Sadda Haq 12th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 12th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Update is in progress.

Becky guides the ministers in. Nirman welcomes them. They say we are proud of ISRC. Nirman says everything will be according to plan I am leading it myself.
Joy says this mission will fail. Sumit they will know eventually. Kritika says but our intention is not wrong. Sanaya says I hope our plan works. Sanyu says it will. We will launch our back up missile.
Aryan looks at randhir and says if there is something else going in your mind,forget it.

Press is there to report. Becky says who gave you entry here? We will provide you with footage our self.
Nirman says I Nirman welcome you to witness the greatest operations of all time. This is made possible my greatest scientists of India by working day in and day out.
A deadly asteroid is moving towards us but our missile is going to hit it. A land will be ruined but lives will be stored. We have to missiles. One original and one for back up. I hope asteroid doesn’t get scared of our missiles.
Sumit says I hope randhir doesn’t change his mind. sanaya says randhir has promised, we won’t do anything wrong. Kritika says yes he promised, Arjun and joy say yes he wont do anything wrong.
Sanyu says randhir will launch our missile because he knows our intentions.

Nirman checks everything. He asks randhir about settings? It gives warning. Randhir says I am checking it. There are technical faults. We need to launch missile 2, the back up one. Everyone smiles. Sanyu says in heart, I knew I could count on you.

Precap-Nirman says launch in 60 seconds starting now. 15 seconds to go 3.. 2.. 1.. launch. Randhir launches the first missile. Everyone is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. karina

    Although today’s epi didnt have so much sandhir scenes…i liked it when sanyu said in her mind the she could count on rd…this shows that both sanyu and rd will always have each other…im missing vidarth a lot πŸ™

    heyyyyy guyssss h r u all ????

    • karina

      Guys i think today’s update its kind of short…its this really the full epi ???? if someone saw the epi pls tell if this is the whole update…

  2. SHQ(~Liya~)

    I cnt undrstnd rd now a days… btw waiting 4 tmrw…!!^_^

    Hey guys…for u how was the epi/??
    Luv sadda haq!!
    ~liya?(little pari??)

  3. Sheena

    What is this yr…?????? I knew randhir wld do something like this..
    Btw hello dear frndz..rits, karu, dhruv, sid, aliya, liya, princess, miley n all sh fans…how r u all?

  4. Qa yaar rd aisa q kiya… he will regret d momnt he comes 2 know nirman’s dark side…. ab wo aryan n rd me fi8 hoga… jo harshita di insta pe video post ki thi… rd ko itta negative ni dikhana chahiye….

  5. Bk

    As usual Randhir back stabbed team n Sanyukta…….later Sanyukta go home….n Randhir and Aryan fight….eagerly waiting 4that fight……….anyways guyzzz 2days episode nice……..good evening to all of u guyz…… Karina diiii nishu all of u where r u guyzzz?????

  6. ayeesha

    hey karu even I think the same… such a short epi is not possible…. well it was really boring epi….
    even I’m also missing vidarth very badly…. I’m fine dear n u??

  7. shreya

    Hii evry1 i miss u all today,so time milte hi net pack krwa lia.All of u r becoming a imp. part of my life.N liya thnx 4 calling me di bdw i m also the eldest in my family so evry1 call me di

    • SHQ(~Liya~)

      Hey…its coz of respect i call u di..
      So no thnk u and all aftr all u r my eldr frnd and a dear sis nahh….!!l(ps :frnds mei toh no thnk u…*_*)luv ya…miss u tooo…

  8. swarna

    Hii karina… this is not todays full update b4 this nirman brainwashes rd and he tells d team he wud wrk wid dem…

    • SHQ(~Liya~)

      Oh…thnk u swarna 4 dis update…

      Even i thought that the epi was not full updated coz it was too short….
      thnk u so much swarnaaa!!!

    • karina

      oh i see…thank u so much for clarifaying these to me πŸ™‚ actually the update seems very short…thank once again πŸ™‚

  9. nadhisha

    Why is randir showed as a villan in this show and Aryan is getting a lot of importance I am not liking it at plz plz try to change this

    • karina

      yeah i agree with u…i hate that the CV are trying to portrait Rd as a villain…its just so wrong coz he is the male lead πŸ™

  10. shreya

    I watch sadda haq coz i like the concept of this show.i must say it is one of the best of channel v.I wish it will complete 1000 epi.One more thing coz of this show i found frnds like u guys(karu,liya,dhruv love u bro:-) ,nishu,sanyu,yogi,ayesha,miley,aparna,rakshi,bk,richu,rits,princess,aliya n all my other buddies

    • SHQ(~Liya~)

      Hey shreya di…
      I too watch sadda haq coz of d same reasons as urs and also coz of SanDhir too..and i too agree coz of dos shw i got buddies lyk u guyzz

    • karina

      i feel the same way dear…u all are an important part of me…glad i met u all…love u shreya dear…

    • Aaliya

      Di, I saw one comment of urs writing as u r a tchr and so on!!!!! May I know of what!!!!!????
      I also like ds show fr the same…… This is very much progressed and contemporary concept based show…. So I want a meaningful, learnable, justified and mature end of the serial…….
      It is a request of mine to the creators……

  11. shreya

    Ya i m also waiting 4 d moment when rd realise his mistake n later he regret for believing nirman over sanyu

  12. How r sheena I m finE thanks. How r u shreya di.hi swarna. Hi Karu. Karu sorry I can’t reply to your last comments how r u. Hi bk hi aalia. Hi dhruv bro hi liya. Hi ayaana hi aparna Hi milley hi yogi,suranjana,sanyu,rits,Sid how r u all
    Well milley my nature is childish,friendly and extra ordinary short tempered. I cry twice a day. For no reason. πŸ™
    Hi my best buddies ayeesha and rakshi whats going.
    Hi Nishu. Nishu ab aap bht chotu chotu comments karti hai pehle ki tarah comments karena I love your comments.
    And about ep. Guys nothing interesting is gone. I think sh season 1 writer is change. I wish soon it gone good and cvs should get back vidharth
    Ok gud night u all have a sweat dream

  13. ayeesha

    hey princess I’m fine n everything is normal…. h r u dear????
    hey liya Rakshi shreya Sheena bk dhruv(where r u yaar) aaliya nisha himanshi miley sanyu rits yogi richu n all my frnds h r u all???
    gud nit guys n hv a nice sleep…

  14. dhruv

    Hey shreyu,little pari.l,chotu,rosey princes,karu nishu,ritss,shena,sindhu,rakshi,vishuuu,rajuuu(whre r u bro),sid,aliyaa,aysha,sanyuu
    How r u guys??
    Epi was are ausome nishu
    ..sanyu is sooooooo beautiful..
    I wish I hv gf like her or kat:-P:-P
    Gn frndssss lvuuu misuuu..
    Ya u all hv becm an imp part of my life too my sweet frnds..misu..see u tomorrow..:-)

  15. SHQ(~Liya~)

    Every morning turns into a night
    Every tiredness is ended with a peace
    And to be in peace,
    Just have a sweet sleep with lively dreams…!!??

    Good night to all my bhai(s) nd di(s)..
    Richu,Miley,aaliya,sheena,raj,bk,swarna,sid and all my other buddies here(can’t write eveybdys name coz the space is insufficient?)…..sleep tight and will meet u guys 2mrw…

    Goodbye and good night….and dream well…
    Coz “As u dream more than the height of sky,u get to live beyond the sky!!!”…anyways gd n8..????….
    P.S;I am gonna sleep,will reply to all of u 2mrw!!!!

    • karina

      Yup i also dont like the way the Cv are making Rd’s character…i dont have anything against Aryan i really like the way he supports Sanyu and i think he is a great friend…but yeah im pissed off coz CV are totally ruining Rd’s character the same way they ruined VidArth πŸ™

    • SHQ(~Liya~)

      I too agree with karu di…!i am angry at cv for reuining RSS character….really…?
      Missing sandhir and vidharthh……

  16. swarna

    Hii princess… sorry dear 4 late reply…. there ws netwrk prob… i resemble u in crying…i 2 often cry 4 no reasn..

  17. Epii was written too shortly !!!!!! There was much more HIGHLITED SCENES IN THE EPiii….why tu has always biased with that show???
    Plss guys watch the video of today’s epiii…there was stylish and trodden rayan(randhir and Aryan) scene!!!

    • SHQ(~Liya~)

      Hey malavika!!….can u plz explain that scene briefly??…i cant watch sadda haq nowadays…thats y..just some….[no probs of u cant☺]
      Luv ya….

      • Of corse dear liya!!!!! Firstly nirmaan confronts that uhh still love her that scene is too good and then randhir do as per nirmaan order and showing fake concern towards all team member and promise that he will support all the team members and sanyu…Aryan hears all and then isrc bar he warns randhir that if anything wrong he is done with sanyu or mission then he will surely surprise him….and then randhir replies that I don’t like surprises

    • Aaliya

      Now a days , I thnk we know each other being vrryyy gd frnds!!!!!!
      Though I just know everyone in this site as a member of our swwwtttt sh fmly….. But within a few days we all have been a vrrryyyy gooooodd frrnnddd……. Isn’t it guys!!!!?????

      • SHQ(~Liya~)

        I too agree with u dear…u guys are very close to me and i can share anything wid u guzzz!thank u giyz 4 that…..

      • Sheena

        Yaa dear…i feel that we have built a really good bonding in just a few days n that too without seeing each other even once !!!
        N ashwini, why r u saying so dear?? U also join us regularly n u’ll get to that ppl are so friendly n sweet here..

  18. Aaliya

    Goooodddddd mooorrrnniiinngggggg my swwwtttt frnds….
    Today is the last day of our Bengali year…..31st chaitra which is called Chaitra Sankranti……
    I wish u alll an advance ‘Shuvo noboborsho'(happy new year) …..
    Is anyone else here Bengalee !!!!

  19. ayeesha

    yea aaliya I agree wit u… it is not imprtnt to see each other n then make frnds…. wat makes us to come close is the frndship a special feeling which is shown by every member of this sweet family….
    I’m really very lucky to hv frnds like u all….
    thanks guys fr accepting me as ur frnd….
    GUD MRNG guys h r u all??

  20. rakshi

    Wake up frm sleep wid a cute smile on ur faces.!
    nw only I wake up……n msging u. U all bcme my family members, without u guyz I’m nthng!
    N yaa Dipak we all knw each other vry well.
    I agree wid u aaliya.! we r vry gud buddies……
    Is dre anyone????
    princess whre r u??? dre is a long gap! we didn’t talk each other…if u see my msg rply me.
    I decided to call karu,shreya as di if u ok wid dat..
    ayeesha..??? nishu, karu, liya sweety, shreya, bk, dhruv,
    miley, sanyu,yogi, rits,suru,sanahki n all my dear frnds…whre r u?????I’m eagerly waiting fr tday epi.
    N also I’m eagerly waiting fr tmrw bcz tmrw is my mom ‘s bday..(^_^)

    btt cmng Friday schl….
    vll miss u terribly guyz….

  21. SHQ(~Liya~)

    The only person who could change U is only U…so keep calm and stay positive…?

    Gud morning guyzz!????
    Hey to all my wonderful buddies in this sadda haq world of love and peace…

    It me liya a.k.a Little pari here?….eagerly waiting to see our sadda haq….though am not so pleased with the current track….but we have to need patience and keep watching sadda haq…..
    Anyways,have a nice day ahead dears….u all and missd u guyz very much…!?

  22. SHQ(~Liya~)

    Anyone onlinne???
    sid or any di or bhai??come onlyn..plz…!

  23. ayeesha

    guys where r u all??? Seems u all r bzy….. Well liya u called me di… Thats so sweet of u… bt u can call me ayshu… Theres no need to call me di…. Btw hw old r u dr???

  24. I think there will be a twist…may be sanyu’s plan get successful ….or may not…bt the writers of sh are very good in giving twist…I don’t think they will show people’s losing their home…may be sanyu & aryan or aryan already prepared 4 this betrayal of rd.It is just my view,,,lets hope tht sanyu wins this time…and nirmaan gets a proper answer from her.

  25. karina

    Ayeesha and Rakshi h r u dears ?

    Have a nice day all of u my lovely friends….love u all..

    Nishu where are u ???? come fast πŸ™‚ luv u…

    • vishal

      It seems so many new comers have joined sincr I Left..
      Hi SHQ,shreya rakshi,ayesha,miley,..
      Hey Rits how r u? when r u coming?
      Hey dhruv bro exms thi..
      Kaisa hai bhaiB-)

  26. Sanahki

    Hi my soul sister Karina, meri friends Ayeesha, Liya, Rakshi, Dhruv, Aaliya
    I love u all!!

    Karina, they skipped Norman and Randhir’s scene, they were the first scene of the episodes
    “Nirman was telling Randhir that science is more important than love”
    He said to Randhir, he still love Sanyukta and Randhir was silence, didn’t say a word so I guess he loves her still..

    I also hate that they are portraying Aryan as hero and Randhir as villain but I don’t think it will last for long. SaddaHaq will air for a long time so I’m sure will see Randhir positive someday. I think for now maybe they want Sanyukta to stay away from Randhir for him to realise his mistakes.. One day he will for sure cause if he kills all this people because of his ego he’ll end up losing everything even respect from his team expecislly trust from Sanyukta. Randhir will surely realise his mistakes.. I hope so

    • karina

      Awww Sanahki dear…my soul sis h r u dear ??? missed u…glad u came and thanks for the brief update….love uuuuu

  27. nisha

    heloooooooooooooooooooooo friends

    how r u all

    hey karu liyu sanyu richu rakshi ayeesha

    hey vishu I didn’t forget u dear offcourse not angry dear yes you are missing why ????
    how’s your day going dear and would u like the current track of sh

    hey dhruv aaliya rits deepak new friend helooooooooooooooooooooooooo friends how r u

    hey malvika princess swarna kushagra , dhruv shreyu, nadisha like ur name unique, bicky sheena shahid

    hey friends how r u all

    a very good morning

    seriiously wish to read a current news on sd

    or some video

    anyone have it then plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz share it

    want some freshness

    now we all know the reason for the fight

    and also

    that after fight Randhir offcourse going to sanyu house to talk to her

    we need to wait for the interesting track

    love u

    check out the link

    sanyu talking about mom daughter relation*x-and-relationship/130416/my-mom-can-read-me-like-an-open-book-harshita-gaur.html

  28. karina

    Hiiii to all my sweet friends…h r u all…Nishu, Suru, Sanahki, Liya, Rits, Sanyu, Princess, Aaliya, Shreya, Miley, Ayeesha, Bk, Rakshi, Himanshi, Sheena, Aparna, Richu, Vishu, Dhruv, Raj, Malvika, Swarna (hope i wrote everyone…sorry if i missed anyone’s name)… u all..have a nice day guys πŸ™‚

  29. nisha

    hey sanahki dear how r u sucha long time

    I ma sure and hope he realize soon his mistakes dear

    just like this pic

    Randhir reaction when nirman asks do you still love her

    his fingers moved a little

    he tensed , his soul is in pain that time when he does’nt reply that he can’t deny the fact to himself that he still love her a lot

  30. ashwini

    Hey u all people r of sada haq..
    All know sada haq is flop n ending..
    U all r fake peoplr..
    Go to hell all

  31. nisha

    hey suru miss u a lot dear

    hey karu loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u dear so much

    hey ayeesha how r u dear

    hey vishu me fine busy with exams
    hey hope exams are good buddy

    All the very best I know you do well in exams too

    love u all sweethearts

    and yeah

    friends one more thing

    SAdda haq rocks

    no matter the track is not up to the mark

    but still I love sandhir and vidharth

    love u all .

  32. Aaliya

    Niiissshhhhaaaaaaa thhhhhnnnkkkkkkk uuuuuuu vryyy mchhh fr ds pics…… YΓ r plsss 3-4 aryukta k pic dedo!!!!!

  33. Aaliya

    Thannnnnnnnnks nisha fr ds pics….
    Hw r u all, guys!!!!!!!!!?????

    I m getting confused btwn liya and rakshi!!!????

  34. Aaliya

    Liya’s name is SHQ here…..
    But rakshi is telling she is liya!!!!!!! Where rakshi was another one!!!!

    • vishal

      Dear rakshi is telling liya that I am here liya to talk to you…
      As liya asked above is anyone onlline..
      By the way hi..

    • karina

      hey aaliya dear πŸ™‚ shq is our liya and rakshi is rakshi…she always had her name as rakshi….they are two different ppl πŸ™‚

      • vishal

        Hey karuna..exm,was ausome n easy..
        Now I am free…:-)
        Hey the best dear… space,so this asteroid part is very interesting for me..
        N ya sanyu will defintly save people n also all we get to kno little abt nirman..
        That I came to kno from a source…:-)

    • SHQ(~Liya~)

      Hey aaliya….vishal and karu is r8… i am Liya…^_^_^
      Rakshi was telling to me that she is there to talk with me…
      Anywayz am fyn…..u?

  35. SHQ(~Liya~)

    Hello guys..!!gd afternoonnn…
    How are u???
    Dear rakshi and malavika…thnk u so much dears for the brief update…luv u 2 so much…
    Nishu,luv u dear nd ty for those pics di..
    Ayeeshu,sorry dear but i dont lyk to share my age….sry…luv ya
    Karu,rits,princess,dhruv,rakshi,aaliya,vishal luv u guyzz…..
    Aparna,shreya di,sheena,sanyu,himanshi,
    raj,bk,miley,swarna miss u guyz….
    [And mr.aswini,i donno y u r saying lyk this but plez stop this…..this show is gr8 and had won awards tooo….if u dont want to watch it stop watching.Plz dont hurt our feelings.we are also not fake people but lovers of this show.plz do stop this….spread positivity here and u can be a member of our group….
    Anywayz…my buddies,take care and be happy!

    • SHQ(~liya~)

      Oops i again made a mistake…
      It was dear sanahki and malavika,thnk u so much dears….
      (sorry sanahki but i meant it 4 u and malvika )

    • SHQ(~liya~)

      Oops i again made a mistake…
      It was dear sanahki and malavika,thnk u so much dears….
      (sorry sanahki,it was a mistake by my side
      Btw can i call u sanu?coz ur name is a bit long..)

  36. Aaliya

    I didn’t read the above posts!!!!! ???

    Hey guys!!!! Who is that ashwini??????? commenting so rubbish!!!!!

    Hi visual…..?

  37. ????????

    hey friends

    seriously what to say

    Guysssssssssssssssssss earlier I think that this is enought to say that sadda haq rocks

    because ashwini named a cute user may be our new friend write

    that sadda haq flops

    bt we are opposite thinking we want sadda haq rocks


    ashwini so cute you write we all are workers of sadda haq dear

    Yes, this kind of confusion happened you are new here

    i am not just read sadda haq written update

    but also the first reason to come on tu is manmarziyan written update

    I love manmarziyan serial and one day came on sd as I love this series too

    and meet two of my friends karu and suru

    and then slowly slowly because we all love each other

    new friends also came

    because of the awesome sandhir scenes coz of vidushi ankit too

    and coz of aryan too

    we all are gather here because we genuinely love sadda haq

    we are not workers dear

    he he he
    very happy to be your friend dear

    stay happy ashwini


    aaliya dear

    offcourse dear

    check out this pic dear

    aryan and sanyu

    ouch couch aryan sanyu

    aryan with fanaa serial waali girl looks super cute
    looks like ashwini felll in love with the girl his stare
    aryan with fanna girl with ali merchant
    offscreen first pic of aryukta super cute.
    aryan pic interestijng
    aryukta cute pic
    aryukta lovely scene

    love u aaliya dear

    now my turn
    randhir is going to kiss sanyu
    loved it common go kiss her
    super hot ankit with sanyu

    Question of the day

    now answer

    who looks good

    don’t be buyest

    check the pics and then decide

    one is of sandhir and another is sanaya and randhir
    sanaya with randhir

    which one you love

    my take not be partial but parsh looks hot and sanaya and rd looks cute

    love parsh always

    What is that pic

    harshita is with the Everest serial wala ladka

    shocked when she did this

    love u all

  38. ashwini

    Hey I m girl liya shq whatever…
    N guys I thnk u dnt kno abt tu or chanel v…
    N. Sada haq season 2 is flop…
    Alll r,saying it..
    Channel v wants to bring new serial..
    So for fan following n all sada haq peopl doing this..
    Anyways remain deaf n blind…

  39. rakshi

    hi aaliya….Liya asked is dre anyone in onlne. so I rplied her dat I’m hre. N I’m rakshi!!!! she is liya… thanq vishal n karu fr clearing her doubt!

  40. Sheena

    Ashwini dear, dont say such things about my frndz yr… We all r here coz we love sh n now we all share a spcl bond..i accept that the track is not upto the mark with our expectations but it is still very interesting..n i welcome u here as our new happy?

  41. Sanahki

    Hi Liya u can call me Sanu its okay
    Ashwin I understand that season 2 won’t be the same as 1 but spread positivity and soon will get SanDhir.

    I think SanDhir are still married and that will come as a shock to Aryan and Sanaya they might end up consoling each and become a couple. Let’s take it one step at the time.

    Nisha dear, Param and Shabnam are like brother and sister
    Param will forever look best with Harshita and me ofcuz hahaha

    • karina

      Hahahaha babe u kill me seriously :))) and yeah i also think Param looks good with Harshita and u :)))))

  42. Sanahki

    Actually I think Aryan has more chemistry with Randhir than with Sanyukta.. This two will end up alone without Sanyukta..
    But how come Aryan is always the one after Randhir. I want Randhir to beat him up

  43. rakshi

    hey dhruv… liya is not fake dear….
    I’m Rakshi.. I replied for her cmnt.
    my original name is Rakshi!!!

  44. ayeesha

    hey Rakshi karu nisha liya dhruv Sheena aaliya shreya sanahki Vishal princess n all my sh frndz…. h r u all???

    nisha fr me its always parsh…. though sanaya n rd look good…. bt sandhir always remains the best fr sadda haq lovers…. well thanx fr the pics dear….
    hey liya its OK dear… well I should say sry fr asking u that….
    hey aaliya I’m also a fan of Aryan like u…. he is the only person in season2 who was able to attract ppl…
    luv u all…. miss u…..

  45. Miley

    Hey ashwini!!
    First of all thank u for showing your concern n telling us to stop waisting our time over sadda haq πŸ™‚
    Now secondly, I believe everyone is entitled their own opinions. N it is our opinion here at tu dat sh 2 is not a flop maybe u think differently but that is okay. Anyway no hard feelings n luv ya πŸ™‚

    N hi to all my frnds how r uall doin??

  46. Miley

    And sydney if ur readin this plz reply cause I am having a feelin dat u r commenting here by a different name πŸ™‚

  47. rose


    I am quiet dissapoint with 13/04/16s episode….randhir launched first missile and boycott everyone …….

    And one thing more can anyone please post the spoilers .. Karin..and everyone…please

    • karina

      hey dear.. sorry but the spoilers arent posted yet…i guess tmrrw or friday we will get the spoilers for next week…as soon as i find them posted on net i ll post them here are anyone of my friends will post them as soon as the spoilers appears πŸ™‚

  48. Hi friends Karu,saru sanahki,ayeesha,rakshi,Nishu,milley,liya,dhruv,sheena,aliya,swarna gud evening and how r u
    Ayeeshu and rakshi ab please reply kardena
    Dhruv no I m princess. By the way What changes:)
    Guys just ignore him that type of people only want to gain Importance
    Hey shahid where r u
    Love u all keep smiling:)

  49. sidharth

    Good eveng friends

    Hw r u all sweet , cute, lovely, loving frends

    Hey karu , nishu, sanyu, dhruv, aaliya, rits and all

    What’s up guys

  50. Aaliya

    Guysss!!! We had jst heavy earthquake in Tripura now…..!!!!!!! Have anyone of u felt!!!?????

  51. rakshi

    hi guyz…
    princess on ayeesha…come on!! we can chat.
    I’m in tn..
    so couldn’t felt dat……
    whre r my other buddies….????

  52. rakshi

    hi guyz…
    princess on ayeesha…come on!! we can chat.
    I’m in tn..
    so couldn’t felt dat aaliya……
    whre r my other buddies….????

  53. Aaliya

    Niiissshhhhaaaaaaa as thnkkkkkkkksssss … Love u drlnggg…???
    And gd nt frrrnnddsss…..sry fr not writing everyone’s names….

    And Mr. Dhruv!!! U r teasing me, right!!!!! YΓ r,, I just didn’t read the upper posts of liya!!!! Gd nt…

    And sid,, hw is going ur peparation of entrnce!!!???
    Hey, where is sanyukta Di!!????

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