Sadda Haq 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 11th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Sanaya being treated in he medical room, Sanyukta comes there and apologizes to Sanaya but Sanaya asks her not to feel
sorry as it was just a task and jokes saying if meteors are going to cause her
this much pain, She would prefer not to go on Mars. Sanyukta helps Sanaya to
apply the medicine on the wound, Randhir watches this from outside and then comes
inside the room and shoves off Sanyukta asking her to stay away from Sanaya.
Sanyukta leaves the place. The ward boy asks Randhir to apply medicine as he
got bruises too but Randhir denies .
Sanaya requests Randhir to apply medicine but Randhir denies saying that when
She didn’t keep his request of not participating opposite Sanyukta , she shouldn’t
expect him to listen to her either .he
further adds saying he is used to all this pain and so it doesn’t even matters
Aryan gets busy with a new mission, Sanyukta asks him about
his mission and why he is so secretive ,about it ?, to which Aryan answers that
he doesn’t want to risk her life as the mission is a dangerous one.
Sumit tries to cheer up Joy , Arjun comes and threatens
Randhir while doing push ups in the room gets angry and
disturbed thinking about Sanaya’s behavior. He gets angry thinking why sanaya is being so selfish.
Sanyukta tries to collect information about Aryan’s next
mission from Aryan’s laptop but fails as it was password protected.

Everyone starts performing
the task . Sanyukta goes first followed by Sanaya and Aryan,All of the three
performs the task successfully.Then comes Randhir’s turn .While performing the
task, the astronaut light which was the only source of light goes off . But Randhir
completes the task successfully even in complete darkness . Joy asks him how he
managed to perform such a dangerous task in complete darkness, Randhir answers
saying, he  knew that lights may go off anytime and so he had counted the
number of screws and memorized their positions beforehand.

Precap:Randhir Saves Sanyukta from an accident.

Update Credit to: BornAries


  1. Princesa

    Hi guys i m princess I have been reading wu of sadda haq from 2 years. I m very sad to know about it’s going off air. I wanted to know that did randhir n sanyukta r married. And did randhir mom had died. Please answer me. I m biggest fan of randhir. He is looking more cute in season 2

    • karina

      Hey 🙂 yes Rd and Sanyu got married…and about Rd mom they didnt show anything about her so far so we dont know if she is alive or not..
      And about the show going off air i dont think its true coz i read on fb that a fan met Param and Harshita and asked them if the show is going off air and they said a big NO 🙂

  2. Princess

    Spoilers are here guys..

    ‪#‎Monday‬ : Randhir saves Sanyukta from an accident..
    ‪#‎Tuesday‬ : Sanyukta follows Aryan on his dark shadow mission..
    ‪#‎Wednesday‬ : Randhir n Sanyukta paired up for a personal task..
    ‪#‎Thursday‬ : Sanyukta learns an important detail about Randhir from past 2 years..
    ‪#‎Friday‬ : Sanyukta confronts Randhir about his past..
    P.S. full of sandhir scenes.. intense one too I guess… going to be a sandhirilicios week.. ????

  3. BK

    Upcoming episodes spoilers…….
    Mon- Randhir saves Sanyukta from an accident
    Tue-Sanyukta follows Aryan on his mission which turns dangerous
    Wed-Randhir & Sanyukta are paired together for a personal task
    Thu-Sanyukta learns that an important detail about Randhir for the last two years
    Fri-Sanyukta confront Randhir about his past…….

  4. Sanyukta rathor

    What the hell are you doing nirman, are u crazy,. Aryan what happened, u should best.

    Hiiiii nishu dear

  5. Yours nishu

    when eyes speak louder than words

    Loving this pic by heart

    hey sanyu love u dear how r u

    hey one question how many of you friends like sanaya character.

    and the reason what make you like the character of her.

    hey karu suru yes dera I read the story and its very nice.

    must read it guyz

    and hey suru

    why I have a thinking that we can get a surprise by you are you thinking to write a fanfic.

    waiting dear.

    love u friend s

    love u sanahki, shreyu richu anu where are you , heloooooooooooooooo princess dear.

    hey princess are you the same arjun and haya of manmarziyan fanfic dear if yes

    then give a link here

    so many friends can read out the story very easily.

    love u dear and happy to see u here.

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend.

  6. Yours nishu

    Oh my god

    this is the magic of sandhir in precap I love it

    no dount that aryan and sanyukta cannot match the intensity and romance like sandhir not even in dreams.

    and Loving the upcoming week

    every day of next week is worth to watch sandhir week.

    love u guyz keep sharing your heart.

  7. Sanahki

    We love u too nishu.

    Guys which look of Randhir do u like the most season 1 or of season 2? Me I like season 1, he was damn hot and s*xy. I also like season 2 he looks so cute a teenage boy.
    Ashwin koul is younger than Param but on screen he look older than him

    Back to Sadda Haq, I saw the entire precap and I dont like it at all. I hate that Randhir said. All those words to Sanyukta thinking it was Sanaya. Overall I cant wait for the spoilers they seem interesting. I’m wondering whats Randhirs past?

  8. asha gaur

    guz plz post 11 march 2016 show episode or url of episode where it is uploade i m nt getting plz guzs??

  9. nisha

    hey what sanahki dear love u

    hey I like season 1 and season 2 both because I find his anger his personality will be more expressive . I like his acting skills.

    and ashwiini you are right dear absolutely he looks older than randhir on screen. for sure.

    and I see the precap without voice.

    so I didn’t know that randhir say all this to sanyukta thinking it was sanaya

    and now I hate him more and more and more.

    god knows why sanyukta does’nt affect him now.

    Did he forget all the moments what he live with her.

    those 4 years with sanyu

    and he love sanaya more just 2 years and that to friendship and that to when he himself left sanyu not sanyu left her.

    Sometimes I want to kill the cvs. for sure .

    Well waiting for monday lets see what happened.

  10. Sanahki

    I dont know what cvs I tryna prove. I’m so pissed off but it’s obvious he loves Sanyukta but grateful to Sanaya for helping him with whatever happened in this 2 years. I’m hoping CVS don’t disappoint us this time.

  11. Princess

    No please guys do t hate randhir. He is so cute. And continue watching sh. Well wil any one become my friend here. I m new. And I have no friend

  12. yours nishu

    Dear on hotstar you get the episode of yesterday episode.

    and moreover you can see the repeat telecast also.

    Try to watch as mucb on tv coz it can only save it to get off air. the trp is low

    tomorrow is sunday and as usual sd is gonna repeat whole day full epsides of mon to fri so watch it as much as you wish on tomorrow

    and yes dear princess you are always welcome dear.

    Love u sweetheart.

    We all love sh because of Randhir and sanyukta sometimes cvs will test our patience that is jsut gonaa undijestable but nevetheless.

    we gonna see sd..

    and loving u too princess , suru karu sanahki sanyu shreyu richu

    love u all

  13. Princess

    Thank u very much karina and Nashu. From today we r friends. Tell me guys from which country u belong. And how old r u. I m from Pakistan. And 15 years

  14. dipa

    Plz koi video upload ke do 11 march ka it is neither available on YouTube nor on hotstar , plz not possible to watch on TV .

  15. Sanahki

    Welcome Princess, I’m 21 from USA. No we don’t hate Randhir in fact we love and adore him very much. No one can take his place in our heart #NoOne. We just hate the cvs for destroying our favourite couple Sandhir.

    • Princess

      Thanks sanahki. Yes u r right. This serial is so much popular. But I don’t know why it is not listed in Indian top 20 tv shows. Even randhir is more cute than sanyukta. Don’t u think

    • vishal

      We kno all people r frm they dnt wana disclse their identities…
      Damn mad all r sada hq is nt so people. R fake here..dat karina too.

      • rits

        Hi is best dear bt der r more btr serials in india than ds
        Watch d4. kaise yeh yariya roadies u serch them on net u will like dat too..

      • Princess

        No seriously vishal.I m from Pakistan. That’s why I m reading wu. This drama is shown in our channel aaj entertainment. And it’s episode are so behind at this channel that’s why I m reading wu. And ok rits I will watch it

      • karina

        Vishal i donno why u are saying like this and franckly i dont care. Not all ppl are fake and u dont even know me so mind ur bussines. And if ur reffering that i lied about where im from know trust me i said the truth and i can prove it anytime i can give u all the info u want about my country and in my language too…although i doubt that u will understand.
        Princess im from Romania and im 23…and yeah i dont speak hindi and thats why im reading the WU coz they are written in english so it helps me understand what happened in the show….
        And one more think Vishal there are a lot of foreign ppl who know about hindi serials and about Sadda haq and they watch the shows online…i know a lot of persons that are liking Sadda Haq a lot….there are even site which translate some hindi serials in romanian, in spanish, in bulgarian, in turckish languages etc…so this show and other indian serials have a lot of foreign fans. I dont wanna fight or something but pls im kindly requesting u stop being so jugemental.

      • rits

        Hey u cant say anythng to people u dnt kno.
        We hv nt cm here to fight guys.n u vishl u cnt say if u dnt kno anything..karina iz my,frnd she is swet girl she is nt lying
        Nd abt fake people I would likr to ask u that what about u???
        We cn say dat u too r fke.. Cz 1 time I hv,seen a boy cementing here n ur cmnts r like u like randhir n aryan?? So plz if u dig at others we to dig at u..
        U may nt evn be a boy as I m indian and I kno Indian boys dnt like seriala like ds..
        Anywyas I dnt wana fight bt dnt u interfere in people u dnt kno…
        If u r boy then mind it u r nt dealing with 20 century girls.
        And ya girls belated hapy womens day to u all karina princes nisha suanjna sanyukta ayana n all others to

      • yogi

        hey rits.. Yeah I’m 1 of dat I hate serials bt sdda haq is nly I like n m watching…nly bcoz of character Randhir…i thought boys by changing name texting here…dats it..

  16. Lucifer

    I hate sanyu. Her dream keep on changing. First father company then mars mission. Rd. And any an r .worried for him but she literally worry about them. Worried only about dream.

  17. yogi

    I hate sanaya she is nt gud for Randhir yr.. Keep her away frm him or at least change d character for sanaya..

    • karina

      Hey dear no im not fake 🙂 pls read my comment above i answered Vishal and i also give the info u asked about me 🙂

      • vishal

        Hey rits hold it tongue.
        Karina too is my frnd..n ya I dnt care enter u said abt in the 1 st place I dnt need to give u explanation..n secondly evn if karena is nt fke many are fake here u dnt know I thnk. On all sites people nvr discls their true identities only immature people say wht they r
        And can u see anyones photo or real name? Urs own name is nt real.
        N I was saying that..
        U dnt tke it to urself cz . Dnt care who u r n didnt ask u
        N karina dear its ok..I dnt care I was jist giving my opnion n u can see dear. People nevr tell who thy r on ds sites cause its nt dnt strt telling ur info to anybody nt evnthat prince’s or me..

  18. Princess

    Yes karina I trust u. Sorry I ask u about fake.but I was just confirming it. I know no one can be fake at here. Can u please tell me this show timing in India

    • karina

      U dont need to apologise its not ur fault. And about the timing like i said im not from India so i donno the time…i watch the show online…here on Telly Update i read the written updates and the video of the episodes i watch them online on another site.

  19. Sanahki

    Lol fake, what’s this? Anyways it doesn’t matter. I also watch Sashe’s Haq online and can’t understand Hindu. They are few words I know and I’m trying to learn Hindu..
    I read written updates before
    watching the episode so that I can understand it..
    Alya he said shes the pillar of his life, the most important person in his life

  20. vishal

    Nd ya if u thnk I m girl rits then y u always reply to me or cmmt on evry single cmnt of miner evn if I dnt!!!!!
    Thnk befre u say or act dear..

    • geet

      Hi vishal I m silent reader bt I want to say that it’s true peopl r fake here.
      Bt ds nt Facebook..
      This site is for making friends its abt sada haq..
      So pls stop quarlling with people like Rits n Karina who r sensible here.
      N we shd nt care who r fke r sada haq fans as rits said that broght us togther.
      Guys we should only talk abt sada haq

    • vishal

      Hahaha ritsyy cutee nice to see u r memory is nt completely losthehehe..
      Mised u dearrrr:-):-) do come on twittr,dear

  21. sandhirian

    I agree with visHal many r fakr here I mean not so many r frm usa n romamia n all..
    They r jst pretending..
    I dnt thnk u should lie abt ur cntry

  22. tofty

    Vishal dear aka tedy bear how r u??? Mised u lot dear surprised m to see good-looking guy on girl oriented serial wu…
    It,shows how u suprt appy very sweet ofu

    • vishal

      Tofty can u tell rrelationship btwn so called good.looking guy n girl oreinted serial??
      N dear my sister n she is weak she needs to watch inspires her so I watch it with her dear.
      I dnt kno y u said that… Anyways toftyyyyy !! Bye..

  23. Yours nishu

    The new game of today Fake fake game



    Hey can you answer me what is fake . I am interested in this game

    Seriously these kind of arguments make this page interesting but

    yes friends make it interesting not violence then people gonna scared and we are here to spread happiness and get entertained.

    So hey vishu woooooooooooooooooow vishu is cute. well its up to you take it or not.

    but yaa I like this fake game

    But I didn’t understand you question properly , Well Nobody of us understand that why this question raised by you.. The motive behind this question.

    Well If you know then tell me .

    Hey guyz Well I am always a less open when its comes to tu because yes I find we have to take safety seriously too. and never disclose much things.

    but there is not a harm telling you all that I am an Indian and I am proud to say it louder and louder and louder

    I am an Indian I live in India and sadda haq is showcasting here full today on sunday from 2 pm to 8 pm today and the whole week episode is showcasting today so anyone interested go and watch it .

    moreover , I don’t need to watch it on any site so less information about it.

    But really you guyz make this page so interesting

    kaun si chakki ka aata khaya tha kal jo itna interesting mudda uthaane ki sujhee.


    hey karu suru love u all sanahki , shreyu richu sanyu hey princess .

    love u allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllls oooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    keep smiling

    hey karu never ever thinking that you are from romania lovely dear hey I have one friend from uk too.

    same in tu we are from different places but does it matter

    In my opiniion it doesn’t matter.

    because I just share my heart we all never share something personal.

    but yet always share our heart sometimes we really need it what say vishu

    keep smiling vishal it doesn’t matter at all that you are who but it always matter a lot what you do for the people it makes your own personalitly that who are you.

    you know we all are a voice and we make place in each other heart with a voice that comes straight from heart.

    Like I came in tu and always say one thing about myself do you want to know depend on you.

    Meri aawaz hi pehchaan hai

    Gar yaad rahe

    naam gum jaayegaa, cheharaa ye badal jaayegaa
    meree aawaaz hee pahachaan hai, gar yaad rahe

    wakt ke sitam kam haseen nahee, aaj hain yahaa kal kahee nahee
    wakt se pare agar mil gaye kahee, meree aawaaz hee pahachaan hai, gar yaad rahe.. ..

    naam gum jaayegaa, cheharaa ye badal jaayegaa
    meree aawaaz hee pahachaan hai, gar yaad rahe

    jo guzar gayi, kal kee baat thee, umar to naheen yek raat thee
    raat kaa siraa agar phir mile kahee, meree aawaaz hee pahachaan hai, gar yaad rahe.. ..

    naam gum jaayegaa, cheharaa ye badal jaayegaa
    meree aawaaz hee pahachaan hai, gar yaad rahe

    din dhale jahaa raat paas ho, jindagee kee lau unchee kar chalo
    yaad aaye gar kabhee jee udaas ho, meree aawaaz hee pahachaan hai, gar yaad rahe.. ..

    naam gum jaayegaa, cheharaa ye badal jaayegaa
    meree aawaaz hee pahachaan hai, gar yaad rahe

    video of this song naam gum jaayegaa

    so You know now who am I

    love u all

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend

    • Princess

      Thank u very much Nishu and gud poetry.i want to know ke yaha per fake ka Kia matlb hai
      Yes this princess is not my real name. My name is rabia. But I like this princess name very much thats why I use this user name. To naam badalnne se koi fake thori na hojata hai Love u vishal rits karina Nishu and sanahki. Guys kya koi Pakistani serial India me launch hua hai. I m asking because yaha per Indian serials bht zyada launch hue hai. And people like them so much. I like the drama that is just end before one month. Baa bahoo aur baby. Guys Kia is ka season 3 nahi aaye ga.

    • vishal

      Hi nishu..nice name reminds me of som11:-):-)
      N fake means fake u kno fake
      It,was jst tp rits is my frnd ndats y we tlk like ds..
      Bt Karina n princes no offence dear so chill
      I jst said fake bt I didnt knew so many peopl would soo seriously’s good as sh track is boring some liveliness came cz of me:-P:-P
      N tofty when.u bcm tofty?????
      Nisha nice to see that u took fake as game its good

  24. Yours nishu

    Dear all pakistani serials are telecasted on zindagi channel in India

    The serials all are pakistani actors are pakistani and moreover we love that

    we see that the culture of pakistan and the real life is portrayed in pakistani serial

    even I love that

    hey how many of you watched the most famous serial in pakistan actually I heard that and even I love that song also.

    Zindagi gulzaar hai

    a serial which start from college and I love each and every bit of this serial this one is my favourite from list of pakistani serial

    some dislike some like

    Love u all

    • vishal

      N ya I m boy dear n I m the. Way I live in mumbai….my sis watched n I srrted watching’s very nice 1..

    • Princess

      Love u too Ya this serial was popular but I have not seen so much of it. My favourite drama was(chup raho). How many of u have seen it. Beleive me guys just listen its title song. You will really love it. And current famouse drama of Pakistan is gule rana. I love both of them

  25. baby

    Bt I realy belive karin n sanakhi r fake. They r from india. They give hints.
    They may be afraid we wil track them hahaha
    Guys wht u say today all r fake n those who give so much clarification like they will prove it n al n they,spell HINDU…showe thy r fake n Indians

    • Princess

      Uff yar koi ye q chupana chahe ga ke wo Indian hai. Now u all guys chill and leave the topic of fake. We r hear to talk about sadda haq. Nishu have u listen the song. Nishu have u see Turkish drama feriha on your zindagi channel. This was my favourite serial. I love both couple. 19 march ko meri 9th class ke exams hai

  26. Princess

    Baby I don’t give any suggestion. I have right to talk about any thing. Don’t mind. I was saying that to all not specially u. I hope that u will not mind

  27. sandy

    Guys sankhi is fake.see time of her post. in USA time is 10 hours ahead so it seems she nvr sleeps.
    Faker sanakhi helo I am too bored with sada haq stry
    Bt its best youth show!
    So watch it guys al fakers every1:-)
    Hi vishl good u chose faker topic nw we will see how many foreigner r here..
    I m new here wil u be my frmd vishal n nisha

  28. sharon

    Hiiiiiii sada haq family
    I m new here bt I am n old fn of sada haq
    I want to know what has hapned to parth? Where he is? I mised some epi as I had exms..plz tell

  29. Princess

    Hi new friends sandy Sharon and bk welcome. Sharon how many ep had u left. So that I can tell u about parth

  30. Sanahki

    Lol Baby and Sandy u guys are so funny anyways it doesn’t matter whether I’m fake or not. The are fake peps everywhere, Facebook, Twitter everywhere so chill and make sure u don’t give out your personal details. The most important thing we all love Sadda Haq and Sandhir so let’s talk and have fun. . Let’s not take things seriously. I love u all by the way, fake or not!!

  31. nishu

    hey guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    happy morning

    see you all are saying that I didn’t share but actually I share a lot.

    Today weather is cold rain is came in my city .

    and we love it . the weather is a little cold but yet very pure and lovely.

    Cool wind is here.

    hey vishu yes sweetheart that’s true that in these 2 days the fake game works for sd friends and we entertain a lot by you.

    Love u for that Keep smiling and make your sis too keep smiling

    hey princess I heard the song and its fab . and yaaaaaaaaaaaaa feriha dear


    Ditto my favourite too feriha

    sat episode is mind blowing she is going to do something very interesting on monday do watch monday and tuesday episode of feriha you are going to love it.

    hey riya are you the one who came with a pic with riya name

    love u dear

    hey sharon parth is gone dear . he and vids came for 1 and 2 episode to meet sandhir and then they gone now its upto totally cvs that they make them came in sd once again.

    love u dear

    hey sanahki heloooooooooooooooooooodear love u . and yes this topic will have to be excepted just like that in funny way to make this conversation a healthy conversation love u dear

    helooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bk offcourse we are friends dear.

    Always welcome in your own house the comment box.

    hey bye the way whats your name bk

    pleasssssssssssssssssssssssss give a name I am sure you have a beautiful name just need to share it dear.

    keep smiling guyz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    lovve u karu suru where are you guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend.

  32. Kriya

    If randhir hates say u then y did he safe her. I have been wondering what happened to the tattoo on say ?????

  33. Princess

    Yes. Nishu I already see all ep in our channel. But the end of drama is very sad. In your chanell had emir discover feriha lies or u r behind. I will give u a link of this song. Must watch

  34. nisha

    helooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bicky dear.

    Very nice to meet you dear.

    Well where am I belong frommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


    Dear I belong to manmarziyan fan dear.

    I have watched a series I liked it lack of watching makes me came to tu to see writeen update

    then reading manmarziyan fanfic and writing a fanfic on manmarziyaan.

    and then silent reader became non silent reader.

    and also a sd fan too.

    makes me came here.

    I belong to your heart.

    I am sure there is a place vacant for me chotu saa tiny sa place hai naa dear.

    I hope there is a place I found it.

    and Love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear.

    Tight hugs too you.

    love u

    hey princess dear feriha is now near its end dear.

    In monday and tuesday we are going to see emir engagement with Ece.

    and feriha came there.

    You know what episode is this thrilling excitement .

    Love u dear.

    both my sweetheart keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend.

    • Sharon

      Hi wats ur age dear????
      Cz I feel like reading a 12 year old girl..
      So immature tweets that why??
      U a,small girl I thnk by seeing ur cmmnts so long n childish..

  35. Princess

    Ooh ya feriha will come with captain. Nishu I m so impress by your way of talking. U r so……………….

    • sharon

      Dear u shld nt make frnds n disclose ur identity here..
      Its nt safe anyone can use info dear so dnt talk somuch with anyone
      U n swe no one tell much only tlk of sada haq
      Dnt get m wrngdear

  36. BK

    Ha ha…thnxx nishu….btt…I dntt see manmarziyan…..I only saw sadda haq……any way….
    I lk ur way u writing…..vryyy nice 2 meet u dear here also…##
    Keep smiling always…… u too

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.