Sadda Haq 12th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir comes to sanaya. She says is there another thing you want me to do for you? Randhir says I want to take you out on a date. Sanaya says why? He says because you are my best friend. She says tell me what is going on in your mind. He tells her everything.
Sanaya says later, am I doing right? but whatever I see love in randhir’s heart.

Sanyu gets ready. Aryan smiles and looks at her. Sanyu says lets go. Sanyu’s earring falls. He picks it up for her and makes her wear it. Aryan extends his hand sanyu holds it.
Sanaya and randhir get ready too. Sanaya sees the video in his laptop. She says what is this? Randhir says it was actually.. I was distracted for a moment. Its not what you think like. Sanaya says who made this video? Rnadhir says you think I would do

this? I received this as email. Sanaya says but someone sent it.randhir says doesn’t matter. Lets go.
Sanyu says send this video to aryan. Randhir says are you out of your mind. Sanaya says you really care about her. You hate her but you get protective about her. Randhir says shup and lets go.

Sanyu and Aryan are on the date. Sanyu says why you came to this expensive place. He says everything should be special in your life. Career relationships everything. I know you have face difficulties in your life. If you old relationship didn’t work..
They see sanaya screamin what you mean by tables are not available. Manage says ma’am please lower your voice. SAnaya says I want a table right now. Sanaya says hi sanyu. Manager says I know everyone here. One status and your restaurant will be ruined. Sanaya says we have to go. SAnyu says you guys can join us if you want. SAnaya says no we will go. Sanyu says its fine.
They join sanaya and randhir.
Joy says why is this sanaya not picking the call.
Sanaya gives everyone drink. She has mixed something in aryan’s drink. Aryan says sanyu only eats healthy food. he says things change with time randhir you know. Sanyu says yeah.
Kritika is working. Joy comes in and says hi. He says you are so hardworking. But you working at night can get you dark circle.. I mean i have dark chocolates for you. She says i don’t eat chocolates I have migrain issue. He says let me help you with connections. The circuit sparks. Their faces are all black. Joy says sorry.

Aryan comes back to table. Sanaya says I am really sorry. She says in heard enjoy the drink aryan. Sanyu and sanaya keep talking. Sanyyu asks aryan are you okay? He says yeah I am fine.Aryan says can I dance with you? come please. Sanyu says no please. He takes her hand and says lets go. Randhir stops him and says relax aryan. Ayran is about to punch randhir, sanyu stops him and says are you out of your mind. Randhir says I think he minds that we spoiled your date. We should leave Sanaya. sanaya and randhir leave.sanyu take aryan back too.

Next morning, Aryan wakes up and recalls what happened. He is totally mad/. Randhir comesand says drink this fresh lime. You are embarrassed? Aryan says you did all this. Randhir says of course.

Precap-Randhir says I thought this competition would be tough. It is a one sided game. SAnyu gives aryan fresh lime. Randhir is there. He says I wont drink until you forgive me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hey devga masakali how r u dear

    after a long time I meet u , u know me and richu trying harder
    to find u but u are gone

    ruby , even dia gone

    happy to meet u masakali after so long miss u a lot dear

    how r u

    and yeah for sure whenever I miss u coming to krpkeb or edkw on these 2 pages I came to meet u

    love u devga keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend

  2. Heloo frnds..hii nishu dear dnt get sad plz:-)
    Hey karu howru???
    Hey dhruv howru bro..
    Princess whre r u??
    Missed u all..shena shivu mayu raj sanyu n all howru

    1. Hey vishal ! I’m fine…how r u?

    2. sanyukta rathor

      F9 bhai u say

    3. Hey Vishal im fine…h r u ? long time no see 🙂

  3. hey friends how r u all.

    hey richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa which shayeri

    you know when it comes to shayeri I never ignore it

    but where it is I commented for sure but where your shayeri comment

    can u tell me or give me link so that i can read and comment .

    Love u dear

    and yeah last me too leave shayeri for u even u didn’t replied after that


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    Palko Par Aansu Chor Jate Hain
    Kal Koi Aur Mil Jaye Toh Hume Na Bhool Jana
    Friendship Ke Relation Zindagi Bhar Kaam Aate Hain

    for u richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    love u dear

    keep smiling

    chekc this link richwaaaaaaaaaaa

    kee khataya mai teri heer banke and share ur heart

    what do you feel about this song in which way do you know the singer or the sobg or just a sharing piece

    and another one

    whenever I found myself along and want to spend some time alone

    just heard this song close to my heart

    Main ajj ik tuteya taara vekhya
    Javva he mere warga c
    Te chann nu koi fark pya na
    Javva he tere warga c

    Ke tu jo kiti mere nal
    Oda eh alam ae
    Ke ajj ik koyal rondi vekhi main
    Mera haal vekh ke
    Sadde agge gham v sir jhukonde ne
    Te peera lang jandiya sanu mathe take ke

    Main ajj ik tuteya taara vekhya
    Javva he mere warga c
    Te chann nu koi fark pya na
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    Kadde tere warga
    Andro eh shitaan rabbi chehre warga
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    Kade tere warga

    Mil jan dukh bhave jagg de
    Bande nu koi dukh nahi
    Jaani pachave jo baitha
    Tera pyaar vekh ke

    Sadde agge gham v sir jhukonde ne
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    Mainu agg kehndi mere kol beh ja 2 ghadi
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    Kehndi deniya mai tenu chaave thandiya
    Main jindagi vechi meri rabb nu
    Teri ek muskaan khatir
    Tu aaya ik din apna jameer vech ke

    Sadde agge gham v sir jhukonde ne
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    Main ajj ik tuteya taara vekhya
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    video of ke mai ek tuteya taara vekhaya

    the song is intense and I connect it sometimes to myself.

    very deeply.

    loveu richwaa do share ur heart

    love u devga keep smiling

  4. hey karu suru how r u

    its been days left I don;t know I came here after that or not.

    will love u always to you all.

    keep smiling

    1. hey Nishu h r u my cutie ? pls try to come here more often…i miss u…and dont worry dear if they ll end SH we can meet and chat on Anda’s ff or on others ffs too 🙂 love uuuuuuu

  5. I love sanaya…She is so good….she is actually helping Rd in winning the bet…A true friend…..hope she remains like this and bring our Sandhir back…. 🙂

    1. I agree i also like Sanaya 🙂

  6. Channel v is gonna be a big flop if it bcomz music c.coz there r many music channels…
    Mor after lakhs of ppl with no of shows…
    Besides it is separated from music channels coz its in the serial list trp very low….

    Sanyuuuu dhruvv baiiii karuuu nishuuu apuuuuu sheenuuuuu shreyu diiiii how r u muktiii…..shivi and all my friends….

    I’ll be busy once mor so byeee

    1. sanyukta rathor

      Ok dear but come soon ha

    2. Ok richu…but try to come here whenever u get free… 🙂

    3. Come back soo Richu…

  7. Hello every on show r u all
    Hi bk how u find spoilers I check the whole fb,twitters,instagarm and each and every thing related to saada haq but can’t find 🙁
    Please post it now now now

    1. Yeah dear….
      I have also seen all the spoilers in fb ,all the sites where it can be possible but I couldn’t able to find one … Where did u find them 🙂

    2. Hi mayuri dear. I can’t find it

  8. sanyukta rathor

    Good afternoon my lovely cute cute friends

    Hii guys aap sab ko mene kuch name diye h Like

    Karu as sakira

    Richu as parineeti

    Nishu as anushka

    Aalu as aaliya bhatt

    muku as priyanka

    Shivu as shardha

    Sheenu as kangana

    Sheryu di as deepika

    Aahana as prachi

    Richa as katrina

    Aparna as kareena

    Rits as ashvarya

    Dhruv bhai as ranbir

    I hope you guys like this

    Be happy always


    1. nice but who is shardha

      1. sanyukta rathor

        Shardha kapoor dear

      2. shraddha kapoor thanksss dear

    2. Where I am dear 🙁
      Plz… Gimme also … Missing u dear… U forgotten me 🙁

    3. SaNYU dear …… U r so sooo sooooooooo good dear …. Welcome back u didn’t talk to me a lot after u came back but nevertheless u r now here dear …… Miss u dear 🙂

      1. richa (titli)

        ooo soo cute thanxx sanyu 😀

      2. sanyukta rathor

        Hey my cute sweet mayu sorry dear i forget ur name

        Ok now

        Mayu as yami

        I miss u too dear

        Love u

        Be happy always

    4. He he…thanx sanyu…
      N what about u?? Ok …i’ll name u…ummmmm…
      Haa…sanyu as ….- Sonam kapoor…what say? 😉

      1. sanyukta rathor

        Very nice my cousin also told me same

        Love u dear

    5. hey sanyu … it’s cute ! but what abt u ? 🙂 😉

      1. sanyukta rathor

        ha to ye to tum batao na dear …….hahahah

        Love u ??????

    6. so sweet of u my sweety Sanyu…love u

      1. sanyukta rathor

        Love u too dear


  9. Guys can we not still chatting in tu after its end

    1. after the end of the show there wont be any pages with WU dear so we can chat on ffs…and i hope other ppl will start writting ffs on SH

  10. randhir k papa k sath kya hua ?? ye to aaj tak dikhaya nhi ? jub rabdhir k papa zinda hia to wo salry chk milne pe itna dukhi ku hua jese wo anath ho :/

  11. Guys lets make it above 130

    Bk will u then give us the spoilers 🙂

  12. Guysssss what the hell!!!!!!! Channel V will shut down!!!! Ohh no!!!!! I have seen jst now!!!!!! Mai God!!! I shall die yrr!!!!! ???

    Hey,, richa,, I couldn’t do anything frm the link!!!! Pls help me Na!!!! I shall try to oppose….guysssss,,, let’s oppose Na!!!!! It’s unbelievable!!!! And u ppl were talking about anda’s ff!!! I jst dnt know anything abt tht…. Pls tell me Na….


    1. Hey sweety…after Channel V will close all the shows including Sadda Haq will end so Telly Updates wont have anything to update here coz there wont be any epis…so i sugested that we can met and chat on the page of the ffs here…so Anda is a writer which has an ff on Sadda Haq and she said that she doesnt have a problem if we continue chating on the pages of her ff 🙂 i ll put the link of her ff here so u can see it…after the show will end we will have to chat on other page…so we agreed in chating on the ffs dear 🙁

      This is a link on one of her chapters frm the ff she is writting now…

  13. Hi sanyu di!!
    Itni dn kha thi!!???

    Yr Di,,,, bohot bura lag raha hay ye news sunkr!!!!!! ????

    Aaliya bhatt!! Nice….?

    1. sanyukta rathor

      Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my cuteeee pai my lovely , my sweetiiiiiii

      Mere exam the dear

      Wase tum kha the ???????

      And dont warry dear ham ffs par chat kr sakte h but show ke end hone ka bahut bura lag raha h

      But be happy always

      Love uuuuuuuuu sooooo much



      1. U know Na,,, aipmt and all state joint entrnce exms are cancelled!!!! So preparing for NEET phse II…

        Yaa di…We shall chat… But I don’t hv ‘Andy’s ff’s,’ link!!!! Hey karu,,,, tht link was of telly update dear!!!! Or,,, may b couldn’t get it!!!!

  14. Guys if sadda haq is tgending then they sure make the story but don’t u think it’s too fast because mission Mars is still far away and a lot of mystery like of randhir’s dad and mom and nirmaan and everybody’s character development and sanyu leading the team and fun , love triangles all have to be done in this season so how come they will do if the channel is ending and how they r gonna end sadda haq
    I m curious to know but simultaneously sad because it’s not gonna more with us ….
    Anyway any suggestions how it should end of guesses …. 🙂

  15. richa (titli)

    hellll minnalll hy nyc to c u m not in good mood TTYL tc by nd u knwall TU frientss i DiTch 😛 u allll just 😡

  16. Hi frnds..I met with an accident hospitl.ohh gosh its horrible..thnkgod hat ok hai..:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(

    1. Abhi 2 hours pphle operatin krke leta sucks…oh gosh..anyways I can’t rit much….blood starts coming..
      Thnx sanyu ur my Jennifer Lawrence.

      1. sanyukta rathor

        Thank u bhai

      2. Oh I mean tht wounds r not its strts bleeding..cnt thnk Much for writing..nisha come here Oftn ok.hi alu.

      3. Get well soon !!!! Bro…

    2. sanyukta rathor

      Hey bhai u ok na ??????

    3. bhai take careee .get well soon

    4. Ohhhhoo bhai… Apna dhyan rkha kro naa…
      N abhi zada activities mat krna agr pain hora h toh. N gosh hospital????!!! Jldi thik ho jao…take care bro…get well soon…come here whenever u feel better…if blood comes out while typing, then take rest…this way ur wound will heal soon…

    5. Dhruv Bhai …. How careless u r … U met an accident u should be careful Bhai … And if the wounds r not healed then don’t type because more and more blood will start coming out and which sort of operation u undergo in ….. Anyway Bhai now take care of yourself and revati dear tale care of your Bhai … U know him very well …..

      Get well soon Bhai 🙂

  17. Aaliya dear that link i gave u is working…try again…and Anda is posting her ff here on TU page so thats why its the same link as TU 🙂

    Dhruv are u ok my crazy friend ? pls take care and get well soon…

    1. Ok my foot..I cnt evn sittt…ohh goshhhhhhh…hope tht I will be ok..I need to undrgo anothr surgery on Monday

  18. hey friends how r u all.

    hey dhruv I hope you are ok buddy

    Accident and bleeding its not good

    Please take very good care of urself

    I don’t know what to say . Some of my known person also passed away from a car accident.

    May his soul rest in peace.

    Take care dhruv


  19. god knows why it happens why good people always left us behind

    doesn’t feel good today.

    richu I never ditch u dear and never intentionally going to ditch u from here

  20. I get bored yr.n it hurts,so,mind distract ke liye laptop hi hai shena..
    Hey nish I was on,bike speed litlle high..n thr was construction site..n I didn’t,see..jab akh khuli hospitl mai tha…thnkgod my frnd,was thre naito yaha to koi hat bhi lagta nai..waha pe hi marna pdta..

  21. I will not lie to u.shena nish sanyu shivu..speed was 110.. Thts the Dnt be angry ha sisters.

    1. sanyukta rathor

      what 110 are u crazy bhai etni speed me koi bike calata h kya

      Or aap to bol rahe ho little high

      Sukar h aap thek ho warna etne speed me tooooo…


      Bhai this is very no no no not very it’s very very very very very very ……….high

      Aap bike cala rahe the h airoplane

      1. Ar helmet tha na.n it’s a racing bike..n I hv done lots of bike race:-(
        Anyways kisko corn soup acha lagta hai???

      2. sanyukta rathor

        Muzeeee mene kha tha na ki me num 1 bukked hu ….

        Hahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahaahha maza aa gya i know aap ko hospital me corn supe pilaya ja raha h or aap ko wo pasand nhi h hahahahahahahahahhahahah r8 na

        Hahahahahahahahahahaha ……..bhai pi lo are pi bhi lo ….hahahahahaahhahahaahha


      3. sanyukta rathor

        Hey bhai ur sis in india wowwwww aap to bhut maze kr rahe hoge na apne sis ke sath hmmmmmm

    2. kya jaldi thi bhai???

    3. Bhai u truly r careless seriously 🙁
      But u said to don’t be angry how could we not angry ….. I guessed very correctly about u but u will be OK !!!!
      Get well soon Bhai 🙂

  22. hey guys I have reported on tu bcoz a girl on skr is fighting and abusing religion and hurting otherd but they told me that it is her right what to do she is fighting wid me

    1. Dnt reply her

      1. apna dhyan rakhna

    2. Hey shivu I told dnt reply her ok.:-)

      1. I know bhai but there is no use to speak wid such people they.are sick just want let we will ignore them

  23. Bk dear …..
    Plz… Now give us the spoilers because we crossed 130+ comments … As u have said that if we cross 130 then u will give us the spoilers 🙂
    Plzz… Plzz…

    1. Dear I already posted spoilers…plzzz check

  24. Richa(titli) dear …. May I please ask u one question ….
    Do u see anime ? And on which channel ? And if yes which is your favorite one …. Plzzz….

  25. Hey Nishu how r u dear I will miss u a lot and Karu too

    1. hey dear we can still chat here on ffs pages 🙂 we can still meet here my little princess…so dont be sad 😉

  26. So guyzzz spoilers r here…..

    Wow nxtweek z really interesting…btt I’m little sad…..

  27. I am Feeling blesed to hear u wer search in for me nisha and richu… The same is wid me i was not able to stay WITHOUT u all…. So tried my best to find out ff but was unable so i became sad…. Evn ruby ff i miss… They wer realistic….. Bye
    And richu dont talk abt ditch…. Nothing like tht…

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