Sadda Haq 12th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 12th February 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 12th February 2014 Written Update

It’s night and everyone is chilling around in the house. Vidushi complains about the village and the cheap house where they are staying. Sanyu tells her to be grateful that the aunty allowed them to stay in her house. They all are hungry. Aunty comes and says she will cook for everyone. Sanyu asks her to rest and they will cook it. But aunty says they are her guests and guests don’t work. Sanyu helps her, while everyone else just waits for food to get ready.

Outside, Randhir is annoyed by the mosquitoes and he’s also hungry. He goes to find a house. He comes near the same house where other students are staying. He smells the food and decides to go in.

Everyone is having dinner. They praise Sanyu. Randhir knocks the door. Sanyu goes to open the door. Both get

surprised seeing each other. Jiggy tells aunty that Randhir is also with them. Aunty asks him to come in as well. Sanyu tells Randhir to thank her as aunty allowed everyone to stay because of her. He doesn’t say anything and goes in. He starts eating and he too praises the food and aunty. Aunty tells him that she just cooked rice, everything else is done by Sanyukta. Randhir coughs. Sanyu says maybe chilly was less and she passes him one. Randhir slowly continues eating.

Vardhan is outside, remembering Niharika. He says this time he will fulfill her dream of providing fresh water to the villagers.

Everyone sets to sleep. Boys sleep in the lobby outside, while the girls sleep inside the house. Jiggy and YoYo fight to look at the girls. In that they fall on Randhir. Randhir asks them to sleep. Sanyu’s sleep get disturbed and she lectures Randhir. Everyone goes back to sleep. Now Randhir starts snoring and Sanyu’s sleep get disturbed yet again. She goes to a window and throws a rope on Randhir. Randhir gets scared thinking it’s a snake. He asks Sanyu what stupidity is this. Sanyu tells him to stop snoring. Again everyone goes back to sleep. Randhir’s snoring starts again. This time Sanyu goes out and presses his neck. Randhir says many people snore, you don’t have any control over it. He pushes her hand and Sanyu falls on him. Both have eye lock. Sanyu gets up and asks him to stop snoring purposely. Jiggy tells Sanyu that Randhir snores in hostel too. He asks her to let them sleep. Sanyu goes in and finally manages to sleep.

Next morning, it’s Sanyu and Randhir to wake up first. Rest all are still sleeping. Randhir is going inside and Sanyu is coming out. They both bump into each other. Sanyu asks Randhir what his problem is. Randhir goes in and then goes for jogging. He sees a guy doing pushups and wonders who he is. He resumes his jogging.

Sanyu gives tea to everyone. She asks them to wash their cup after drinking tea, yesterday they just slept after eating and it was her and aunty who had to cleanup everything. Vardhan comes there. They all go outside. Vardhan tells them not to look confused and be determined. He wants them to win this competition. He also says their task is completed and he has chosen the team leader. Everyone is confused as he never gave them any task. Vardhan says he wanted to see who manages to find a house first and help others. It was Sanyu and therefore she is the captain. Sanyu is happy. Aunty comes and recognizes Vardhan. She asks him if the girl that was with him came. Vardhan says she didn’t. She says they were looking good together. Vardhan changes topic and tells everyone to meet him at some place. He can’t find Randhir and asks Sanyu to go and find him as she is the captain. Sanyu goes.

She sees the same guy who’s doing the pushups. She thinks he’s Randhir and asks him if he has come to make his body here or for the competition. The guy doesn’t respond. She tells him that she is the captain and he can’t ignore her like that. He still doesn’t respond. Sanyu is going to him, but a boy falls in a pit and she goes to help him. She takes him out, but then she falls in. She calls Randhir for help. Before Randhir comes, the new dude runs to help her. He forwards his hand to her. Sanyu is surprised. Both look at each other. Randhir comes and seems the dude helping Sanyu. Screen splits on three of their faces and freezes.

Precap: Both teams stand face to face. The village leader asks captains to come forward. The new dude is captain from Kabir’s team. Randhir gets shocked when Sanyu goes forward. The leader ties a thread on the new dude’s hand, when Sanyu forwards her hand, he turns away his face. Later, Randhir asks other students whether they want to stay with Sanyu or him. Vidushi straight away goes to Randhir. Others also join him. Jiggy asks Kastuki to join Randhir as well, but she says she will stay with Sanyu.

Update Credit to: Nishi

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