Sadda Haq 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 12th March 2014 Written Update

Randhir comes to Vardhan and starts complaining about Sanyu and other team members. He says no one did any work except Parth. Vardhan shouts at him saying he doesn’t want any excuses, he is the captain and he gave some responsibility to him. Randhir asks him for some time to finish the reports. Vardhan gives him 2 hours and reminds him that a captain’s responsibility is also to handle the team.

Randhir comes to the library and takes everyone’s files and reports from them. Him and Sanyu argue again. Randhir says this is the first he had to hear so much from anyone. Sanyu says if wants to be the captain and take credits for everything, then he needs to take insult too. He tells her not to be oversmart and he will see her once he submits the reports. He asks everyone to leave

so he can work. Parth stays, rest leave. Randhir starts working.

Kastuki and Sanyu are happy seeing Randhir in trouble. Jiggy stops Kastuki and says it’s good that they don’t have report stress anymore, now they can spend more time together. Kastuki says she has more friends and she wants to spend time with them too. Right now she wants to stay with Sanyu. Jiggy doesn’t like it. He tells Kastuki so now Sanyu has more importance than him. Sanyu calms them down and tells Kastuki to go with Jiggy. Jiggy says even Sanyu is so understanding and tells Kastuki to be same too. Him and Kastuki leave.

Parth comes to Sanyu and asks why she’s doing this. Sanyu says she’s single that doesn’t mean she won’t let other couples spend time together. Parth says he’s talking about Randhir. Sanyu says she doesn’t want to talk about him as he’s too arrogant and selfish. Parth tells her that she’s being selfish right now as well. Sanyu says she thought about the team, she just wants Randhir to lose captainship, no matter who else is the captain, they all will get to work at least. Sanyu says she wants Randhir to know that one man army is good for nothing.

Meanwhile, Randhir finishes all the reports except Sanyu and Kastuki’s. He finds the pages are missing from the files and figures that bumbo (Sanyu) has done it purposely.

Sanyu and Kastuki are talking how they had finished their reports, but they kept them in their room and didn’t give to Randhir. They then meet Vardhan. Vardhan asks them what they are doing there as it’s team tasks time. Sanyu and Kastuki say Randhir asked them to leave and he’s working alone.

Parth comes back to Randhir and tells him that he knows deadline is coming up and his work is still not done. Randhir as usual talks rudely with him and refuses to take any help. A peon comes and tells Randhir that Vardhan is calling him and he’s very angry.

Seeing Randhir’s face, Vardhan figures it out that he still didn’t finish the reports. Randhir tells him about pages being missed and asks for another house. He shows other reports in the mean time. Vardhan gets mad as he keeps asking for extra time. He reminds him that it’s a team competition, not an individual competition. If team is not together now, how will it be together during the competition. He asks them to leave completed reports there and leave from there. Randhir leaves. Vardhan is thinking he will have to do something. Parth comes with other 2 reports and tells Vardhan that they finished their task and he won’t have to change captain now. Vardhan asks him how he got the reports. Parth says Sanyu and Kastuki couldn’t find Randhir as he was busy finalizing the reports, so they gave it to him. And he found that Randhir is here so he came here. He leaves. Vardhan catches his lie and thinks that he is not sure about changing the captain, but Parth definitely has to change his outlook.

Vardhan comes to Sanyu and Kastuki and tell Sanyu that he’s glad she kept her personal issues aside and thought about the team. Sanyu is confused. He says he got their reports and tells Sanyu she’s working well with Randhir. He walks away. Sanyu and Kastuki discuss how is it even possible, they kept the reports in their room. Vardhan seems to have heard that. They come to their room and can’t find the reports. Sanyu concludes this is done by Randhir.

Randhir finishes the reports. Vardhan comes to him and praises him that he has so much dedication towards the team. Randhir is all smiling. Vardhan continues he has so much dedication that he’s submitting the same reports twice. Randhir is shocked. Vardhan says maybe they are concerned for him, they didn’t want anyone to raise question at Randhir’s captainship. He leaves. Randhir is mad. He concludes Sanyu wants to prove him an inefficient captain. He says “I am going to kill you Sanyukta. You’re finished”. He walks out. Vardhan says now we will see Parth how much your team members support your captain.

Sanyu and Randhir both are walking angrily in the lobby. They come face to face in the canteen.

Other Dream Team students are relaxing in a classroom. Vardhan comes there and says interesting, very interesting, if team’s leader is good, then it’s obvious that team would relax. Parth says it’s not that. Vardhan says it’s okay, two members are missing here. Parth asks what’s the matter. Vardhan tells him to go to the canteen and see it himself. It’s time to make a new Dream Team. All students are shocked.

Randhir and Sanyu start arguing. Randhir says he cannot believe Sanyu can risk the team’s future. Sanyu says like he’s doing all hard work. He says she was saying all that she will do this and that sacrifice for the team, and she purposely didn’t submit the reports, so Vardhan removes him from the captainship. She says exactly, she is doing this for the team because he doesn’t deserve to be the captain. They have no future under his captainship. Their argument get intense. Randhir says he has to face insult because of her. Sanyu says his face is enough for anyone to insult him. He screams to stop her nonsense. She pushes him and asks what he’ll do. He says she’s crossing her limits now, she is not worth captainship and now questioning him. Sanyu asks then why he entered her room. Randhir asks what. Sanyu says enough is enough, she didn’t complain until now, but if he enters her room again, then she will file a complaint of harassment. Both look at each other angrily.

Precap: Parth is angry and is doing his Tai Chi and says no matter what, he will keep trying to make Randhir a successful captain. Later, Vardhan asks Parth why he’s running away from the captainship. Later, Randhir comes to Vardhan and asks if he can review the reports once more before presentation. Vardhan asks him why he’s so nervous about a presentation, this is very unlike him.

Update Credit to: Nishi

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