Sadda Haq 12th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
sanyu says lets go. Randhir says lets go like this. sanyu says no get dressed well.
Radhir comes home and touches anju’s feet. Anuju says sit down why are you so worried. she gives him water. Randhir sits on the table and eats with them. sanyu texts randhir everything.

Anju says randhir i made all this food. He says okay. Randhir coughs. Sanyu stands to give him water. he says no sit down. Anju says sanyu serve him the mango sauce. randhir says in heart sanyu please don’t leave me alone. aju says why are you sweating? is it spicy? Randhir says no its really good. anju says i wanna talk to you about something important. you have hurt sanyu so many times.
Anju says i have nothing to do with past i just want sanyu to stay with someone who will keep her happy.

Randhir says i assure you, i wont hurt her anymore. Anju says dont cut me out. sanyu loves you, i want to know what kind of person you are. You will be in prohibition period now. you will have to assure me that you will love and respect her. And you wont ever be rude to her. and not in front of anyone. randhir says i never hurt her intentionally but i am really sorry. Anju says i am glad you acknowledge your mistakes, this is a good thing, if i think you will love her i will get you engaged to her after college. Randhir eats the food.

Sanyu is laughing, Randhir says go laugh. Anyone would have given up. sanyu says but you wont. Your mom would ask me to do so much. sanyu says she was just teasing you to test your ego. He says if i cant do this, i will abduct you. He picks her up and says i will take you with me right now, sanyu says leave me randhir. She says will you impress mom? He says i promise i will assure her you can’t find a better guy. he hugs her. sanyu says lets go and eat gol gappy, he says lets eat ice cream. sanyu says no eat gol gappy. She takes him to the stall. They eat together. Randhir mixes spices in hers, she runs after him in anger. Randhir hugs her. He says engagement will be like i want. I will do engagement right now with you. He makes a ring from rubber band, sits down and makes her wear it. he kisses her, sanyu makes him wear it as well. Randhir hugs her.

next morning, sanyu sees the rings. Vidushi says show me. parth sees randir’s as well. Randhir says you wanna be punched? parth says you have surrendered finally. randhir hugs him. parth says congratulations.

Everyone works in the lab, ranawat comes in. Ranawat says those who follow never become leaders. And the one who wnt to be leaders dont become either. leaders are those who keep working hard. i am in position of authority and i dont want to listen readings. Focus on your work do your task. Fulfill your dream, if you call yourself dream team. Four years’ mistakes are recorded in these files, i want their explanation, why they happened and why they wont happen again. i want it by today 4 pm.

Precap-ranawat says to randhir and sanyu your love keeps your distracted. Can you leave your love for your dream?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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