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Sadda Haq 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Randhir calls sanyu, she doesn’t pick up. she says i gave you so many chances it was your last one. Randhir calls again and again but she disconnects, randhir throws his phone in anger and says go to hell i don’t need to you either. sanyu calls him again but his number is off since randhir has broken his phone.

next morning, thruv is home. Anju says sanyu get ready i will make you breakfast as well. thruv says i didn’t eat your breakfast. anju says i called thruv for something important. sanyu says what is it? Anju says thruv will you marry sanyu? sanyu and thruv are both shocked. Aju says i know you must be thinking that you dont know her. sanyu says what are you doing maa? Thruv says sanyu is really sensible and responsible she has so many qualities. anju says

your couple would be perfect. he says i am lucky you considered me deserving for her but i am sure she will find a better guy, i can’t lie to you. i am not ready for wedlock yet. anju says i like you even more now, i am glad to know that at least you can speak truth. Go you must be getting late. sanyu goes after thruv and says you forgot your handkerchief. she says i am really thankful. he says i hope she is not hurt. she says truth is better than lies, maa thought i was ready for another guy. but she doesn’t know i love randhir. he says i know what love aches like, i hope randhir cares about you. He deserve nothing less. Sanyu says anyway, bye.

next morning, randhir grasps sanyu by arm and takes her to the hall. he says why did not you pick my call? what you think of myself. you are not going anywhere. sanyu says give me my phone back. she says you are not worthy of talking, i gave you a last chance. he says i was stuck somewhere. she says what was it? he says it was an emergency. she says you must be with her raghini. he says yes i was with you. she says my mom kept waiting for you, he says couldn’t she wait for few days. she says she couldn’t because she has brain tumor. Randhir is dazed. sanyu says she wanted to fix my life before something happens to her, i was stupid i thought we will settle everything, he hugs her and says why didn’t you tell me. She says how could i? you with that raghini. randhir says you know why i didn’t come. sanyu says why didn’t you? Randir tells her everything abut karan’s death. sanyu is dazed as well. he says raghini will not come back, doctors asked me not to tell her, i went to airport with her, i was so scared. i promised her safety to karan. sanyu says why didn’t you tell me. he says how could i involve you in this risky thing? she says you should have told me. he says i am really sorry. he rests his head on her head. she says i love you, he says i love you too.

They come out, vidushi says there is something really excited to tell you. see what i found. She tells them about sunil ranawat. Randhir says that means he was this choty. sanyu reads about that accident.
Dream team comes to lab, ranawat awaits them there. he says i couldn’t end this story i want to give it a new beginning. you wont be bothered by me anymore. Now you must know that you can’t keep me here by force as your mentor. its useless. You are all useless as well, i want to tell you something before i leave, i was not here to be the mentor. I had personal reasons but now i am going. this is the end. I want to give you an advice, forget this competition. You cant do anything with its just temporary thing. Focus on your career, there is one thing common between you, i am stubborn and so are you. sanyu says we are sorry we forced you to stay here. we wont be able to win it, we wont lose. it has been a dream and we want to win it. For all the people who wanted to. Ranawat says they were all fools and so are you. sanyu says one of them was your brother. ranawat is startled. he stops. sanyu shows him the article and other documents. She says your brother wanted to do this as well. you gave him same advice?

Ranawat sits in his cabin and says you should have told your brother? He is crying. He says what should i do? chotay pardon me please. He takes out his drink but can’t drink. He takes out his wallet. he looks at the papers. he recalls when sundeep was dying. He spills all the drink in the bin.
sanyu says have i made a mistake? what if it quites him forever? randhir says forget it, i dont want to see you tensed. He says lets go somewhere. Lets go meet your mom. She says yea right. he says really wanna meet her and i wont be anything wrong this time.

Precap-anju says to randhir you will have to prove me that you will keep sanyu happy. randhir says keep teasing me, if i dont impress your mom, i will abduct you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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