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Scene 1
Sanyu comes in the factory, all workers stare at her. she asks for vikram. She notes the readings of machines. Vikram comes, he says what are you doing here? sanyu says i needed this list of files to maintain record. He says i will check it and send to your desk. SAyu goes to randhir’s machine and notices the reading. randhir comes and says you must be on desk. what are seeing? sanyu says i was going from here.

Agarwal asks ankit is the raw material file here? Ankit says sanyu is bringing it. sanyu comes in with the file. Randhir comes in, sanyu collides with her. He says what you think sanyu came here to work as clerk? i saw her doing something on floor. sanyu says stop doing this. randhir says watch cctv footage yoou will know what happens at night here.

Rana asks

nikil to make parth a drug addict too. rana says you mixed it in his drink? Nikil says i mixed it i don’t know why it didn’t affect him. rana says he is safe but what about you. rana gets a call from his cheif, he asks rana to make parth addict too so he doesn’t come in their way.

Randhir gives agarwal the hard disk. sanyu says i have not done anything. agarwal shows dark video to randhir and says waht is it? sanyu recalls clearing the video. agarwal says you are just an intern here mind your business. sanyu leaves.

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fire bursts out on the floor, everyone panics. vikram says how did this happen? where was your mind? He extinguishes the fire. randhir says it not mistake of workers, the machine is getting old. vikram asks the workers to continue working. sanyu looks at all this and says papa must be in a lot of tension. She goes to agarwal’s office, he is hyper. sanyu says papa are you okay? Ankit says he wont be fine if you keep annoying him. sanyu says i wanted your signature on these files.

Randhir sees sanyu working on designs on her desk. sanyu goes somewhere, randhir places a device in her bag.

Scene 2
Late at night all the women come to work. sanyu says did anyone see you? THe women says no. we had so much fun working here. sanyu says lets starts the work. randhir is trying to watch sanyu’s video through the device but he cant. sanyu says the production is increased by 10%. She recall that she saw randhir putting the device. She took out the tracker and breaks it. randhir peeks in sanyu’s room and sees she isn’t there.

Someone comes tot he floor, its raghu. sanyu and the women are shocked.
raghu start working on machine as well.

Scene 2
Vikram says well done the production rate is increased by 10. workers are shocked. he says the reading was something else when we left the factory yesterday. Vikram says okay i will check it. sanyu smiles. randhir says how was your late night party yesterday? I know you were not in college, where were you after breaking that gps tracker? Tell me where were you? sanyu kicks him and says if it aches why don’t you go on holiday. I went to watch movie.

Vidushi gets the call from employer, he says have you changed your mind. vidushi i was waiting fr you call. He says i am in your college with you advance. Vidushi goes there and is shcoked to find its parth there. he says i called you to check you. He says you keep shoing your reality but i keep trusting you. you can never be good, i have never seen someone so greedy like you. i told you this lust will destroy everything one day. I am breaking up with you right here right now, vidushi says what you mean by that? Dont you love me. he says i cant put up with your lies. she says please dont do this parth. i cant live without you. He says you need money to live not me. Vidushi says i wont do it again. he says you can never change your nature. vidushi says i know you love me. He says you are not the vidushi i loved or maybe i percieved you wrong. you are similar from inside and out. He leaves.

Randhir is following sanyu at night. SHe goes to canteen. she goes to girls’ hostel.sanyu clambers in randhir’s room and makes him faint. sanyu is about to go out, randhir comes and grasps her. Sanyu kicks him. he says stop sanyu and starts chasing her. sanyu wonders how is he up? sanyu goes in the lab and says i will make you cry. He grasps her bind her with a rope. He says i will tell you today what i am today.

the women wonder were sanyu is. randhir says what will you do now miss clerk. he closes her mouth as well. randhir falls asslep on the chair. SAnyu tries to get the cutter from him. She takes it and cuts the rope, sanyu flees. She ropes randhir.

Precap-viraj says to randhir she is the one has ruined my life, randhir says sales girl and clerk. sanyu says mind your tongue. randhir throws water on sanyu’s face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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