Sadda Haq 11th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 11th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu says to ranawat can you forget past issues and give randhir a chance. He says dont tell me what should i do. He says get out or you will be out of team as well. Sanyu leaves as well.
Ranwat says come out. This is your captain she is begging to bring you back to your team. she doesn’t even know that you have betrayed the team. Randhir says i will give up on my car to be back in team. Ranawat says go tell the team what you have done to them and then if they pardon you i will take you back. Or there is another thing you can do. You have to steal a file from dream team office. If you get caught you will be arrested. That file has details of opposite team. Randhir says how will i steal. Ranawat says show me how desperate you are.

Randhir asks sanyu whats wrong? Sanyu

says i am sorry. He says don’t be. She says i talked to ranawat but he said no. He said if i force him he will kick me out as well. She says i am such a selfish gf. He says you are not. She says i cant lose it at any cost. He says i understand. Sanyu says what you came for? He says just to say you all the best.

Parth is in his room. There is a parcel for him. He opens it, there are some pills. Parth says are they for rishab? He googles they are anti depression and anti anxiety pills. Parth says they are for you rishab. Why you take them? He says i sell them to people who need them. Parth says you that is what i was think why would you take them.

yoyo says abhay has given me a risky task. how will i steal file from dream team office. They will arrest me. But I can give it a try.
Vid is seeing products online. She gets a call. she says do you have a new offer? The woman says 50k. But you have bring that guy on video call. A customer wants to see him strip on video call. Vid says i will let you know. She says you have only 10 minutes.
Vid says to parth come on video chat and strip for me. I am craving for you. He says okay. Vid says to the lady come on video chat. Parth comes on video call and strips. The lady texts vid money has been transferred to your account.

sanyu sees randhir sneaking. He comes out of store room after stealing tools. sanyu says what are you doing here? What are you concealing? He says i came to take tools. she says what for? He says for my machine. Sanyu says what machine? randhir says good night.

Randhir comes to office and faints the guards. He hacks the lock and goes in. Randhir goes to a room and hides under table. He breaks another door’s lock. yoyo is there as well. He says security is tight but I can’t give up. tHe guards are already faint. He tries to break the lock as well. It is open too. Yoyo comes to room and says there are more people after this file? He tries to break the lock. Randhir says in heart cops will come that way. Randhir comes to stop him. Yoyo points pistol at him. He says stop. Randhir says if alarm blares cops will come. Their face are hidden. Randhir shoves his pistol away. He graps yoyo’s hand. Yoyo says if randhir paa ji was here he would have hit you for touching me. Randhir says what? He takes off the mask and says yoyo? yoyo says randhir paa ji? Did ranawat send you? Yoyo says yes. Randhir says lets break the lock. We will have two minutes to run from here. Run like they are last two minutes of your life. Randhir breaks the lock. alarm blares. Randhir and yoyo run. Yoyo looks for the file. randhir says i can’t find it. Randhir finds it. Guards are coming their way. Randhir gets a call, Ranawat says come from there and burn the file. yoyo says why? Ranawat says you think i will use stolen details? come out and burn that file.

Precap-Ranawat says if you don’t want embarrassed faces in team you have to work hard. Randhir come in. You have a to say something. Randhir says when i was out of team i was secretly working on a car.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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