Sadda Haq 12th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 12th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
A guy says don’t act smart. We know you are student not teacher. Another says we wont be fooled just because you are a girl. The first one comes to sanyu and says don’t worry no one will annoy you here sit down. Sanyu shoves him. Vikram cones in the class and says don’t you guys have any manners? He says to sanyu I want you to be seen in my cabin.

Vikram talks to a man and says Rajveer has agreed to join TCC. The other man says he is quite stubborn and candid. Vikram says I have never flunked in finding genius. I want Rajveer to join this institution. Sanyu comes to his cabin and says I have disappointed you and this wont happen again. Students were surprised to see me. Vikram asks her to sit and offers her a coffee. She says no I am fine. He says have it. He

says you don’t have to give me any explainition. I told you that boys here are not easy. You thought you would surprise them but they surprised you rather. sanyu says I can adjust. I know it will take some time. He snatches the coffee mug and says sitting in this cabin and having this coffee and attending a class full of boys isn’t a cup of tea. sanyu says give me one chance. He says I don’t deny that you are intelligent. You could do some home science class. but you can’t teach so many boys. Its my mistake that I trusted. Boys wont change their behavior when a girl smart and attractive like you will teach them. sanyu syas I need this job being a girl doesn’t matter. He says I am not firing you. I am giving you a new job to check these answer sheets. You will be paid 25k. sanyu says I don’t want this hysterical job. I didn’t spend 4 years in engineering so I can check copies. She leaves.

Scene 2
parth gives a sandwich to vidushi. She says please parth leave me alone. She gets a call from varun. Parth take her phone. She says give it to me. He says let me talk. Vidushi says please give me my phone. parth says why is he calling you now? Vidushi bites him. He says why are you concerned about the man who hurt you? She takes her phone and says stop interfering in my life. Stay like you were.

Randhir is hitting the punching bag in anger. Parth comes in the room, in anger. He says why is she behaving like that. He hits the punching bag too and it falls on the floor. Parth and randhir both say why she never understands. parth asks whats with sanyu now? Randhir says I told her that she shouldn’t do that job. Parth says and that vidushi. rndhir says when did you start concerning about her? He syas she is our classmate but she has no solution. randhir says all girls are same. parth says yeah stubborn.

Vidushi is in her room. She says why is my life not normal. First varun broke my heart then parth came in my life and he pretended like I don’t matter to him. Now he is so concerned. and why is varun back? Who do I want? varun or parth. Sanyu comes in the room in anger. She takes out her laptop and starts studying. she says who says this field is not for girls. She closes laptop in anger. She calls randhir but he doesn’t pick up. vidushi says have you fought with randhir? sanyu says does it matter to anyone. who cares what I feel? she says tell me one thing anyon can treat us just they way they want just because we are girls. Vidushi says they think we are the weaker gender. sanyu says who gave them this right? vidushi says its because of our mistakes. we gave them our right.s sanyu hugs her. sanyu says we will now she that he have control over our lives. Vidushi says yes now we will lead our lives. sanyu says yes we are equal.

Vidushi over hears parth talking to varun. he says vidushi is already worried and she is stressed out because of you. she takes the phone and says don’t listen what parth is saying. She says what are you doing parth? who gave you right to involve in my life? Parth says I asked you so many times but you never told me so I thought I should figure out myself. vidushi slaps him and says who are you to take decisions of my life? He leaves. Vidushi sits there is disbelief.

Sanyu calls some other institution and tries to get a job. she says I cant get it and only five days are left. Randhir comes to her and says whenever we fight i forget to tell you how cute you look when we fight. sanyu says wonders why is he behaving like there is no fight between them? He says yeah I am sorry I overreacted. cant control my anger, sanyu says what are you saying? I ahev been calling you since morning? He says I was in garage I am working on a bike it will get ready in 2 days and I will sell it. What you thought you could teach so mjany boys? thank God at least you changed your clothes. sanyu says you all are same everyone is a blo*dy mcp. He says did you even ask how my day was? I left my job. because he is a mcp like you. he has offered me a new job of checking copies. he says you should have told me how he behaved with you. sanyu says I have to stand for myself. randhir says where are you going? sanyu says to get ready so I can tell vikram that I can teach like a man. I will be a teacher there and that’s final. you can support me if you want and even if you don’t I am not going to stop.

Precap-Sanyu says to vikram you feel insecure that a girl shouldn’t beat. I will give lectures in you institution and prove that I can work like a man. Do you accept my challenge? He says I do accept but what if you lose? you will be working as a copy checker for two months in TCC if you lose.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. rs

    What the hell! ! Yeh kya ho rha sadda haq me in. No one can be like Randhir & also like sanyu. Sanyu is so daring & Randhir is so immature.

  2. rihaan

    Tum ho toh hume iss bahane kuch punjabi classes bhi mil jayenge…..yaar mein par punjabi mard aur aurat ko toh dekhte hi dar jata huin

  3. rs

    Rihaan balle balle ek expression hai jo hum happiness express krne k liye krte hai also to praise someone. ..

  4. rs

    Jaise randhir ka favourite dialogue hai ‘don’t mess with me’ means mera nal pangaa na lyi. …..In punjabi

  5. rihaan

    Arey main aisa nahin jane wala mere ko toh punjabi sikhna hai….haha ra aise hi sikhate raho accha lagta hai….aaur mere se aaj se Punjabi mein baat karo plzzzz…iss bahane mein punjabi bhi sikh jayunga…..

  6. rs

    Guys ek to story sirf sanyu ko superheroine bananee me hi ja rhi which I really don’t like. I like randhir also he is main lead so use b positive dekhana cahiyaa not villian.

  7. rihaan

    Yaar rs main beginner…huin yaar tum starting se mere upar bomb girana start kar diya……phir mujhe samajh mein aa gya mein odisha ka rehne wala huin…..aaur “mere bare mat paata karo to hi achha hai….mein dil mein ata huin dimaag mein nahin….”…lol….

  8. rihaan

    Hmmmm…..punjab se alag nahin hai….bas Punjabi nahin aati ….woh bhi sikh gaye toh …..ban gaye hum Punjab ka putarrr…..

  9. sadda haq fan

    no aisha i am here for quite a few months now but not just regular wat abt u? rihaan haha bag gaya?

  10. rihaan

    Oye abhijeet ye rihaan chapter na beta tere ko books mein nahin milne wale ….so agar padhna hai toh yahan hi padh liya kar… the way sunne mein achha lag raha hai….”THE RIHAAN CHAPTER”…

  11. saddahaqrox

    nice epi na guyzzz???
    excited r tomorrow!
    gc di n achu, aap kahaan ho?
    I m noopur. official welcome of TU

  12. rihaan

    Shraddha tum aa gayi?????….aaj phir se tum rank maintain ki ho yaar….tum nahin aati toh mein 3ho jata tha

  13. Ohkk..nw dis is somethng vry illogical track of sadda haq…i mean ..duniya main koi bhi aisa classes nai hai jo srif male professors ko lete hai..females ko nai..dia is hieghts…sanyukta ko heroine banane ke vajah sw cvs aise illogical tracks degne..yeh expct nai kiya tha…cmmn apne mann ki duniya bana rakhi hai inlog ne..jahan srif sanyukta hi hai..aur uskw struggles hai…randhir ko itna bichara dhikha rahe hai yelog…arre randhir ..beta usko nai chahiye teri hlp..apni padhai karle.. 🙁 sach main…! Ye limit hoti hai..usdin bhi aisa konsa colg students ko apna practicle xam chodke interview ke liye jaane dega..n tht too widout infrmng proff..bas apne partner ko infrm karke chali gayi…vo bhi yeh soche begar ki uske marks bhi kam hogne..vo nai hui toh ??? Randhir ka character yelog strong q nai banarahe hai ? Baat baat pe usko chid chida dhikha rahe hai..aisa real main nai hota hai..thoda toh logic dhikhao ..agar pura nai dhikhana hai toh! Aur aisa konsa institue proff ke saath battamizi karne par koi head students pe action hi nai leraha hai wow!! N usko one of the bst coachng institue of eng bola hai ! Irritate hota hai aise cheezain dekhke…srif sanyukta lead main hai iska matlab yeh nai baaki ke characters bekar hai ya faltu hai…kam se kam randhir ko toh strong dhikhao….ek toh iss colg main koi na koi bandar aisehi aajata hai..pehele vo chomu sameer..ab yeh dusra chomu varun…colg hai ya dharamshala …:/

  14. parsh

    Hi rihaan, rs, saddahaqfan and vandita but main ab ja rahi hun. Agar aap log IF pe ho to buddy requset bhejana. Mera name parshlover he. Bye

  15. Nidhi hieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ,
    i agreed wid u in some point , bt sanyuktas character is always strong though she is not more intelligent den randhir, i like randhirs character so much … Bt uska thinking and beliefs hurts sanyukta sometimes he is overprotective abt sanyukta , in show i like wht sanyukta is doing she is facing the problem , bt randhir is nt supporting her , atleast as her lover randhir shld support her i feel very bad abt her , atleast randhir shld understand her and support her, bt no matter slowly slowly randhirs thinking will change b coz he loves her unconditionally. I like dis couple so much . And i want to see them together always….

  16. @Sadda haq fan,
    IF is…..join it n add-
    Me- saddahaqrox(username)
    2) @nidhi,
    Hey, r u new here or did u change ur username? Coz i [email protected]….her real name is nidhi….plz bata do coz me is missing her a lot :'( 🙁

  17. [email protected] changer

    @nupoor mai ne bhi tumhe buddy req send ki hai accept krna…fiza18

  18. I found dat sum1 is missin me here so don’t worry frnd if u want me to here or on IF jst tell me da time n I m here or der for U 🙂

  19. [email protected] changer

    ha yar @nupoor..VM queen NID ko to mai bhi miss kr rahi ho pata nahi kaha hai….warna yaha pr koi novels ki baat kr raha ho aur wo join na kare ho hi nahi sakta….

  20. @urmee..ty for reading such a long comment…
    Dear..i totally agree ki sanyukta ko storng dhikhana in illogical way. Yeh thik nai hai..randhir is gtng over…i knw tht..n thts wat m he is gtng angry every nw rly irritates…..randhir hav to bhv mature..n also usko apna bhi toh career dekhna hai…thts the resn m sying..cvs r shwing him vry weak…..whteva Sanyu is doing ..she is cvs kuch bhi badhaa! Track dhikharhe hai..atlst for me it is not good…inlog ke relationsho ko tym kitna hua hai ? Juz dusre din se hi randhir ko itna over react karte hue dhikha rahe…aisa real main nai hota..ohkk real main chodo yeh fiction main bhi nai hota hai ! Whteva param n harshita doing..dey r bst in dis msg is for shw somethng logical..thts it!

  21. Nidhi thank you too for replying back i am agreed wid you y can’t dey show randhirs character like when dey became good frds , dat time randhirs is most understanding and promising ,he is like a cool guy , totally changed i thought randhirs behaviour will be changed after dey are being in relationship bt still he is like rude , egostic , and overprotective isse better toh pehle ke episodes better the wen randhir and sanyukta fights wid each other , dat episodes are so cute no one can figure out dat time like dis randhirs hidden feeling will come out no doubt he care for her always bt sanyukta started to feel it after dey become a gud frds … I dnt like dat seen wen sanyukta left frm college after completing competition of entering into the final round of dream team dat episodes is totally shocked for me , nw i m thinking wht will dey show after completing the 4th year of FITE , do randhir n sanyukta get married in future episodes ?

    • bharosa nai hai..sadda haq hai…kuch bhi dhikhasakte hai..shw ko one yr pura hua nai hai..uske pehele toh shw ka 4th year bhi chalu hogaya…aur ab xams bhi aajayegne…yehi hone vala hai ! I rely those imtense scenes btwn thm..jab yelog frnds bane the srsly.
      Main xpct kiya tha itna sab drama hone ke baad yelog mile hai..toh randhir jhgda nai karega..i mean der vil be some vry intnse scnes..i mean ..lyk some good conversations n nai..jabse relationshp aaya hai tabse..bas..randhir ka gussa..sanyukta ka sorry…aur..fir thode lovey dovey moments….matlab yelog shaanti se baat hi nai karsakte hai…yeh baat karega toh vo chidegi…aur vo baat karegi toh yeh..:/ god..maine shayad kuch zyada hi expct karliya..i hope ab kuch accha dhikhaye..:/

  22. YAAAY!!!!!!
    ACHUUUUUU!!!!!! U R BACK!!!!!
    Gc di, mujhe toh laga nid ne apna usrnm chng kar liya….coz iska asli naam toh nidhi hi hain!
    And itne din se mahi aa rahi hain, i hope 25th ko aa jae warna jiggy jognesh category ke liye koi nahi hoga!

  23. saddahaqrox

    achu, me missed u cho much!
    aur baaki ke olden goldies bhi nahi hain…..pata nhi kahaan gayab ho gaye sab ke sab

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