Sadda Haq 12th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 12th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says my gf is so different. She like grease instead of perfume. He comes close. Vid comes in and says see whats happening here. Parth says you should work rather, Vid says you both will work without each other. Randhir says but.. vid takes sanyu with her and boys take randhir with them. The calculator is working.

They come to give the exam and see pkc on supervision. randhir says come nothing will happen. They all enter the exam hall and do the final test of the calculator. It working. PKC says focus on your papers.
The exam starts. PKC is invigilating. He wonders why are they not cheating. They all ask for extra sheets PKC is dazed. They all get done and submit their papers.
Vid says it was so easy. Randhir says i said its upto me. PArth says thank you guy. PKC comes out and says randhir is helping them study? I have to find out what happening.

PKC takes their answer papers and says same mistake in all papers. But they didn’t even look at each other in exam. They are cheating but how. He says i have to stay around them.

PKC comes to canteen and sees the dream team there He says why are you not studying. Randhir says we were just relaxing. People faint out because of stress. Yoyo says you will be happy by our performance.

Sanyu says to randhir if we crack that we will be known in history. He says it will be named Mr. and Mrs Randhir shikhawat. sanyu says why i have a name too. Randhir says i hate you. She says i hate you too.

Next exam PKC checks everyone with metal detector. He checks everyone. And says all girls will check each other. He says no calculator. Parth says how will i solve equations. Randhir says or you can take our calculators and give us new. He says okay you can take you cal in. They are all working in the exam. PKC is on invigilation. The calculators stop working. They all get worried.

Precap-Vid says when PKC’s phone rang our signal interrupted. PKC overhears it. He is working in the lab and says no signals will transfer now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thnx atiba asusal fr ur quick update
    Waitig fr 2 mrws episode
    And todays episode was gud loved sandhir

  2. Hahaha PKC is hilarious…DT should be alert…

  3. Ty atiba di for ur lovely update 🙂
    D episode was really gud as always 🙂 but lag raha hai ki kal DT ki full on band bajegi 🙂 I hope nothing serious happens

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    Hello dosto…
    I was not able to watch this show from few months back last I saw was when sanyu was working in her father’s factory…
    Can anyone summerise k uske baad kya kya hua and where and why did vardhan went mujge iska bhi thik se nhi pta …
    To please can anyone update it in short….

  5. Vardhan died during a terrorist attack in fite…n after dat sayu mother also died becoz of brain cancer but approved sayu n randhirs relationship…her father blamed sayu for her mothers death n still jates her…sayu n randhur r together again n soon their will be a leap in d show….i hpe this much will help u…as its a very hard to remember everything

  6. Shraddha Sharma

    Thank you very much moni…. dis much is fine rest I hve understood….
    Once angain thank you

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