Sadda Haq 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 11th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Sanaya being treated in he medical room, Sanyukta comes there and apologizes to Sanaya but Sanaya asks her not to feel
sorry as it was just a task and jokes saying if meteors are going to cause her
this much pain, She would prefer not to go on Mars. Sanyukta helps Sanaya to
apply the medicine on the wound, Randhir watches this from outside and then comes
inside the room and shoves off Sanyukta asking her to stay away from Sanaya.
Sanyukta leaves the place. The ward boy asks Randhir to apply medicine as he
got bruises too but Randhir denies .
Sanaya requests Randhir to apply medicine but Randhir denies saying that when
She didn’t keep his request of not participating opposite Sanyukta , she shouldn’t
expect him to listen to her either .he
further adds saying he is used to all this pain and so it doesn’t even matters
Aryan gets busy with a new mission, Sanyukta asks him about
his mission and why he is so secretive ,about it ?, to which Aryan answers that
he doesn’t want to risk her life as the mission is a dangerous one.
Sumit tries to cheer up Joy , Arjun comes and threatens
Randhir while doing push ups in the room gets angry and
disturbed thinking about Sanaya’s behavior. He gets angry thinking why sanaya is being so selfish.
Sanyukta tries to collect information about Aryan’s next
mission from Aryan’s laptop but fails as it was password protected.

Everyone starts performing
the task . Sanyukta goes first followed by Sanaya and Aryan,All of the three
performs the task successfully.Then comes Randhir’s turn .While performing the
task, the astronaut light which was the only source of light goes off . But Randhir
completes the task successfully even in complete darkness . Joy asks him how he
managed to perform such a dangerous task in complete darkness, Randhir answers
saying, he  knew that lights may go off anytime and so he had counted the
number of screws and memorized their positions beforehand.

Precap:Randhir Saves Sanyukta from an accident.

Update Credit to: BornAries

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  1. m hating sandhir scenes

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  4. Hiiiiiii sada haq family
    I m new here bt I am n old fn of sada haq
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    1. Ummm I both sanyukta and randhir look nice

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  12. If randhir hates say u then y did he safe her. I have been wondering what happened to the tattoo on say ?????

  13. Yes. Nishu I already see all ep in our channel. But the end of drama is very sad. In your chanell had emir discover feriha lies or u r behind. I will give u a link of this song. Must watch

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