Sadda Haq 11th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 11th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu in in her room. sHe gets a text that she has to reach TCC at 8:30 am and she has to teach physics. She says I hope I will handel this. please help me God. I know ranhdir is angry.

Sanyu wakes up next morning. She sees that its 7 am. She gets ready.

Vidushi is in canteen. A man comes to her and says someone has come to meet you. His name is varun. Parth is there too. Vidushi is dazed. She stands up. Parth follows her.
Vidushi goes to the waiting area. She is startled to see varun there. Varun says please pardon me punish me as much as you want but please forgive me. Parth comes in and says if you a single word I wont let you be able to talk all your life. Vidushi says please leave parth. Parth says he is doing this so he can hurt you once more. Vidushi says parth

I will handle it myself. Please leave us alone. Parth leaves. Vidushi locks the door.

Sanyu gets ready. She says I have to meet randhir as well.
Sanyu sees her family photo and says I wish I could meet you maa. I have to survive and face my problems. She says I learned accepting challenges from you. sanyu asks vodushi where were you since morning. she says its non of your business.

Sanyu calla randhir. Randhir recalls when sanyu told him that she has got a job in coaching classes. he said I told you that I’ll arrange something. SAnyu comes to him. Randhir says what are you here for? He says you haven’t changed your decision? You just came here to tell me that. Sanyu says its such an important day for me. there will be a lot of boys there. I want your support. hust think from my point of view. At least don’t fight today. Sanyu says please I am getting late. He says this is how you will go? sany says what you mean? He says you will wear sleeveless there? SAnuyu says all my clothes are unwashed. I will support you. I will drop you and there and wait for you there until you are free and will bring you back. Wear something proper. Sanyu says its proper. You will miss your classes. He says I don’t care. He says in heart I just want to protect you.

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sanyu changes her dress. She says I know he feel protective about me but he should get my point of view too. she says its not a one sided thing. I know he wants to protect me. vidushi is quite.

PKC is sleeping in the class. Parth says are you okay sir? He says I slept no one was here. there is too much pressure here. Parth syas in understand. PKC says where are all the students. I will take strict action against bunkers. Some students come and say sir we are just 5 minutes late. He sarcastically says I will arrange classes when you are free. Randhir is not present. Sanyu, sahil. jiggy, vidushi no one is there. PKC syas this FITE why you take it carelessly? I wil not let them, enter next 5 lecture and tell maya and vardhan. You all have to bring them here. Its your unit test. Partyh says yoyo we have to bring them. Partyh recalls when he saw vidushi with varun. He says in heart how can I leave her when she is so weak. I have to fgure out.

Scene 2
Randhir and sanyu come to TCC. Sanyu says thanks and hugs him. The guys are staring at them. randhir says what are you watching? Sanyu says please clam down randhir. He says have you seen them? you wont be able tp handle them. sanyu says I am their teacher. I am late now. nothing will happen. He says go do what you want. he leaves.

Vidushi recalls when parth left. Varun hugged her and she shoved him. She said leave varun. You wanted a last chance I haven’t give you one. He said, but you told that guy that its our personal matter. idushi says this is personal matter. I asked him to leave but I have not pardoned you. He sat n his knees and said we will get married again. but please when that girl’s parents call you don’t tell them all this. just say good about me. my family name will be ruined. after that I will ask my parents that I wanna marry you. I miss all our moments. Do you? please. Just for that time do me this favor. Vidushi said I don’t love you anymore. He said don’t do this to me. we will get married again. He hugged her.

Parth comes to vidushi and says what are you thinking? vidushi says why are you here for? Parth says PKC is calling for class he is angry with bunking. But I will tell him that you are ill. vidushi says you don’t need to lie for me. Parth says you are lying to yourself. Vidushi says why would I ? Parth says why you did you ask me to leave in front of the guy who hurt you. Vidushi syas you don’t know everything. Parth says all I know that he has always hurt you. Warden comes and says why are you still here parth? vidushi says he came here to ask me to come to lab. I said I cant. warden says don’t force her parth. He leaves.

SAnyu reaches the reception. Receptionist gives her watr. she says you must be scared. Sanyu says no I am not scared. I will handle them.

A guy in class says to other she is student. the other says she is a teacher. if you lose th bet you will propose her. He says I have no issues. she should agree too. the other says sharing is caring. He says his brother was weird. he was staring at me in anger. Sanyu enters the class. She sees that some guys are teasing te only student girl in the class.

Precap- sanyu says I am your new teacher. take out your physics books. some guys laugh at her. She says open chapter 3 surface tension. A guy says I know you are student. the u=guy comes and holds her her hand and says no one will tease you. sanyu shoves him to the floor.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    My way of proving our luv fr shq is not 2 say that ki dekh! Ham sab kaam dhaam chodke cmmnts karte hain. No. How i want 2 prove is ki see, there R sooo mny ppl who come here, so there r soooo many more who Watch shq…..thats what i want 2 say.
    After reading all this, if u stiol dont wanna participate then its perfectly ok.

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  31. Episode was not that bad…but how can sanyukta hit that boy so hard…..i don’t mean by the intention…i just mean it that the boy was literally defeated by just a simple shove…impossible..any ways sanyukta is a superwoman who can make a really complicated machine by just a touch like a magic wand and in just 10-15 minutes and is the same girl who can get 300th rank to 2nd rank…….impossible in real life

  32. @abcd,
    Bhai yeh hamaare indian hindi serials hain….real lie aur inme zameen aasmaan ka fark hota hain 😉

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