Sadda Haq 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Azan is working on power house, parth comes and says who asked you to do this? this is my task, vardhan gave me this task. azan says i don’t leave anything incomplete but i know what vardhan means to you. Parth says this is my responsibility. Azan says you will do this alone? I might help you. Parth says I don’t share my and dream team tasks with anyone. azan says i am also a dream team member and I will get its credits back.

Two guys walk past sanyu and randhir, they say look they are so useless now, Vardha saw something in them? what is so genius about them? Randhir starts hitting them. sanyu stops radhir and says you are losers not us. Eklaviya announces students come to the hall we are holding memorial function for FITE’s late professor Vardhan.


all gather in the hall. PKC says as we all know our beloved Vardhan is not with us anymore, we will never recover this loss. People like vardhan are rare. As much as we will miss him, we are so lucky that we got to work with him. We all learned something from him. He was a genius, he inspired me and others to do something. I am sure where ever he is, he wants FITE to keep working like is used to. I don’t know how but we have to strong. I have written some lines for him:

“A wajan mujhsy kam but achievement ka wajan hai ziada(you weigh less than me but the weight of achievements is way more),
Kioun chor gaye humain bech rasty(why you left us in mid way?),
jab akhri tak sath nibhany ka tha wada(when we promised to be together till the end),
Bhalay hui ho lakh ghaltiya hum sy(no matter we make lac mistakes),
Par sudhry tabhi jab tum ny danta(but we rectify only when you scold). ”
May his soul rest in peace.

They see vardhan’s video, finally I made this dream team. Vidushi, kasutuki, randhir and parth will be part of it. sanyu says and sir sanyukta. He says you guys are the winner, no matter if you lost or won. They show the video of village. vardhan says this is the dream team project the prototype car. There were many challenges, dream team is made to face challenges. the best students of FITE fourth year mechanical sanyu and randhir.

Randhir says what are they trying to show? They all swipe their tears. All of the students write chits for vadhan and place it with candles, except dream team. parth says what is all this? first that letters and now this video? Vidushi says someone is making fun of our emotions. sanyu says there is no one who knows us so well. parth says yeah who knows such details? randhir says but so much coincidences? Sahil says someone is trying to manipulate us. Sanyu says just think how you felt for last 10 minutes, you must have recalled vardhan’s words. We are not focusing on what we should do, randhir says but we need to know why? Someone will send us letters and we will starts working. Sanyu says if it has vardhan’s name then i will cork. I would love to believe that these letters this video, if it is deliberate, even then its a motivation. our respect is genuine. i will do this task for him. Who is with me? Everyone hold her hand. they all say for vadhan sir.

Scene 2
sanyu and randhir come to water tank, randhir says lets electroplate the walls of tank, sanyu says that will stop water supply. randhir says they have installed a back up water tank. sanyu says why didn’t you tell me before? randhir says lets start doing this. randhir says we need permission from management? start preparing i will bring the permission. Sanyu starts working, randhir says now sit i will work. sanyu says no i will work, he says lets toss. Sanyu says let me check the coin first. Its gets a heads, randhir says now go and sit. sanyu sits. Randhir starts working, sanyu sees him. Randhir recalls the factory time. He says in heart she deserve to work. He pretends like he got a shock. sanyu says what happened? Come sit here. are you mad? were your eyes closed? sanyu says i will work now. randhir sits and sanyu starts working. sanyyu falls down from ladder. Randir helps he in standing. Randhir works and says now it will take one hour to proceed. its done, randhir says God job imaginary. sanyu looks at the sky.

Vidushi and parth are working on power house, he says move, vidushi says i am doing this. vidushi says vardhan always wanted me to be with you, this is why he made me your partner. He says vardhan never interferes in personal lives. He paired you with me so you don’t have to do anything. They complete the power house project. Vidushi smiles. Parth says sorry i scolded at. vidushi says my mind in working with double speed for this task.

Sahil says to yoyo all the plants are here. lets go and place them. yoyo says i can’t be there, its the same place where vardhan died. Asiter says if vardhan saw you like this yoyo he would never like it. Life goes on, if you do something positive vardhan will be happy. yyoyo says you are right, i am going to help sahil.

Precap-sanyu says we are so lucky that vardhan gave us all these tasks. randhir says but its still weird, these letters and videos they all look like a script. Sahil says but who wrote it? parth comes in with arpita and says i will tell you guys.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. akhil

    Oh real life names of randhir and sanyukta. Gud logic parsh. What is ur real name. Give an intro of yourself

  2. Parsh

    Mera name shraddha he 🙂 noopur tu to aaja. Roj sabka welcome karti he aaj mera bhi kar de itane dino bad aayi hun to 🙁

  3. akhil

    Kk shraddha. But I’ll call you parsh. Aakir tumne itna dimmag jo lagaya accha naam ke liye 🙂

  4. Parsh

    Ok bye. 8 baj gaye, ab muje study karni padegi 🙁 we will talk on 24 after my last paper. agar tum hoge to, bohut newbies 2-3 aate he aur bad me chale bhi jate he 🙂

  5. afra

    soooooo emotional epi 😛
    Mujhe pata hai ye kisne kiya hai 😉
    tum sab ke comnts padhkar aisa lagra sabko memory loss hai[joking re}
    yaad hai jab arpita new thi n she went to meet vardhan, aur vardhan ne arpita ke saath kaafi der tak baat kiya tha. He said about his dream team n all and their conversatn was muted by our brilliant Directer{of Sadda Haq}
    So i guess he made some plan about this with arpita n arpita ko toh acche se shoot karne bhi aata after all she is a journalism student 😛
    But lets see what our brilliant Directer has in-store for fans like us 😛

  6. afra

    from kerela???
    we r going to visit there this summer 🙂
    it is said that it has many tourist destinations
    especially bamboo boats r very beautiful 🙂

  7. akhil

    Oh gud afra. You can get helpful suggestions from naz and sweet.
    Any one here from himalchal pradesh???

  8. akhil

    Which entrance exams kiya? Sry yaar its reakly big to right shining star. Can i call u with ur real name???

  9. shinning star

    Like of bits n iit mains so how to go through ol the syllabus in just 10 days as I have only 10 days 4 iit mains.xam n for bits I have 2 months so Agar mera.selection nahi hua to kya hoga mera

  10. akhil

    Kk star u have less time fr ur entrance exams. So its better option that you prepare the chapters or topics that you are good in and leave the topics which ur not so good. Its not the right time to take risky decisions

  11. akhil

    So here u go
    Mains- prepare from 12 class txt books. Be very confident in basics and practice the sample papers as it helps u to increase ur speed because original papers always appear to be time taking due to tension

  12. shinning star

    Here no one online kya Chalo Phir me bhi jati hu mera maths ka xam h 16 ko
    Thanks kar advice buddy

  13. akhil

    Bitsat- just solve as many as sample papers as you can. Questions wont be so dificult but you will really fight with time during the exan

  14. akhil

    Bitsat- just solve as many as sample papers as you can. Questions wont be so dificult but you will really fight with time during the exam

  15. Parsh

    Main bhi 12th me hi hoti shinning star lekin 6th me mera accident hua tha to maine 6 months school attend nahi kiya issiliye muje firse 6th standard clear karna pada 🙁

  16. akhil

    Wassup parsh?? And star no problem i got a book like notepad during bitsat, it contains 8 pages and is sufficient

  17. Parsh

    Lekin mere college me bohut log he jo 17 ke hoke 11th me he. Hamare yaha jaldi school nahi bhejte bacchoko 😀

  18. akhil

    Kya kare parsh mujhe tho thodi jaldi bhej diya. Mera izzat jati jab mere juniors jo 12th mai hai voh mujhse bhi bade hai tho. Vaise tum kahan se ho parsh??

  19. anindita

    arey yaar ye arpita ka kya chakkar hain abhi……usine bheje hain kya wo letrs…ya phir vardhan ne diye the use wo…plse jaldi solve karo yaar ise…very xcitd..

  20. shenaz

    Hi guys as I think that many of u don’t know about India u just have to log into this n check in a day at least once your account n this will help u all to know parsh better n will also know about Sadda haq team as well. Hope some1 will do that.

  21. shenaz

    N I forgot to say that on India sanyukta n randhir r known as sandhir , parth n vidushi as vidharth , sanyukta n vardhan as sandhan , parth n randhir as paran , param n harshita as parsh n u all can also read fan made stories of their fans too.

  22. Parsh

    Hi shenaz, IF ke vajhse TU pe oldies nahi aate, even I am there too. But mera IF open hi nahi ho raha 🙁

  23. shenaz

    Ha new hu par tumhare account pe sayad log in error de raha hoga so try it again by logging in.

  24. shenaz

    OK parsh then creat a new ac on it if its that important n this time don’t let your sister know the password or username really getting late bye.

  25. afra

    hi buddies
    sorry thodi late hogayi 🙁
    aaj friday hai so sooo much work 🙁
    n exam preps bhi chalre 🙁

  26. afra

    thank u queen 🙂
    Aisha kahaan ho???
    i know u r still angry wid me 🙁
    am very sorry dear, sorrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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