Sadda Haq 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 11th March 2014 Written Update

After Vardhan leaves, Randhir tells Sanyu she keeps complaining because she cannot do any work. He continues displeasuring her work and keeps taking out mistake. Dean comes to Vardhan and tells him about locking up deal with Renuka of sponsorship and hiring maximum of FITE students.

Randhir declares that he will overtake this task now which doesn’t go well with Sanyu and Parth. Randhir disagrees with Sanyu’s report and she says there may be, but this is all she could research in given time. She asks for another hour, but Randhir says that’s another excuse. He says he will finalize report on his own now as he doesn’t want his image to suffer because of improper work by his teammates. Vardhan hears all this. He leaves from there. Parth gets into argument with Randhir

and Randhir says he doesn’t want an opinion from a losing captain. He walks out. Parth tells Sanyu that Randhir crossed his limits this time and asks her why she stayed quiet. Sanyu says he only told her first to think about Randhir’s state of mind. Parth says yes but there is a way of talking to girls which Randhir crossed this time. Sanyu says whatever, he’s just like that. Parth says next time if he behaves like this, then he won’t stay quiet. Parth leaves.

Jiggy is thinking to call Kastuki when Randhir comes there. Jiggy tells him that he’s being too harsh which doesn’t go well with Randhir. To calm him down, Jiggy starts talking about Sanyu giving up as she stayed quiet. Randhir thinks something and walks out in fury.

He comes to Sanyu and tells her to stop showing sympathy for him and stop interfering in his personal life. Sanyu says she was wrong about forgiving him, he’s just not worth to talk. Both walk in opposite direction. Vardhan sees this in camera and decides to take some decision before it’s too late as such behavior from Randhir will not only hurt himself, but also to the whole team.

Sanyu is walking in anger when Parth meets her. She tells him that he was right, she should have not shown any sympathy for Randhir. A peon tells Parth that Vardhan is calling him. Sanyu leaves from there.

Parth comes to Vardhan. Vardhan asks him why they are against Randhir, why so much politics? Parth says it’s not that, Randhir is genius, but problem is he wants to do all work alone which is not good for team. Vardhan says exactly and that is why he has decided to change the captain. New captain will be Parth. He’s well calm and composed, he has also lead CITE team, so he can do it. Parth says he doesn’t think he can do it, he knew CITE students very well, and here it’s just been two weeks since he came. He also says Vardhan thinks he’s calm and composed, but he’s afraid that he may disappoint him. He refuses for the captainship and leaves. Vardhan wonders what’s bothering Parth.

Sanyu hears it. When Parth comes out, she asks him why he refused it. She supports him for captainship, but Parth takes Randhir’s side. He says that Randhir is perfect for captainship, they can learn a lot from him. Sanyu says she can’t believe Parth can be so under confident. She reckons he’s hiding something, but he says he’s just not captain material. In CITE, Kabir was doing all the tasks and here captain has to do everything. He leaves. Sanyu thinks it’s confirmed that Vardhan wants to change the captain, and if not Parth, then she should give another option to Vardhan.

Sanyu comes to Vardhan and says she can be a good leader. In village she was the captain, but stepped down for team’s benefit. Vardhan says, and team benefitted, they won. Sanyu asks if he’s trying to say that team would have lost if she was the captain. Vardhan says it’s not that and asks her to focus on work that she’s assigned to. Sanyu asks why so much partiality, when Niharika can be captain for the first Dream Team and win the competition, then why not her? She thinks she’s a good leader and can handle all situation. Vardhan reminds her that he’s her professor and he doesn’t do partiality. He also asks her not to compare herself with Niharika, she is not even that close. Vardhan asks her what she has done in past one year that he makes her a captain? Whenever she achieved anything, Randhir was with her. If he makes her captain, then her goal will only be to take revenge from Randhir. He doesn’t want ego war in his team. He asks her to leave. He then thinks he can’t make Sanyu and Randhir captains as if one gets higher status, then other loses the focus. He needs a balanced leader and Parth cannot be a bad leader.

Sanyu shares this with Kastuki. She says she thought Vardhan would become soft, but he has become more strict. She decides she won’t work under Randhir. Kastuki suggests to spoil all the work so Randhir will have to resign. Sanyu likes the idea. Once Randhir is out of captainship, then they don’t care who else becomes captain. (Vidushi might have hear all this as she was sleeping there).

Next day, Randhir asks everyone for the reports, but everyone still wants extra time. He’s shouting at everyone. Parth comes and gives his reports to him. Sanyu and Kastuki are sitting quiet. Randhir goes to them and says he knew they two can’t understand a thing, but didn’t know they have become deaf too. Sanyu says to him that he’s right, they can’t understand. Yesterday he threw away their draft and now they are blank from where to start. Randhir says what you mean blank? Should I go and tell this to Vardhan? Sanyu says she told him frankly what’s the issue, rest is upto you. Randhir you all are useless. A peon comes and tells Randhir that Vardhan called him with the reports right now.

Precap: Randhir complains about Sanyu and Kastuki to Vardhan, but Vardhan shouts at him saying he’s the captain and he has to make sure all work is done. Randhir asks for some time. Vardhan gives him two hours to prove himself. Randhir starts working on the reports, but some pages are missing from the files. He thinks Sanyu and Kastuki did it purposely. He comes to Sanyu. Sanyu tells him if he wants to get credits, then he needs to learn to take insult as well. Randhir says let him submit his report, then he’ll see her.

Update Credit to: Nishi

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