Sadda Haq 11th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 11th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
SAnaya and joy are laughing. Sanaya says why are you laughing? Is it tickling? He says yes yes. They laugh. They have had joints. Joy says you are awesome. Joy starts crying and says my life radio never gets on. Do you love someone? sanaya says my life is all messed. I liked shiekhu I feel like that.But he is weird. I am confused. Its complicated. She says you tell me? He says give me your hand. He says promise you won’t tell anyone. She says stop acting like old woman. He says kritika. Sanaya laughs. She says kritika like arjun. And there is no gravity that apple will fall in your lap go and take it. Randhir knocks at door and says who is there? Joy says he will hit me. Sanaya says no no. Randhir says sanaya I know its you. Randhir says I knew it would be you. And what happened to you

joy? he says shiekhu. Randhir says clean it all in 10 minutes. She says then go for 10 minutes. He says shut up. He picks her up and takes her to room. Sanyu comes in, sanaya says hi sanyyu.Randhir says shut up and sleep here. She sleeps. Randhir leaves.

Randhir comes back to his room e receives hand sees video on his laptop of his kissing sanyu/ He says who made this? and sent me? He comes to sanyu and snatches her phone. Sanyu says what are you doing. It was such a good video. He says you like it? Sanyu says it was greatest space destruction. Randhir says you like destruction so much and leaves.
Becky asks nirman why you asked for these cctv footage of isrc? He says wanted to watch movie.
Nirman says in heart I gave you gun randhir. Lets see what you do with it. This will take aryan out of sanyu’s life.

Randhir is in basket ball court. Aryan takes his ball and says immature players miss goals. Randhir says this is my goal. aryan says perhaps no expert ever challeneged you. Ranbdhir says never found someone who could beat me. Aryan says maybe you were searching in wrong place.Randhir says I will always be between you and your target. Aryan takes the ball and scores. Aryan says she couldn’t live with you for more than few days. Randhir says at least she was committed to me.Aryan says I don’t need committment. Randhir says yes when you are confused who can you commit. Your relation is like an old furniture I can break it in one week. Aryan says I don’t need to make place in her life. I will take less than seven days to make her commit.

Kritika says to sanyu there are more important things in life than career. The person i like doesn’t even know. And look at you you have two guys. sanyu says its not funny. Kritika says decide it. Sanyu says please kriitka. She says okay let destiny choose. Whoever comes from that gate first will be your man.
Randhir and aryan are getting ready. Kritika says no one is coming. kritika says someone has come. Its joy. They laugh. sanyu says join us. Randhir and aryan enter together. Kritka coughhs and laughs. Aryan says whats so funny? Joy says sanyu I can’t research on this topic anymore. Sanyu says I have to go. Its important. Rnadhir says to aryan everything is important for her except you.
Sanyu is working with joy.

Sanyu comes back to room and sees star made of lights. She picks up the paper.Sanyu reads you are the brightest and prettiest star. I copied them from internet. I know you must be tired but I might get lucky. Dinner tonight?Sanyu says in heart so tired. Aryan comes in and says you can say no. She says I am a little tired. Aryan says you can ditch work for food. 9pm don’t be late. Randhir is listening through microphone. He placed it on sanyu’s watch.
Randhir says get ready for dinner. Book a table for three.
Nirman says to randhir you look active your leader is doing a good job. Randhir says she is doing this because of her support. I hope it stays in her life because she will lose it if support is not there.nirman says in heart you will kick aryan out of her life.

Precap-Sanyu and aryan are on date. SAnyu says really nice place. but why here? We could go anywhere. He says everything should be special in your life. i know what you faced. Randhir and sanaya come there.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Thnx for the update mam..I did not watch today epi… Who sent the video.. Update fast atiba mam

  2. sanyukta rathor

    Nice epi

    Hii karu , aalu , nishu , muku , sheryu di , mayu , shivu , princess, dhruv bhai and all of u

    Thank u princess for my birthday wish sorry fr late reply dear mere exams the to me yaha par nhi aa pai but thank u dear

    Aalu kaha ho miss u come na

  3. jasmine

    i dont know what rd is going to do? but i am sure that he will break aryukta relation in coming 2 days..i dont like him…why is he doing all this.i am a sandhir fan.but feeling bad for aayan

    • ya .. sandhir is gonna reunite .. cuz they r the main leads … me too a sandhir fan .. but i liked aryuktha too .. poor aryan .. he luvs her soo much ! 🙁 i think end mein uska dil toot jayega … i want them to remain frnds even after sandhir is reunited

  4. karina

    So basically the master mind behind the so called bet/challange is none other then Nirman…interesting…Aryan and Rd really messed up this time…they shouldnt have bet on Sanyu…but the track its interesting…lets see what happens…now with this track going on im missing VidArth badly…Parth would have been the one who could calm Rd and Vidushi would have been the one who wouldnt let Sanyu get affected by the boys…Vids would have made Sanyu more independent and focused on her mission like she always did in collage by giving her signature attitude…

    • ya u r ri8 .. missing vidharth a lot ! like really ? emotional connections would make our sanyu weak ?! but i hv to say the track is kinda interesting !

    • Hey dear i need to ask that from where can i watch season 1 all episodes ? I really wna see ..actally i saw many clips on youtube nd now watching season 2 but didn’t viewd season 1 can u tell me the site ?

      • Thnks for rplying ..Actally i tried dis b4 but hotstar is not available in pakistan nd m frm pak so if der is any other site plzz telll me …

      • richa (titli)

        @@@@ diya go to DTB or Desi Tashan there go to S1 updates u’ll find linksss try alll one will work anywaysss i tried tooo the third pair of links work hope it works 4 u too 🙂

    • Suranjana

      Hi karina… r u??
      How beautifully u hv penned down vidarth ‘s importance in sandhir ‘s life..
      And how beautifully u understand n support vidushi n her equation wd sanyukta…cz everyone do not or cannot understand the charecter of vidushi….

    • richa (titli)

      welll acxcording to me nirmaan Rd k kandhe p bandook rakh k chla rha h he is using Rd and keeping his image clear in this matter and even menka death case he escapede alll clear without a markk welll we still hav the penderive with Sumit soo letss seee video nirmaan Vs Video Sandhirr… :Pn hope nirmman past cm out soon..
      Good morning tc and nishhhh kem cho??

  5. Liya

    This epis are bcomin gud or bad..??i am really gettin confused…
    I am desprtly eaitin for sandhir and ofc our vidharth tooo…missin them..

  6. Liya

    Guyz…how are u??
    Thnx for not forgetng me….missd u al lot..

    While i was playing football in the muddy grnd i slipped and my feet and hands got injured badly…thts y i dint come for some days…really missd u..

    And guyz,i saw that many are leaving..plz naaah…dont leave from here…i enjoy this guyz plz donntt goooooo….

    And welcome all new members to ir lovely family..
    Luv u guyz…tak care…

  7. Aastha

    hi frndz i am back ..i am very happy the way u welcomed me in the grp.. coming to todays epi..i had my finger crossed bcauz i wanted rd to come frm both aryan and rd came.. its ok…i cannot wait that after 7 days our sandhir will be united..i liked today epi a lot… aryan is gud bt rd is bst..sry aryan fans bt i am saying what i feel…sanyukta is behaving that she have neither feelings for aryan nor rd..LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS….

    • hi aastha !
      i’m glad u r happy dear ! 🙂
      i kind of guessed that both will come together ! ya u r ri8 .. sanyu is behaving lyk she has no feelings 4 both .. but deep inside she still luvs nd cares 4 rd !

      • Aastha

        i also thnk d sam…. she have feelings for rd bt she is not showing… bt it is sure from last 2 epi that rd still loves sanyu bt he is himself unaware of this fact..nic track

  8. Sheena

    Wow!!!!!the episode was interesting huh!!
    Hello everyone! How r u all?? many of u wanted to leave tu..why???
    Hey mayuri, mukti, sanyu n liya…welcome back guys !!

    Liya dear, pls take care of urself…playing in mud is pretty dangerous ….get well soon…

    Revati, richu, mukti why r u guys leaving?? If there is one wrong person here, it doesn’t mean that each one of us is wrong..n alshay said sry let it be now…don’t drag this matter further..revati, u said that sh tellyupdates is worst..why u said so dear? I felt bad..pls now comeback everyone…
    Sadda haq is becomng more n more interesting day by day n u all r leaving..thats not fair..

  9. Aahna

    Guys this is really confusing…?
    I always wanted to see tashan b/w aryan and rd but not liking this all plot…
    Now they both treating sanyu like a property or a thing,…..
    I want real tashan like both are trying to get sanyu love…
    Not a tashan created by anyone else…
    I think now nirman is obsessed with sanyu

  10. Now d track is gettin interestng…. lets c who wins…. it wud b fun 2 c d scene where sanyu wll confess her feelings 2 rd in front of aryan…

  11. Guyss did you hear that since channel v is turning into a music channel all shows will go off air including sadda haq

  12. shreya singh

    I missed today’s epi..power cut ki wajah se.
    Hey babu take care of urselfcoz i know how much the wounds pains.hey sanyu how r u? Rajasthan m b bahut garmi hoti hogi na coz i never get chance ti visit rajasthan but i wish to see the havelis and forts ciz i was a history student.
    Hey dhruv i realky wanna meet u when i came to mumbai(jst kidding).

  13. Ria

    Hy I dont understand why blaming richu.I mean sge is crect on her side yaar.I think she blames herself gor everthing.
    Dhruv u supported her but evn she said thanku.if she wants to console herself.its ok.when she said shell cum she’ll surely cum.
    Sanyukta everyone said me about u how r u.where were u

  14. Rachana

    Guys i didn’t watch earlier episodes. Can anyone plz tell me how did sandhir relation break?

    • richa (titli)

      welllll Sandhir relation broke when as captain of dream team Sanyukta decided to drive bcoz of Randhir’s careless attitude and met with an accident whichh drove parth into coma and sandhirrr separated Hope ur doubt cleared Rachna dr

  15. shreya singh

    Hey i also read it on channel v’s twitter page yaar plz koi to clear kari is rumour ko mere to hosh hi ud gaye hai ye news without sadda haq,i can’nt even imagine ye channel wale kya kar rahe hai,plz guys clear my confusion

  16. Suranjana

    Guys its true tht channel v wl reinvent themselves as a music channel frm the end of june…its confirmed by channel itself on twitter..
    About the shows,according to the Tellychakkar article,changes may occur with the current shows ..but whether it will go off-air or.time slot n programming chngs wl occur,is still not clear.
    Most probably all the shows wl go on air till june
    And we hv to c whether it wl go off-air or only time slot chngs

  17. shreya singh

    Hey i do’nt think si that channel v will shut diwn their show it is coz of the shows that it is no, youth channel

    • Suranjana

      See fr that we have to wait till june…to c what wl happen…But personally I think SaddaHaq deserves a dignified end and not a hurried one like this,if its really happening

    • Sheena

      What the hell is this akshay???? What did dhruv do to u? U ruined it all…u ruined our beautiful sh family…do u even realize this?? N u r so happy after doing all this na…everything was getting normal n then this…pls if u wanna comment here then comment but pls do not ruin the peace of this family…n who r u to ask our dhruv bro to not come here again??? U used cheap language thats why u were reported…n why did u report dhruv bhai? Just to irritate us na? U don’t even have a valid reason for doing all this..doing all this may be a game for u but for us, its not a joke get it?? N i asked u so many times that just say sorry n end that matter …ok u said sry n even richu accepted…but then also u r after us…r u so obsessed with us or what?
      I just wanna say that whatever u did was wrong, very very wrong

  18. richa (titli)

    hahahah!!! 😀 Joys S-Shekhu rocked the episode 😀 lovedd it just loved it 😉
    alsooo really rd nd aaryan shudnt hav betted on sanyu nd nimbu mirchi (nirmaan) hw cud he send the videoo.
    i tooo miss vidarth 😛
    wellcm bak liyaa
    hey karu Ce Fau?? 😉
    nd for next class
    1. get lost
    2. yes i had my food/lunch/breakfast/dinner
    3. u r my cutie
    4. friend
    5. lov u
    6, i am fine
    and most important…
    7. where is the exit??
    LOL tcc u soon


    and nishhh function me host ko gift dete h naa kiii unse lete hai….
    pta h bhainsyaa naaraz ho jayeggi lekin kintu parantu bandhuuuuuuuuuu v gonne c r repo naa
    nywaysss i’ll try toooo get ghaassss 4 her 🙂 nd that’ll b FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    poori tarah se freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    as function k vnue k saath me naa tastyfoolon ka bageecha h toh raat m cut cut ghaas nd foollllll
    bhainsiyaa willlo b cool cool
    navrattan tail 😀
    and arZZZzzzz Kia hai…..
    teri aadaon p m waari waari…
    ahem ahem!!!!!
    wah wah!!!!!!
    teri aadon p m waari waari X2
    ooo kanya kuunwaarrriiiii i wanne c ma bhainsiya in sarreeeee…
    looking pyaari pyaari
    (-_-) hw bwas it?? ma shaayari charm is stiiillllllllll rokinggg na???

    teri aadaon…………..X2
    oooooo nisa pyaariii kaat de fool in the i mean from d kyaari…….

    o SIGN IN
    o SIGN UP

    o SIGN IN
    o SIGN UP

    • karina

      Hey sweety im fine 😉 h r u ?
      So next class 🙂
      1. dispari
      2. da am mancat ( this goes for all meals )
      3. esti scumpica mea
      4. prieten
      5. te iubesc
      6. sunt bine
      7. unde este iesirea ?

      Thats it for today 🙂 love u my crazy Richa…and NISHU where are u ?? pla comeback…

  19. richa (titli)

    😥 😥 Noooooooooooooooo NNNOOOOOOO this canttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt Happenn justtt hope the timeslot chances i meann repeatss timeslot 11 lotaaa channellll i meannnnn channel v nd Mtv are onlyyy youngg bbbbeeessss channellll nooo i cant tolerate saas bahu 😛 and Mtv aalsooo vv lesssss showssss onlyy vvv hav shows and that bindassssss channel hav onlyy Emo Atya and YHA

  20. Sheena

    Pls guys where r u all? Dhruv bro, revati, mukti, nisha, richu n everyone?? Is akshay so important that u r leaving bcoz of him??? Pls comeback…u know na such ppl have come here in the past also…just ignore him now…atleast come here for ur frnds…for sh…plsss.

  21. richa (titli)

    Well frndss allow me to join Fight
    Beeeppppp Beep…
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    just BeEEEppppp.
    Dont fight u allllll maintain peace and dignity and @#$%^&*)*&^%$#$%^&^%$##$%^
    alsoo m With Nirmaann in this matter Emotions R just ….
    they weaken u
    LOL NO Offens buttt I hate emotional tortures nd BEeePPPPPPP

  22. karina

    Hello guys h r u all ?
    SURANJANA dear im so glad to see u back and yes dear im missing VidArth badly 🙁 and i hope if Channel V changes into music oriented channel…they wont close the shows…Sadda Haq is the only serial i watch…im not even watching serials on tv…i just come online to see SH coz i dont hava it on tv…its one of the best shows that i ve seen…it has an unique and inspirational purpose and u really have something to learn from it…

  23. karina

    Liya welcome back my little friend…take care of urself…

    Guys pls come back…pls dont go…im so tired…why ppl always come here and try to destroy our peacefull friendship ? pls guys come back and lets just ignor what happened…plssss

  24. nisha

    hey karu suru richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    dhruv richu revati mayu, liyu sanyu rits ,

    hey sasha after long time dear love u

    sheenu shreyu apu, princess.

    helooooo friends I don’t know I am happy or sad coz the channel is going to shut down

    I don’t know after some days we all gonna be at different places what to say

    being happy or sad

    I come here with a happy face but now all sad

    don’t know suru karu richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and friends

    you all are part of life

    friends of heart

    love u all don’t know we all can be together for which time period but i remember you all forever.

    • karina

      Hey my cutie Nishu…actually dear Sumit sir said on fb that this news isnt true…Channel V isnt closing…but yes it will transform in a music channel…but they havent decided if they ll close the shows or just do some changes in the time slots after the channel being changed in a music oriented program…so there is still hope for Sadda Haq…

    • Sheena

      Yup, u r right nishu…n only a few days r left…after that we may not be able to converse with each other…
      Guys, what happened to u all??? Look, channel v is shutting down n so is sadda haq…so pls only a few days r left. Do u wanna waste the rest of the days like this????
      If u all love sh then comeback…n if u all won’t give any response then bye….coz i’m tired of all this now….i’m tired of pleading that pls comeback pls comeback…

  25. Anu

    Ohooo look whos here.once mor to insult urself.sooo cheap tricks dont work dear.
    Coz of u everyone my bestie richu.dhruv revati mukti rits nd all left.
    Ull surely pay for it.look what happens with u now.
    U can complain me.but thats ur cowardness
    Akshay.gud luk

    Karina the classes seriously.I think ull learn hindibfaster.

    Nishaaaa zindagibek safar he suhana yaha kal kya ho kisne jaana.emotional songs like this r cuming in my mind

  26. Suranjana

    Guys there is two news…
    Channel v wl shut down n revamp as music channel frm 1st july n its confirmed
    Secondly all the shows wl shut down on 30th june or will be telecasted on Hotstar only

  27. Plss god smbody save our sadda haq ….why channel v is doing that…already there are lots of music channel on TV like zing, bindass ,9xm,and mastiii….then why channel v also wants to b a music channel…what the hell is going on with that channel:-\ :-\ :-\ 😉 😉 ??????

  28. dhruv

    Ohhhhh goshhhh…when did I say I am leaving????????
    Shanti se koi trekking nai kar sakta!!!!!!!!
    HAhaha I was on mountain with nature na how can I coment??no netwrk…
    N who reported me??
    Noone…thre was no msg of tu or thy hv not evn deleted my cmnts.!!!!!
    Ohh guysss soryy girlsss
    Cz to chnge a situation frm bad to worse is well known to girls hahahahah

  29. dhruv

    N who said channel v is shuting down??
    Hey guys it’s Turing into music channel..
    N the top 1 to 2 shows r alwys kept evn if its a music channel so chillll sada haq will not go off airr.:-):-)
    N evn if it goes off air why so saddd..shows cms n goes..
    N plzzz dnt remain sad fr whtvr which will hpn in future n enjoy the present..
    The 7 day challenge:-)

  30. nisha

    U are right anu sheenu karu

    and my lovely richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    zindagi ki rahon mein kuch yu milenge socha na tha

    yahan aana ek itefaak sa tha yahaan ka ho jaana bhi socha na tha

    Kuch 1 aur 2 se shuru hui thi yaahan doston ki baatein

    par bahut yaad aayengi yeh meethi see mulaakatein

    Dillagi ki tum sabse ab keemat to chukaanee hi padegee

    Sach me yeh khabar itna dil dukhayegee socha naa tha

    par ek hasrat hai man mein

    ki iss choti see zindagi mein

    itni khushiyaan payeein e yaar teri dosti see kabhi socha naa tha

    ke jaake bhi naa bhool payenge e yaar teri yaar ye vaada raha

    humesha humeshaa

    love u friends

    keep smiling

  31. nisha

    hey richwaa my jaanemann

    yeah I read roma writing and commenting too there my jaan

    I real all your comments and links

    and yeah bhaiseeyaan looks awwesome I think she is ready to walk on ramp

    but dear what to say mood ki band bajee huee hai

    coz of the v shutting news

    god knows what happened.

    but still I think this song is for us all of us .

    Sochana kya jo bhi hoga dekha jayega – 2
    Kal ke liye aaj khona khona aaj ye na kal aayega
    Sochana kya jo bhi hoga dekha jayega
    Jo hona hoga hoga wohi sochake tu kya payega
    Sochana kya jo bhi hoga dekha jayega – 2
    Kal ke liye aaj khona khona aaj ye na kal aayega

    Sath hai hum sub isase badi kya khushi – 2
    Thoda muskurao thoda gungunao isika hai naam jindagi
    Sath hai hum sub isase badi kya khushi
    Koi na jane kab aa jaye ghadi bichhad jane ki
    Sochana kya jo bhi hoga dekha jayega – 2
    Kal ke liye aaj khona khona aaj ye na kal aayega

    Wo hai ensaan haste gaate jo jiye – 2
    Jindagi salamat pyar ki hai kimat aur hame kya chahiye
    Wo hai ensaan haste gaate jo jiye
    Seharo me chaman pathhar me bahar hoti hai uske liye
    Sochana kya jo bhi hoga dekha jayega – 2
    Kal ke liye aaj khona khona aaj ye na kal aayega
    Sochana kya jo bhi hoga dekha jayega
    Jo hona hoga hoga wohi sochake tu kya payega…..

    my richwaa dear love u I am blessed to get a friend like u

    just a line dear But I write it my from my heart richwaa love u tight hugs dear

    hey sasha you ask the song my jaan.

    after a long time I seee u this song is for u dear the bike ride song played ayeesha movie song

    Khoyi khoyi si hoon main
    Kyun yeh dil ka haal hai
    Dhundli saari khwaab hai
    Ulja har khayaal hai
    Saari kaliyan murja gayi
    Rang unke yaadon mein beh gaye
    Saare gharaande reet ke
    Lehrein aayi, lehron mein beh gayi

    Raah mein kal kitni chirag the
    Saamne kal phoolon ki bhaag thi
    Iss se kahun kaun hai jo sune
    Kaante hi kyun maine hai chune
    Sapne mere kyun hai kho gaye
    Jaage hai kyun dil mein gumm mere
    Saare kaliyan murja gayi
    Rang unke yaadon mein beh gaye
    Saare gharaande reet ke
    Lehrein aayi, lehron mein beh gayi

    Na na na…

    Kya kahun kyun yeh dil udaas hai
    Ab koi door hai na paas hai
    Choo le jo dil woh baatein ab kahan
    Woh din kahan raatein ab kahan
    Jo bhi dhakhal hai ab khawab sa
    Ab dil mera hai betaab sa
    Saari kaliyan murja gayi
    Rang unke yaadon mein beh gaye
    Saare gharaande reet ke
    Lehrein aayi, lehron mein beh gayi, beh gaye

    the original video of the song of bike ride

    love u sashu

    and yeah nikki stop writign ??????????????

    I don’t know about that dear

    love u sashu

  32. dhruv

    Anywys guys if,u wanna remain sad karu nishu shena kriya suru anu richu mukti Rits n all then remain sad bt ur bro gonna rockkk..
    Sada haq will be thre til june 30 enjoy n then newww v chnl with cooll songs..
    Its good tht its changing we need more music channels..
    Hopefor best…
    Lvuu al:-)

  33. nisha

    U are right dhruv thanx buddy for motivating words some time we all need it badly .

    Love u buddy for ur grt support throughout all the time.

    love u karu suru after a long time u back

    I so wich vids is also coming dear and parth love u suru my sweetheart and yeah

    I saw you in twitter and you are great.

    love u suru love u karu.

    hey richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    hey guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    I lost to comment here.

    nirman is playing a big game

    he wants rd to show the kissing footage to aryan

    so that aryan is gonna hate sanyu for this which will break the relation of sanyu aryan

    and on the other hand sanyu is gonna hate rd more to make wrong use of this footage

    as she think he is the real culprit behind all this .

    resulting all in Nirman’s favour

    Sanyu full concenteration in his mission.

    I think we all need this too.

    sanyu in full form competing with the two of them

    why all the time aryan is protecting sanyu

    I mean sanyu is independent but with aryan she is dependent which we don’t like

    I mean we all love the alone sanyu beating rd badly and all his competitors

    then why this time sanyu gonna compete with rd and aryan both

    and make her way gone a head to her journey and to her mission mars as well.

    I want her to go alone on a long path

    between all this I like the old way direction of old director loved the episodes too.

    Keep smiling friends

    Feeling better

    Stay happy

  34. Himanshi

    Hi guys h r u all?
    I missed u guys soo much. ? by d way something happened or what?my free advice to all of u
    Keep aside all d problems & live in d present leave the past and get ready for your future. ☺?
    INSPIRED BY DHRUV BHAIYA.?.I m happy that sanyukta still affects randhir.
    Nice. Hey karu di did u remember me? Hey sanyukta,richu h r u guys ??

  35. Hi guys ! Now thats how our SH returned with a bang ! Really good epi … Actually i love everythin bout sanyu n randhir , glad to see ashwini joinin them …Any1 know me ? I feel like an alien here …;-(

    • karina

      Aishu is that u dear ? U used to have a pic with the leads of NAUC…..or u are not the same Aishu ??? sorry if its not u…and welcome here if ur a new member…

  36. Hi guys ! Now thats how our SH returned with a bang ! Really good epi … Actually i love everythin bout sanyu n randhir , glad to see ashwini joinin them …Any1 know me ? I feel like an alien here …;-( i don’t what to say ;-(;-(;-(;-(

  37. Hi guys ! Now thats how our SH returned with a bang ! Really good epi … Actually i love everythin bout sanyu n randhir , glad to see ashwini joinin them …Any1 know me ? I feel like an alien here …;-( i don’t know what to say ;-(;-(;-(;-(

  38. dhruv

    Hey chotu howru dear??
    Hey nishu chil everything is fine dnt get sad for a serial guys…
    I knoe we like it bt dnt attach ur self so much to anything..n for a serial…nvrrrr..
    U girls r crazy emotional fools:-P
    Anyways guys I can’t come often here nw cz of some imp work..lvu all tc.
    N ur Dhruv bhaiya is there with u whtvr hapens:-)
    Nishu kru shenu chotu pri rose anu richu shivu mayu apu raj n allll u r so many:-)
    Lvu dears bye.see u soon

  39. nisha

    helooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo aisha

    welcome here

    alien hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm seems like we all are alien here

    ^ ^ :):):)

  40. nisha

    hey sweetheart himanshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii how r u sweetheart

    love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    how r u

    hey sanyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu love u dear keep smiling

  41. dhruv

    Hey akshay now plz stop ha…u can see. Al r already sad sodnt strt fighting..
    We r toghtr for just 1 month plz dnt spoil our frndshp..
    We wnt to end it on a good note..
    Hey anu my humblerequest to u plz richu ko bulaoo plzzz.. do bar plz bola hai so 2 times fster lana hoga:-D
    N mukti Rits will cme:-)
    N revu too.:-)

  42. nisha

    I also wait for u buddy dhruv mukti , rits maddy richuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    vishu and even raj is missing. and yeah our barbie doll revati too.

    love u friends keep smiling

    come back soon.

  43. Who said I’m leaving….
    I just wanted a brake.that’s it…
    I’m fine now…,.
    Hey karu nishu.bhai dhruv sanyuuuuu any ria thanxx for support once mor..
    Let’s rokk…
    I kno u all r angry one me…
    Many tried to stop Sheena liya Karina revati multi sanyuu…
    But trust me truly I was in no mood to lisen…sorry all……
    Sanyu mukti see I’m back no need to go

    • sanyukta rathor

      Richuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu my sweetii hw r u

      And pls dubara ye mt bolna ke i am leaving

      Love uuuuuuuuuu sooooooooooo much

      Now i am back na so you know that i am always with u and yaha sab tumhare sath h so no jana wana ok


  44. sanyukta rathor

    hiii lovely people

    Hii karu , nishu , aalu , richu , shivu , mayu , muku , himu , sheenu , sheryu dii , aishu bro , my rockstar bro i mean dhruv bhi , and all of u have a very sweet and cold good afternoon …….hahahahaha

    Hey aalu kaha ho ????

    Guys lets play a game

    game is what would u like in food ????????


  45. dhruv

    Mera sath aisa kyu hota hoi!!!!!
    Exm postpone till 29 may n now event on Monday…
    Cool god wantz me to resrzz only..hAha
    Heyrichu u r back:-PI was very very very angry on u…ja no party..
    I will pull ur ponytail whn I meet u..

  46. dhruv

    Hey sanyu u like food.hmmmm rajasthani logo ko food bahot acha lgta hai shayad:-D:-D
    Fatty sanyu:-P

      • dhruv

        Hahah..I know jo ladkiya bolty ke main to kuch bhI nai khate..hahah unke size dekh ke smj jatahai..
        Aur teri jaise khati bHoot hai par patli itni..mukti ki behen hai..

      • sanyukta rathor

        Ya bhai me bhut khati hu but ese God gift kahete h ke me kabhi moti nhi hoti hahahahahaha……??????????

  47. nisha

    Fun interview of sandhir

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh such a mood making scene of Imagica interview of sandhir with abp news

    fantastic tunning

    hey shivu sanyu how r u

    hey karu richwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa love u

    hey suru love u friends byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    will meet u tomorrow.

    love u all.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.