hosteler bhi hu,sh me college n hostel life dikhate h,jisse hm khud ko relate kr pate h..n its starcast their acting is so natural,everything about this show is perfect!aapko ek bar ye show dekhna chahiiye isme kuch bhi stupid nhi h

  76. nid

    sbko lg rha h,hm time waste kr rhe h to yr pure week to hm padhai krte h na,bs weekend pr thoda sa enjoy kr rhe h

  77. game changer

    @AN i m sorry i did nt want to hurt u i know u wnt trust me bt seriously mai ne apna comment us dumb serial k comment ko padhne k baad nahi post kiya tha balke mujhe to tab pata hi nahi tha he is back aur us tumse rltd koi comment post kiya…..

  78. nid

    1 Exclusive song dedicated to we the sadda haqians~-
    ho mane ya koi mane na yha apni bhi thodi ada thoda andaz h,
    aise h chahe waise h are jo bhi h jaise h khud pe hame naaz h,
    jane na hmko ye zamana,chaho to hmko aazmana,
    pyar-baaz hum jal-saaz hum ishq-baaj dilwale
    khte h humko pyar se SADDA HAQ wale
    har jeet cheen le har se SADDA HAQ wale
    dushman ke chakke chuda de hum SH wale
    kaisa h,i know thoda jyada ho gya πŸ˜‰

  79. AN

    well i think cmpared to last time hume bohoth zyada time bakhi hai kyunki last time jab hum 500 ka target pura kiya tha na thab 5pm ho gaye the par 366 comments hi hue the par kese bhi karke humne pura kar liya !!!

  80. AN

    agar hum ek ghante aur 30 min mein 146 comments dal sakhthe hai toh hum yeh target toh bohoth aasani se complete kar lenge kyu ???

  81. game changer

    mujhe aisa lagta hai k param real life me bhi harshita pr lattoo hai cuz mai ne us k valentine day k time k videos dekhi…wo bus harshi ki tareef krta rehta hai she is so brilliant bla bla…

  82. AN

    ha nid aapne teek kaha !!! mein toh kal pura din free rahungi kyunki kal sree krishna jayanthi hai aur obviously school nahi honge !!!!

  83. game changer

    bt one more thing that i observed harshi doesnt like param q k wo kabhi param ki tareef nahi krti…….

  84. game changer

    ya ofcourse they r frnds cuz mai ne ek blog me padha tha k harshitakaha tha k wo param aur ankit k sath lifetime frndship share krna chahegi

  85. nid

    This is based on music
    kesi yeh yariyan also shows clg life n 2 student nandini n navya(protagonist)n a rock band n its called fab5

  86. nid

    Ha yhi hu,vo smriti ka ek new show aane wala h,itti si khushi,m so happy coz suvreen guggal mera fav serial hua krta tha

  87. nid

    Yea,its vry interesting,fab5 n vo girls ek dusre ke rival h,n fab5 un dono ko clg se nikalna chahte,or vo unki ragging bhi krte h,

  88. AN

    mera fav wo ek hazaro mein meri behna hai hu kartha tha
    mein wo regularly nahi dekhthi thi par phir bhi jab kuch intresting nahi hotha uss time toh mein wo dekhthi thi !!!

  89. nid

    nhi itni jaldi nhi,nok jhok chalu h,but vo dono bhut brave h na,kahi jane wali nhi,or un dono ne bhi apna rock band create kiya h NH3(its navya,nandini n their frnd harshad)

  90. Samairaa

    hello guys u have crossed above 541 so congratulation isi tara comment karthey jaao tho bohot jaldi hi 600 bura kar jaa o gi
    if there is any kind of mistake kindly ignore it …!!!!

  91. GM guyzzzzzzz
    Congragulations……..ab dilli door nahi! Ab 600 toh kya 1000 ghar ki kheti hai! Keep commenting n make this our highest ever! Will b back @ 1:30,any1 who wants to chat can cum then,i will b happy to.
    Bye guyz,got schl now!

  92. game changer

    chahe jo tumhe poore dil se,
    milta hai wo mushkil se,
    aisa jo koi kahi hai bus wo hi sab se haseen hai,
    us hath ko tum thamb lo ,
    wo meharba kal ho na ho……
    Gm sandhirians

  93. Ranyukta

    guyes kisi ne padha kya fb par?? Ye week sandhir ke liye bahot hard janewala he shayad.. Wednesday ko the judges give challange to make a bridge n sandhir fails in task. Fite looses ots top position. Thursday ko vardhan decides to rusticate sandhir and resign from fite.. Friday ko sandhir decides to get fite’s top position. Wo rustication se bach payenge kya??( Likewise )

  94. Meera

    Dear AN, Afa & all other malayalis –

    *** Wish you all a very happy Sree Krishna Jayanthi *** May Lord Krishna shower his blessings on you & your family.

    Hope you gals have lots of seedai, neyappam, sweetened (jaggery mixed) Aval, murukku and other delicacies. While relishing seedai, do remember me… i simply β™‘ them.. Do you gals draw lil’ lord krishna’s feet at your homes?

  95. saddahaqrox

    Hi hi hi hi
    I m back!!!!!! Come oguyzzzzzz jyaada over confident mat bano!!!!!!
    Cum on guys 6:30 sepehle600 karne Hein!!

  96. AN

    meera di i β™₯ the sweetened avil & murukku !!! i’ll remember u!!! πŸ˜‰

  97. saddahaqrox

    AN, chali gayi na tum???
    Jabbhi mai aati hu tabhi tum sab ko jaana hot hai……anyways,chalo. mere laptop ka battery low hai n light gayi hai toh byee. n all d best r d target . I possible mai 6:30 se pehle aa jaungi.

  98. AN

    so here’s a joke :
    1st man: “What does IDK stand for?”
    2nd man: “I don’t know.”
    1st man: “OMG, nobody does!”

  99. AN

    ab humne ithna mehnath kiya hai toh treat toh bantha hai right ????
    ……………………. and the treat is ……………
    watch sadda haq ta 6:30 !!!!

  100. nid

    Wow An superb yr,u did really great job
    sorry yr me aa nhi saki but mujhe pta tha tm cmplete krke rahogi πŸ™‚ So happy 600 cmnt dekhkr to mera dil garden garden ho gya..Congratz

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.