Sadda Haq 12th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 12th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kunwar welcomes Nisha(Vid) on the show. He says you look so pretty. I wanna say something to you. Nisha says sometimes vid saves sanyu and sometimes she hates her.
And sometimes she loves parth and hates him sometimes.

Scene: Vid says to parth we are so similar. Studying on hard work and scholarship.Parth says dedication brings you ahead.
Another scene: Vid says how will I face him. I love him. She sees parth injured and vardhan helping him walk.
Kunwar says you found your soulmate. Vid says I thought the same.

Another scene: Vid and ishita hit each other. Vid slaps her on the face and says get lost from here and dont dare coming here or I will bald you and make you walk in the college.
Another scene: Parth and vid are dancing, they come close.

says what a dance. We all thought vid has got her dream boy. vid says i thought same but destiny had other plans. Kunwar says when were you surprised? She says when parth couldn’t tell me that he loved me. Because of a twist.
Kunwar says lets see that twist.

Scene: The woman calls vid and says we need HD quality video. Vid promises her video. Parth strips for her and she records it. He comes close to vid and kisses her forehead. He says did you like it? She says you were too good.
Kunwar says this is not fair. Why you did this? Nisha says vid had no option either.
Scene: The women watch parth’s video. She says wait a minute. She gives vid cash.She says there is a lot more money. vid says i am interested. He wants to do more as well. The woman says we can continue dealing.
Another scene: Parth sees a letter on his bed, vid says i know you must be worried but I have to go. I can’t face you now. She says i made your strip videos for money, I am sorry and I really love you.

Kunwar says what will happen in season 2? She says its a surprise.

Kunwar says don’t worry this sound is not disturbance, they are all lucky fans. Some fans come in. Kunwar welcomes them and says vid is here. How you feel? The girl says i love you and your dress sense.You are unpredictable. I am much like you. Nisha says she has even dressed like vidushi. Another says Vid please dance.
Vidsuhi dances on a song with the fans.
Param, harshita and everyone come. Harshita says we thought we should appreciate as well. Vid lives in extreme. you can’t mess with her. For parth she stole phones. She didn’t have money. Kunwar says you have done a great job. Kunwar says now tell our fans what will happen in season. Param says we wont laugh this much. Harshita says it will intense. Param and harshita leave.

Kunwar says they remind me of shooting days. I miss them. I see off from today.

Sanyu says if you want to charge a phone without charger. Wrap it in an aluminium foil and heat it a little. It is enough charged for urgent call.

Precap-Kunwar says something special will happen today. Fans know them since first day. They are their make up artiss. Arun says people make fun of us. That this is job of a woman.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Awww Nisha is such a lovely person…maybe not all is lost and our vidarth will come eventually together in S2….hoping for the best….and yes i agree with the fans Vids brings the spice in the show….it wouldnt be the same without her….

    1. Suranjana Bhattacharya

      Yeah karina, we all. can hope only for vidarth

    2. Yes dear we can only hope for the best…hey dear i wanted to ask u something…donno if u saw it but channel v posted a video of param’s interview in which param was asked what he felt when he had to shoot that first scene of hate kiss with harshita….i dont know hindi so its kind of hard for me to understand what he said completly and i was wondering if some1 can translate what he said….from what i could understand with the little hindi that i know is that he said something like dont show harshita this video coz of the answer he gave to that question 🙂 so if some1 can help me i ll really apreciate it 🙂

  2. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    He said that initially he was .nervous bt thn he used to take retakes intentionally…n said harshita should not watch this….
    Karina, do u really think vidarth is not possible ??

    1. Hahaha crazy param 🙂 thanks for the translation dear ur the best 😀
      About vidarth dear i donno what to say…i really want them to be together in S2 coz im a big fan of them but i guess the CVS will make us wait a lot for their reunion if its gonna be one 🙁 coz as i said i think Vids will still marry Ankit unfortunatlly so i guess they ll show us how Vids will get along with Ankit, how Parth will try to recover from the accident and trying to walk again and i guess after all this we can hope for vidarth’s reunion track….at least that what i hope 🙁 what about u dear what u think will happen with vidarth and sandhir ?

  3. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Karina dear..seriously i am now afraid of predicting anything… one thing i m sure.that if their patchup is going to happen then it will take time…..n seriously it will take a long time……coz durjoy datta once said that sadda haq is not a love story:(

    1. Yeah i agree with u…i guess we have to wait and see what will happen….but i dont mind waiting for their reunion if the CVs will give us some hints that eventually vidarth ll be together….im thinking they can show us who Vids and Parth will sort things between them, how Vids will try to forget Parth but in the end she will only think about him, how Parth will be jelouse if he sees Vids with Ankit….something like that…so that the viewers will know that vidarth are still meant for each other….at least thats what i hope for S2….i really hope the CVS will focuse on vidarth and sandhir reunion along with the mission mars track…

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