Sadda Haq 12th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
sanyu says lets go. Randhir says lets go like this. sanyu says no get dressed well.
Radhir comes home and touches anju’s feet. Anuju says sit down why are you so worried. she gives him water. Randhir sits on the table and eats with them. sanyu texts randhir everything.

Anju says randhir i made all this food. He says okay. Randhir coughs. Sanyu stands to give him water. he says no sit down. Anju says sanyu serve him the mango sauce. randhir says in heart sanyu please don’t leave me alone. aju says why are you sweating? is it spicy? Randhir says no its really good. anju says i wanna talk to you about something important. you have hurt sanyu so many times.
Anju says i have nothing to do with past i just want sanyu to stay with someone who will keep her happy.

Randhir says i assure you, i wont hurt her anymore. Anju says dont cut me out. sanyu loves you, i want to know what kind of person you are. You will be in prohibition period now. you will have to assure me that you will love and respect her. And you wont ever be rude to her. and not in front of anyone. randhir says i never hurt her intentionally but i am really sorry. Anju says i am glad you acknowledge your mistakes, this is a good thing, if i think you will love her i will get you engaged to her after college. Randhir eats the food.

Sanyu is laughing, Randhir says go laugh. Anyone would have given up. sanyu says but you wont. Your mom would ask me to do so much. sanyu says she was just teasing you to test your ego. He says if i cant do this, i will abduct you. He picks her up and says i will take you with me right now, sanyu says leave me randhir. She says will you impress mom? He says i promise i will assure her you can’t find a better guy. he hugs her. sanyu says lets go and eat gol gappy, he says lets eat ice cream. sanyu says no eat gol gappy. She takes him to the stall. They eat together. Randhir mixes spices in hers, she runs after him in anger. Randhir hugs her. He says engagement will be like i want. I will do engagement right now with you. He makes a ring from rubber band, sits down and makes her wear it. he kisses her, sanyu makes him wear it as well. Randhir hugs her.

next morning, sanyu sees the rings. Vidushi says show me. parth sees randir’s as well. Randhir says you wanna be punched? parth says you have surrendered finally. randhir hugs him. parth says congratulations.

Everyone works in the lab, ranawat comes in. Ranawat says those who follow never become leaders. And the one who wnt to be leaders dont become either. leaders are those who keep working hard. i am in position of authority and i dont want to listen readings. Focus on your work do your task. Fulfill your dream, if you call yourself dream team. Four years’ mistakes are recorded in these files, i want their explanation, why they happened and why they wont happen again. i want it by today 4 pm.

Precap-ranawat says to randhir and sanyu your love keeps your distracted. Can you leave your love for your dream?

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Cuku

    How can ranawat even think of separating them firstly they don’t come together and wen dey r together he is trying to separate them very bad πŸ™

  2. anda

    Omg i just loved this epi…one of the best epi of sh…but i didnt like the precap…hope they wont separate sandhir again…

  3. nazia

    The epi wz very nyc but precap wz not gud they sud not separate again… πŸ™ shenaz apa u used to b hr till now but what happened now .hope vil meet at n8 πŸ™‚

  4. Varshini

    Guys shenaz sissy said that she luv u all a lot πŸ™‚ nd said hereon she wont cme to tu πŸ™

  5. nazia

    She used to tell that this is hr 2nd home.but is this the way to leave home n go away. 😐

  6. nazia

    That shit ritesh made everything worst its his fault everything was normal yesterday at this tym

  7. Shera

    Athu,left tu.she may cum after months.that athu is fake nd real athu posted her last comment on yhm.plz tell this 2 prads nd annah that athu told me to inform them.

  8. Shera

    She is my m seeing those comments.sum1 came be4 without dp na that i told.thnx annu 4 the info.

    • anda

      Its ok dear u can ask me i dont mind…im living in bucharest its the capital of romania πŸ™‚

    • anda

      Oh u all are following a lot of shows…unfortunatelly i dont have so much free time right now so i see only this two

  9. anda

    I know what u mean nazia…me too i love sh i dont miss any epi even now that my exams at university started so i have a lot to study but i always come to see sh

    • anda

      Its ok tweety i understnd…i fell really sad coz of what happent yday coz of that guy hope shenaz its ok

  10. $

    Hi guys n really sry vanishing for whole 1 day n nazia plz don’t leave swthrt I m here now hey smiling queen hey anda n jaan

  11. $

    Jaan I came I can’t c dem in dis state any more only bcoz of a loser I won’t lose my swthrts

    • anda

      Im so glad ur back…i was so sad co.z of yday…i just came and u had to go coz of that person πŸ™
      Glad ur back πŸ™‚

  12. $

    OK vini I got it swthrt
    Me too gud now aft all I’m back to my 2nd home n lovely freinds n swthrts

  13. anda

    Actually i should have been studing right now coz my exams at university started but i enjoy so much talking with u that i dont wanna go :))

  14. $

    Anda u go n study 1st ur studies r note important n v r here only always n specially me I’m mad na so I’m always here
    OK vini cum soon dr

  15. $

    Jaan u can ask it 2morow too haina let her go now
    All d best anda do well in exams OK n study hard

  16. nazia

    Apa this message is for u-
    As soon as my iz opened I checked my phone that whether u came or not last n8.n u hv really made my day I’m not feeling sleepy now but I’m used to sleep till late in the mrng n that’s coz of the gud news I got now.luuuuvvvvvv u ummmmmah :< haha my way of kiss,a gm kiss to u n wlcm back others keep smiling today even if prblms come 4 that's the only way to frighten them… πŸ™‚

  17. And the song dhehleez peh mere dil ki jo rakhe heh thune kadam tere naam pe meri zindagi likhdhi mere humdum ha seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena ha seekha maine humdum

  18. nazia

    Now the family seems to have accomplished. Did u c my poem on yesterday wala pg ?…4 thse who didn’t come thr at all. n it goes 4 2day also… πŸ™‚ I never write such frequently but u guz encouragement makes me do it.hope u don’t get bored by them…

  19. $

    No no nazia yesterday only I saw ur poems n all are very lovely I want to comment on poems dat time only but I just remembered I was not on tu any more so I stopped but now I’m back

  20. $

    Tomboy I’m back so my tomboy will obivously b here only na n tk u for ur lovely song I luv dis song too

  21. Don’t wry Tune we knw vry wel tat tat ws nt u n so sry fr left without saying gn.N PK nw u r happy ryt!really PN ur poems r vry cute its nt boring.u juz keep writng lil poet. N Arju h r u?I didn’t talk wit u fr few days. R u fyn?

  22. $

    Gm my lovely freinds n all my swthrts dis song is dedicated to u all drs
    Mai jaha rahu
    mai kahi bhi hu
    Meri yaad sath hai
    Mai kisi se kahu
    Ya na kahu
    Meri har baat sath hai
    Gm have a beautiful day ahead n keep smiling guys luv u all a lot ummah
    I hope dis song is not boring for u guys just enjoy dis 1 I m sure d day will b gud 1 for u all keep smiling guys throughout d day b happy

  23. nazia

    U guz r very lovely. Tq all of u πŸ™‚ .sry apa that I couldn’t b thr when u came but vil definitely meet k πŸ™‚

  24. $

    No need of tk u nazia it was awesome n u deserve it dr its OK if u r bc den n surely v will me 2dy swthrt

  25. nazia

    Guz tq again even if u say its not needed coz u guz r making me feel lyk I never felt b4. No1 ever valued my poems lyk that till now . so I’m feeling a kind of gratitude that I got frnds lyk u.I luv u guz .ummah

  26. $

    Sry anda I feelt sleepy so didn’t reply yup I’m also studying but now selecting clg for 13th dr till end of dis month I will get somewhere dr

  27. anda

    Nazia dear although i dont understand hindi im sure ur poems are very good…keep writting them and always follow ur dreams…actually i only know a few words in hindi so i cant really understand them but u should always persue ur dreams so keep writing them

    • nazia

      What sud I say in return? U guz have forbidden me to say thnx….k i’ll alwz continue my writing its my hobby .but I’m actually interested in medical science πŸ™‚ so it will alwz remain my hobby I’ll never give up.n u guz encourage me a lot too.. πŸ™‚

  28. anda

    Nazia dear if u write them in english then i’ll be happy to read ur poems…im sure they are really good…

  29. $

    Oh OK tomboy
    Yup u did jaan n ha I can adjust dr but u r breaking d agreement by saying plz n I won’t except it

  30. Hi guys. h r u all?n pls don’t mind guys I feel vry sleepy nw so I m gng ll cht wit u all tmrw. Tc all n b hlthy n b safe sleep well c u al soon. n LJ tis pls s nt fr u.

  31. $

    Oh tk u so much anda u r glad dat u found dis pg n v r glad dat v found a lovely new friend swthrt

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    Hmm Sara plz from next time don’t play a prank with me on sh tu reason I will tell u on mails or wtsapp OK dr

  36. ??#SaRa??

    haha prank wali sis.. wait a min wat name u said dr? rithesh aah? it ws d name of ‘?’ I think dey both r d same.

  37. $

    Hey anda meet Sara she is my fav prank wali sis on tu she never hurts any1 but if some1 hurts her close1’s she never leaves dat person too she is a fighter dr


    Shenaz sissy
    Nisha/Tweety akka
    Priya akka
    These r the persons who I know

  39. anda

    My lovely friends i have to go now coz im felling sleepy…we will talk tomorrwo…tc gn sd and bless u…stay safe

  40. $

    Devil is tabx aka Tabish I luv irritating him a lot c he went now bcoz of d 2nd devil n its me d 2nd devil haha guys


    “If u miss sum1 don’t cry…think of all the time u have spend together… Nd hold a SWEET SMILE on ur face coz the one u r missing always want to see u SIMILING…..”

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    OK varshini swthrt I will always do it
    He calls me dat Sara when I don’t irritate him dat much n when I m high I’m a devil for him dr


    I can’t find a reason y God introduced u guys to me.but tats nt a question. Question is how God knew tat I needed a lovely sisters nd frnds like u guys….. πŸ™‚

  45. $

    Well I’m also thinking now dat only swthrt if Allah answers den surely I will say u dr but I think he knows wtever v want so without asking only he gives us swthrt

  46. $

    Sara c varshins last comment on previous pg n mine which 1 u didn’t understand now u will understand it den swthrt

  47. nazia

    Gud mrng πŸ™‚ …its so stupid of me to sleep after connecting my phone to charger.ohh!!!!
    Nwz I c u guz had really very nyc moments I hope I could b thr.apa u came the very moment after I left!! I hate such coincidences. But still u all r lyk my souls so I felt when u guz had fun….may this day brings u the brightest moments of ur lyf.I luuuuvvvv u guz .2dy no mrng poems prepared coz I’m wrkng on another 1 .only 1 para completed n its indirect 1 so needs more attention. K bye I’m typing long msgs coz I had to leave yystrdy.but enough of this .so hv a nyc ahead with a butiful smile πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  48. oops!!!!! PN same hr me too could nt join thm! n tats so nyc of u PN!u too n tats .k u juz tc of urself n b hlthy n b safe. c u soon!

  49. $

    Gmhave a lovely n rememberable funday to all my lovely freindd n all my swthrt
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    Ya aitbar hai
    Sayad ye pyaar hai
    Pyaar hai shayad
    Enjoy d song n enjoy d day truly guys

  50. $


    Mon : abhay tells sandhir to split up

    Tues : rd takes sanyu n her mom on dinner

    Wed : ranawat orchestrates a blast to test sandhirs commitment

    Thus : rd n parth (paran ) compities against each other

    Fri : rd gets angry at sanyu for helping parth

  51. $


    Sanyukta ki mom Jo usski sabse badi support hai …. Jissne har situation mai usska saath diya… Kya hoga jab sanyukta k saath nahi hogi usski Maa??? Jaane ke liye dekhte rahiye Sadda Haq Mon – sat 6:30 pm only on Channel V ..

  52. Manzilon se apni dar na jana,
    Raaste ki preshaniyon se toot na
    Jab bhi jarurat ho zindagi me kisi
    apne ki
    Hum aap ke apne hain ye bhool
    na jana..!!

  53. Manzilon se apni dar na jana,
    Raaste ki preshaniyon se toot na
    Jab bhi jarurat ho zindagi me kisi
    apne ki
    Hum aap ke apne hain ye bhool
    na jana..!!!

  54. guys sry my stupid net s vry slow. oh .k Arju. wen ll u shif thr?n sure Arju u ll get or wat else do u want? n h r u pradishma?

  55. oh may I cl u shima pradishma?n I ve cmpletd my studies. oh .k Arju u don’t tel me wt else do u want Arju?only kheer n dahi waali wada enough? hr we do many dishes on ramzan!

  56. $

    Ok tomboy it doest apply to u also ok dr Oh thanku tomboy its spl for me now luv u a lot ummah dr n its really gud 1 tk u sooooo much tomboy
    Pradishma u r always wced dr ur intro since v don’t know u ??

  57. yeah LJ many dishes ll be made!I m wi8tng fr thos dishes!oh sure Arju most wc! wen ll u cme?while cmng take LJ also along wit u

    • anda

      Was good dear…im a little stressed out do to exams but im good and yours haw was your day dear?

    • anda

      Yes dear its my aim my dream since i was a little girl i wanted to get admitted in law university…hope with God’s help i’ll finish it

    • anda

      Haha yup i know but what to do…everytime mh exams start im all stressed out but then im tring to calm myself

    • anda

      Yeah sure…i put anda coz its easier and all call me this way but if u want u can call my by my full name…can i call u nisha then?

    • anda

      I dont know what bigng is dear….but i watch sh online on indian sites coz in my country isnt telecasted and i neither have channel v or other indian programs so i watch it online πŸ™‚

  58. anda

    Nisha dear i’ll be back in 15 min my mom wants me to help her with something i’ll soon be back…sorry hope i’ll still find u here

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    No1 till now OK bye den tc c u all 2morow gn sd luv u all tata ummah guys I’m going to sleep now tata guys

  60. anda

    Good morning my lovely friends…i just came to wish u a good day…i’ll come here later when SH epi will be posted coz i have a lot to study…so bye for now guys have a nice day…catch u all in the night…tc

  61. nazia

    Hiii m hr aftr soooo long πŸ™‚ i .I just posted a comment to make them 800.haha πŸ˜€ .so hope i’ll meet u guz at n8

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